How to recharge a line in a grass trimmer

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How to recharge a fishing line in a grass trimmer correctly

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Some grass trimmers do not have instructions on how to recharge the line in the drum. To look at the factory filling, after buying a trimmer for grass, not everyone guesses. And now the fishing line has run out, but it is not clear how to refill a new one.

I had to put lines into the drum of an electric trimmer by trial and error, but I didn’t know what to do. Perhaps my method is not the best and not quite right, but it works.

I buy a line for grass trimmer with a diameter of 2-3 mm. On a flat lawn I spread it all out (12-18 m) and fold it in half.

Disassembling grass trimmer drum (left-hand thread).

the loop of line folded in half is inserted in the reel. The coil is divided into two halves. The noose is inserted into the slit of the middle, separating cheek of the spool.

Now it remains to wind the line (by the arrow on the spool, against the rotation of the drum)

And assemble the reel, slipping the ends of the line out.

The release of the fishing line to replace the worn-out one during the grass trimmer is in semi-automatic mode. To do this, without turning off the grass trimmer, lightly hit the drum on any hard surface.

If the line is not coming out of the reel, it may be caught between the coils on the reel or wound the wrong way round.

on this topic:

The instructions for trimmers often do not specify how to properly tuck the line into the grass trimmer. Therefore, users often have questions.

Buy fishing line for grass trimmer

Lawn grass trimmers can be equipped with different cutting attachments: fishing line or knives. A fishing line is good for cutting grass and thin branches. But this cutting attachment periodically needs a line change in the trimmer. Each grass trimmer model has a certain line size (from 1.2 to 4 mm). You can buy a fishing line for grass trimmer in specialized stores and service centers, and branded lines for different models are also available.

  • A round line is a standard line for cutting regular grass.
  • Figured line. suitable for soft, regularly cut grass. Wears out quickly.
  • A coiled or notched line is also good for thin grass.
  • Professional complicated lines may not fit all trimmer models.

So before you replace the fishing line on your trimmer, first familiarize yourself with the features of your tool, read the instruction manual and buy the right type of line for your model.

How to change fishing line on your trimmer

recharge, line, grass, trimmer

Trimmer heads may have different line feed systems:

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How to thread lines into your weed trimmer depends on what kind of reel you have.

In the case of a manual line feed, changing the line and winding the line on the grass trimmer spool is as follows:

  • Remove the head.
  • Pull out and remove the spool.
  • Remove the bobbin from the spool.
  • Clean and wipe off the spool and bobbin.
  • Unwind line (not all of it on the bobbin). Fold it in half.
  • Insert the line into one of the two slots in the inner guide of the spool.
  • Wind the line clockwise around the bobbin in even layers, leaving 15 cm of line loose. Fix the ends of the line in the grooves located in the outer guides of the bobbin.
  • Fit the spool and let the line ends hang out of the holes in the spool.

Semi-automatic feeding is optimal. Then there is no need to disassemble the spool, winding the fishing line on the grass trimmer spool is done as follows: the line is threaded through the ears of the spool and wound. The main thing. to observe the direction, it is usually marked with an arrow on the coil itself.

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You do not know where to buy a trimmer for the grass? Here everything is simple enough, but first decide what kind of trimmer for grass you need and whether the selected model is suitable for your needs and wishes.

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Finally found instructions on how to thread a line into a STIHL SF80 grass trimmer. That’s the one I’ve been working with for several years with varying success. I can’t seem to get a handle on the spool or the line. And time goes on, there is a lot of work, the sun is hot, the mosquitoes are biting.

And here are the instructions from the manufacturers of these tools.

I will first show how the manufacturers themselves see it, and then comment on it in light of my experience.

So that’s it. Step by step instructions. There were many steps, I have chosen only the key ones.

Taking the grass trimmer head and opening. Very simple, isn’t it??

NOT LIKE THIS! With your grasshopper assembled, you can’t just take the head in your hands like this. Also, in normal working condition, this head looks down, not like this. up. This is. AT.

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Let’s wind the line on the spool with one end caught in the groove. in the direction of the arrow and fix it in another groove on the side of the spool.

Here everything is simple and understandable. Everything is normally fixed and more or less firmly held. With a new reel with unbroken grooves this process should be the most comfortable.

Insert the spool into the head and thread the fishing line through the special holes on the head.

Here you can not see very clearly, but in reality the line should fit very tightly into these holes and be fixed in them.

In practice this is not the case. Perhaps these holes get wider over time. Maybe the diameter of the line is not up to standard. I bought the line at a specialty store and called the diameter I read on the used reel. I was given the fishing line, assured that it matched the diameter and was even stronger than the one before it. It seemed to me that the new one was thinner, although the number on the reel assured me otherwise. When I tried to install the new line, however, it turned out that my eyesight had not failed me. As for the strength, I did not see any particular increase.

Conclusion: do not trust the numbers! (And sellers) It is better to take a piece of the old line to the store to compare it with the one they are trying to sell you

Covering the head with the cap. Hands relaxed, a big smile on your face. You can’t see it here, but it’s there.

You know how it really works? The line is constantly trying to come out of the side holes with any careless movement, and in the blink of an eye it will unwind. Don’t forget that you have to hold the mower assembled, which means the head will be turned down. And the reel will never want to be held in the head and will also fall out, provoking the line to uncoil instantly.

When you do all this in the field, the grass trimmer head ends up covered in wet patches of grass clippings, which adds to the discomfort of holding it. You start to regret that you only have two hands and 10 smooth fingers!

Sharing my bitter experience! Exclusively for Image of Life readers !

After you’ve wound the line on the reel, turn the grass trimmer upside down. Don’t worry, I tried it, it’s fine! This is a. Germany!

Carefully insert the spool into the head, gently tuck the line into the side holes, and almost without breathing put the lid in place. The reel even in this condition for some reason jumps out of its working position upwards. So do everything very carefully. When closing the cover, hold the ends of the fishing line so they do not escape inside the head.

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If these ends are not very long, we bend the line to make an angle. This angle holds for a while, not letting the line go deep.

Turn the grass trimmer into its working position. Well, then. as usual. Lever on the handle to the screw position. A couple of sharp jerks to start the engine, and. Mow the grass mower while the dew is still there !

Here are such technical subtleties. I hope this was a helpful piece of information for you. Share your experience by leaving a comment at the bottom of the article.

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If your grass trimmer has the same design of trimmer head as in my example, you should try to secure the ends of the line to the side holes. These ends also have to be long enough: about 20 or 30 centimeters. When you close the lid, they go in a little bit. I also bend the line near the holes to make an angle. You should try to wind up the mower before the line has gone inside. Then it is pushed out by a mechanism. And in general, it may be something with the cover already. The line goes in if the spool starts to unwind without being fixed in the grooves of the head. The condition of the whole machine should be checked carefully. Good luck!

in the photo Step 2 the line is not wound correctly so it will not unwind due to the centrifugal force. Only one end of the line will unwind! The correct way is to fold the line in half and wind each end of the line into each groove of the spool in one direction, the direction in which the complete spool rotates during operation. To do this, in the rib between the grooves of the spool there is a groove where the loop of double-folded line is hooked!

Thank you, Alexander, for the addition. That’s just not clear why the spool in each of the grooves has a small hole, which is supposed to tuck the end of the line It turns out that they are not needed at all. What are they made for?? And no, it doesn’t. This reel, my particular brand of grass trimmer, it won’t work like that. From the bottom groove there will be no line exit to the edge of the spool in this case there is no other groove in the rib between the grooves.