How to Pick a Good Grass Trimmer

Cutting system

Trimmers work by rotating cutting elements, which can be dense knives (metal, plastic) or soft line (cord).

Heavy knives are more suitable for flat, open terrain and dense grass with firm stems. The tool will create an even cut. This type is practical for lawn maintenance along enterprises and next to a private house.

The line is necessary when working on hilly terrain and near fences. Beating against solid obstacles will not cause damage, and contact with the ground will not stop the process. But these trimmers do not cope well with dense vegetation and get confused.

Cutting width

The width of the cut is influenced by the length of the knife and the possibility of maximum extension of the line. The last parameter is limited by the size of the protective casing. There are various models, the range of which can be from 200 to 420 mm.

For solid lawns on a large area, trimmers with a cutting width of 300-420 mm are suitable.

For a summer cottage and caring for blocks of high-rise buildings, 250-270 mm is enough.

The weight of the device affects the ease of use and operator fatigue. The weight of the tool varies from 1.5 to 9 kg. Of course, it is logical to take lighter models for long-term employment, but often this is associated with remote work from the mains, which requires gasoline models that are the heaviest.

If it is possible to connect to the mains, you should buy electrical devices weighing 3-5 kg.

An option of 2.5 kg is suitable for giving.

If it is impossible to connect to the mains, you should buy petrol trimmers with a weight of 7-9 kg.

The principle of operation and the device of the grass trimmer

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The grass trimmer is a garden tool for cutting green vegetation with a soft stem and not thick dead wood. Unlike lawnmowers, the machines are lightweight and are worn by the operator on belts rather than rolling on wheels on the ground. Low weight makes it easy to transport the devices to the work site and quickly move from site to site.

With the cutting edge of the trimmer you can:

  • keep the grass on the lawn low;
  • mow it between houses and along paths;
  • remove deadwood thickets next to the roadway;
  • cut off vegetation directly under the fence;
  • to cultivate the green shores of water bodies.

Trimmers are inexpensive compared to lawn mowers, and the increased maneuverability makes them easier to use. Such an instrument is bought by both residents of the private sector and utilities, as well as enterprises, in order to look after the existing territory.

The process of using a garden tool is to put the body on the operator’s body using special belts. The trimmer head is brought to the grass and the button on the handle starts the engine. The torque is transmitted to the bobbin through a rigid shaft in the tube of the machine. The head contains a cutting element that cuts grass stalks at high speed.

To prevent impacts on solid objects and sticks flying out into the face, a protective cover is provided that covers 40% of the circle of the diameter of the cutting part of the tool.

Most modern trimmers have the following device:

motor (electric or gasoline);

fuel tank (in the case of an internal combustion engine);

directional handle (1-2 pcs);

rigid shaft for transmission of rotation from the motor;

bobbin with a cutting element (line or knife);

protective cover;

belt mount.

Cordless Trimmers

A less common type of garden tool is electric trimmers powered by a battery. This allows you to cut the grass just as quietly, but not depend on the length of the carrier.

Due to the limited use of time, such models are bought for caring for country houses where there is no electricity or for improving the territory of kindergartens and similar institutions.


  • silent;
  • setting of different cutting systems;
  • no space restrictions;
  • lungs;
  • energy reserve is enough for 30-45 minutes;
  • fast charging;
  • powerful models available.


  • operating time is limited by battery capacity;
  • are more expensive than electric.

Types of grass trimmers

The trimmer cutting unit is removable or non-removable. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all trimmers fall into three categories.


Another indicator of productivity is the speed of the cutting element per minute.

In low-power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute.

professional models have an acceleration of 7,500-12,000 rpm.

For a summer cottage or a small business, 6000 rpm is enough.

Large volumes of work require 9000-12000 rpm.


The trimmer power rating is indicated in kW and affects performance. The higher this value, the faster the cutting element will rotate and the larger the area will be processed.

Garden tools can have a small figure from 0.25 kW and reach 1.8 kW.

For utilities to care for the local area in neighborhoods and along roads along the sides, where you have to work all day and mow large amounts of grass, it is advisable to purchase models of 0.9-1.8 kW.

For giving and caring for a small lawn, an engine with parameters of 0.25-0.7 kW is enough.

Grass Trimmer Selection Options

Understanding the key features of a garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will not cause unexpected problems. Here are the basic options for choosing grass trimmers.

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Types of trimmers

The first thing you have to decide on when thinking about how to choose a grass trimmer is its appearance. Modern trimmers can be:

  • electric;
  • gasoline;
  • rechargeable.

The lowest cost and lightest weight can boast of models powered by electricity. They do not require additional fuel costs and regular recharging and are an excellent option for a small outdoor space. The disadvantages of such devices include their not too high power and territorial limitation, which is determined by the length of the cord.

String Trimmer Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

The best option for processing large areas will be a petrol trimmer. With impressive power, these units are capable of operating efficiently in all weather conditions, but they also need to be refueled frequently and maintained regularly. The negative point is also the exhaust gases that the equipment emits during operation.

Battery models attract with their autonomy and mobility. Yielding power capabilities to gasoline models, they, nevertheless, are quite suitable for medium-sized areas.

How to choose a grass trimmer

The number of models on the market today is impressive in its diversity, which, at first glance, is quite difficult to understand, but, in fact, it is quite possible.

Main technical characteristics and functionality of trimmers

The trimmer cutting system can be represented by line or knives. It is recommended to choose models with a line if you intend to work mainly with grass. For bushes and trees, you should give preference to the unit with knives.

The usability of the device is highly dependent on the shape of the handle. For example, a D-handle is best suited for working on a walkway or hedge. Fighting wild bushes and thickets is easiest with the J-handle, and the T-shaped handle will keep you from fatigue for a long time when mowing even the largest lawn. Regardless of the shape of the handle, its shaft must be telescopic. this will make the device as comfortable as possible for any user.

When choosing a unit, special attention must also be paid to the following characteristics:

  • cutting width (“gold standard” 30-35 cm);
  • type of drive (a shaft with a gearbox is considered a more reliable option than a cable);
  • functional.

For gasoline models, the tank capacity and the number of engine strokes are important. preference should be given to a large tank and a 4-stroke engine. Among the electric trims, the lower engine units are more compact and balanced, while the oversized models with the engine at the top offer more power. If your choice fell on a rechargeable device, then you should take a model with a charge that will last you more than an hour.

To a large extent, the functionality of the trimmer also depends on the number of complete attachments with which the lawnmower can replace the garden shears, scythe, edger, cultivator and even a snow blower. The presence in the model of the function of blocking the engine from overheating will protect the device from premature failure, and the reversal of the cutting system and the wheels will make working operations especially convenient and not too tiring.

Which grass trimmer to choose: gasoline or electric

Mowing is a very different job. It can be trimming the lawn, it can be removing weeds from an abandoned flower bed, it can be an attempt to make a lawn with wild grass look divine, and so on. So, which device is better to choose depends entirely on the characteristics of the site.

What to do with the grass?

The best grass trimmer is the one that gets the job done faster and better. But the tasks are different.

  • The grass clipper should ensure the same cutting of the stems as possible. The result is an even, thick “carpet” on which it is so pleasant to walk barefoot.
  • Mowing involves multi-level removal of highly grown vegetation. To do this, you need to choose a device that is more powerful and designed for a long time of continuous operation.
  • To mow grass for animal feed, the trimmer must not only effectively cut the stems, but also not injure them.

Varieties of trimmers

Which device is better to choose for all the listed tasks depends on the technical characteristics of the devices.

  • The electric grass trimmer is designed for the maintenance of lawns and flower beds located near the building. The device operates from the mains, the cable length ranges from 30 to 50 m, which is not enough for cleaning the entire garden. The power of electrical appliances is small. from 0.25 to 1 kW. They are intended for mowing young grass and are highly maneuverable.

In most cases, electric scythes have a curved shaft, since when working in narrow areas and spaces under flowers or bushes, good visibility is more important than high performance.

  • The cordless grass trimmer is battery operated and needs a long recharge after finishing. But the device is not tied to an outlet. The power of the device is low, it is used in the same way as an electric scythe. for constant lawn mowing and flower bed care.

Which one is better to choose for the lawn also depends on the frequency of caring for it. If frequent haircuts are not possible, then you need to immediately focus on devices with a higher power, capable of multi-level processing. In the photo. a lawn mower for a garden.

How to choose a grass trimmer

  • Site area. the larger the lawn or area, the more powerful the device will be needed. The motors on lawn mowers are only air-cooled, so the machine must be switched off periodically during operation. Therefore, its performance directly depends on the power.
  • Duration of work. the area of ​​the site determines this aspect of the choice. The operator holds the trimmer in place and manually guides it. The presence of shoulder straps makes things easier, but with prolonged work, another thing becomes important: ease of operation. The shape of the handles differs from model to model.

So, the T-shaped is designed for two-handed operation, which allows you to redistribute the load during prolonged mowing. J-shaped is preferable for frank right-handers or left-handers and is more convenient for cutting, rather than removing stems. Q- and O-shaped are installed on appliances for flower beds and flower beds, as they allow you to maneuver in a narrow space. Pictured is a T-handle lawn mower.

  • The nature of the site. slope, bumps and potholes will require a device with a straight shaft. On level ground, you can also work with battery machines. For jewelry trimming around a flower garden, the best. electric grass trimmers with curved shaft.
  • Management. first of all, you should pay attention to the launch. Models with soft start systems are much easier to start. Otherwise, a lot of effort is required, which, for example, is not available to older people. The second important nuance is cord pulling. On hand-held devices, when the used thread breaks off, it is necessary to pull it out manually. On semi-automatic, it is enough to lightly hit the ground with the mowing head. The automatic ones feed the threads independently when changing the mode. from low to high speeds. It is clear that the latter option is required to process large areas, otherwise the grass harvesting will be delayed indefinitely.
  • Spare parts. you shouldn’t buy lawn mowers from little-known companies. Not because they can be of poor quality, but because how to get spare parts for them is much more difficult.

The video shows the different options for mowing a lawn mower.

Vitals Master EZT 144vrs

Electric scythe Vitals Master EZT 144vrs is designed for cleaning lawns, as well as mowing grass where a normal scythe does not go: around trees, flower beds, between fences, on lawns with an uneven surface. The spit has an electric motor with a power of 1400 W. This electric tool is very comfortable to start. It is equipped with a soft start function, with which the unit turns on without jerking. The engine runs on a belt drive, which does not emit unnecessary noise during the operation of the scythe and does not create strong vibrations. The Vitals Master EZT 144vrs electric trimmer has many advantages, including the fact that the rotor and stator of the electric motor are wrapped in copper, which provides the device with durability and durability. In the complete set you will find a belt with which the scythe is put on the shoulder and a knife with three teeth for mowing vegetation. The line spool must be purchased separately. Depending on the stiffness and size of the vegetation, choose either a three-toothed knife (mows 255 mm) or a spool with line (designed for mowing plants with a diameter of 420 mm). The shoulder strap is adjustable to suit the height of the person, while it can be detached separately from the braid. After adjustment, the belt is very easy and quick to attach to the mowing device.

  • High-quality material for manufacturing the rotor and stator windings, as well as the housing, rod and handle as a whole. it is a guarantee of a long service life;
  • Smooth, jerk-free start-up prolongs the operation of the unit and simplifies the load on human hands;
  • Powerful motor makes it possible to change nozzles and use a knife for cutting weeds;
  • Bicycle handles provide a firm grip and comfortable control, designed for cutting vegetation of different sizes;
  • When working, the tool is convenient and simple, does not create unnecessary noise and vibrations.
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TOP 10: rating of the best trimmers

  • They serve for a long time and do not break;
  • They have good power combined with a low price;
  • They have an optimal set of functions.

Hyundai GC 1400

  • Heavy duty motor for demanding tasks;
  • Bicycle handle. design like lawn mowers;
  • Due to the upper location of the motor, dust and moisture do not enter the engine through the air grilles;
  • Collapsible design;
  • Smooth start;
  • Large cutting width in one pass.

AL-KO GTE 550 Premium

If you need to clear an area of ​​overgrowth where a normal scythe will not pass, the AL-KO GTE 550 Premium trimmer will handle this task with ease. The unit of this type is designed to destroy vegetation between trees, under a bench, along fences and walls. This type of equipment is very easy to use. The presence of a rotary handle and a bar allows you to adjust the scythe so that it is easy to hold during operation. So that the trees are not damaged during mowing, especially for young seedlings, a special bracket and a wheel that moves in different directions are mounted in the trimmer. The unit is equipped with a powerful motor that operates at a load of 550 kW. In one pass, the scythe mows up to 30 cm of grass, which allows you to clear a large amount of area in a short time. A semi-automatic cutting head with double nylon line is responsible for the cutting, main part. The head can be adjusted, due to which the electric trimmer reaches the places where the usual scythe cannot reach. This trimmer on the electric motor has many advantages. Its motor, unlike other similar devices, is located on top. This provides it with protection from impacts during the operation of the unit, which affects the rock and its duration. Another important advantage is affordable cost and convenient transportation.

  • The uniqueness of the design, which lies in the ability of the scythe to work in narrow and hard-to-reach places;
  • The proprietary electric motor from AL-KO has a continuous operation with minimal electricity consumption;
  • It is possible to clean large areas in a short time due to the double line head;
  • Low weight of 3 kg ensures ease of use and reduces stress on the user’s hands.

AL-KO BC 1200 E

AL-KO models in the top three are already an unbreakable tradition. The reason is the high quality of the equipment and the very meager% of hits on the service. This German electric trimmer can be safely called the most reliable trimmer to date. She’s just unkillable. The average service life is 5 years without any service. These are verified statistics. In the model, all the characteristics testify to premium quality: 2 cutting speeds, motor overload protection, soft start function, light and durable aluminum rod. As practice shows, the engine power is 1.2 kW. the most optimal for a trimmer. This motor handles most vegetation without overloading. At the same time, it is light in weight and quite hardy. The only negative is the high price. It is at the level of gasoline models. Unfortunately, impeccable quality is not affordable for everyone. But who value a reliable manufacturer, this trimmer is for them.

  • The lowest percentage of users’ calls to service centers;
  • Has established itself as the most reliable grass trimmer;
  • Two-speed;
  • High-quality copper-wound electric motor;
  • Drive from engine to gearbox. forged steel shaft;
  • Weed cutter included.
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Iron Angel ETR 1400

The Dutch electric trimmer Iron Angel ETR 1400 is designed for quick and thorough clearing of garden and summer cottages from vegetation. The manufacturer of the machine from the Netherlands offers two attachments to choose from: a knife for mowing grass with a diameter of 25.5 cm and a line for vegetation no more than 38 cm. The motor power is 1400 W, the total weight is 7 kg. The motor starts smoothly, without creating unnecessary noise and vibrations. Depending on the nozzle, the electric scythe makes from 4800 to 6300 revolutions per minute. A metal shaft acts as a drive. In addition, the parts of the electric trimmer are a handle with a D-shape, a shoulder strap, a steel, collapsible straight bar. As for the motor, it is on top. This kind of positioning protects it from accidental bumps against the root or hard object, which increases the life of the scythe. The Iron Angel ETR 1400 electric trimmer not only benefits from the power of the motor, but also the fact that the motor is equipped with a thermal protection function that protects the device from overloads and overheating. In addition, the device has an additional handle, which makes it more convenient to use. Leading units are lubricated automatically.

  • Robust construction and wear-resistant, stainless material of the body and drive shaft ensure long-term use of the tool without any repairs;
  • Ease of use and comfortable grip handle make the tool lightweight and trouble-free in work;
  • The engine power of 1.4 kW in combination with a steel shaft makes it possible not only to mow with a fishing line, but also to cut off hard growth with a sharp knife;
  • Equipped with an air flow cooling system protects the equipment from overheating in case of prolonged operation;
  • Efficiency is noted, which consists in prolonged operation of the engine while consuming a small amount of energy.


Powerful top engine trimmer for fast mowing over large areas. Used for thorough mowing and maintaining a well-groomed appearance. The length of the shoulder straps can be adjusted by adjusting the device to your parameters.

The trimmer can be used to cut between bushes, under tree trunks, near fences and in hard-to-reach places. A simple mechanism allows you to easily change the line and continue working. The device is equipped with a protective clip that reduces the area of ​​the spreading grass.

  • Powerful motor (1400 W) allows you to mow any “weeds”.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles.
  • Good quality materials and workmanship.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (included).
  • Relatively heavy weight (6.7 kg).
  • Small safety bar.

Denzel 96612 TE-1400

A modern electric trimmer that will become an indispensable tool for lawn care. The ergonomic design ensures long-lasting work without feeling tired. The set includes shoulder straps that can be adjusted to individual parameters. The handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar, provides a convenient mowing.

The large diameter of the line allows you to mow large areas of the lawn in the shortest possible time. The upper location of the engine will prevent quick failure, since there is no mechanical damage.

  • High power (1400W).
  • Convenient arrangement of handles, which makes it possible to work for a long time.
  • The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty.
  • You can mow with a knife or fishing line.
  • Strong vibration, hands get tired.
  • Poor factory knife sharpening.

Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020)

The powerful motor (950 W) tackles not only low lawns, but also deadwood. Replacing the line with a knife is easy due to its simple structure. The motor is located at the top, which guarantees a long life of the device. The protective cover is made of dense plastic.

  • Responsive engine with good performance.
  • Includes knives and thick fishing line (3.5 mm).
  • Good build quality.
  • Convenient to mow in hard-to-reach places.
  • Inconvenient location of the power cord.
  • Tight start button.


Convenient cordless grass trimmer so you don’t get tied to a power outlet. Charges for about an hour, charging lasts an average of 30 minutes. A good balance allows you to quickly and efficiently remove the grown grass. Light enough to work not only for men, but also for women.

The model is easy to assemble, easy to operate. Convenient telescopic structure, D-shaped handle is adjustable. Thanks to its high maneuverability, the trimmer is convenient to mow near tree trunks, in recesses and between bushes. The large plastic bracket protects you from cut grass, small stones and other dangerous objects. When working, it is advisable to wear tight shoes and safety glasses.

  • Battery operated, no wire tethering.
  • There is a lawn mower mode.
  • Simple and straightforward assembly.
  • Lightweight, anyone can handle.
  • Low battery life.

Makita UR3502

Model of a portable trimmer with a straight leg. Equipped with a powerful 1000 W motor, thanks to which you can quickly trim the lawn, bring the garden to a well-groomed condition. The trimmer cuts a strip of 35 centimeters at a time. Ergonomic D-shaped handle for maneuverability.

Also, thanks to the engine power and cutting speed, the trimmer copes with dead wood and tall grass. The durable plastic casing will protect you. The device is light enough (4.9 kg), you can work for a long time and not feel tired.

  • High power allows you to mow dead wood and large grass.
  • Good protective cover.
  • Can be mowed with a knife (not included).
  • The grass does not wrap around the shaft.
  • Inconvenient location of the power button.
  • May get warm with prolonged use.