How to Pour Oil Into a Hammer

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Recently, the production of construction equipment is moving to new levels. Small and compact tools appear that can replace huge construction machines.

In today’s article, the main character is the tss.Gjh 95 gasoline jackhammer. This product has appeared on the construction equipment market relatively recently, but has already managed to gain recognition and success from builders.

First of all, note that the price of a jackhammer usually does not exceed 22,000 rubles. So what do we get for this cost? We open the box and our eyes immediately notice the presence of a peak at the base. For greater versatility, you can additionally purchase a pico-shovel and a pike-chisel for relatively little money. Price for gasoline peaks for jackhammer tss gjh 95 does not exceed 1100 rubles.

How to Pour Oil Into a Hammer

So, we turn to the hammer itself. The gasoline jackhammer looks impressive. Please note that the engine of this tool is push-pull. Gasoline and specials. Oil is mixed in a ratio of 25: 1. Mixing is desirable in a special container. But what if we need to mix here and now, but there is no container at hand? Everything is simple. We run to the nearest pharmacy, we buy the most ordinary syringe. Pour a liter of gasoline into a regular bottle, add 40 mg of oil with a syringe, shake and voila. The mixture is ready. The fuel tank holds 1.7l of the mixture. Average consumption. About 0.8l / hour

The operator’s handles are made of a special material that reduces the impact of vibration on the operator’s hands. In practice, it is better to immediately replace the 2 screws on the handle with one single stud and tighten them well with a nut. This will allow the handles to last longer.

The tss-gjh95 gasoline jackhammer is small in size and weighs only 20.5 kg, which allows it to be transported even in the trunk of a car. When working, you no longer need to use bulky compressors. And this is quite important when dismantling asphalt. When working, you can fence off much less space, creating fewer obstacles to road users. In service, a gasoline jackhammer is quite simple. It is enough to fill in the oil-gasoline mixture and get to work. Periodically, it is necessary to replace the oil at the bottom of the jackhammer. During operation, a small amount of oil may drain over the peaks.

You can buy a tss gjh 95 gasoline jackhammer from any authorized TCC dealer (including ours). Should I buy additional nozzles? Decide for yourself, but according to statistics, 83% of people bought at least one peak-blade or peak-chisel with this hammer.

Pike-crowbar (R-395) is mainly used for the dismantling of concrete and brick structures, asphalt pavement, frozen soil and various rocks of various strengths.

With the help of P-400 chisels, small holes are usually cut down, asphalt layers are removed, reinforcement and other metal structures are cut. The force of impact is from 25 to 55 J.

To crush the edge of the asphalt, the edges of the frozen ground is most convenient with the P-410 pico-blade. Most often this happens when repairing asphalt using the patching method or removing a thick layer of ice.

The warranty on the tss gjh 95 gasoline jackhammer is 6 months from the date of sale.