How To Properly Start A Petrol Trimmer

Petrol trimmer won’t start? Elitech T750 Reasons and Solutions

In general, such a conversation should start with the fact that after buying a garden gasoline tool, it would be better to first familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to it. Then many problems could be avoided. But since this happened, the gasoline trimmer does not start, then you need to look for sources of inoperability. And in this article we will consider the main reasons why the trimmer does not start on the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as we will tell you general recommendations for using such a tool.

You should start with the banal! Let’s figure out how to properly start the gasoline trimmer. It may be that the reason lies precisely here.

First you need to bring the red toggle switch on the trimmer bar to position I. This means turning on the power.

How To Properly Start A Petrol Trimmer

Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever on the carburetor and use the fuel suction button (similar to a pipette, located on the carburetor). This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Return the fuel delivery lever to its original position. Finally, pull the starter handle sharply towards you. The trimmer should work. Try it several times if it doesn’t work the first time. If after such manipulations the situation has not changed and the gasoline trimmer does not start, then you should first inspect it yourself before you take it to the service center. There are two main reasons your garden trimmer won’t start:

  1. Power circuit breakdown.
  2. No fuel.
  • Let’s start with the ignition problems. In most cases, it is caused by the need to change the spark plug in the engine. This is done like this:
  • First of all, we must take care of the safety measures, making sure that the trimmer is disabled. We bring the above toggle switch to the STOP position.
  • Then remove the rubber cover from the spark plug and the wiring terminal. Using a special spark plug wrench, we unscrew the spark plug and replace it.
  • After that, we assemble the device and carry out the above procedure for starting the trimmer.

The second reason why the garden tool does not work is out of fuel. On the Elinech T750, the fuel tank is located near the engine, but on most trimmers it is there. We unscrew the cap from the tank and fill it with gasoline (the most optimal version is AI-92, it is inexpensive and does not clog the carburetor like the AI-76). Do not forget to add special oil for engines to the tank, 50 grams is enough for the gas tank, without it the engine will start to sneeze and quickly become unusable. Then we close the tank with a cap, wipe the trimmer surface and our hands with a dry cloth. We also do the above manipulations to turn on the garden tool.

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If the petrol trimmer still won’t start, then it makes sense to have it repaired. And the reason for this decision is simple, if you do not have the appropriate skills, equipment repair is almost impossible.

In order for the tool to serve as long as possible and not to have such problems, you should first of all read the instruction manual for the trimmer. Also, pay special attention to the engine running time at the trimmer, take a short break every 15 minutes of work and, finally, take proper care of the tool, wipe it after work, lubricate it with graphite grease. Observing such simple rules, you can significantly increase the service life of the tool and it is quite possible that you do not have to look for reasons why the gasoline trimmer does not start.

You bought yourself a new petrol trimmer and immediately got into trouble with it. It starts very badly. If you mow a little and then turn it off, then turning it on hot is an even bigger problem than on cold. What to do with him, I don’t know how to start?

The instruction for the lawn mowers plant sounds like this:

1. Switch on the ignition.

2. Pump up fuel with a silicone button (primer) located on the bottom of the carburetor. Pressing must be done as much (or a little more) as written in the instructions, usually about 8-10.

3. Close the air damper.

4. Fix the throttle lever with a stop button at high rpm.

5. Pull the starter handle 2-3 times. The engine must grab.

If the engine grabs and stalls, then you need to move the choke to the 1/2 position and try to start again. If the engine starts, then we release the gas and move the air damper to the open position. Getting started.

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When performing fuel pumping manipulations, one should not be afraid to pour it over. If this happened, and, as they say, a candle was poured, then you do not need to unscrew it, it is enough to move the air damper to the open position and, while holding full throttle, simultaneously turn the engine with a starter 2-4 times. After that you can start the engine and get to work.

Common Causes of Low Speed ​​Lawn Mowers

The problem, when the lawn mower does not pick up speed, occurs mainly with gasoline units. This affects the equipment of various models, for example, Husqvarna, Champion, Stihl.

Such problems are less common with high-quality products than with cheap ones from unknown manufacturers.

Some of the structural elements with which problems may be associated are available for visual inspection, and to check the functioning of the remaining units, the lawn mower will need to be disassembled.

Why does the trimmer speed drop?

This common problem has a variety of different causes. While working with the device, you can encounter both obvious malfunctions, the signs of which are clearly traced, and asymptomatic cases. The first option is the simplest from the point of view of finding a problem. If the trimmer does not pick up speed, and there are no clear signs of breakdowns, then you will need to consistently check the most typical cases of malfunctions, and if the cause is found, eliminate it.

Which trimmer to choose: petrol or electric

If you plan to mow your lawn, an electric mow is preferable. Low-power units do an excellent job with young grass, since they have a small section line or a small diameter knife.

Only a gasoline-powered garden trimmer can mow a large area of ​​shrubbery. Let’s figure out the differences between them in order to understand which trimmer is better gasoline or electric.

Which trimmer is better: electric or gasoline

Working pressure cycle: 2-stroke or 4-stroke

Work is work: you miss somewhere, a little and a little piston flies.

  • The 4-stroke unit saves fuel and lubricants. The oil is poured into a separate container, it does not burn out. Such models last longer, because they overheat less. Those who have to mow a lot should take a closer look at the four-stroke model.
  • 2-stroke is fueled with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Since oil burns along with gasoline, it is overrun once every five. But such models have a simplified piston system, so there is really nothing to break there.

See the comparison table for the duty cycle of 2-stroke and 4-stroke lawn mowers.

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The four-stroke trimmer is a pleasure to mow. But if you have to drive the gas often, the 2-stroke is better. These models are capable of developing up to 10 thousand rpm and above. I recommend walking trimmers for home use Patriot, Sadko, Oleo-Mac, Interskol.

Gasoline trimmer: 4 features

The petrol trimmer requires gasoline and oil to operate. The tank is enough for 30-40 minutes, then refueling is needed. It is started manually by the starter handle. The operation is not difficult, a little training and everything will work out the first time.

Electrokosa: advantages and disadvantages

Everything is clear with the trimmer: plug it in, press the button and get started. He is not picky at work and in care. It is enough to clean the cutting head, blow out the cooling holes and periodically check the lubrication in the gearbox. The only thing is that you have to carry a carrier with you, since the operation of the tool does not depend on fuel and engine oil. Look at the location of the engine: the lower one adds maneuverability, but it is dangerous to mow wet grass. Can short-circuit.

Trimmer advantages disadvantages
Quieter than gasoline. Doesn’t work without electric carry.
Works regardless of the quality of fuel and engine oil. Low-power.
Does not emit exhaust gases. Does not cut shrubs.
Light weight. High line consumption.

Cover clamp

The one-sided clamp is height adjustable, the double-sided is not. On the one hand, it is good, it does not spin. But its level remains unchanged. And this plays a role. For example, mowing with a small knife will be fine, but if you put a larger diameter, the grass will clog. It is hard to mow dense and semi-recumbent greens.

The convenience of working with the device depends on the design of the handle.
– D-shape is a good choice for mowing grass and cutting trees.
– J-shaped suitable for mowing tall thickets.
– T-shaped (bicycle) universal option for processing large areas. It allows a firm grip on the mower with both hands. Facilitates mowing and increases maneuverability. Well, if the control of the unit is placed on the handle, it is impossible to tear yourself away from such a trimmer until the fuel runs out.