How to Punch a Wall Without a Punch

There are situations when there is a need to make a hole for a hood of a relatively large diameter in a brick or concrete wall in an apartment.

Such openings can also be in demand for the inflow or outflow of air in farm buildings or for extracting boiler equipment with a closed combustion chamber. When there are diamond crowns of suitable diameter and a high-power puncher. Excellent, and you ask, what if there is none of this? Without the use of a perforator, one can’t exactly cope in this matter, but just without an expensive diamond crown is possible (since it will be unprofitable to acquire for the sake of once).

So, in order to make a hole of a suitable diameter, you will need, as was indicated before, a perforator, drill (drill) of the required size with a winning tip and a chisel in order to knock out the middle of the hole.

First, we determine the size of the diameter we need and describe the circle in the required area on the wall. To use the pipe, the diameter of which is 12 cm, the hole should be marked a couple of cm larger, in our case 14 cm, since the drill, during the execution of the work, can be slightly moved to the side, for this reason it is advisable to immediately make a small supply.

Further, on the circumference, points should be noted at a distance of 2-3 cm, in those places where it is required to drill a hole with our drill. The more holes you drill, the easier it will be to remove the brick from the wall. On the desired circumference with a diameter of 14 cm, it is advisable to drill up to 20 holes.

First, you need to determine the thickness of the wall and choose the right length drill so that it drills through the wall.

We proceed to drilling holes. We set the “drill-punch” mode on the punch and drill according to the marks of the hole. It is important not to forget about your own safety: if you have to work high from the floor, therefore, the base or support where you are standing must be firmly fixed.

How to Punch a Wall Without a Punch

Given that you need to drill a large number of holes, you should expect a lot of dust. All furniture and other items that are placed in the room must first be covered with a protective film or some other material so that they do not deteriorate from pollution and subsequently simplify the cleaning process. Many people mistakenly apply excessive force to the punch while drilling, this should not be done, for this the drilling-impact mode is also provided. We drill through the wall through to the drill, on the other hand. At the end of drilling we get a circle with holes.

After completing the drilling process, we remove the drill from the punch, it will not be needed in the future. We install a chisel in the puncher and put it into the “jackhammer” mode without the drilling function and alternately knock out the jumpers between the holes. You can also knock out a brick from the center of the circle, beating with a chisel from the center to the circle. In case the chisel is short and does not pierce through the wall, it is possible to work with a puncher on the other side of the wall. This option can be done only not high from the floor, at a height you will need to buy a chisel according to the thickness of the wall. As a result, a hole of the planned diameter will be obtained in our wall.

Unfortunately, this method is difficult to achieve a perfect and accurate hole.

If the wall consists of concrete or monolith, or for several other reasons it is not possible to independently carry out such work, you should contact professionals involved in diamond drilling holes.

  • Perfectly flat hole of the desired diameter;
  • Avoid dust and dirt;
  • Save your own time and energy;
  • Save money (this service will cost less than buying a special crown or two or three high-quality drills)