How to properly cut the rubber on the boots

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And so we take the boot and on the back, or any side seam steaming. Steaming a little at a time, trying on the boot and as soon as the boot zips up tightly, stop steaming.

Next, a pencil outline line on which we will cut a place for the future of the rubber, about 1-1,5 cm indent from the edges

Now lining, if the fabric is left about 5 mm, it will tuck into the inside of the seam, so that a knitted base did not go arrows

Here’s what it looks like in a boot with real fur, I left the lining only 1-2 mm protruding, t.к. the fur is thick and you can’t twist it

then put here is the paper and outline the cut, so we get a mold for the rubber band, to the planned mowing line add about 7. 1 cm

According to the molding cut out the elastic band (here is already an elastic band and a photo of my winter boots)

Now put an elastic band between the boot and the lining (if the lining fabric is hiding an open cut inside) and glue, or like me bind needles and stitch with a needle back

Thank you. Very much needed mc! And I kept thinking that the boots need to cut!

If a very long cuff and almost the entire length does not unbutton, you can insert a piece of leather or suede depending on what kind of boot and stitch the loops along the length, and then lace up and it will look trim, or in the seams to stitch unzipped zipper is also fashionable

Oh, it’s complicated! You’re doing great! But it seems to me that it would be easier to lose weight

Well, it depends on someone, but if none of the boots cat. Above the ankle can not pick up in the store, then thin or not thin, and then you have to twist, and I do not see the complexity, cut, cut, rubber band inserted sew, all you wear with pleasure.And by the way I when I wore a size 46-48, and then I very rarely could pick up something, calves and the fullness of the elevation, but I wore in the studio, but it’s not an inexpensive pleasure.

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Thanks for the MC! I agree that not always slimming will help. I, for example, after a fracture in the volume of my legs are different, vascular problems, shoes are very difficult to pick up. On one of them fits, and the other is dangling. And with this approach to each leg can make a different inset, and from the side the difference will not particularly noticeable if you do not look closely. Thanks again!

Glad that comes in handy, the inserts can be the same, just an elastic band on one of the inserts when you wear more will stretch. And boots can be not only embroidered, but also sewn on the back seam.

Please,I am glad that my post was of interest to you, the only thing that is not my idea, so do in any shoe shop, though it is worth a decent, but you can do it yourself and spend money only on the elastic band

How to choose the right shoes

Wearing uncomfortable shoes is fraught with ingrown nails, blisters, thrombophlebitis, the development of pathology of the joints and muscles. Buy shoes better in the afternoon, then boots or boots will not be tight. Do not run after fashion or save money, you need to buy a model with a soft elastic sole made of natural materials.

Not recommended to wear every day narrow stiletto heels or high platform, buying shoes for children “outgrowth.

Heat the iron to maximum temperature and iron the elastic band under a damp cloth. Move it for 10 seconds, and then leave it on the elastic area for 10 seconds more. Continue to heat the elastic band for 5-10 minutes. The size of pants will increase, because under the influence of temperature knitted elastic stretches.

Modern bootmakers use the same size cuff for sewing boots. When choosing a boot, you may encounter a problem when the boot is too small in the calf area, and the zipper does not close all the way. Sometimes it happens that the clasp can be closed completely, but in this case the boots strongly press the cuff area. This can lead to serious health complications, and a special appeal to this kind of feet will not have.

Therefore, the choice of shoes should be very carefully. You can go to a specialized studio, where professionals will sew the shoes according to individual parameters. However, this method will differ significantly from buying shoes in the usual store price policy.

In the case of a small boot shin volume, the problem can be solved in several ways: to stretch the boot shin area on their own homemade methods or cut an elastic band. The first option is not the most practical, because leather goods after such procedures can be spoiled. Therefore, cutting the elastic bands in the cuff area will be the most effective and efficient way.

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Important ! Note that this solution will only help if the zipper does not close by just a few centimeters, or if the runner closes completely, but the product squeezes your foot. If the zipper stops in the middle of the zipper, you should abandon the purchase and look for a better option.

Tips for stitching boots with their own hands

To avoid ruining the product, and to bring it to the right look, listen to the following tips:

  • First decide what kind of things you will wear with these boots (caprone tights or wool leggings).
  • All measurements should be taken from the top trim with the boots on.
  • Clearly mark the mark, which will be a guide for suturing.
  • Measure and mark the marks on both cuffs, t. к. the volume of the left and right feet are usually different (sometimes even up to 2 cm).

How to Repair Your Rubber Work Boot

With this simple knowledge and skills, any woman can make a gift for herself with her own hands. Whether it’s an expensive model shoes or boots you like from the series of “chintz”. You only need to make a minimum of effort. and you do not have to choose in the store between a beautiful pair of shoes and how it corresponds to the peculiarities of the anatomy of your feet.

How to properly cut an elastic band on the boots yourself

First of all, you need to prepare all materials and tools for a comfortable technological process.

  • boots;
  • Manicure scissors;
  • A blade (in case it will be necessary to tear open the inner lining);
  • needle;
  • threads to match the product.

Attention! The technological process is recommended to be carried out in the afternoon (the optimal choice is in the evening). The leg muscles have already stretched and swollen enough by this time.

The course of the work is not of a high level of complexity. Using a blade, the lining is carefully ripped open in the area of the ribbon. The process of cutting is best carried out with manicure scissors. Use the tool to cut the rubber band in the center.

Myth or reality

Large-sized shoes are good only in childhood for playing daughters and mothers, but in adulthood this problem causes a lot of inconvenience

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First, you should find out what characteristics of the pair does not match the size. First: the shoes may be longer than your foot. Second: the shoe may not fit the width of the foot. So, is it possible to make the dream of a size reduction come true?? Certainly, yes. over, there are even 2 approaches for this.

  • Contact a workshop. Professionals will apply a full or partial re-stretch, that is, they will separate the heel and sole, and attach the top to the pad of the right size. That’s if the shoes don’t fit. In case the pair is wide, they will sew it or find another way to solve the problem.

This is interesting. Not all shoemakers will take on a non-skinned pair, much less sneakers or sneakers that have a special fit. But sandals, sabots or flip-flops can be narrowed only in the workshop, where the straps are carefully plucked, shortened and sewn into place.

  • Try to use folk wisdom. Here’s where there are no restrictions on the quality of the shoes. Only by material, although there are methods suitable for all kinds. That’s where we start.

What kind of boots can be made into shoes?

For some models you can use any boots, even absolutely lost their original look or cracked of any material. In this case, additional good quality natural material will be needed to update the front of the shoes. It can also be leather or suede from old jackets, bags or shins. In this case, the boots will serve as a block with a ready sole for future shoes.

From the boots can be made closed autumn shoes or ballet shoes, provided that the sole of any type (platform, heel, wedge heel). For summer versions of shoes from boots, you can take only the top part, using it with a thin sole.

Boots and shoes for full feet! Pravasti!

trendy and yet very comfortable women’s shoes with extra fullness, combining style, quality and comfort.

W8626 women’s boots. nat. suede. black. C8626BF

size 38 on the calf 44 cm.super. Visually slim leg. Despite the lacquer heel. I wear in the spring and autumn, and at least heresy. But there is one thing. boots class on high. I like them so much. I’ll order these shoes