How to put on a two-shoulder lawnmower belt correctly

two-shoulder, lawnmower, belt, correctly

Grass trimmer belt from China. product characteristics and design, price, video

Working with a trimmer is much more comfortable and easier with a special belt. It allows the operator to mow large areas of grass for hours on end without joint and muscle pain. The two-shoulder belt is designed so that the lawnmower is held in place by its own clamps. without the aid of your hands. It will only need to set the direction, and it will do the rest by itself. About how to properly attach the belt to the trimmer and adjust it to yourself to lighten the load, and we will talk in this material.

Most gasoline-powered ride-on mowers are powered by two-stroke petrol internal combustion engines that require petrol mixed with mineral or synthetic oil. Two-stroke engines need the correct ratio of gasoline and oil, so before using it, it is important to carefully study the instructions for your model of gasoline trimmer. convenient and quiet models are grass trimmers with four-stroke engines, in which gasoline and oil are poured into separate containers, mixing inside the unit.

The internal combustion engine is located on top of absolutely all gasoline trimmers.

For areas with coarse vegetation, you need to choose a powerful gasoline trimmer for the grass, whose power will allow it to be used as a lopper, cultivator and even a snowplow. There are two types of drive that rotate the cutting element of a petrol trimmer. a steel cable and a straight shaft with a gearbox. It is desirable to choose a unit with a straight shaft, as it is more reliable than a cable in terms of mechanical strength.

Lawn mower Lynx BTR-52

lawnmower Lynx BTR-52 is a gasoline grass trimmer by Nikkey. This company. the official manufacturer of equipment for the garden and dacha. These devices are assembled in Belarus, and the production itself and the manufacturer’s office are located in the Scottish city of Edinburgh. The described model is very popular and competes with the leading European brands.

the lawnmower is very versatile, it is equipped with two cutting elements. a line and a blade; if necessary one cutting element can be replaced with the other.

Mower BTR-52 is designed to work on plots up to 700 square meters.м.

To avoid overheating of the engine, it is recommended to observe the following mode of operation. equal intervals with the engine on and off.

So the engine will not wear out quickly. Engine on the string trimmer BTR-52. two-stroke, single-cylinder, capacity of 3.1 horses or 2300 W.

Advantages of the Bobcat mower BTR-52

  • functionality;
  • fast start-up;
  • The ability to choose the type of cutting element and replace as needed;
  • low weight;
  • mobility (no need for extension cords or constant battery charging);
  • It is easy to find a spare part for the trimmer.

How to start the grass trimmer correctly?

Lay the grass trimmer on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Pull the starter cord smoothly until you feel resistance, then pull the cord sharply toward you 3 to 5 times. If the engine starts after 5 pulls, open the choke.

  • Install control handle.
  • Adjust its height and inclination.
  • Reattach the blade guard.
  • Install the cutting attachment (line reel or knife).
  • Reassemble the shaft by pushing the pieces together.

How to mow grass properly with a petrol trimmer?

Trimmer line or blade? A fishing line is definitely better for trimmers if you want to get rid of bushes If you are sure that the blade will not bump into something in the grass, you can mow safely with a disc. [ Diameter ] Base lines come in different diameters, the diameter of the line depends on the engine power of the grass trimmer or brushcutter.

Backpack strap for grass trimmer. purpose

Many trimmer models come with a standard slash belt. However, the best way to work is to buy a backpack belt, which is specially designed for brushcutters. Thanks to its ingenious design, it distributes the weight evenly over the entire body. Padded shoulder pads reduce heaviness and relieve pain in the forearms. A stiff backrest diffuses the load between the upper and lower back, eliminating the lower back. Shock-resistant thigh guard prevents the brushcutter from coming into contact with your leg and prevents it from rubbing or sending vibrations. In addition, the belt provides:

  • comfortable transport of the Grass Trimmer;
  • Operating comfort due to the ergonomic position of the grasshopper in relation to the body;
  • Safe handling. the shoulder strap prevents the brushcutter from slipping out of your hands when hard objects hit the blade.

Belt Tuning

To be able to work in comfort, you need to know how to put on the backpack strap correctly. This process requires a certain amount of skill, but then, after adjusting the backpack for the first time, it will be much faster and easier to put on.

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Height adjustment of the grass trimmer by repositioning the lug

After fixing under yourself the necessary height, you need to balance the grass trimmer. To do this, the lug on which the device is suspended from the strap is repositioned forward or backward. As a result, you need to attach the belt to the trimmer so that when you release the handlebar, the blade or saw blade does not lie on the ground, but hangs over it without touching the surface. At what distance it will be, depends on the objectives.

Tip! A distance of 20-30 cm above the ground is suitable for cutting high grass, and 5-10 cm for lawns.


For manicures, this device is indispensable. It removes protruding skin so that the nail looks neat and well-groomed. Before the procedure, it is recommended to first steam the skin in hot water with a soapy solution, and then disinfect it. You can then proceed very carefully to remove the cuticle, but not at the base itself, but a little further away from it, so that the skin acts as a natural barrier, protecting against germs. After treatment you should generously smear the treated areas with fat cream.

The position of the lawnmower in relation to the belt

The mower should be correctly fastened to the belt. The strap is fastened behind the handle to prevent the lawnmower tool from climbing up when working and to make mowing comfortable. If the belt is too close to a full fuel tank, the petrol lawnmower will sink deeper into the ground and the cutting elements will hit the soil. None of the cutting elements are designed to come into contact with the ground. Incorrectly positioned mowers blunt the cutting elements quickly. Gardeners lift the lawnmower to extend the life of the cutting elements. This kind of work quickly tires the back.

The petrol grass mower should hang loosely from the belt. To get the balance right, adjust the belt to balance the full fuel tank and the mower’s cutting attachment. It is also important to find a position for the gasoline grass mower in which you will not cover the engine exhaust port when working, or else the engine will overheat during long-term operation.

Balancing the handles

You need to find the right handle position for easy operation of the chain saw. For ease of adjustment, it is desirable to find a model with separate adjustment of handles. With these models, the handle is mounted on four screws. You can adjust the handle rotation angle by removing the top screws. By removing the bottom screws, you can adjust the handle to your height.

Some models of chain saws are equipped with twin handles, which do not adjust the angle of rotation. So that when you work with such mowers the handles do not rest against your legs, they must be lowered on the working shaft. With the handles lowered, you have to bend over or lift the mower, so your back or arms get tired when you’re working for long periods of time.

The right belt for a grass trimmer

There are grass trimmers that do not require additional devices. for example, lightweight battery-powered electric trimmers. Even a child can carry them, and they lie firmly in your hand without tearing out. But in most cases grass trimmers weigh 6 to 9 kg, and you’ll need a belt to help you carry them from place to place.

What else is a trimmer belt for??

1) To transport the grass trimmer. Transporting a grass trimmer to the cottage when you don’t have a car is tricky. If the equipment doesn’t have a belt, you should at least sew a pouch with a shoulder strap. How to properly put on a grass trimmer belt video. How to correctly put on a grass trimmer belt. How to put it on properly. How to Properly. This will lighten the load when transporting the grass trimmer.

2) For comfortable mowing. If your hands get tired, you don’t want to mow weeds or overgrown lawns. And if you do want to, trembling with sluggishness is a dangerous option.

3) For an ergonomic positioning of the grass trimmer in relation to your body. Properly fastened and adjusted to the length of the belt protects against lumbar injuries and overstrain of the back muscles.

4) For safety. The grass trimmer is much safer if it is less likely to slip out of your hands if branches and tough vegetation hit the cutting head. When this happens, the grass trimmer, whether it is a gasoline or electric mower, makes a sharp jerk, and the grass trimmer is literally “torn” out of his hands.

It is for these reasons that many garden trimmer models are equipped with straps. They are threaded through the shaft of the grass trimmer and attached over the operator’s shoulder. The belt helps balance the total weight of the grass trimmer and the operator, and you won’t have to compensate for the balance by extending your arms or putting one leg back.

How to put the brushcutter on properly

REDVERG 5014460 shoulder strap to hang grass trimmer. With Thigh Guard. I bought a Champion grass trimmer belt.

How to put on the belt, how to balance the trimmer.

two-shoulder, lawnmower, belt, correctly

1) Find the place where the belt attaches to the shaft of the grass trimmer. How to Properly Put on a Grass Trimmer Belt. How to properly. On many models designed for amateur gardeners, the hook, screw, or slot is located next to the ignition knob or toggle switch.

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2) Squeeze the belt clip and hook it into the lug on the handle of the grass trimmer. Find the second hole for the belt and do the same.

3) Slide the grass trimmer with the belt over your back so that the top of the belt is over your left shoulder (over your right shoulder for left-handed people).

4) Adjust the strap length so that the lever, which is responsible for mowing power and continuous mowing, is at a comfortable height with your arm slightly bent at the elbow. In terms of width, make sure that there is at least 10-15 cm from your body to the grass trimmer.

5) Put your right hand on the lever and your left hand on the top panel. Wiggle the head of the grass trimmer, feel where the grass trimmer’s center of gravity is. If your weight is still unbalanced and you have to bend over or use a lot of force to hold the machine, try pulling the strap up or down 1-2 cm. After you have figured out the belt finally, you will feel which position with the trimmer is the most comfortable

6) Stop trimming if you feel pain in your lower back and arms. Re-adjust the strap.

What should be the belt for a grass trimmer??

It’s no secret that the grass trimmer belts are often just a sling with two carabiners, not adapted to the convenience and comfort of the operator. Review on lawn mower shoulder strap bought for Champion grass trimmer how to properly put on. Therefore, the belt can be purchased in specialized stores of garden equipment, purchased online, or simply ordered at the nearest studio, which works with leather products.

The best grass trimmer for the leather belt: it does not crawl and fix the equipment rather firmly, and the leather is pleasant to the touch.

In the shoulder area, you can make a special quilted overlay, which will make the load on the shoulder less noticeable and reduce friction.

Remember that correctly picked up belt for trimmer grass will significantly increase the comfort and speed of work with this garden equipment. And that means that your health, your mood, and your lawn will be just fine.

Electronic grass trimmer with bottom-mounted motor (STIGA)

Try to avoid mowing with this type of trimmer in wet weather, after rain or dew fall. The reason is that the electric motor cools down through the slots in the plastic housing, through which moisture can get in.

two-shoulder, lawnmower, belt, correctly

Do not run this trimmer more than 10 minutes. it can cause overheating of the motor. Take a break when working.

There are trimmers for grass not only with the lower, but with the top location of the engine. Electronic grass trimmers with the top location of the motor is equipped with more massive motors, some models can use as a cutting tool for iron blade (knife) or plastic blades.

How to put on a brushcutter correctly

REDVERG 5014460 shoulder strap for hanging grass trimmer. With hip protection. Bought for the Champion grass trimmer

Little video on mowing with a gasoline trimmer / strimmer by example: how to put on a belt, how to balance the STIGA.

Top-mounted electric grass trimmer (STIGA)

With such a grass trimmer you can successfully fight weeds and mow everything, up to the quinoa, burdocks and bushes. Fishing line output is semi-automatic or manual, line diameter is from 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

The undoubted advantage of this category of trimmers is that now you can safely mow and wet grass, without fear of moisture on the electric motor. However, they should never be mowed when it is raining!

Cordless grass trimmers also make little noise, they are easy to start and stop, you can move freely on the lawn with them, but the disadvantages. low cutting ability, high weight (up to 4.5 kg) and short operating time without recharging. from 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, they have not yet found widespread use.

Gasoline grass trimmers are widely used because of their autonomy, high power and productivity. These are the devices most often used by professionals in their work.

When using a petrol trimmer you don’t have to worry about power outlets and power quality, fear of accidentally cutting an extension cord or damaging landings.

According to the layout, lawnmowers (however, this is partly true for electric trimmers as well) differ from each other:

  • capacity and engine type (two- or four-stroke);
  • the form of the boom (straight or angular, one-piece or split);
  • Shape of control handles (D, J or T-shaped);
  • cutting tools (trimmer head, disc blade).

grass mowers with a four-stroke engine are advantageous in that gasoline and oil are poured into the engine, as in a car. separately. it is not required the preliminary preparation of the two-stroke fuel mixture of gasoline and oil.

The belt for the grass trimmer with their own hands

Working with a trimmer is much more convenient and easier with a special belt. It enables the user to mow large areas of grass for hours on end without joint and muscle pain. The two-shoulder belt is designed so that the lawnmower can hold itself with the clamps by itself. without any help from your hands. You only need to point it in the right direction. it does the rest all by itself. About how to attach the belt to the trimmer correctly and adjust it to lighten the load, and will be discussed in this material.

Shoulder strap adjustments

You need to adjust the shoulder straps so that the weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders and back. To do this, simply tighten or relax the straps. they should not dig into the body or dangle. To understand how the weight will be dispersed, you can press with your own hands on the hook to hang the grass mower.

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Electric trimmers (electric scythes) have power measured in watts (watts) and the maximum motor power reaches 1200 watts. They are somewhat weaker than petrol-powered mowers, but they have their advantages.

  • Weight, t.к. Electric grass trimmers are much lighter.
  • Easy-to-use. you don’t have to worry about buying gasoline and oil or mixing them.
  • Electric grass trimmers are considerably quieter, t.е. The noise emitted by the electric motor is much lower than that of the gasoline engine.

And now about the disadvantages

Bottom-mounted grass trimmers have very little power. Under 650W. They are also never equipped with a knife (!).

There are considerably more trimmers with a top-mounted engine. They are much more powerful. up to 1200 watts

Most often, on electric grass trimmers as a cutting attachment is put a line for the trimmer, but there are models on which you can put a cutting disc, or in another way. a cutting knife. As a rule, it is a powerful (from 1000 watts) models. Power grass trimmer with the top of the engine allows you to install a thicker line for the trimmer, which allows you to mow thick tall grass. An example is: STURM!, Energomash, Champion

Overheat protection

Very rare in electric trimmers. The bottom line is that if the engine overheats, a special thermal switch will prevent the engine from burning and shut down the lawnmower. Of course, unlike with petrol mowers, an electric mower needs a lot of maintenance, because the.е. after 15-20 minutes of work turn it off and let it cool down for about 15 minutes. Overheat protection is available in EFCO 8060 and 8100.

Choose the revs correctly

What speed should be set for even mowing of the lawn?? When it is better to increase or decrease the RPM? How long you can keep the high rpm? It’s worth mentioning that all these questions are relevant only to petrol grass trimmers. etheric trimmer for grass has no way to select the frequency of the engine, it almost comes out to its maximum capacity and works on it while both power buttons are pressed.

If the device itself allows you to regulate the engine speed during operation, the following is optimal:

  • Minimum RPM for working in grass on level ground;
  • medium RPM when using the disc for tall grass and not thick bushes;
  • increased (maximum) rotation speed for cutting down bushes.

Important: no matter what speed is used, it is important to give the engine a rest, especially if a non-standard load is involved.

Gasoline-powered unit

In the case of a gasoline trimmer, check the gearbox for lubrication. Also do not forget to add lubricant to the fuel tank, if the instruction manual says so. Gasoline and oil are usually mixed in a 45:1 ratio, but the ratio varies depending on the model and manufacturer. The fuel tank should be filled to the neck. If all the technical fluids are filled in, you can try to start the appliance. That’s just do not mow immediately, it would be better to give trimmer to work without load, that the engine prirabotilsya to the primed fuel. A few minutes is enough before you put the brushcutter into full load.

Sturm 1500 Watt Benzotrimmer, disc, mill BT8952D

The Sturm BT8952D gasoline trimmer has a reliable air-cooled 2-cycle internal combustion engine. 51.7 ccal engine, power output. 1500 W. Easy to operate and maintain, the most powerful Sturm gasoline trimmer on the market! home garden tool. Can be used in municipal services or forestry. The real “harvester” for any kind of grass, weeds, even undergrowth. Set automatic spool with a fishing line (cross line of 2.4 mm), 3-blade knife or 40-toothed mill with hard-alloy attachments. Thanks to the reliable iron gear, the grass trimmer can work without overheating. To facilitate starting a cool motor uses a manual fuel pump (primer). Flat non-disassembled boom increases the reliability and life of the tool (no connectors subject to wear and tear). Rigid drive shaft allows a blade or burr to be used. line trimmer is designed to work with soft low grass, the blade allows you to cut through tough grass and weeds, the use of 40-toothed cutter makes it possible to thin bushes, remove unnecessary young shoots, branches, twigs and trees with a diameter of 50 mm.

To protect the user from small objects flying out from under the cutting deck of the Sturm lawnmower! BT8952D is equipped with a sturdy blade guard. Pressing the mowing head against the ground feeds the line, and the excess is cut with a special blade on the hood.

Reel line ( Ø 2.5 mm ). Metal. blade ( three blades ). 40-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade. Plastic guard on gearbox.A set of wrenches to assemble the machine. Two support handles. Vial for consistency (600 ml): flammable oil. Shoulder strap (with plastic hip pad). Engine (two-stroke). Boom (boom height. 165 cm)