How to Pull Fishing Line On Patriot Trimmer

How to Pull Fishing Line On Patriot Trimmer

Do-it-yourself or purchased tracks on the tiller increase the throughput of the vehicle at times. With this device, you can independently equip a snowmobile or an all-terrain vehicle. Ready-made factory caterpillar triangular drive GP N1 is a rather expensive device. Therefore, we offer an alternative option. Home-made motoblock tracks in several versions and modifications.

Design features of the device

Production of components of a homemade track for a tiller do it yourself can save money on the purchase of factory devices and further operation of the equipment. If everything is done correctly, then self-made tracks for the tiller increase the permeability characteristics.

Compared to wheeled counterparts, tracked tilleri are not so widespread. The explanation is simple. Wheel units from Texas, Patriot, Cayman, Viking, Forza are most suited for plowing land. This design is best suited for work related to soil.

Altering a wheel tiller is a job consisting in attaching one additional wheel on each side. It turns out a four-wheeled tiller, on which you can put on tracks. They can, in turn, be purchased or homemade. Additional wheels can be trimmed removable. This allows you to timely turn the unit into a standard tiller, ideal for working in the garden.

To do this, the wheels are fixed to the axle, which is already provided in the design, by means of a rigid or flexible transmission. Such a solution is considered appropriate, since the need for mounting additional fasteners disappears. As for the device of these tillers, they fully comply with the parameters of the wheel modifications:

  1. Engine. It is powerful, four-stroke. It has an axle lock function. Due to this, the caterpillar tiller can rotate in place without describing the full circle.
  2. Transmission. The standard set includes a gearbox, clutch system and gearbox.
  3. Chassis. Caterpillars are used here. They replace the wheelbase. If alteration is made, then to the existing pair of wheels one katu is added on each side. They put on a makeshift caterpillar.
  4. Control authorities. Located on the control handle. They include emergency stop mechanisms and various types of clutch levers.
  • It develops a speed of the order of 18 km per hour;
  • Prefix weight in general. 37 kg;
  • Width. 60 cm;
  • Length. 100 cm;
  • Height. 34 cm.

It places on board one driver and one passenger. In addition, on sale you can find a prefix for the caterpillar tiller, which is designed for models Salute and Agate. Its cost ranges from 25 to 27 thousand rubles. This design does not provide for the connection of the driver’s seat. Because of this, some restrictions are imposed on the functional features of this device. But for driving on off-road and snow such transport is quite suitable.

Their feature is the ability to control not only with two hands, going after the tiller, but also sitting in a folding sleigh. The latter will have to be purchased separately. Given that the average cost of the console is about 30 thousand rubles, not counting the price of folding sleighs, we can say that the independent production of tracks allows you to save a lot of money.