How to Redo Angle Grinder for Stroborez

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Stroborez used to make recesses in the walls of durable material. For example, you need to hide water pipes and sewers or electrical cables. Of course, it’s easier and more understandable when you hammer the wall with a chisel and a hammer. In this case, the process is slow, but a lot of effort is spent. To facilitate the work, they came up with a special angle grinder on which discs for concrete are installed. In this case, the depth of entry of the disk into the wall is regulated. To simplify the task even more, not one, but two discs are attached to the chaser, and the distance between them can also be adjusted. As a result, the device makes two parallel grooves with a fixed depth in a wall, ceiling, or floor in one pass. After the passage, it remains to punch the jumper between the two lines with a punch. The price of a chipper is quite high and this is understandable. Quite serious requirements for the protection of the worker because when the disc ruptures, the pieces scatter like a staple into the First World War. Pieces of the disk can seriously cripple and even kill. That is why it is better to buy new reliable things from well-known manufacturers. Of course, many chippers need from time to time and the purchase of a device costing 1000 is a big hole in the budget. However, in appearance, the chipper is very similar to a conventional angle grinder. There are no special nozzles for the angle grinder for wall chipping. Everything is safe, but you can try to come up with something yourself.

How to Redo Angle Grinder for Stroborez

Angle grinders come in all kinds, shapes and sizes. Typically, disks are taken for cutting concrete at 230 mm and with a power of an angle grinder of more than 2 kW, but this tool is quite massive on the farm, so my angle grinder with a circle of 125 mm and a power of 1.5 kW.

The essence of the chamfer is simple. You need to install two concrete disks in one protective case. The distance between the discs can be changed using additional washers. The depth of entry of both discs in the material should be fixed. The cover should reliably protect from fragments of stones and steel. When working with a chamfer, there are times when the disc itself breaks and shrapnel scatters on all sides. The steel casing prevents fragments from flying outside the casing.

The casing presented here is a standard casing from an angle grinder mounted on a hinge. The hinge allows you to adjust the cutting depth. The width of the casing prevented the installation of two discs. Yes it is not necessary. The fact is that the power of an angle grinder may not be enough for cutting two disks, but one will be enough in excess.

Strobing nozzle base. A ski that carries all the weight and glides over the surface. The ski is made from a piece of steel using an angle grinder.

The ski has a size of 45 by 170 mm. A strip of steel is cut in the middle of the ski. Fixing tongue fastening.

The tongue has dimensions of 15 by 140 mm. In the tongue, holes are made at the required distances to fix the casing. A small ski lift is provided at the attachment point of the casing. Lifting is needed to facilitate the sliding of the ski on an uneven surface. Where you need to attach the casing, two ears are welded to which the casing is attached at two points. Two support points makes it possible to rotate the casing relative to the ski.

The calculation of the installation means that during assembly everything will fall into place and it will be possible to install the disk. After the final fitting, it is possible to close part of the casing with steel plate.

To install, first install the support washer. A cutting disc rests on a support washer. The washer has a rubber ring to seal the disc seat. If you try and modify the angle grinder for installing two disks, you will need to grind an extension cord with a fit for such a washer. This increases the load on the engine and bearing. The bearing may not be able to withstand the extension with the second disc for a long time.

The casing itself is worn over the support washer. The clearance should allow you to put on the disk.

The disk is fastened with a nut. The resulting cover allows you to hold the disc at the desired depth and slide on the surface. When cutting, all sparks and stones will fly at you. The case does not hold back almost nothing.

When cutting wood or concrete, a situation is possible in which the disk is jammed in the material. At the same time, the angle grinder abruptly goes behind the disc and beats hands. Therefore, it is advisable to take a tool with a kickback lock function.

On top of the made cover you need to make an additional casing of steel. In the sidewall of the casing, you need to make a cutout for entering the casing.

The casing protects against flying stones. Its main purpose. Security.

On the opposite side from the angle grinder to the casing is welded pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. As planned, the vacuum cleaner pumps out all the dust from under the disk.

When putting on the casing, there is a gap between the two casing. You can do it without a gap, but it happened.

The cover can also be made from a salad box. Protection against stones with such a casing will be less, but the weight will decrease.