How to put on a lawn mower belt.

Belt for grass trimmer from China. the characteristics and design of the product, price, video

Working with a trimmer is much more convenient and easier with a special belt. This allows the operator to mow large areas of grass for hours at a time without soreness to the joints and muscles. The two-shoulder belt is designed so that the lawnmower can hold itself with the brackets. without any help from your hands. She’ll only need to set the direction, and she’ll do the rest by herself. On how to properly attach the belt to the trimmer and adjust it to lighten the load, and will be discussed in this material.

Most often, gasoline trimmers are powered by two-stroke internal combustion gasoline engines that require gasoline mixed with mineral or synthetic oil for operation. Two-stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil, so before using it, it is important to carefully study the instructions for your model of benzotrimmer. convenient and quiet models are grass trimmers with four-stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The combustion engine is located at the top of absolutely all gasoline trimmers.

For areas with coarse vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline grass trimmer, whose power will allow you to use it as a lopper, cultivator and even a snowblower. There are two types of drive that rotate the cutting element of the gasoline trimmer. a steel cable and a straight shaft with a gearbox. It is preferable to choose a machine with a straight shaft, since it is more robust than a cord in terms of mechanical strength.

How to start the grass trimmer correctly?

Lay the grass trimmer on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Gently pull out the starter cord until you feel resistance, then pull the cord toward you 3 to 5 times in a sharp motion. If the engine starts after about 5 pulls, open the choke.

  • Install the control handle.
  • Adjust its height and inclination.
  • Fasten the protective cover.
  • Install the cutting attachment (spool with fishing line or knife).
  • Assemble the boom by inserting the parts into each other.

Adjustment: backpack belt / backpack belt / shoulder belt / parachute belt.

Possibly because of translation inaccuracies one can now come across many names for a gardening harness: backpack belt / knapsack belt / shoulder strap / parachute belt. Only a double shoulder strap will do for a lawnmower, hence the association with the rucksack and knapsack which should be properly attached and adjusted to the figure. You can of course hang a single strap harness, belt loop, but I don’t recommend it. except for very low-powered models. The weight and vibration will quickly take their toll.

First of all adjust the height of the twin shoulder belt hook to your own height. You put on a backpack strap and tighten the shoulder straps so that the hook is below your hips by a palm width, and the load is evenly distributed across the straps. If you pull the grass trimmer higher, you will only narrow the grass grip, and the cutting tool will most likely be at an angle to the ground.

Hanging the brushcutter. Moving the hook into the desired hole in the bar balances the gasoline grass trimmer so that the knife is at the selected, depending on the task, height when you release your hands.

On those models of chain saws that are equipped with an attachment loop rather than a bar, it is necessary to carry out the balancing by moving it over the boom.

The aim of this balancing is to distribute the weight of the garden tool over your shoulders with a backpack-type belt, not to support it with your hands all the time. Your hands should only guide the cutting attachment.

Then you need to make adjustments to the two-handed handle of the gasoline grass trimmer. If the cutting attachment is out of balance after doing this, repeat the above steps until the result is achieved.

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It is not always possible to get a perfect balance of the lawnmower on the backpack strap. Sometimes the parallelism of the blade to the ground can only be achieved by personal selection of the length and replacement of the standard grass trimmer shaft. Don’t forget that the center of gravity is also affected by the amount of fuel in the tank. But even a less-than-perfect adjustment of the brushcutter mounting can make the work of the machine much easier.

The position of the lawnmower in relation to the belt

The lawnmower should be properly secured to the belt. The belt is fastened at the back of the handle so that the garden tool is not lifted up when working and so that it is easy to cut the grass. If you fasten the belt too close to the full fuel tank, the petrol grass trimmer will go deeper into the ground and the cutting elements will hit the soil. No cutting attachment is designed to come into contact with the ground. Incorrectly positioned mowers will cause the cutting elements to blunt quickly. To extend the life of the cutting elements, gardeners raise the mower. Back strain very quickly with this kind of work.

The petrol grasshopper must hang loosely from the belt. For proper balance, attach the belt so that the filled fuel tank and the mower’s working organ are balanced. It is also important to find a position for the petrol grass mower in which you do not cover the engine exhaust, or else the engine will overheat in the long run.

Working with a trimmer

Manufacturers do not recommend working in sandals or barefoot, as this can cause injury. Clothing and shoes for working with trimmers should reliably protect your feet from injury.

No special skill is required when operating the trimmer. just hold it correctly by both handles and drive it evenly along the surface.

line for trimmer (usually 1,3-1,6 mm), with which trimmers are fueled. a special. Fishing line for the trimmer is not suitable for this purpose.

Clean the grass trimmer after use. Regularly clean the ventilation slots, the trimmer’s cutting line and spool with a soft brush or dry cloth. Use a blunt scraper to remove dirt from under the guard at regular intervals.

Store the tool in a warm, dry place and protect it from dust and dirt.

Adjust the height of the grass trimmer’s shoulder strap hook by tightening the shoulder straps so that the grass trimmer’s blade which is lowered to the ground is parallel to the ground (perfectly horizontal). When working with the blade of the grass trimmer, adjust the height of the hook (by tightening the shoulder straps) so that the grass trimmer’s saw blade is tilted slightly forward relative to the ground.

Moving the grass trimmer’s hanging ear to the grass trimmer strap forward or backward, balance the grass trimmer so that when you release the handlebar, the grass trimmer blade is near the very surface of the area, but does not rest on the grass. For sawing shrubs and young trees with the brush saw blade, the grass trimmer needs to be balanced so that when you release the handlebar, the machine hangs horizontally on the hook of the ground.

Adjust the shoulder straps of the grass trimmer (harness straps) so that the load is distributed evenly over the shoulders (check by pressing the grass trimmer suspension hook with your hand).

Husqvarna Grass Trimmer Belt Video. About the belt harness design features that make mowing with Husqvarna brushcutter, trimmer, chain saw, brush cutter easier and safer. wide shoulder straps and elastic waist belt, quick release latches (carabiners) in case of fire or any other situation requiring quick release from the grass trimmer. On the versatility of harnesses for men and women.

These Husqvarna grass trimmer backpack belts (Balance 35/55, Balance X, Balance XT) can be used on any trimmer, brushcutter, power brushcutter or brush cutter.

colleagues, who regularly and repeatedly use gasoline trimmers, advise how to pick up the length of the shoulder strap and the position of the handle.

I had an electric one before. It was light and I didn’t get tired. The only problem is, I had to watch the wire all the time, so I wouldn’t accidentally “mow” it. This year, the electric one had a gear stick. Got a simple gasoline-powered Chinaman. (if anyone is interested. patriot 3045). With the J-handle. Started mowing and got tired halfway through the mowing. Both hands. constantly in tension. The right hand is more tired, t.к. and I’ve got to put some pressure on the throttle. If I make the belt shorter, I can’t cut the grass short. It turns out I’m holding the trimmer by the weight in my hands. The belt only helps to avoid jerks (when I accidentally catch the ground and the grass trimmer tries to escape). Spinning.all kinds of. I can’t find the right one to be comfortable. Anyhow, share the trick of how to properly adjust the belt length and handle position.

Nothing can help you anymore. This is a grass trimmer like this. Not ergonomic, designed for short work. I’ve tried five different ones. The bottom row trimmers have the disadvantages you described. I’ve concluded that the most convenient to use is a lawnmower with a straight shaft (inside) and horn handles. That’s where the weight distribution is excellent, and the vibration in the palm of your hand is acceptable, and the mowing area is larger. But such a grass mower also makes my shoulder ache from the belt the next day, and I began to notice that the knee joint in my left leg begins to hurt from the constant rotating motion on that leg. And you have to mow a lot. Either one day from morning to evening, but preferably two half-day sharpening sessions. It’s better for your hair and your health. This year, on Vadim’s advice, I bought a Bosch ARM 34 cart. I’m happy with it.

I am learning how to insert images correctly. There’s just one thing I don’t understand. where is the width of the picture (800 px). All searched in Yandex, and the parameters have not found.

You just have to look for the center of gravity of the grasshopper. I use an Interskol shrub shearer, originally the belt was attached in the wrong place, the weight was to one side, I had to hold it with my hands. Found the center of gravity, moved the belt there, adjusted the length and all. Now the weight is on my shoulder, I just control it with my hands.

What you need to know about the device of the electric trimmer before starting its repair: 2 types of designs

grass trimmers for mowing grass with power from electricity are made from 300 watts to 2 kW in two versions. They differ in the location of the motor:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, performance characteristics. The first types of models relate to the lightweight and are used to handle the difficult terrain of garden paths under bushes, near the beds.

Products with a top-mounted motor allow large areas to be treated and are characterized by high productivity.

Both types of mowers can be run on a 220-volt home power supply. However, high-end products are built with an integrated portable battery. They are most often used on lighter models, as shown in the photo above.

example of a product with top-mounted motor and its layout is shown in the photo of my ECO GT-800L below. The belt attachment lets you hang the mower on your shoulder, and the handle makes it easy to control the cutting head while you mow.

Working body is the mowing head with a fishing line. On the more powerful models, it can be supplemented with a metal or plastic blade. Torque of high rotation for it is created by an electric motor, and it is transmitted by the kinematic circuit located inside the compound rod.

I show in more detail the inner workings of the engine with the top cover removed on my trimmer. It is not equipped with a gearbox. I, by the way, am completely satisfied with this simple execution of it.

lawn, mower, belt

The motor is turned on by a small limit switch with a handy plastic cover placed in the bottom handle.

Features of the electrical circuitry: in brief

The motor is based on a typical collector motor, in which the rotor is driven by the rotating electromagnetic field of the stator windings in the bearings.

The electrical current that does the most work flows through the closed circuit of all windings through the brush-collector mechanism.

The great majority of motors have a thermal relay as protection against overheating of the winding insulation. Consider it as a normal power contact in a closed state when repairing.

If the conductor lacquer gets critically hot it simply opens and interrupts the electric current.

All elements of the wiring diagram are connected by wires and terminals to each other in a series section. A short cable with a plug goes outside to connect to an extension cord.

Grass trimmer in action

So, the preparatory stage is over, it’s time to get to work. Where to start? How to use all opportunities of the tool properly? Of course, you can simply get to work and learn everything by trial and error, or stick to the simple, but correct recommendations and get a great effect after the first mowing. There are nuances everywhere, whether you’re mowing the lawn, sawing bushes with a disc, or mowing the grass for hay. We should start with the simplest one.

How to mow the lawn to get it straight

The lawn implies an open flat area, excluding any major landscape irregularities (pits, hills). Of course, no snags or roots should stick out of the ground. uprooting them should be taken care of in advance. It’s best to plant your lawn with soft grass varieties that lend themselves well to mowing. You will expend much less effort.

  • Experts recommend dividing the entire area into small squares and mow around them, going from one to another in a clockwise direction. That way the grass you cut is always on the left and does not interfere with later operations with the trimmer.
  • If you have to mow “under the root”, the angle of contact with the surface should be at least 30 degrees. With this work technique, the machine is practically in contact with the surface with the cutting blade.
  • There is an opinion that in order to give the lawn a complete look, it should be mowed with a cart-type lawnmower. This is partly true, but even with a manual trimmer it is possible to get good results. To correct deficiencies after the grass trimmer works, it is also recommended to use hand grass shears.
  • The lower the trimmer line is, the flatter the lawn will be. Leaving the grass taller, there is a chance that it will be mowed differently in different places. This is due to the fact that the grass trimmer itself is not fixed on the horizontal plane, which leads to unevenness in the reciprocating motion made during the work.

Mowing in hay

Hay is a necessity for the villager. it is food for animals in winter, fertilizer and a covering material to protect the crop from cold weather. Naturally, this versatility raises the question of preparing hay in advance. Mowing for hay differs from the usual aesthetic cleaning of the perimeter with some peculiarities.

How To Install A Belt On A Riding Lawn Mower Tractor

  • For example, to prevent grass cuttings from being chopped into mulch, it is necessary to mow at the root by lowering the disc mower as much as possible.
  • Mow in slots, in which grass cuttings are to be placed. it will help to avoid clutter and crowding. In addition, it will be easier to clean up when the work is done.
  • Another very important point. mowing large weeds. For example, a mature burdock bush, which not every knife can cut. If you get such a big weed, you have to cut it in a circle and keep working. When the work on the perimeter will be completed, on the site will remain lonely protruding weeds, which are easy to remove by hand, in addition, they are not mixed with the grass.
  • The main thing in mowing for hay is to leave a length of grass without letting it lose its shape. Otherwise the resulting mulch could only be used as a covering material.
  • The mowing width must remain strictly fixed, i.e.к. it is necessary to keep in mind the average size and length of the harvest.

Some experts recommend using a trimmer line when mowing under the hay, but this is not always correct. and the grass root zone is usually tall, and its base is denser and more uniform. Using a fishing line will increase wear on the engine, because it has to work at higher RPM. This of course also has an effect on output. Secondly, a line for a trimmer is just not designed for such loads. By using this material, you not only risk the blade itself, but also the entire mower.

In other words, a home-built accessory is not at all advisable, because a disc for bushes is better suited for the toughest conditions. In addition, tall grass is coarser at the base and will be cut more productively with a blade than with a line designed for soft, silky lawn grass.

lawn, mower, belt

There are additional trimmer attachments for hay mowing, but they are all unofficial modifications. In other words, self-made add-ons, the use of which is highly discouraged, t.к. the behavior of the device in unstudied conditions can be unpredictable. By following simple guidelines, you can get the necessary experience fairly quickly and make hay in large quantities.

Mowing tall grass

High grass is easy to cut. Mowing in two directions at once. First to the left, then to the right (first pass), trimming the top. Then in the opposite direction, but already lowering the rod with the blade to the desired level. In this case, the grass that has been cut stays on the left side, which is very convenient for the subsequent collection. There are times when weeds have grown too large and abundant. If this is the case, you may need to make some movements to the right or left, but remember to follow the correct pattern.

With several movements, the line for the trimmer is consumed much faster, but in some cases it may be necessary to get to the base of thickets, which can not be cut through at once. If necessary, the trimmer line can be interchanged with a knife. If difficulties arise and the performance of the device decreases, it will be enough to simply replace the consumable and get back to work.

It is not a good idea to try to mow tall grass immediately under the base. this can lead to difficulties. For example, a long stalk can become wrapped up in the trimmer line, leading to a long, unplanned standstill.

Important: when working with a blade, the speed of work can be somewhat slowed down, because its area is smaller than the scope of the fishing line.

Safety rules

Among the safest and most popular trimmers are products of German manufacturers (including Denzel), because they pay special attention to quality and reliability. However, despite the brand and model, there are a number of rules that when using a grass trimmer you need to clearly know and follow.

  • Read the instruction manual before using.
  • Do not work with the trimmer when you are tired, sick, or intoxicated.
  • Do not use in explosion and fire hazardous areas.
  • Do not mow during thunderstorms and rain, or after rain when the grass is wet.
  • Use only during daylight hours, in good lighting conditions.
  • Use only the type of fuel and lubricant that is suitable for a particular model of grass trimmer.
  • Do not repair the tool yourself.
  • Do not touch the rotating or heated elements during operation.
  • Do not smoke or make fire while mowing, etc.д.

Important! When using a trimmer for grass, there are other harmful factors for health: increased noise level, vibration, exhaust fumes, high temperature of some parts, flying branches, etc. To minimize the risks, you need to use protective clothing, goggles, and headphones.

If you have questions about adjustment of the harness on a particular model of brushcutter, you may try to find the answers in the instruction manual supplied with the product or watch a video on the internet, which shows visually and clearly how to adjust and adjust the belt along with the brushcutter.

Sturm 1500 Watt Benzotrimmer, disc, cutter BT8952D

Gasoline trimmer Sturm BT8952D. has a reliable 2-stroke internal combustion engine with air cooling. 51.7 cc working, power output. 1500 watts. Easy to operate and maintain, the most powerful trimmer in the Sturm range! household level gardening tools. Can be used in municipal or forestry applications. Real “combine” to mow any kind of grass, weeds, even undergrowth. Fitted automatic spool with a fishing line (line diameter of 2.4 mm), a 3-blade blade or 40-toothed mill with hardfacing inserts. Thanks to its reliable and durable gearbox, the grass trimmer can work without overheating. A manual fuel pump (primer) is used to make starting the cool motor easier. The flat, non-disassembled boom increases reliability and tool life (no connectors subject to wear and tear). Rigid drive shaft makes it possible to use a blade or burr in the work. line trimmer designed to work with soft low grass, knives can mow tough grass and weeds, the use of 40-toothed cutter makes it possible to thin shrubs, remove unnecessary young shoots, branches, twigs and trees with a cross section of 50 mm.

To protect the user against small objects flying out from under the cutting part of the Sturm lawnmower! BT8952D armed with a sturdy shroud. The line is fed by pushing the mowing head on the ground; any surplus is cut with a special knife on the hood.

lawn, mower, belt

Reel fishing line ( Ø 2.5 mm ). Metal. blade ( three blades ). 40 teeth carbide-tipped saw blade. Plastic gearbox cover.Wrench set for machine assembly. Two support handles. Consistency bottle (600 ml): combustible oil. Shoulder strap (with plastic hip cover). Engine (two-stroke). Boom (boom height. 165 cm)