How To Punch A Concrete Wall Without A Punch

Wood screws

Some objects are attached to concrete walls with screws. They also need holes. They can also be inserted into wooden corks. But there is another way. the holes are filled with alabaster or cement, and a wire is screwed onto the screw thread.

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How to make a chopik?

The question arises, what is a wooden cork that is inserted into the hole? It is done like this:

  • Saw a block out of wood according to the size of the hole. the harder and denser the breed, the more reliable the connection will be.
  • Give it the shape of a cone. the narrow end should pass freely into the hole, and the wide one should have difficulty, that is, its diameter should be slightly larger (by about 3 mm).
  • Make an incision at the narrow end.
  • Insert a wedge of the same breed into the incision.

Important! The wood must be dry.

How to hammer a nail into a concrete wall

And do not try to immediately move your left hand to the side after the nail has only slightly entered the material. Such an instinct of self-preservation can affect the curvature of the nail and improper hammering.

How to hammer a nail dowel into a concrete wall

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During the renovation of an apartment, you often have to make various holes in the walls. They are necessary for attaching hanging furniture, paintings, mirrors and framed photographs. Today you will learn how you can independently drill a hole in a hard material.

The standard fixing consists of two elements: a plastic dowel and a metal screw. Both did complement each other, since the metal rod itself in the hole will not hold. It must be twisted into a softer material. plastic.

Hole drilling begins with marking. Choose a suitable place on the surface and mark a cross with a pencil. Make it visible so you don‘t lose sight of it later.

To prevent dust from scattering throughout the apartment, build a bag out of a sheet of thick paper. Attach a homemade container for collecting concrete chips to the wall using masking tape or ordinary tape. The bag is fixed a couple of centimeters below the pencil mark. During the drilling process, most of the dust will settle in a pre-prepared fixture.

The main stage of work consists of drilling a hole. Here you need a hammer drill equipped with a drill of a suitable diameter. If the wall is brick, the hammer drill can be replaced with a less powerful drill.

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Place the tool exactly perpendicular to the wall and drill the hole to the desired depth. A shallow hole will not allow the dowel to be fully drowned in the thickness of the material. Deep. also undesirable, since the plastic cuff, which plays the role of a limiter, can accidentally break when hammered and the fasteners will fall through too much.

At the final stage, you need to carefully hammer the dowel into the wall almost flush with the wall. Next, a self-tapping screw is screwed into it so that you can hang the desired item on it.

The question of how to hammer a nail correctly, it would seem, should not arise for anyone. But this business has its own tricks and nuances, without the possession of which you can bend nails for a long time and stubbornly and hit yourself on your fingers.

We will reveal a few secrets and establish a simple order of the necessary actions.

How to hammer a nail: tips from the master

Today there are basic chores that men can do with their own hands. The most important thing. during their implementation, adhere to certain recommendations and observe safety precautions. Many novice craftsmen are often worried about a simple at first glance question: how to hammer a nail? Let’s try to find the answer.

Drive in a nail with a cork

Wooden corks. chopiki

In the case when replacing the nail is not permissible, they resort to using a wooden cork, called by many a chopik.

It is sawn out of wood and adjusted to the required dimensions.

The length corresponds to the depth of the hole, one tip is made in the form of a cone for better entry.

In the sharp tip of the chopik, you can make a cut and insert a small wedge. Once it reaches the bottom of the hole, it will increase the strength of the connection between the chop and the wall.

So, hammering a nail into a concrete wall without a drill will be much easier. The soft, wooden surface of the chopik will replace the hard wall material. You just need to carefully, slowly hammer in a nail and you’re done.

The use of wooden plugs is also optional. It is enough to fill the hole with a solution consisting of cement or alabaster, and then insert a screw, the screws of which are previously wrapped with wire and soaked with a raster.

Wall hole without drilling, dust and dirt. on

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How to put a nail in a concrete wall

For example, a nail fastener is a consumable for a specialized gun. This type of nail helps to master the fastening of metal structures through the construction of industrial buildings. Blue nail can make the structure permanent and long lasting.

Let’s take a look at the types, sizes of nails for dowels and their area of ​​use.

How to save money on a hammer drill and drill a concrete wall with an ordinary drill?

Many people live in houses with concrete walls, and when it becomes necessary to make a hole in them, they face serious difficulties.

Do not despair and be upset if you did not immediately manage to hang a shelf, lamp or cabinet, read our recommendations and everything will work out.

There are several options with which you can independently drill a concrete wall.

During the performance of these works, it is necessary to adhere to the developed technologies and safety rules, then you can not only make a hole yourself without the involvement of expensive specialists, but also avoid injuries.

With an ordinary drill or screwdriver

If you do not have the tools described above, then this work can be done using a conventional electric drill or a powerful screwdriver.

To complete drilling, you will need more time than using a hammer drill, but you can do everything yourself.

In this case, in addition to the drill and drill, you will also need a punch. First, a small indentation is made in the place of drilling using a punch and a hammer.

After that, a working tool is inserted into it and begins to drill. If the drill stops, break hard areas again with a punch and continue working.

Expert advice

In order for you to be able to properly drill a concrete wall, you must have the necessary equipment, perform all work carefully and adhere to the following recommendations:

  • without a punch, work can be done with a hammer drill or drilled with a screwdriver;
  • do not buy cheap drills, as the victorious tip falls off very quickly and they fail;
  • instead of a punch, you can use a victorious tool, with one you will break crushed stone, and with the second, inserted into an ordinary electric drill, drill;
  • to work with concrete, the rotary hammer must have an SDS-plus cartridge;
  • take into account the placement of the reinforcement, to determine where it is located, you can use a metal detector, if the reinforcement is bare, it must be painted to prevent rusting;
  • for working with concrete, you can use universal diamond-coated drills, but you need to insert them only into a regular drill, or you need to turn off the impact mode.
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Concrete structures are highly durable, so it is quite difficult to drill them yourself.

This is due to the fact that crushed stone is used to create concrete products and when you get on it while drilling, the process becomes very difficult.

How To Punch Harder Using a Wall

The need to drill a concrete wall occurs quite often, it is necessary for the installation of shelves, cabinets, air conditioner, wallpapering, fixing a lamp, when attaching insulation or during plastering of walls for attaching beacons.

There are several ways to solve this problem:

  • using a hammer drill or a powerful impact drill;
  • an ordinary electric drill or screwdriver;
  • diamond drilling.

It should be remembered that for walls made of relatively soft materials, it is impossible to use victory drills, since the holes will turn out to be uneven and the wall will collapse. It is also impossible to work with metal with such a tool.

To create large-diameter holes or cut a doorway, diamond-coated core drills are used. To use such a tool, it is necessary to use special installations, they allow you to make holes with a diameter of up to 250 mm.

Since the cost of such equipment is high, it is easier to hire specialists or you can rent it.

The better to drill

As already mentioned, you can drill a concrete wall in several ways, we will consider each of them in more detail.

Diamond drilling

This is the most effective way by which you can easily and quickly make a hole of the required diameter in a concrete wall.

To perform these works, you will need special equipment, consisting of the following elements:

  • electric motor;
  • a stand that is securely fixed to the base;
  • drill bit.

It is not necessary to cool the drill during operation, as water is supplied to it, which not only cools the tool, but also prevents the formation of dust.

If specialists work, then together with the specified equipment they use a vacuum cleaner, with which they remove dust and water.

Since the price of such equipment is very high, it is impractical to buy it for domestic use. If it is necessary to make a hole with a large diameter, for this you can always invite specialists.