How to Pick Up a Screwdriver Bits

  1. The main
  2. Specialized
  3. Combined

How to Pick Up a Screwdriver Bits

Kinds of bits

  • Direct
  • Cruciform
  • Hexagon
  • Star-shaped

Special bits can be classified into the following groups:

  • Trihedral
  • With resistant plasterboard limiter
  • With spring clip and others

Combined are excellent in that they have different forms of the working part at both ends. Cost is one level higher than other types.

Several bit standards are also distinguished:

  • Ph (derived from Phillips). cruciform bits that have a conditional size from 0 to 4;
  • Pz (Pozidrive). the angle on the top is 50 degrees; products are an upgraded model of the previously described; differ in the presence of 2 or 4 additional slots at the base;
  • Sl (Slot). straight slot, changing in width; the number in the marking means the width of the slot;
  • Torx (also found in TX). a slot in the form of a hexagonal star. It is relevant for structures requiring a high level of strength.
  • Hex. a bit which is used for fastening screws with an internal hexagon; commonly used to assemble furniture.

Quality Assessment Criteria

Choosing nozzles, you need to focus on the features of the work performed. One of the reasons that equipment is quickly worn out is for improper use. It is one thing to screw screws into a tree when assembling furniture, and another is to install metal structures, where the equipment experiences increased resistance in the process of screwing. An impact screwdriver must be provided with special equipment, since standard equipment will not be able to withstand shock loads.

To competently approach the choice of bits, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

The material of manufacture affects the strength and durability. For ordinary versions, there is steel R-7. R-12, which is distinguished by excellent resistance to interaction with any type of metal. To protect against corrosion, a coating of chromium and vanadium is added. The strongest are nozzles with a titanium-nitride coating of a golden hue. Bits with titanium and tungsten sputtering also proved to be very good in practice. For overly active applications, experts recommend diamond-coated nozzles, so that the chance of grinding the edges of the work area is reduced.

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Processing technology. Milling and forging are the most popular methods. When milling, the upper surface is removed to give the working area the desired shape. Forged equipment is characterized by increased strength, the material is not broken during production.

Hardness material bits for a screwdriver ranges from 58-60 HRC. Soft nozzles wear out faster, they are most designed for hard mounts, as they are resistant to damage. Hard will last longer, but rather fragile.

Design Features. A magnetized work surface facilitates positioning in the slot, but sometimes this magnet is superfluous. For an impact driver, bits with a torsion part are suitable. Nozzles are able to smooth the impact, withstanding high loads during operation.

Analysis of manufacturers (Video)

In order to understand the range of products and choose the right bit for a screwdriver, you should get acquainted with the most famous manufacturers.

AEG manufactures bit kits using Coldfire technology, which increases the strength of the metal.

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Dewalt provides an extensive assortment of nozzles, both individually and in sets.

DT 7246 includes PH2 with torsion bar. Also very popular is a model called DT 71517 with bits and an angled nozzle. The number of revolutions is 1500 rpm, the tightening force is 150 Nm.

Bosch deserves worldwide recognition for its high quality. Extra Hart is characterized by an enhanced degree of strength and long-term operation, painted in gray. Max Grip with a titanium nitride substance improves grip with the mount, golden color.

WHIRLPOWER. in many respects, one of the most popular brands. The company was opened in 1983 in the country of Taiwan. Quality is time-tested, so many experts prefer this particular brand. The geometry of the working part is perfectly machined. All nozzles are heat treated and protected with a special coating.

Reliability Rating (Video)

Production companies trusted by qualified specialists have proven themselves best in the construction and repair industries. Reliability rating is headed by the following brands:

Selection Tips (Video)

If you plan to purchase attachments for attaching components, follow these tips:

Focus on the material. The highest quality alloys:

  1. chromium and molybdenum;
  2. chrome and vanadium;
  3. tungsten and molybdenum.

It is not recommended to use steel bits, since they grind after almost the first second of operation.

A special coating on the bit is welcome. Titanium, diamond or nickel are optimal materials that will prevent the metal from rusting and will last a long time. Titanium spraying is often found at Bosch.

It is advisable to buy products with a magnetic tip. Working with him will be much more comfortable. The best representative of this property is WhirlPower.

Experienced craftsmen advise taking sets of bits. It often happens that there is not enough specific mount for work. Therefore, it is best to immediately stock up on a set of 30-50 nozzles of various sizes and shapes. However, which bits are best to buy for a screwdriver is up to you.