How to Mow a Lawn Without a Lawn Mower

In order to mow the lawn, there are many special tools, such as lawn scissors (hand and cordless), garden trimmers (cordless, gasoline, electric), scythe, as well as manual and mechanical lawn mowers. The first time you need to mow the lawn is when the grass grows about 10 cm in height. The recommended grass length for the lawn is 4 to 6 cm, but it is undesirable to cut the grass by more than 2 or 3 cm during the first mowing. It is also not worth delaying with a haircut, otherwise long grass can be nailed to the ground by rain, after which it will be extremely difficult to raise it. Rare vegetation is no reason to postpone the procedure, as cutting will become a catalyst for the grass to grow more actively and denser.

How to cut a lawn mower?

Mowing the lawn in the area near the house using a lawn mower is not so difficult if you know where to start and what kind of front work needs to be done in the first place. When spring came, snow fell and grass on the lawn grew to 10 centimeters, it is time to conduct the first haircut.

To shorten the grass on the site correctly, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to treat the lawnmower with a section along the contour and along the edge of the tracks to strictly outline the front of work and mark the boundaries. And also you need to walk along the flower beds and trees, if they grow on the lawn. For this, any technique is suitable: manual and electric. But with the help of the second one it will be possible to do the work many times faster, however, it is convenient to use electrical engineering only along straight lines and angles. If the area is with blurred borders and when you need to make a smooth transition, it is better to give preference to a lawn mower with manual control.
  2. When working with equipment, it is necessary to use the whole body, do not allow only hands to move. To get a better result, you need to hold the lawnmower with both hands and move forward smoothly (only in one direction, if you missed something, then go back and walk around the same area again).
  3. If possible, cut the path and follow the paths so as not to cut the grass too short.
  4. Move around the site slowly so you don’t have to return. Electric lawn mowers work fast, which is why people often speed up, but end up with an unevenly trimmed area.

During the mowing of the lawn, you need to protect the body from possible injuries in the event of a malfunction of the equipment or carelessness in handling it. © https://ydoo.Info/qa/kak-podstrich-gazon.html Wear safety glasses, gloves, closed and tight shoes, as well as long pants.

Before you start mowing, you need to remove all unnecessary items from the lawn territory: garbage, garden tools, toys, branches, etc.

How to shorten grass on a lawn without a lawn mower?

If there is no lawn mower available, and you want to make a neat lawn, then to cut the grass by hand, you can use other methods and equipment, namely: oblique, clippers, or a trimmer.

Using such tools for mowing a lawn as a scythe, you can achieve a neat result only if you work slowly and thoughtfully. Using a braid, you can cut the grass in even layers, the main thing is to use a sharp blade.

To trim the lawn evenly or make the plot lawn, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. If the site has yet to be made a lawn, then you first need to determine the area, highlight the boundaries (for example, with a hose), smooth out uneven places and take away poorly packed earth or humus.
  2. When using the scythe, you must always hold the blade vertically, and not at an angle, otherwise you will not be able to mow the grass evenly.
  3. Movements should be smooth and not too sweeping. Make sure there are no pipes or wires nearby.
  4. To process the edge of flower beds or other plants with a braid is simple, moreover, practical and convenient.
  5. When processing a place around trees, you need to carefully monitor so as not to damage the roots or blade about them.

After mowing, the scythe blade must be washed and cleaned of dirt, since the use of blunt equipment can damage the grass, because of which the surface of the lawn cannot be made attractively even.


With the help of trimmers, you can easily mow grass on the lawn and in inaccessible places, such as under a bench, around a tree, flower beds, etc. Trimmers are different: running on gasoline, on battery or electricity. In the people, the mechanism is often called a benzo- or electric braid.

The most powerful and suitable device for mowing grass over a large area is the gasoline trimmer. One of the biggest advantages is the lack of wires, and therefore, binding to a specific territory.

Cons of a gasoline device:

  • Heavy weight (the larger the tank volume, the heavier the trimmer);
  • Loud work;
  • Strong vibration;
  • Fast heating (every 35-40 minutes you need to turn off for cooling);
  • Exactingness to fuel (only high quality gasoline is suitable).

In the case of the operation of the electric mechanism, it is necessary to monitor the wire, take into account the length of the cord and not go far from the outlet.

But the trimmer has a number of advantages, namely:

  • Not source of noise;
  • Weighs little;
  • Does not harm the environment with exhaust;
  • Does not need refueling;
  • Works after pressing one button.

Never trim the wet grass with an electric trimmer with a low engine position.

Cordless trimmers have the following advantages:

How to Mow a Lawn Without a Lawn Mower
  • Less weight than electric and gasoline;
  • Do not require expensive and high-quality fuel;
  • Mobile and not limited by cable;
  • Not expensive.
  • The battery lasts for 40-50 minutes;
  • Takes a long time to charge;
  • Power is lower than that of electric.

Despite the shortcomings described, each of the varieties of the product is at times better at handling hard-to-reach spots than any lawn mower.


Using scissors, cutting the lawn completely will not work, since the inventory is suitable only for processing areas around flower beds, trees, bushes, fountains, along paths, along the contour, etc.

Manual scissors are enriched with a special mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the blades. The blades can be rotated from 0 to 360 degrees, which greatly facilitates the work. Mechanical shears are equally convenient to use with both right and left hands.

Rechargeable sheath visually resembles a hair clipper with larger metal blades. After charging, the battery will last for 1 or 1.5 hours.

These scissors are not light, so the hand will get tired quickly, plus you need to stop periodically and clean the blades. However, this tool is quite powerful, therefore, cutting hard-to-reach places with it is many times faster than using mechanical scissors.

As a rule, the first lawn mowing is done in the spring, around mid-May. You need to trim the grass when its length reaches 8-10 centimeters. You can do this manually using improvised equipment such as scissors or a trimmer, or using a lawn mower. It is recommended to perform the procedure in the first half of the day without precipitation.