How to Mow Lawn Trimmer Properly

How to Mow Lawn Trimmer Properly

There are several situations in which the braid on the summer cottage or suburban area can be optimally useful:

  • The rains had passed, and the grass had grown strongly;
  • There is too much grass for the trimmer, but no lawnmowers;
  • You need to mow the grass in an uncomfortable place for the mower (uneven soil, near shrubs or trees).

If the grass is too tall. than 15 cm, then the trimmer scatters it in the form of small debris throughout the site. In order to remove the mowed vegetation quickly and without unnecessary debris, it is advisable to use a manual scythe. About how to use it and will be discussed in this article.

Why mow grass

Weed grass has good adaptability to any growing conditions and grows everywhere. If weeds are not destroyed, then in a couple of years they will turn any site into a wild field. Weeds propagate not only by seeds, but also by rhizome. Thus, to remove some types of vegetation will have to spend a lot of time.

Growing weeds quickly develop the useful area of ​​the site, intensively use nutrients and moisture from the soil. It is impossible to destroy the unsolicited flora, which grows next to useful plants, by chemical means.

This will lead to the death of all vegetation. For these reasons, grass mowing is a must. For the rational use of their time, it is necessary to choose the right tool for mowing:

  • Mowing with a lawn mower is necessary on an even large area. A lawn or rest area;
  • It is convenient to work with a trimmer in any areas if the height of the grass is 5 to 10 cm.
  • Oblique mow tall grass or vegetation in an uneven area.

When choosing a tool, you must remember that the older the braid, the better the metal used to make it. Modern braids significantly lose in the quality of the Soviet. The size of the tool is indicated by a number from 3 to 9. The number determines the length of the blade: the larger the number, the longer the braid.

Where and when to mow grass

Grass needs to be mowed as it grows. Intensive vegetation growth occurs in late April. May, especially it intensifies after rains.

Mowed grass must be removed immediately from the site, since uncleaned parts of plants can grow in wet soil. Then you can mow once every 2-3 weeks, depending on the growth of vegetation. If you do not start growth, then you can mow small shoots with a trimmer as they appear.

In hot weather, plant growth slows down and you need to mow less often. In the heat you can not mow the lawn too low. The grass will burn out.

The last lawn mowing occurs in October.

How to mow grass: technique

Good mowing is ensured by a well-chosen working tool and its preparation for work.

Mowing instructions:

  • The tool must be sharp and not dull while you mow. Sharpen it on an abrasive wheel. The width of the circle is 1.5-2 cm, the blade is wetted during sharpening so that it is wet. Sharpened the bottom.
  • Blasting is performed using a special hammer. The purpose of beating is to prevent the blade from blunting quickly when mowing.
  • Both planes of the braid sharpen bar. If you have no experience sharpening such a tool, then it is advisable to find a professional.

Mowing technique:

  • Mowing starting position: take tool; in work, the body will bend slightly, following the movement of the hands; supporting leg is slightly in front; the body is slightly turned to the left.
  • The mowing wave will consist of two parts: first the tool goes in one direction, then in the other.
  • The swings are not wide; hands move like pendulums. From right to left and then a second swing from right to left.
  • Smooth waves. There should be no tension in your hands, otherwise you will quickly get tired.
  • To make it easy to mow, the handle should be located at the level of the belt.
  • When the mowers mow, the heel of the braid rakes the mowed plants and folds them to the side of the mowing. It turns out a grass roll.

The mowing should be straight, its width should not change. Video: how to mow grass with a manual scythe

How to sharpen a scythe with a bar

Sharpening a scythe with a bar can be difficult for a beginner. Here, as in any other business, there is its own instruction:

  • Keep the tavern against the ground, with the blade and bar in your hands;
  • The tool in this position has two planes: upper and lower;
  • The upper is sharpened by a sliding movement along the blade from itself to the side;
  • The lower plane is sharpened by the movement of the bar with an effort upward in the direction from itself forward.

Bar for sharpening braids

The man who mows the grass

The mower puts his legs so that a comfortable support is formed when moving (the distance between the heels is about 35 cm) and brings forward the supporting leg.

  • A wave consists of two tricks: the tool moves to the right, then with a return movement to the left. At the same time, the blade cuts the plants. Try to capture no more than 15 cm of grass.
  • After 1-2 strokes, a step forward is made with the left foot.
  • Again 2 strokes and step forward with the right foot.
  • Do not slouch, as your back muscles will get tired and you won’t be able to work long.
  • Follow your breathing technique. Do not rush, just try to perform the movements correctly.

Now that you know how to mow and how to sharpen the braid, remember that this is a traumatic tool and you need to handle it carefully, especially if there are other people near you. Also, do not be distracted while mowing so as not to injure your slanting leg.