How to redo the gearbox lever to a mini -tractor. Which mini -tractor is better to buy

VOM (power selection shaft) with your own hands

The front beam for a mini-tractor is most often made from the hub and brake discs.

The work of this beam should be agreed with the action:

But more often, instead of independently assembled beams, special bridges from VAZ cars are used.

The advantages of such a solution are:

  • almost inexhaustible opportunities to adjust the details;
  • A wide range of available models (you can put any Zhigulevsky rear bridge);
  • the choice of the type of chassis is entirely at the discretion of the farmer;
  • simplification of the subsequent acquisition of spare parts;
  • reduction in costs compared to manufacture from scratch;
  • obtaining a reliable and stable car even in difficult conditions.

Important! In any case, drawings should be compiled. Only with the scheme, it will be possible to determine the necessary dimensions of the parts and their geometry, choose the correct methods of consolidation.

As the practice made without drawing up drawings shows: mini-tractors:

Each change affecting the chassis is necessarily reflected in the diagram. The need to shorten the bridge usually occurs when the parameters of the frame change. This solution can significantly increase the consumer characteristics of the vehicle. Which is important, the energy is additionally saved. They also note that shortening of the standard bridge allows you to improve patency, and the shorter the bridge, the less the radius necessary for the turn becomes.

According to a similar scheme, you can make a bridge, even a presenter, to any mini-tractor. But if you use the beam, you can refuse to install the gearbox. As a result, the design will be simplified and reduced. After all, the Zhigulevskaya beam is already by default contains the necessary gearbox node. Cross beams for miniature tractors are made using steel corners or segments of square pipes. When creating a leading bridge, it must be remembered that it is they who are connected by the motor and spark of the wheels, and the force generated by the engine is transmitted to them. So that this ligament works normally, an intermediate cardan block is provided. They depend on the quality of manufacture of the leading bridge:

This design consists of a number of parts. And the mounting of the parts with bolts, and a strong transverse beam. only a few of them. Bushings of the main and rotary axes, wheeled semi.shafts, balls of ball and roller type are also used. Corners and pieces of pipes will serve as the basis for the beam. And to make bushings, any part from structural steels is suitable.

Supporting bushings, however, are already made from profiled pipes. Slips of this profile are finalized with the calculation for the installation of bearings. For sealed closure, steel covers of steel will come in handy. The segment where roller bearings and a clip are placed are welded to the center of the transverse beam. Special bolts will allow you to fix the bridge on the bushings of the same beam. It is very important that the bolts are more powerful, otherwise they will not keep the design. therefore, the backlash must be calculated carefully in advance.

Rama for a homemade mini.vector

The movement of the mini.tractor occurs by off.road, so power frames are characterized by testing loads for twisting. The channel, corner or pipe of square section is best suited for them. The size of the frame will depend on the dimensions of the units and the load size.

The design of the frame is a rectangle or trapezoid. In order to increase the maneuverability of the tractor, make a turning point. It consists of two rectangular halves. The part on which the engine is installed is made longer.

To increase strength, additional jumpers are welded onto the frame that reduce the load from twisting, and the corner parts are enhanced by scarves.

How to redo the gearbox lever to a mini.tractor

Better two. choice will be transferred and at the back speed of four gear. The first from 40 412 or 403 will go well. She is small and compact.

Peter Motorin

If you put it from the front.wheel drive and one, just make a decrease in 1 to 2 from the engine to the box. If you put 2 from the front.wheel drive, then it will be too slow

redo, gearbox, lever, mini

Kureish, safari variator, and clutch does not need

Pavel Kurdyukov

Put the gearbox 238VM-70 you will not know

Collected a tractor with two checkpoints: 4 mortars VAZ GAZ 51. Good selection of programs, but length.The plans: checkpoint VAZ before.Niva. In calculations are not inferior to the first option.

WOM for a home.made mini.tractor: we do at home

In order to bring this engineering dream into life, you can use one of the proposed drawings.

According to the lower scheme, several basic elements are distinguished in the design of the future Voma:

  • front frame;
  • leading star;
  • led star;
  • additional selection shaft;
  • bearing in the amount of 2 It is better to take ready.made, removed from old agricultural machinery;
  • brake.
redo, gearbox, lever, mini

The assembly will look as shown in the installation scheme for the second drawing.

How to make a universal?

In order to give this working node universality and create all the conditions for aggregation of hitch in any part of the tractor, its design should undergo some changes. The rear traverse of the mini.tractor can be equipped with a rear.type.type power shaft, where to attach the elements of the gearbox.

VOM with a side installation requires aggregation of a metal structure, where transmission parts are introduced. Combining with cardan shafts will be carried out through slap rollers, which should be freely in the structure. After the assembly, approximately such a mechanism should be obtained as in the figure.

Having made such homemans, do not forget that there are already ready.made factory options for the performance of Voma.

The assembly using ready.made parts will greatly simplify the work. The only drawback in this case will be the price.

Minitors with a power selection shaft can be put on a par with expensive heavy tractors. Despite the fact that they are many times cheaper, they are no different from their production analogues.

You can operate a mini.tractor with a HOMA all year round: in the summer. harvest, in the fall. use to collect leaves and remnants of grass, in winter. clean the yard from snow or transport heavy loads.


The relative location of the units of any tractor has historically been a long time ago. The classic layout of the self.propelled machine is as follows: the engine is located in front, longitudinally, above the front axle. A gearbox is connected to it through the clutch, then a handout follows and behind it is the leading bridge. Between themselves, the shafts of the units are connected using cardans and (or) couplings.

Compliance with this scheme will be the best option when creating a mini tractor, will apply existing units without their change. According to the experience of many creators of home.made tractors, it is better to arrange the units “in place” without engaging in excessive drawing and calculations. The best option is to place all the main nodes and mechanisms of home.made on the finished frame, installing them on temporary supports (conveniently on wooden bars), and, finding the best mutual position, make mounting brackets. But we must not forget that all the nodes on the self.enforced tractors must be fixed through the supports that extinguish vibrations (rubber pillows). It is best to borrow them from the same technique from which the unit has been taken. Another important factor must be taken into account. This is a weight, t.e. Distribution of the full weight of the mini.tractor through the front and rear axles. The most acceptable option. 60% of the weight falls on the drive wheels, 40%. for managed.

The engine for homemade

From the point of view of traction reinforcements, weight, availability and cheapness in the repair, it is most logical in the manufacture of a tractor in “home” conditions to apply the engine from VAZ cars of classic models. from 2101 to 2107 or put from a motorcycle. They can be found in good condition at the price of scrap metal. If you’re lucky, then one car can become the donor of most parts for a mini.tractor. Or you can equip a new Chinese diesel engine.

The clutch motor and gearbox is fixed as a single block, which simplifies the work on the tractor by home.made and saves the creator of many difficulties. Be sure to install the fan impeller on the shaft of the water pump (“pump”), even if it was not there. After all, agricultural machinery speeds are much lower than automobile, therefore, the operating mode of the mini.tractor motor is the same as when standing in a traffic jam, which is considered heavy for any engine. Therefore, the radiator of the cooling system of a homemade tractor needs forced blowing.

Optional equipment

Having made a trailer with your own hands, you will significantly expand the functionality of the mini.tractor, minimizing financial costs.

We start manufacturing with a supporting frame. welding of round or rectangular pipes (at least 40 mm in cross section) of the product frame. The wheel pair axis is made of a steel rod with a diameter of 35 mm. The axis is connected to the carrying frame with a longitudinal hinge, lateral spar and corner supports.

The body of the body is made of cutting strict boards connected by screws and metal corners.

Door Broke Off. Found Hidden Rust. 1967 VW Bus. Gregory. 22

For attaching the product to the mini.tractor, a hinge drawn is used, inserted into a tubular case. The coupling with a vehicle is fixed by a chain type fuse.

Features of the collection of the device

The assembly of a tractor with a turning point will require investment of a significant amount of finance and time. It must be borne in mind that there may not be some tool at hand, and its search can take a lot of time. However, a fracture mini.tractor is cheap, especially when there is all the necessary equipment at hand. Even the comparative difficulty of creating a fracture mini.tractor is compensated by good work results.

What tools will be needed

To make a model of a 4×4 turning point, the following tools will be required:

Materials for design

The developed device consists of several nodes. Some tools are taken from other equipment without additional remaking, some are in a certain refinement. Necessary materials:

  • frame;
  • engine (you can from the Neva motornote);
  • loader, handouts;
  • the chassis (it includes wheels, axes and suspension);
  • assembly that includes brake discs;
  • stars;
  • steering;
  • seat;
  • The mechanism to which attachment equipment is attached.

The ideal option would be to purchase an old passenger car (“Zhiguli”, Niva, “Oka”), from which it will be possible to take all the necessary spare parts.

redo, gearbox, lever, mini

Drawing and preparation of tools

To create steering, technical documentation is required, according to which the components for the future design are selected. As the starting base, the drawings available in the public domain are used. The documentation will need to be finalized in accordance with the dimensions and the design of the available frame frame. After acquiring the spare parts required for the steering, you can proceed with the selection of the tool.

The minimum tool set includes:

  • instrumental ruler and roulette;
  • calipers;
  • Chertille for metal;
  • manual drill with a revolution regulator and a cartridge for a clip of a drill with a diameter of up to 15 mm;
  • electric detachment (“corner grinding”);
  • welding machine (it is possible to use a small.sized inverter type installation) and a set of electrodes;
  • set of wrench or heads;
  • disks for a cutting machine;
  • metal drill;
  • pliers;
  • hammer (for the end of the scale);
  • file (for grinding sharp edges).

Power tiller gearbox full fittings.|Gear box repair.

Homemade Minitor Fracture 4×4

Living in the village, one way or another, you have to deal with a lot of physical work. You can work with your hands, and even sometimes useful, but if you want to simplify and facilitate work, then you should use the means of small mechanization.

In truth, not everyone who lives in rural areas has the opportunity to buy a ready-made mini-tractor in special stores. The cheapest model can cost 50 thousand.

Therefore, the inhabitants of the villages often resort to another option. Being craftsmen, they adapt to collect various kinds of units with their own hands, and for this they use all the trash that their garages and sheds store. For some owners, these things go to a landfill, but those who like to make homemade products that will serve excellent service in agriculture find excellent application to them.

And so many of the craftsmen, you can often find a vehicle such as a 4×4 tractor, which has a very bizarre structure.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on this technique, and the craftsmen have already shown their ingenuity, and we can only use their experience. Here we will see how to make a mini.tractor with our own hands, and for this we will take an example that the craftsman Gennady from Grodno provided.

The mini-tractor has the following technical characteristics: the Honda engine with a volume of 0.5 l, with a capacity of 13 liters. With.; Gearbox: from a vase of classics; shortened bridges: from a vase of classics; a fracture knot: for it, the front hub “Lada” is taken; steering column: from “Opel”.Wheels: from the walk.behind tractor, 7.00 x 12.

How to assemble a mini.tractor

The gearbox finalized, cut the bell for installing the pulley. Pulley size is 200 mm. for gearbox, for the engine puller-80 mm.

Make mounts for the fracture unit.

The front hub of a vase is taken for the fracture unit itself.

Making the site of mounting under the gearbox.

Where you can use a home-made mini-tractor

A homemade mini.tractor with a vase engine can be used in a garden in large plots of land. Homemade can perform a large sector of agricultural work: from plowing, harrowing, soil milling, planting and plowing potatoes, removing snow, mowing grass to the most difficult work, such as cleaning and loading hay.

Summing up, you can answer the question of how to make a minister from the Lada with your own hands. Creating such a mini-tractor is not very difficult as it seems at first glance.After all, this is a very useful car in the farm. over, the device made by yourself is in no way inferior to the factory. It will be even stronger and more reliable, and most importantly, it is much cheaper than in the store. mini.tractor: instructions

Homemade mini.tractors are not a novelty among owners of personal plots and farmers. All who have a desire and treat tools and drawings well make such equipment on their own and without any problems. The main thing is zeal in work and attentiveness. One of the options for creating a home.made tractor is the manufacture of a mini tractor from an oka car. And how to do this we will tell you now in more detail.

It is worth noting that a mini.tractor with an engine from the Oka is distinguished by ergonomicity, reliability and ease of operation. With the help of such an unit, you can perform many tasks on the site:

  • digging potatoes;
  • weed removal;
  • the formation of beds;
  • soil cultivation;
  • Planting potatoes using additional equipment.

The process of work

If you decide to make a mini.tractor from the Lada, then in the end you will get a fairly powerful car with excellent characteristics. Such an unit will become a real assistant in the implementation of any work on the cultivation of the Earth and the care of plants.

redo, gearbox, lever, mini

So, the mini.tractor can be made with the engine from the VAZ 2106 or with the ICE VAZ 2101, but you will also need the following details that you can definitely borrow from other cars:

  • The gearbox can be taken with GAZ-53;
  • The rear wheels are suitable from the MTZ-82, and the fronts can serve the wheels from the old motor-cultivator or a walk-behind tractor;
  • From the same VAZ 2106 you can take steering and sitting for the driver;
  • The front and rear bridge is taken from the Lada. However, it is important to fit their size under the dimensions of the future homemade.

Stages of creating a vase mini.vector:

  • A kinetic scheme is created. An important stage that cannot be missed;
  • Making a frame. After adjusting its sizes, it is necessary to carefully process welding seams. If you do not have a finished frame, you can easily make it out of the channels and corners. It is important after its manufacture to inspect the metal for the presence of rust. It will also require a primer of the frame in several layers;
  • We start work on the manufacture of chassis. You need to carefully examine all the nodes, as well as carefully check the brake system;
  • If you change the wheels to more bulky, you will need to choose suitable bridges and brakes;
  • The engine is mounted;
  • A protective casing is created for the engine;
  • The driver is attached to the driver;
  • Steering is installed;
  • Fastening points for the future installation of attachment equipment are created.

Homemade all.terrain vehicle from a vase | Homemade

The village craftsman built an original all.terrain vehicle for traveling on forestry, hunting, fishing, berries and mushrooms.

The frame of the all.terrain vehicle is made of channels, bridges and a distribution box from UAZ are installed. A vase body was installed on the frame with the engine, gearbox and hinged.

The wheels are made of old GAZ-66 tires, new protectors are cut out on the tires.