How to Raise Gasoline With Oil For Trimmer

Specifications for the trimmer contain links to recommended fuel and lubricants. At the same time, the octane number of the gasoline brand is specified specific, but in the part of the oils there is a lengthy explanation about the need to use a product of a particular manufacturer. For persuasiveness, it is indicated that only when these recommendations are followed, the company extends the warranty. What is it: a marketing move or oils from other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? The answer is in this article.

Why mix trimmer oil with gasoline

The two-stroke engine has a simple and, at the same time, extremely efficient design:

  • the piston makes a working stroke every second cycle;
  • cylinder lubrication is made with oil dissolved in gasoline;
  • removal of combustion products occurs due to compression, without a special mechanism.

All this led to the creation of a family of small engines that have successfully adapted to domestic and professional equipment:

  • trimmers;
  • chainsaws;
  • motorcycles;
  • various tilleries.

Due to the design features, it was possible to achieve the desired fuel consumption only on small engines with power in the range of 15-20 hp. This indicator looks especially good in the range of 1. 5 hp. Here fully low weight and engine dimensions correspond to gas mileage.

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How to Raise Gasoline With Oil For Trimmer

With increasing size, the area of ​​the inlet and outlet channels increases. The process of gas removal and fuel supply is deteriorating sharply. In this regard, the transition to a more efficient gasoline mixture burning system was required, which would include the presence of forced engine maintenance systems. Four-stroke models thereby seized the palm among the power units of high power. Their combination into multi-cylinder structures allowed the creation of special systems related to the formation of the composition of the fuel mixture, lubrication and other things, which favorably affected the consumption of gasoline.

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The lubrication of the rubbing elements of the piston and cylinder of a two-stroke engine occurs with oil, which is in a certain proportion in the composition of the fuel. Gasoline burns, and oil settles on the surface of the cylinder, reducing the friction of the rubbing parts. Lack of lubrication leads to damage to the cylinder, up to jamming. In the case of an excess, under the influence of high temperatures, a thermally modified product is deposited in the annular grooves. Compression drops, and with it the power.

How to mix oil with gasoline

Engine oil is used to supplement trimmer gasoline. Mixing is carried out in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have a different volume ratio: from 1 to 50 to 1 to 20. In the technical specifications there is a link to this. Care should be taken with a small proportion of the oils. A small inaccuracy leads to oil starvation of the engine, reduces its resource.

There are products in which a proportion of 1 to 20-40 is indicated. It is better to refuse the use of such a lubricant. A wide range of the mixture indicates the low quality of the product. The occurrence of piston rings, with the constant use of such grades, is almost guaranteed.

Motor oils, type M-8, are added in a proportion of 1-20. In high-speed engines, their use is undesirable. The cycle between the supply of the mixture is so small that it will cause an excess of lubricant in the cylinder. Trimmers have low revolutions, therefore they allow the use of low-grade grease. Due to the initially low resource, you can not worry about the coking rings. First, complete wear and tear of the equipment will occur.

The principle is not the use of recommended oil or from other manufacturers. The main thing is to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil in accordance with the proportions in accordance with the characteristics of the product. The refusal of service workshops to guarantee only on the basis of using a different brand of grease, but with acceptable parameters, is illegal.