How To Open The Trimmer Head

Trimmer head replacement tool.

To replace, remove the cutting head from the tool, we need an asterisk nozzle, usually supplied in the kit, or a flat wide screwdriver. Using a hexagon instead of an asterisk will not work, the nozzle slips, licking the edges of the asterisk on the screw.

How to remove the trimmer mowing head.

How To Open The Trimmer Head

The design and fastening of the working part of the electric scooter differ significantly among different manufacturers. But given that there are many copies of less well-known brands in our markets, the described procedure may be suitable for owners of other portable garden equipment for lawn and grass care.

How to remove the head on the trimmer BlackDecker GL716.

The trimmer has an overhead engine and curved boom. For convenience, we turn it over with the engine down or lay it horizontally. We disassemble the mowing head. To do this, simultaneously press on the side latches and remove the top cover. Disconnecting the line reel.

A slightly recessed dark screw is visible in the middle of the head body. We fix the head body with one hand and use an asterisk nozzle to unscrew the screw counterclockwise. If you don’t have a sprocket at hand, you can do this with a wide flat screwdriver.

Now, to remove the trimmer head, just pull it towards you. If it is sour and firmly in place, then add light swaying movements to the efforts, periodically changing the places of their application. Do not use force or shock. The case is plastic and it is easy enough to damage it.

How to replace, remove the BlackDecker GL716 trimmer head

No matter how well the electric trimmer purchased by us works in a summer cottage or a country house, sooner or later the time will come when we need remove the head trimmer for replacement or prevention. I will make a reservation right away that you do not need to completely remove the trimmer head to replace the fishing line. As part of this article, I will tell you how to completely remove or replace the cutting head using the example of the BlackDecker GL716 electric trimmer.

Fitting the mowing head to the Black Decker trimmer.

Installing the mowing head to the trimmer is carried out in the reverse order. When installing the screw in place, it is tightened with medium force.

I wish you a successful summer cottage season and that the gardening equipment does not let you down. I hope my advice on how to remove the cutting head on the BlackDecker GL716 trimmer has saved you time and hassle.

Design features

It must be emphasized that the cutting head for the trimmer contains special arrows. They allow you to make rotational movements of the coil in different directions. If it becomes necessary to wind the line in the direction of rotation of the shaft, it turns to a specific position. A huge amount of wound cord can damage the equipment. Two arrows are contained only on models brought from other countries. Currently on the market there are heads with one arrow.

If, after the impact of the automatic head, the cord is not wound, then its previous winding was performed incorrectly. In other words, after the head for trimmer was installed, the user did not pull the ends of the line out of the grooves. Another nasty moment when mowing grass can be the sintering of the coil turns.

Why is this happening? This happens when the cord meets a solid object. With all this, it slows down sharply and with the next movement the line begins to enter the inside of the device. Thus, it falls on the spool and sticks together. Because of this, the employee has to take a break and correct the situation. But this can be really avoided. Before installing the reel, you need to treat the line with a special silicone substance.

For different models of trimmers, an automatic head is used, consisting of 2 parts of the body and a spool. Both elements contain springs. The second part can be produced in several versions:

  • Single-section both parts of the fishing line are wound together;
  • Two-piece, each end is wound on a specific part; this type is more effective, because the line does not get tangled or sintered.

There is a common and cheap method to transform a one-piece spool into a two-piece spool. A strong plate is useful for this. It is necessary to cut a circle from it, the diameter of which should be equal to the thickness of the spool. With all this, the thickness is taken near the place where the fishing line is wound. This circle moves freely. Further, a cut is made on the ring, put on a spool and connected with glue or tape. As a result, you can wind the line on the desired section. The head for the universal trimmer can have from 2 to four holes, which are located opposite each other. Mowing ends come out of them. In addition to the reels presented, there are heads where a certain size of fishing line is inserted. In this case, the number of whiskers increases to 12. Many users believe that such a device is quite comfortable. But, not all people adhere to this idea. They believe that in this situation, the line will have to be spent more. In addition, to replace it, you need to stop the workflow. The trimmer head is available in various sizes and is suitable for cutting grass, shrubs and trees. Before you buy a trimmer, you need to study the area, as well as the features of the equipment. So, we learned why the universal trimmer head serves and how to fill it correctly.

In this I show you how to disassemble the coil at a gasoline trimmer, as well as how to properly wind the EFCO STARK 25 replacement trimmer head HD OLEO-MAC replacement trimmer head Gasoline trimmer Efco Stark 25 Light and reliable gasoline. In this I show how to disassemble the coil from a gasoline trimmer, as well as how to properly wind the fishing line on it. This will be useful for beginners and those who have just started acquaintance with trimmers / lawn mowers, etc. I show this tutorial on my trimmer. In this I show how to disassemble the coil from a gasoline trimmer, as well as how to wind it correctly How to choose the right coil with fishing line for lawn mowers or lawn mowers in Ukraine. Mowing trimmer head.

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How to disassemble the trimmer head

One of the most common devices designed for cutting grass, is a trimmer. It is very easy to operate and maintain. That is why he became popular among the population. Its significant advantage is its low weight. Even a child can handle such equipment.

One of the common devices created for cutting grass is the trimmer. It is very easy to operate and maintain. That is why he became popular among the population. Its significant advantage is its low weight. Even a child can handle such equipment.

Line does not lengthen automatically

If the line does not lengthen when you lightly hit the trimmer button on the ground, then the reasons for this may be the following.

Option 1 a bite occurred, i.E. Clamping the cord between turns. This problem usually appears if the user has been winding the line on the reel unevenly, with intersecting turns, or winding it with insufficient tension. In the latter case, when the mowing head rotates at high speeds under the influence of centrifugal force, the cord begins to tighten, as a result of which inter-turn clamping of the line is possible. To fix the problem, you will have to disassemble the coil on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, that is, in even turns with good tension.

Option 2 too short ends protrude from the head. The line may not come out when hitting the ground if the ends sticking out of the head are not long enough (short). In this case, the centrifugal force is not enough to stretch the line. Therefore, it is required to stop the unit (turn off the engine or disconnect the trimmer from the mains) and pull the line manually, after pressing the button.

Option 3 the line is brazed inside the mowing head. This causes the coil to lock and not spin when the button is pressed. Basically, this happens for several reasons: poor quality of the cord, overheating of the coil during prolonged operation of the unit, hitting the line against hard objects.

  1. In the first case, third-party cord can be made of low-quality and low-melting materials that cannot withstand mechanical and temperature stress. Therefore, preference should be given “branded” fishing line.
  2. But, if you nevertheless purchased a fishing line of unknown quality, and it is often soldered during operation, then you can follow the example of some users who, after filling the cord into the reel, moisten it with either silicone grease (from a can) or mineral oil. This procedure greatly reduces the likelihood of the coils of the fishing line being soldered together.
  3. Also, the line can be soldered if it hits a hard object (stone, fence, dry branch, etc.) during mowing. As a result, it stretches slightly and is pulled back into the head at high speed. From friction, the cord heats up, and its turns stick together. The only thing that can be done to eliminate this malfunction is to open the trimmer coil and rewind the line.

To make the cutting process simple, you need to choose the right cutting element.

An ordinary trimmer line or a knife often acts in its role. When choosing one of the species, it is worth evaluating the type of vegetation. In accordance with these data, a cord is selected, a knife of a certain shape. The essential element is the trimmer head. We will see its varieties below.

Mowing head for trimmer

It is a special assembled coil with a cord inside. Its dimensions may vary. On the inside of the spool, a 15-meter cord should be wound. Its ends are pulled out a certain distance to do the job. When meeting with a solid object, it is destroyed. The trimmer mowing head is available in various designs. Everything depends on the type of device. They differ not only in design, but also in the method of connection. There is also a universal trimmer head that is suitable for various equipment. This became possible due to special adapters.

Head for trimmer it is classified according to the line feed method:

  1. Manual. In this case, the title speaks for itself, in other words, the line is fed mechanically. To make the cord even longer, you need to pause the trimmer and manually pull the ends.
  2. Automatic. If you wish to change the line, the trimmer head must touch the ground. With all this, a special button is pressed and the anchor mechanism opens. Further, the cord lengthens due to centrifugal force. The main feature will be that the procedure takes place when the trimmer is on.
  3. Automatic. To lengthen the cord, lower the engine speed. Further, when increasing them, the line is fed automatically.

Disassembly and repair of the lower gear of lawn mowers, trimmers


When a male child appears in the family, parents begin to be interested in the question of at what age the head of the boy’s penis should open. Some mothers, after listening to the advice of friends or even doctors, rush to open their baby’s head, not even really knowing how to do it right, and thereby harm their child. You can read about this in our article. How old does the head open.

What not to do

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Do I need to open the head

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How to open the head without harm to health

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How to open the head?

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Method 2 how to properly put the line on the reel of lawn mowers with a photo description and

The second method differs from the first in that it is not a single piece of equipment that is charged into the coil, but segments from two parts. Manufacturers use this method, and it is also suitable for those who have leftover material. The principle of how to insert two lengths of line into the mowing line is the same with the first method, and to make sure of this, below are detailed instructions:

  1. There are two equal length pieces of material that you can use.
  2. One piece is taken, and the edge is bent in the form of a clamping bracket or hook, with which the fishing line will be fixed
  3. Inside the coil there are holes in the form of a bracket for fixing, which are there for a reason. If they are not there, then the second option will not work. The appearance of these brackets is shown in the photo below. Each bracket is in its own half
  4. The fishing line should be hooked onto the bracket, and wind it in observing the direction of the arrow
  5. The rig is wound until a 10-15 cm segment remains, which is fixed in the corresponding hole on the side of the guide
  6. Manipulations with the second end of the fishing line are carried out in the same way.
  7. The protrusions are inserted into the holes of the head, and then, removing the equipment from the temporary fasteners in the reel, a cover with latches is installed

The above instructions on how to install a fishing line in the lawnmower will help not only correctly, but also quickly make the replacement procedure. Assembling the trimmer coil, as mentioned above, can be done without removing the head, but in this case, you will need to conveniently fix the tool. Instructions are presented below.

Step-by-step instructions on how to wind the trimmer reel and lawn mowers

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a suitable fishing line for your tool, you should first disassemble the head and look at the side wall of the reel. This information is usually presented on a tip, which will not allow you to make mistakes with the use of the appropriate equipment.

If there is information on the spool about the diameter of the line you can fill in, then this information can be clarified in the instructions. Having decided on the thickness or diameter of the rig, it remains to figure out how to charge it. There are two ways to do this, but not all are applicable. We will consider both methods in detail, and depending on which models of lawn mowers and trimmers you use, you decide on your own which option is suitable.

How to remove the spool from the trimmer and remove the line

Initially, before threading the trimmer spool, you need to remove it from there. A reel or aiming device is a device that is located inside the mowing head, bobbin or drum. There are different types of heads (depending on the manufacturers), but the principle of replacing the line on the reel is the same for everyone. First of all, we will figure out how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the drum and fishing line out of it.

The instruction on how to unscrew the manual head on the trimmer is as follows:

  1. Turn the tool upside down and, if necessary, clean it from dirt. With two fingers of one hand, grip the cover latches (on the mowing head), which are symmetrically positioned. After lightly pressing them inward, remove the protective cover from the drum
  2. Next, remove the line spool from the drum shaft. It is mounted on a shaft without fasteners, therefore it can be removed with one hand
  3. The main part of the drum is fixed with a screw, which must be unscrewed with a screwdriver with an appropriate tip or bit
  4. To unscrew, hold the drum base with one hand, and unscrew it counterclockwise with a screwdriver with the other
  5. After that, you can proceed to dismantling. To do this, you do not need to pull it with all your strength, but slightly shaking it to the sides, slowly disengage it from the metal shaft on which the drum is seated
  6. When reinstalling, fit the head into the square slots

This process is not difficult, and as you know, there is no need to dismantle the entire head if you know how the replacement is performed. When dismantling, consider the following nuances:

  • Periodic removal of the head is recommended to prevent corrosion of the threaded connection. If you never unscrew the screw, then if necessary, it will be difficult and even impossible to do this.
  • If the screw has a four-sided bore of the head, then for unscrewing it is necessary to select a screwdriver or bits of a suitable size in order to exclude the licking of the edges on the head
  • When assembling the unit, treat the threaded seat with lubricants, such as grease or machine oil.
  • If the edges on the screw are licked, then you can use special clamping pliers to unscrew it.
  • There are drums that do not require preliminary disassembly. To dismantle them, grasp it and rotate in the opposite direction to the clockwise direction
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Knowing how to disassemble the drum, you should continue to figure out how to replace the trimmer line. Below is a detailed process on how to open the trimmer coil and disassemble it.

Learning to properly wind the line on the trimmer reel and lawn mowers installation instructions

Private home owners know how essential a trimmer tool is. It can be gasoline and electric, but they differ in the design of power units. For cutting grass in areas where there are stones, trees and other obstructing objects, a fishing line is used as a cutting device. This consumable wears out during use, so how to wind the trimmer coil, we will consider in detail in the material.

Method 1 how to wind the line correctly or put it on a reel and choose the required length

To implement this method, you will need to first prepare a fishing line of the required length (usually up to 4 meters). It all depends on the thickness of the equipment used, as well as the design of the coil. There is an easy way to find out the amount of line you need to refuel to charge the reel. To do this, wind the equipment inside the coil until it is aligned with the side projections. In this case, the equipment should not go beyond these extreme protrusions.

The thicker the rig used, the shorter its length will be needed and vice versa, the thinner, the longer the segment will be needed.

The instruction on how to properly tuck the equipment into the trimmer or lawn mowers is as follows:

  1. To begin with, the piece of line that was prepared to be installed in the reel must be folded in half. In this case, one edge should protrude more than the second by 10-15 cm
  2. After that, take the second end from the other side, and fold it in half. Move to it so that the measured protrusion of 15 cm is preserved
  3. There is a slot in the inner baffle of the coil, into which the resulting loop should be inserted. The cut in the wall is shown in the photo below.
  4. Next, find out the direction of winding the line. If you wind the rig in the wrong direction, it will not function correctly, and you will need to redo the work. To insert the line and wind it in the correct direction, inspect the surface of the spool. The direction of winding should be indicated on it (in 99% of cases, this direction is indicated). What the direction indicator on the coil looks like is shown in the photo below.
  5. This arrow-shaped pointer can also have a designation, as in the example above WIND LINE, which means the direction of winding. If the pointer is missing on the reel, then you need to look at the head. There is a direction of its rotation on the head, and in order to properly wind the line, wind it on the drum in the opposite direction to the indication of the arrow indicator. So, if the arrow is on the tip, then you need to wind in the indicated direction, and if it is not there, then you should wind against the direction of the arrow on the surface of the head
  6. Having decided on the direction of rotation, you should start winding. Each end should be guided in its own groove. If there is no separator, then the equipment must be laid in the appropriate distribution order.
  7. When almost all the fishing line is wound on a reel, you will need to do the following: place a short part in the hole of the side wall of the pickup, the protrusion of which should be up to 10-15 cm, and then similarly do the procedure with the other end, placing it in the hole on the parallel side
  8. We insert the coil into the head, first passing the ends of the fishing line into the holes of the drum
  9. We put the drum in place and, pulling the ends of the line, disengage them from the temporary clamps in the wall of the reel. After that, you can put on the cover until the latch engages.
  10. This completes the process of how to replace the fishing line on the trimmer, and if necessary, you can only trim the ends (if their length does not suit), and install the assembled drum on the tool

With how to put the drum in place, no difficulties arise. There is a second way, how to charge the mowing equipment in the lawn mower. What is the difference and how is the second method of threading the line on the reel of lawn mowers carried out, we will find out in detail.

How does a line head work on a lawn mower why you need to know how it works

Depending on the manufacturer, the heads differ structurally not only externally, but also internally. Most drums have a compression spring inside (semi-automatic and automatic). Above is an instruction on how to disassemble the trimmer head without a spring, i.E. On the head of the manual type. The principle of dismantling a semi-automatic head with a spring inside is almost identical to the instructions described above.

The principle of operation of the semi-automatic trimmer coil is as follows:

  1. There is a coil inside the head, which is fitted on slots that prevent its free movement
  2. A spring acts on the coil, which presses it against the slots in the cover structure
  3. A fishing line is wound on the tip, the length of which depends on the tool itself. Typically this length is 1 to 4 meters
  4. During the performance of work, if it is necessary to increase the length of the line, the protruding part of the drum is pressed, whereby it disengages from the splines. In this case, the fishing line is unwound from the drum, increasing in length
  5. After releasing the required amount of fishing line, release the pressure, and continue the work on cutting the grass

The advantage of a tool with a fishing line is that this consumable does not require sharpening, compared to metal discs. In addition, if a stone or a tree comes across on the way, then the line simply comes off, without negatively affecting the gearbox and engine of the tool, as is the case with metal cutting discs.

Knowing the design and arrangement of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, it is necessary to go on to consider the process of threading the line into the trimmer spool. After all, it is this moment that causes difficulties for most owners of special tools.