How to properly charge a Metabo electric screwdriver. How long to charge

How to properly charge an electric screwdriver

In a set of tools the master often has an electric screwdriver, which is powered by a battery pack. This feature provides a more comfortable carrying out repairs, because the tool does not depend on the socket, the availability of electricity. To ensure that the battery of the device does not lose its capacity prematurely, the experts will tell you how to charge an electric screwdriver with elements of different types, as well as the conditions of the procedure in the absence of a native charger.

To understand how to properly charge an electric screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of its device. In all models, whether Bosch, Metabo, DeWALT, Hammer, Interskol, Ermak, Vihr or Sturm, the battery is composed of similar design elements :

  • Case. Is a box of shockproof plastic, consisting of 2 parts;
  • Contacts. The power ones charge and discharge the battery. The controlling one is to protect the charger from overheating and is connected to a thermistor. Service regulates the charge of all cells.
  • The batteries, or “banks. Their number varies from 10 to 15, depending on the type of battery. Connected in series with each other in a chain. The free terminals of the outermost elements are connected to the contacts.

The supply element itself consists of the electrolyte, anode and cathode. Therefore, all batteries are based on the principle of electrolysis. In some models there are thermistors, which protect the block from overheating. The range is usually 50-600 degrees.

Electric screwdriver battery design

How to properly charge a screwdriver battery the first time?

For any battery, there are one and the same rules that must be strictly adhered to. If the battery of the wrench screwdriver or the battery before you start using the screwdriver has not yet been through a charging process, this should be done by following some guidelines. This process is also called a cyclic recharging the battery screwdriver.

The process is very simple. You have to completely discharge the battery of the screwdriver in the process, so that it does not make any noise when you press the button. And then put the battery to charge overnight, for about 12 hours.

The screwdriver battery itself, in constant use, can be charged for one hour or more. Up to four hours, but these first three times, we will keep the battery on charge, exactly 12 hours. The first three charges. This is the way experts advise, and it makes no sense not to trust this method.

Types of batteries used to operate an electric screwdriver

To understand how to charge an electric screwdriver correctly, you need to know the type of battery installed in the unit. This information is indicated on the model in English letters. When assembling power tools, 3 types of batteries are used:

    Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd). The popularity of these batteries is due to their low price, long service life (10 years), low heating, the possibility of long-term storage in a discharged state, preservation of performance at low temperatures. At the same time, such elements have a “memory effect”, which leads to a rapid loss of capacity with frequent recharging. One more disadvantage allocate toxicity of internal filling.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are the most budget and durable power sources, but due to their high toxicity their use is prohibited in many European countries. Li-ion types do not have this disadvantage, but their price is much higher.

Charging features of different types of batteries

The differences in charging batteries are related to the properties of the materials from which the batteries are made. Reclaimers come in pulsed and conventional. The former are used with professional electric tools, while the latter are used with home screwdrivers.

There are three types of batteries in total:

  • Nickel-cadmium. They have a pronounced memory effect. After purchase they must be charged and discharged 3 times. Only in this way will the highest capacity be achieved. Subsequent charging should be done only after the charge is complete.
  • Nickel-metal hydride. They also have a memory effect. It is recommended that the same procedure be repeated 4 times. Further recharging is arbitrary.
  • Lithium-ion. These batteries are the most unpretentious. They are capable of not changing their original capacity for a long time. They can be recharged at will.

Recommendations for storing rechargeable batteries

It is recommended that all types of rechargeable batteries be stored by disconnecting them from the electric screwdriver. Each type of battery also has its own specific characteristics in this regard:

Electric Cordless Screwdriver Restoration. HITACHI DB3DL2 3.6V

  • Nickel cadmium batteries must be discharged before storing to an extent that does not allow the electric screwdriver to operate at its full capacity;
  • Ni-MH batteries should be kept fully charged but a small amount of discharging is still allowed;
  • Lithium-ion battery packs must also be discharged but only at half capacity before being stored.

Ni-MH batteries, which can be recharged 200 to 300 cycles without capacity loss, must be recharged within 24 hours after long periods of storage. Units of this type have a significant self-discharge parameter.

Lithium-ion battery packs have no “memory effect”, as mentioned above. They have a high capacity and the lowest self-discharge rate. You can recharge them at any time, regardless of the degree of discharge.

Li-Ion batteries should not be fully discharged, as this may disable the built-in electronic protection system against temperature or voltage rise.

To reach 50% of the charge required for proper storage, lithium-ion batteries need to be charged from near zero capacity for about 65% of the time it takes to reach full capacity.

Compliance with the simplest recommendations for storage and charging of storage batteries of different types will allow to use all the resource of batteries, put into them by the manufacturers.

What to do if the electric screwdriver battery does not charge?

If the battery of an electric screwdriver does not charge, it may be because it is worn out or because the battery charger does not work properly. However, it is often the contact between the battery terminals of the electric screwdriver and the charger that is the problem, as they bend over time. In this case, you can disassemble the charger and bend its terminals.

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In addition, after some time of use, both the battery terminals and the charger terminals can become oxidized and contaminated. Even slight changes of this kind can interfere with the normal charging of batteries. This is usually expressed as a significant decrease in both the charging time and the operating time of the cordless power tool itself. To avoid this, you should periodically wipe the contacts of the battery, battery charger for the electric screwdriver battery and the tool.

Unfortunately, the characteristics of battery cells deteriorate over time. Thus, if improperly used, nickel-cadmium batteries, most often used in domestic models of screwdrivers, they quickly lose capacity. Experts sometimes recommend “overclocking” such batteries. The battery pack is disassembled, and the problematic elements are identified. After that you need to charge them. What current to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver in this case? Specialists recommend that you first charge such cells with a higher current than it should be, then discharge them and then charge them again, but with a lower current. If the Ni-Cd batteries have not yet evaporated electrolyte, this “therapy” may help bring them back to life.

It is also possible to restore one battery pack from two that have partially lost capacity by selecting from them and soldering together whole “banks”. After that, it is necessary to fully charge and discharge the reconditioned unit several times to equalize the charge.

Also the reason that the battery is not charging, can be in the temperature sensor

Charging through external sources of electricity

This method is used for Li-ion batteries in used screwdrivers. As an external power source is suitable serviceable car battery. which will be used as a power bank. It should be connected using a USB charger, equipped with a 10A fuse, directly or through the cigarette lighter.

In case of breakage or loss of the regular charger, the question of how to charge the battery of an electric screwdriver, becomes very relevant.

Experts recommend using 3 variants of devices for recharging:

It is necessary to take into account the battery parameters. capacity, voltages, otherwise there is a high risk of battery damage.

It is possible to use the car charger, which has a regulation of voltage, current. The important point is to avoid overcharging. The level of current should not exceed 5-10% of the capacity of the battery.

Self-made version can be made from a native charger or charger with identical parameters. Additional elements of the design are:

Here’s how to rebuild an electric screwdriver charger. At the base will be a transistor that receives power from a rectifier bridge. the last one is connected to a step-down transformer, which has a good power, allowing it to work for a long period without overheating. The voltage it outputs must not exceed 27 V.

One of the resistors is to regulate the charging current, because it must remain constant. The other acts as a maximum current limiter. The LED helps to determine when the charging process is coming to an end, its glow will gradually begin to diminish. The cells need to be put on a board made of textolite. covered with a layer of copper foil, 3-5 mm apart, so that there is no overlap.

How long, for the first time, to charge the screwdriver battery:

Batteries are of the newest generation; they are used in almost all “newly-released” screwdrivers! It is better not to discharge completely and recharge at the 25% residual mark.

Metabo, Hyundai, Kraft, Enhel, Devol, Fort, Bosch, Hitachi, In general the whole line of expensive screwdrivers and cordless drills are equipped with this battery.

Have MEMORY EFFECT. Filled with highly toxic substances, making them banned in the developed world.

Maximum number of charging the battery is equal to 1000 times, with each new charge of the battery holds less and less charge, the strength and torque deteriorates until it is no longer necessary.

Intertool, Fieldman, Granite, Toya, Rib, Diold, Elprom, Texas, Black-Deck, Bort. All expensive screwdriver manufacturers produced with these batteries in 2010, the same Bosch Bosch Professional GSR 14,4-2 (the most widespread problem is holding the chuck badly). Not advised to take a screwdriver from the manufacturer Zubr. Of the claimed 4 hours of battery life, it works for 2 hours.

Batteries of new generation, but inferior to the first ones (lithium-ion). There is a small problem with them that home DIYers do not like! These batteries should be kept in full readiness. partially charged! If not used for a month, the screwdriver equipped with this battery must be discharged and recharged. Advise recharging once a month, for 25-30 minutes. NOT THE MANUFACTURER. Instructions for the first recharge from the battery manufacturer in the right column.

6.2. Rechargeable battery (hereinafter referred to as battery) 6.2.1. The charger and battery have a special design, so never any other devices to charge the battery. Never insert or touch any metal object into the battery charger or battery terminals, as this could result in personal injury or damage to the devices. 6.2.2. The battery pack is supplied partially charged. so charge it for approximately 1-2 hours before using it for the first time. The final capacity of the battery will be reached after 4-5 cycles of charging discharging. 6.2.3. To charge the battery it is necessary to connect it to the charger by inserting the plug into the corresponding socket in the battery. The light is on while charging. 6.2.4. Note: If the control light does not come on when the battery is connected, remove the battery and reinsert it after a few minutes, as the overheat protection may have tripped.

Unusual methods of charging the battery of an electric screwdriver

It also happens so that the “native” charger from the power tool is either lost or breaks down, and to get the same. is very problematic. Many people ask if the battery can be properly charged by connecting it to some other power source.

This can certainly be done. And such ways of charging will not do any harm to the battery if you carefully study the characteristics of the tool and any other charger which can serve as an alternative source of power for the battery.

In order to find the right alternative battery charger for your electric screwdriver, you need to know its voltage and capacity. These are usually marked on the outer casing of the tool. Pay attention to the polarity as well. It may be different, depending on the manufacturer. This is very important for proper connection of the battery to the charger.

This is how you determine which charger is the right one. For example, we have an 18-volt electric screwdriver with a battery capacity of 2 Ah. So, and the charger should be able to deliver the same voltage, and the power will be enough 200 milliamps per hour. because fully charging such a battery requires a long time. It is best to use a battery charger with adjustable current capabilities, charging a battery for 6-7 hours.

Small alligator clips may be used to apply current to the battery. And in order to make a good contact, they can be additionally fastened with metal wires.

If possible, try to charge your electric screwdriver battery with a car charger. It is important to remember that the voltage in this case should be set as low as possible. Determine what polarity of the battery and the auto charger (as already mentioned, it can be different). Then connect the terminals from the car charger directly to the battery. Sometimes you have to use additional “fixing clips” in the form of staples or flexible metal plates for optimal contact.

After such simple manipulations it remains only to plug in the device and carefully monitor the charging process. About 15-20 minutes may be enough to get you started. and when a charged electric screwdriver battery has increased heat output, the charger should be disconnected.

In recent times it has become very popular to change the batteries in an electric screwdriver from cadmium to lithium, especially among professionals who regularly use an electric screwdriver. Battery charging time in this case will also depend on the type of charger. If you have a regular “regular” charger, the battery can take 3 to 7 hours to charge. And if you have the ability to purchase a state-of-the-art switching charger, more than an hour will be enough to get your battery up and running.

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