How to Properly Assemble a Starter On a Champion Trimmer

If you have snow removal equipment, then you need to not only use it non-stop, but also pay attention service snow blower. Indeed, in this equipment there are many details that wear out over time. Therefore, you must be careful about the condition of your snow blower and belts so that it does not suddenly break. And in the event of a breakdown, it is better to know how to repair yourself. You will learn about this from this article.

Application and principle of operation of snow blower belts

One of the most frequently replaced “components” of any snow blower is belt. In a similar technique, there are immediately 2 types of belts that work on the same principle, but perform different functions. Naturally, both types transmit torque from the drive shaft to the follower.

So, one of them distributes torque to the auger, and the other transfers it to the wheels. It is thanks to the belt that these parts can function normally.

Therefore belt integrity is so important, After all, it depends on both the ability of the snow blower to perform its immediate function, and the ability to move normally on the ground.

But if you press the buttons or levers that should drive the wheels or screws, and these parts do not work, then the belt has failed, which now has to be replaced.

Of course, this business can be entrusted to a professional, but real men always try to do everything with their own hands, especially since this can be saved a lot of money.

If desired, even the snow blower itself can be assembled independently, for example from a chainsaw.

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How to Properly Assemble a Starter On a Champion Trimmer

Causes of malfunctions

But for the belts to last longer, it’s worth figuring out what could cause them to fail. This will help you to replace this part of the snow blower less often, and also to better understand operating principle devices in general.

In general, any belt wears out, so its replacement is inevitable, but the fatal moment can be delayed. The following nuances of operation and assumption by the owner can be called fatal for belts:

  • Long work the snow blower without stopping. Such a method of operation leads to overheating of absolutely all parts of the equipment, and high temperature is detrimental to the belt.
  • Too frequent breaks at work. If you constantly press and squeeze the starter, then this can lead to a faster failure of parts.
  • Lack of necessary lubricant, that is, the owner’s lack of attention to his technique.

If you avoid such negative operating methods for the details of the snow blower, the belt will “live” longer, and you will not have to change it often.

Complete information on the above can be seen:

Varieties of auger drive belts for a snowplow

There is 2 types belts that are used on snow blowers, but they all refer to the gear type: serrated and double-sided. Why are the timing belts used? Because they are similar in their strength and design to chains, but have much less weight and are more convenient.

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They perfectly transmit the torque between the shafts, they are convenient to fix even in a very small space. In the aggregate of these features, these products began to be used when creating snow blowers.

Gear drive

Toothed belt for a snow blower with a flat design, you can often see it on the screw, because it requires more elasticity of the part. And this type of belt is characterized by good resistance to deformation, so it can last quite a long time.

In addition, this view provides high synchronism between the two screws, which is also very important for the normal operation of the snow blower. After all, it is precisely the coordination of the work of these parts that the cleaning efficiency depends. Therefore toothed view often used as a drive belt for a snow blower auger.

Double-sided toothed belts serve to transmit high torques in two directions at once. They are especially good for use on wheels if the snow blower also has the ability to reverse.

These drive belts for snow blowers also have good impact resistance.


Also used on snow blowers V-belts, which differ in a special trapezoidal profile with a cross section. It can be used for different purposes, therefore it is also widely distributed in this type of technique.

They adhere to parts somewhat worse than gear ones, but they can be operated longer. Therefore, the V-belt for the snow blower is also more than applicable.

Replacement Procedure

After you purchased this particular spare part, which you considered necessary, you should proceed to the most important stage of repair, because now it’s next belt replacement on the snow blower. First you need to loosen the cables that are connected to the wheels or screws, respectively.

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It depends on which belt you are going to change. Then you must remove the cover covering the belts. It is located in front of the engine, because these details are located there. Under the cover you will see nuts. They fasten the drive of wheels and screws.

These drives are connected so that access to them is in one place. Most often, these nuts 6, and all of them must be untwisted. The difficulty may be that the cable will become an obstacle auger drive. It can be loosened to speed up the spinning process.

After you have completed all the recommended actions, you will see the belts. Now it remains only to change them by removing the damaged part and installing a new one in its place. That is, your only concern is how to tighten the belt of the auger of the snow blower or the wheels.

To do this, have to tinker, looking for the best distance. After stretch It remains only to assemble the entire structure back.

You may be interested to learn about how to make a screw for a snow blower yourself. To do this, read this article.

As you can see, replacing the belt on the snow blower is not the hardest task, if you know what to do and which belt you need to choose. You should check tension of this part and use the snow blower rationally and correctly so that the belt lasts as long as possible.

Also find out which oil is best for the snow blower.