How to refuel a trimmer for Bosch’s grass grass. How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a removable coil of a trimmer for grass with two antennae

Bosch Art 23 Easytrim Trimmer Trimmer

Trimmeres users, both gasoline and electric, sometimes have problems with the cord. “Advanced” Kosilov owners can easily cope with the difficulties, realizing why this is happening, and for beginners, this is a problem that does not have a rational explanation. But in fact, everything is solved quite simply. The most common problems that happen to the fishing line are the following.

Large cord consumption

Basically, the cord quickly ends if you often knock on the ground with a semi.automatic head or press it hard. The coil unlock occurs, and the fishing line for the trimmer, lengthening, is cut off with a knife. Another reason that the cord quickly ends is the improper operation of the device with an automatic head: the user during kosbe often drops engine speed. But as we recall, the automatic head is arranged so that it is with each reduction in the revolution that a new portion of fishing line is supplied, so it is quickly consumed.

How to remove and disassemble a coil

Before proceeding to the process of replacing the cord, users of trimmers need to remove and disassemble the coil. Consider how to do it.

The mowing head of a trimmer for grass consists of several parts: a casing, springs (not in all models), bobbins with a cord and cover.

Attention! Before proceeding with any actions to maintain an electric unit, it must be disconnected from the network. In trimmers, 2 options for fastening the mowing head are most often used

In trimmers, 2 options for fastening the mowing head are most often used.


In this version, the head is twisted onto the gear shaft. To remove it, you need to fix this shaft. To do this, in such trimmers, for example, in the Huter and Champion devices, a hole is provided through which you can insert either a thin screwdriver or a metal rod.

So, to remove the bobbin, take 2 simple steps.

  • Insert the screwdriver into the hole and stall the shaft.
  • Take the head of the head and start twist it clockwise. It should be twisted in this direction for the reason that the thread cut on the shaft is left.

Cords of cord

If a trimmer fishing line is often torn, this can cause the following reasons:

  • Stones, small branches and other hard obstacles come across the grass;
  • The user mows the grass back to the fence, and if he is mesh, then this breaks the “antennae” even faster;
  • poor quality of the cord (it is recommended to purchase high.quality);
  • The output holes are worn out in a mowing head, which is why the fishing line for a trimmer is erased on the sharp edges of the bushings and breaks off (a complete replacement of the part will be required).

We repair an ethletric trimmer for Bosch grass.

This material will be a continuation of the post already published on the blog in which I told how I bought a trimmer ethletric for Bosch grass and literally after a short use of use it broke.

Now I will tell and show in photographic materials how to repair the “pimpochka” on the rotating part of the engine of this electrimmer. The weakest place in this unit, just the “pimpochka”, with which there is a compulsory renewal (throwing out) of the fishing line when it hit the surface of the soil, tonsured turf or another hard surface during a haircut.

A little backstory, just in case, for the new visitors of the blog After several haircuts (as much as I did not count), with the next renewal of the fishing line (stroke about turf), the “pimpochka” jumped out of the fixed hook on the stiletto and bounced so far that I had to look for it in grass.

Then I decided to publish a post about the unreliability of the electrimmer with this design of the Pimpochka and, by the way, saved many readers of my newsletter for many readers of money. But some subscribers have already bought such a “unit” and were upset that the material was published late, otherwise they would have never bought this trimmer for the grass.

Well, dear friend, I don’t know who and what he uses in his cottage or personal plot. I had such an incident with this electrimmer, and I hastened to tell about it. Who was lucky and they read that post before buying this model of a trimmer for grass, then saved! Who was not lucky. my fault is not here.

Sthil hedge trimmer coil problems

Nevertheless, there is a way out of this situation. this “Pimpochka” can be repaired and it is not so difficult and much cheaper than buying a new trimmer for grass. I suspect that the design features of this model were designed initially in such a way that in the case of a slight breakdown, it could not be repaired, and the purchase of a new trimmer for the grass was required, which brought and brings great profit to the manufacturer.

No, I in no case do not want to stipulate the Bosch company, it has almost the entire power tool of excellent quality. For a number of years I myself have been using a peorator and a screwed company Bosch and I am delighted with their uninterrupted and high.quality work. But in the case of the electrimmer, the designers still need to finalize all the nodes and parts so that they could quickly be repaired.

Now, in fact, to the matter.

After the “Boshevsky unit” broke down, I quickly bought an ethletric trimmer for the grass, because the grass cannot explain that, they say, not to grow up from me, a trimmer for grass is broken. The new trimmer cut grass on the site, and Bosch lay in the garage and dusted. How many heads I did not puzzle over his repair at home, or as they say “on my knee” now, nothing happened to me.

Then I decided to call my brother and ask him to think about the repair of this “pimpochka”. The point here is that the fishing line for a trimmer with a drum is freely fixed in the casing of a rotating site, as before. But without a hook with this “pimpochka”, a fishing line for a trimmer from the drum pops up (flies) spontaneously and it is impossible to cut it.

The brother agreed to help with the repair, and we brought him our poor fellow. After successful repairs, by making constructive changes in the attachment of this “pimpochka” to the rotating platform of the trimmer for the grass, I was able to use it and use it to this day. True, you have to update a fishing line for a trimmer, releasing the drum of their hook with the site.

Now read carefully and thoughtfully if you are going to repair such an unit. I will try to explain everything intelligibly in words and reinforce them with pictures, since I do not have rollers on this topic, as there is no cylinder drawing, with the help of which an trimmer was repaired for grass. My brother did everything myself, I did not participate in the repair.

This is what the fastening of the “pimpois” assembly looks like.

This is how the hole with the gut in the head “Pimpochka” looks like.

refuel, trimmer, bosch, grass, wind

In the photo below, the bolt with the gathering (secret head). The total length of the bolt is 8-10 millimeters. The shape of the hat should be just like that, because then the bolt itself does not protrude from the head and the height of the cut grass will be minimal.

If the bolt hat will even protrude several millimeters above the head, then this ledge will constantly cling to the soil and mowing will be very inconvenient. Since all the time it will be necessary to raise a trimmer for grass from one site, and move it to another, and pulling up vertically up and lowering it also vertically.

Whereas with such a bolt shape and its location flush in the Pimpochka head, the movement of the trimmer for the grass is glued to this very “pimpochka” along the grass horizontally. That is, the haircut will be produced as if a new trimmer for the grass.

Defective electric trimmers for grass

As already mentioned, manual electrical trimmers for supply grass can work from the network or from the battery. The former are limited in motion, and the latter are designed for a certain charge, that is, have time restrictions. In addition, existing devices are divided by the location of the engine:

  • An electric trimmer for the grass of the lower trimmer for grass is automatically released from a rotating shaft or cable. As a rule, this design has low.power tools or batteries. The battery in this case is located on top to maintain the required balance.
  • The upper lawn mower has great power. This design is better distributing the mass.

What you need to know about the device of the electrimmer before the start of its repair: 2 types of structures

Trammers for herbs for mowing herbs with power supply from electricity are made with a capacity of 300 watts to 2 kW with two modifications. They are distinguished by the location of the engine:

Such products are created for different tasks, differ in weight, power, working characteristics. The first types of models are light and used to process the complex relief of garden paths under the bushes, near the flower beds.

Products with the upper engine arrangement allow you to process large areas, they are noted with high performance.

Both types of mowers can work from a household network 220 volts. However, elite products are created with food from the portable battery. Most often they are used on light models, as shown in the photo above.

An example of a product with an upper engine and its layout show it in the photo of my Eco GT-800L below. The fastening of the belt allows you to hang a mower on the shoulder, and the handle provides convenient control of the cutting head during kosbe.

The working body is a spitter head with a fishing line. It can be supplemented with a cutting knife made of metal or plastic on powerful models. The torque of high revolutions for it is created by an electric motor, and it is transmitted by a kinematic scheme located inside an integral bar.

In more detail, the insides device show a photograph of the engine with the upper lid of the case on its trimmer. It is not equipped with a gearbox. This, by the way, is such a simple execution completely suits me.

The engine is turned on by a small final switch with a convenient plastic lid placed in the lower handle.

Features of the device of the electrical circuit: Briefly

The basic part is a typical collector engine in which the rotor of the stator windings gives the rotor to the bearing of the bearing.

The electric current that performs the main work flows through the closed circuit of all windings through the brush-collection mechanism.

The vast majority of engines as a protection against overheating of the insulation of windings use thermorelene. During the repair, we consider it as ordinary power contact in a closed state.

With a critical heating of the varnish of wires, it will simply open and interrupt the action of electric current.

All elements of the electric circuit are connected by wires and terminals to each other into the sequential site. A short cable with a fork is displayed out to connect to an extension cord.

Winding the fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass; How to replace a fishing line for a trimmer at a trimmer for grass?

Before starting to replace the fishing line for grass, it is worth making several meters of fishing line; What kind of fishing line for a trimmer is written in the documentation of a trimmer for grass or directly on the motorcycle itself.

Basically, a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 2-3 millimeters is used; The size of the diameter of the fishing line depends on how large stems of your grass. If you need to mow the burdock, then in this case it is better to choose a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 3 millimeters or more, if your trimmer for the grass provides for this.

After we measured the necessary piece of fishing line, fold it in half and clamp it with your fingers from the broken side even more. Just like it is done when inserting threads into a needle.

How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer coil for grass?

Then you should find on the coil of the slots for fastening the fishing line; The bending place we insert a fishing line for a trimmer there.

Then we wrap the fishing line for the trimmer to the coil in the direction indicated on the coil itself. As a rule, a fishing line for a trimmer is wound counterclockwise, but if there is no this information on the coil, then you should apply for information in the documentation of a trimmer for grass.

We wash the fishing line for the trimmer until the two ends of the size of 10-15 centimeters are left. Winding the fishing line on the coil of the trimmer for the grass occurs with a slight effort and uniform.

These ends must be inserted into the holes of the mowing head. Then insert the coil into the mowing head, fix it and fasten it onto a stick of a trimmer for grass. The excess part of the fishing line should also be cut off, if it is more than the diameter of the protective casing.

The ends of the fishing line should be cut off with scissors or bite off with teeth

We advise you to watch YouTube Video how to replace a fishing line for a trimmer at a trimmer for grass, by winding up a coil of motorcycles.

Types of trimmer heads

A mowing head for grass is a cylindrical case in which a coil (bobbin) is inserted with a fishing line in it (cord). This design can be installed both on gasoline and electric trimmer. The heads differ in the method of refueling and supplying the cord and there are 3 types.

  • Automatic. The cord is supplied after the user reduces engine speed. Although the automatic supply of the fishing line is convenient if large volumes of work are performed, such rods have one drawback. a large thread consumption.
  • Semi.automatic. Using this type of head does not require complicated manipulations from the user. The principle of their operation is arranged so that the cord is automatically lengthened at a time when the device works at full speed. It is enough to slightly hit the trimmer’s head for the grass on the ground (this removes the cord lock), and the fishing line for the trimmer, due to the centrifugal force, moves out of the bobbin, after which it is cut to the desired length with a knife located on a protective casing.
  • Manual. For lengthening the cord, the device is required, after which the fishing line for the trimmer is handed out manually.

Based on the above, semi.automatic bobbins are the most optimal option. It should also be borne in mind that the coils for a trimmer for grass are one.built (used only to trim the grass) and two.string, which are used to mow high grass and small, with thin stems of shrubs.

Method 2. two segments

fundamentally no different from the method.The only difference is the two wound segments of the fishing line, instead of one.

There are two special fixing nests on the coil (see drawing above).

How to replace the fishing line for a trimmer in a mowing head, coil of the motorcycles Stihl FS 55

They hook it previously formed on the fishing line, and begin to wrap a fishing line for a trimmer.

Winding is carried out in a special order

The winding needs to be carried out in the following order: first the lower fishing line for the trimmer, t.e. that which is closer to the fixing holes at the bottom of the coil, and only then the upper one, t.e. the one that will overlap the lower section.

The tips are made in the holes of the corps of the rogue trimmer for the grass. They are pulled to a click, which means that the fishing line for the trimmer

The tips are torn into the holes of the corps of the rogue trimmer for the grass

The coil is fastened into the case. Lines for a trimmer

Tips and recommendations how to wind a fishing line for a trimmer and what you need to know

There are several useful tips and recommendations that it will be useful to find out not only beginners, but also experienced masters-codes. These tips will help prevent negative consequences in the form of injuries and improper functioning of the mechanism. These recommendations say the following:

  • Set the lid to clicks. over, these are 2 or more clicks, which depends on the number of fixers. If one latch does not click, then when starting the tool, the drum can jump out and injure a person
  • Do not wrap a fishing line for a trimmer with its strong pulling, as well as in an amount more than you can insert it into place. It is better not to harvest the equipment than it will be more, as this will lead to negative consequences in the form of the impossibility of unwinding it if necessary
  • If you own the tool not with two conclusions of the fishing line, but with one (usually low.power units), then the winding process is performed in a similar sequence, as described above, only with the difference in the absence of the average side between the extreme bases of the coil
  • After replacing the material, it is necessary to first check the tools of the tool, and then proceed to the mocking of the grass. If you do not make a preliminary check, then the forests can be unwound, and injure a person

It is interesting! Choose the material of the appropriate quality so as not to get injuries when working with, trimmers and motorcycles. In the process of beating grass, small stones and other materials fall under the rotating parts, which can fly over long distances, therefore, despite the fact that the fishing line for a trimmer is not a knife, working with a tool should be carried out in protective special uniforms.

The result of the work done is as follows. after the replacement of the new material is enough for an area of ​​up to 600 square meters, but when taking into account the presence of a reinforcing layer on the fishing line

Ordinary nylon materials serve less, which is important to take into account when working. Do not try to mow thick.button grass with fishing line, as there are special metal wheels or knives for this


Tires for chainsaws. types, choice and replacement

What are trimmers for grass and what is better to choose pros and cons of

How to repair a starter on a chainsaw

We carry out the winding of the fishing line

Sentlessly completed disassembly of a spray coil without losing its spare parts allows you to go to the main task-winding into a fishing line coil. Technological features of the design of the spool and the number of working antennae determine the sequence of actions.

Coil with one working osik

The easiest option and a simple sequence of actions:

  • The dimensions of the bobbin and the length of the original factory winding determine the length of the fishing line recommended for winding. 2 5 m.
  • One end of the fishing line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is wound on the drum in reverse rotation of the spray in the trimmer product direction. as a rule, on the inside of the bobin, the arrow indicates which direction the winding is carried out.
  • A small section of the fishing line is left free to output it. it is fixed in a specialized border on the inside of the bobbin, designed to keep the winding when assembling a spool in working condition.
  • The left end of the fishing line is passed through the hole of the outer part of the bobbin.
  • Half of the bobbin are collected and put on the bar of the trimmer device.

Two working antennae

In this type of spools, the number of grooves for winding the fishing line lying on the inside of the coil should be determined:

For both cases, a fishing line for a trimmer 2-3 m long is taken. In a single.captable coils, the fishing line for a trimmer stretches into a through hole, its ends (antennae) are folded together and aligned, after which they are wound in the back of the rotation of the bobbin on the bar the side. inside the arrow is usually indicated the correct direction of the winding. In the presence of fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are threaded in them or hold their free arm fingers, spread into the through hole of the outer half of the bobin, the spool is closed and attached to the bar of the trimmer product.

The difference between the winding of the fishing line in the two-to-dancing coils is that initially a line of fishing line 2-5 m long is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the bend loop is inserted into a special groove between the grooves. Both strains of the fishing line are wound each in its own groove, fixing the antennae and assembly of the coil is similar to the option considered above with one groove.

The first implementation of this procedure may seem long and quite time.consuming, but over time and experience, this task will be solved much faster and easier.

The video below will clearly show how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for the grass and correct it correctly. this operation is not a complicated one and, with some patience, will necessarily be crowned with success:

How to choose a suitable fishing line for a trimmer?

For trimmers working both from electricity and gasoline, nylon fishing lines are suitable. This consumable can be used for both a hand tool and for a lawn mower on wheels

It is important to choose the right fishing line for a trimmer, as this directly affects the result of the work and the service life of the unit. Of course, in the proposed assortment of forests it is very easy to get confused, especially beginners. However, there are many tips from specialists and those who have already tried various options

However, there are many tips from specialists and those who have already tried various options.

For an electric trimmer for grass with a capacity of less than 500 W, a thin fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 1 to 1.6 mm is suitable. She will perfectly cut the lawns with low grass. If the tool power is in the range from 0.5 to 1 kW, then it is better to give preference to a fishing line whose diameter will be 2 mm or slightly larger.

For gasoline trimmers, as well as motorcycle, you can not take a fishing line for a trimmer less than 3 mm. Such a thickness will easily cope with any weeds, dry stems, thick grass. A diameter of more than 4 mm is suitable exclusively for gas troops with high power. It turns out that a thick fishing line for a trimmer is necessary for powerful equipment. It is not recommended to use it for low.power trimmers, otherwise it will work poorly, constantly wound on the coil and create an additional load on the engine.

As a rule, in standard packaging is up to 15 meters of fishing line. However, to replace the string on the coil, about 7 meters long enough. It also happens that a fishing line for a trimmer is produced by bays of 250-500 meters. Be sure when choosing a string, you need to clarify the date when it was made. Too old nylon can be superior and become too brittle. If this happened, then you can soak the fishing line for a trimmer for a couple of hours in water, but it will not be completely the same.

When choosing an important parameter, the section of the string, which is of several types.

Round section is universal. It is used for mowing grass of medium thickness and density. When working can be unnecessarily noise, but it is not used too quickly.

Square or polygonal section is more effective compared to round. Thanks to the sharp corners, the stalks of plants are cut off at a higher speed and better.

Ribbed, twisted and star.shaped section is the most effective. Such a fishing line manages to mow the grass very quickly. And its main disadvantage is to quickly wear.

refuel, trimmer, bosch, grass, wind

The fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is made of nylon, which is durable, light, low price and wear resistance. To make the cost of the material even cheaper, polyethylene is added to it, but then the fishing line for the trimmer overheats faster. In thick strings there is a rod made of graphite or steel. Sometimes they are reinforced, which increases the strength and service life.

Installation of a new fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass

Equipping the coil with a new fishing line is performed in the reverse order. The procedure looks like it is described below, regardless of the model of the lawn mower:

refuel, trimmer, bosch, grass, wind

Step one: fixing and styling

Fold the end of the fishing line in half. Place the workpiece above the coil on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Stretch the fishing line for the trimmer through the loop.

The last technical stroke of the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head with subsequent fixation by pressure and slight turnover.

Let each end into the hole, which is at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head with an emphasis on the spring. Put the lid, leve on the base and light pressure down with a small rotation counterclockwise, put the cover on the tongues of the latch. This is where the replacement procedure is completed.

Instructions with a description how to wind the coil of a trimmer for grass and lawn mower

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a suitable fishing line for your tool, you should first disassemble the head and look at the side wall of the coil. This information is usually presented on a tip, which will not allow us to make a mistake using the appropriate equipment.

If the information on the coil about what diameter the fishing line for the trimmer can be refueled, then this information can be clarified in the instructions. Having decided on the thickness or diameter of the equipment, it remains to figure out how to charge it. There are two ways for this, but not for all they are applicable. Consider both methods in details, and already depending on what models and trimmers you use, you are determined on your own which option is suitable.

It is interesting!The principle of how to wind a fishing line for a trimmer for a tip of motorcycles is appropriate not only for autonomous benzar groups, but also for electric trimmers.

Trimmer equipment for grass

I see no sense to list all the technical characteristics of Bosch Easygrasscut, I can only say that the batteries of various manufacturers and models in one price range are approximately the same.

In short, it looks like this: an electric trimmer for grass with power from Li-Ion Battery with a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 2.5 Ah, with a semi.automatic braid (cutting element. a fishing line for a trimmer 1.6 mm), a 26 cm haircut circle and a weight of 2.1 kg. Who needs a more complete description can find it in the official catalog of Bosch garden tools (here).

What is included in the package of trimmer for grass:

  • A fairly strong and compact box of corrugated cardboard with a dimensions of 470x230x145 mm to store the total set described below below.
  • Instructions (user guide). judging by the thickness, in all basic languages ​​of the world. There are only a few pages on the Russian.speaking part.
  • Actually, the trimmer itself for grass in a folded state: collapsible (in two places) metal rod, on the one side of which the engine with a braid coil is fixed, and on the other hand there are a handle with buttons for supplying power supply.
  • Spool with a wound fish line of round cross section, already located in a coil.
  • Protective casing made of high.quality plastic.
  • Battery Li-Ion PBA 18V 2.5ah w-b.
  • Charger Al 1830 CV.

For clarity took a photo of everything that was in the box. Below. a photo of the packaging of a stiff and acute trimmer fishing line with a star crossing, which was immediately bought and wound into a reel in return for standard (soft and round). In some review, I read that such a fishing line for a trimmer is better suited for intense mowing of high grass, weeds and dryness. Which was subsequently confirmed.

The structure of the inertial coils

Undoubtedly, in order to fix the coil, you need to represent its structure and the principle of operation. Without exception, all inertias gather in factory conditions from the same type of nodes, differing depending on the dimensions of the mechanism with their sizes. The main components are the following parts and details of the product below:

  • frame;
  • toothed drive;
  • brake friction;
  • rotor;
  • renefter’s support;
  • rear.direction switch;
  • rogue mounting rod;
  • Lesko.laid with an arc and a roller;
  • gear with an arc.

Depending on the modification and the purpose of the inertia, or as it is also called fishermen, the meat grinder, it can be supplemented with a specific functionality inherent in a certain model.

How to unscrew the coil on the trimmer video

The most wear.long element in the design of a trimmer for grass is a fishing line for a trimmer. How to replace the coil with a fishing line with a cutting knife on a benzo trimer. The video is more useful for beginners. How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer coil for grass. photo and video as. Therefore, it is principle to know how to choose and wind it on the coil. All details in the article

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer and which one is better to choose

Since the choice of a trimmer for the grass we saw in the previous article, now we will tell how to correctly refuel a trimmer for the grass with a fishing line, and which is better to choose based on the criterion of work.

After you purchased a trimmer for the grass and began to use it intensively, at some point the question will arise about the substitution of the fishing line, since this is the most weary element in the tool, the rich operation of the trimmer for the grass will often lead to substitution of consumables.

There are fishing lines with advanced aerodynamics with appropriate dentes, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but they use it only on benzos, since the output from the reel is difficult, it is used in most cases with discs, into which segments are inserted into which segments are inserted. This video is devoted to how to change the air filter on the trimmer (motorcycle) Husqvarna. The shortcomings of this product are its fragility.

Usually, the diameter that can mow young grass does not exceed 1.6 mm. I have on a similar trimmer how to remove a coil from a trimmer for grass, and the garden, meanwhile, overgrown. The thicker the thread, the more rough the grass it is able to overcome.

There are fishing lines with sharpened faces in the form of a sprocket or square, such an option is more adapted to mowing dry grass just due to the existing sharp faces, but it is more wear and tear and it is inferior in strength to the round cord.

Winding process

If your coil is designed to work with only one osmus, then everything is simple here. It is necessary to rewind 2-4 m of fishing line (depending on the size of the coil), find the hole for the trimmer on the inside of the coil, insert one end of the fishing line there and start to wind the fishing line for the trimmer in the direction in the reverse direction of rotation of the coil at the trimmer. The inside of the coil is usually indicated with an arrow in which the side is to wind a fishing line for a trimmer. Having wiped a fishing line for a trimmer, we leave its small piece unnecessary to put it out. We fix this piece in a special groove located on the inner part of the coil and designed so that at the time of collecting the coil of the fishing line for a trimmer does not unwind. If there is no such groove, then you will have to hold a fishing line for a trimmer with a finger, so as not to let it unwind during the further collection of the coil. Next, we take the outer part of the coil and spread the outer piece of fishing line into the available hole, collect and put the coil back to the trimmer for the grass.

If the coil is designed to work with two antennae, then we do the following. On the inside of the coil, we look at how many grooves are available for winding fishing. There may be one or two of them. If the groove is one, then both antennae are wound on this one groove. If there are two grooves, then each antennae is wound in a groove. The coil with one groove should have a through hole in which a fishing line for a trimmer is threaded. We open 2-4 m of fishing line, we extend it through this hole so that on each side of the fishing line it sticks the same. And we will simultaneously wrap both the antennae of the fishing line in one direction, the reverse direction of rotation of the coil in the trimmer and coinciding with the direction indicated by the arrow available on the inner part of the coil. We leave a little fishing fishing line, we fix the resulting ends in special grooves, and if they are not, we hold with your fingers. We spread both ends into the available holes on the outer body of the coil. Collect the coil and fasten it to the trimmer.

In the presence of two grooves, a piece of fishing line 2-4 m long is folded in half, we insert the loop in the groove between two grooves at the bending site, and we wind both the ends of the fishing line each in its groove at the same time. Further actions are similar to the previous option.

There are also coils, in which a fishing line for a trimmer is threaded through a through hole on the inside. After that, the ends of the fishing line, without wrapping, spread completely through the holes on the outer body of the coil, collect the coil and begin to rotate the button that is usually pressed in order to release the fishing line for the trimmer while it is worn out. Rotate the button. inside the trimmer fishing line is wound itself. At the same time, it will not work to twist it in the “wrong” direction, since it can spin only in one direction. If you get used to it, then you can wrap a fishing line for a trimmer to such a reel without even taking it out. you just need to combine the through hole of the internal drum with holes on the outer body of the coil, and then pass the fishing line for the trimmer in them.

RYOBI How to Re-Spool/Re-String 18V WEED WHACKER

That’s all on this issue. Successful winding!

Additional recommendations for the replacement of fishing line

Before charging a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil, you should use several tips of manufacturers. They will be interesting not only to beginners, but also to experienced owners of trimmers.

These recommendations will help prevent people’s injury and extend the life of the equipment:

  • You can not wrap the thread with effort and tightening, in addition, use a large length than expected.
  • After replacing the fishing line, you should check the performance of the unit.
  • The lid should be installed to characteristic clicks. If at least one latch does not snap, the coil may jump out during operation.

Important! The mowing of grass should be carried out in special glasses and costumes, since small objects that can fly and injure others fall under the rotating parts of the mechanism.

Now you know how to put a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer for grass, and you see that in this work there is nothing complicated. It is important to choose the right consumer material and replace it taking into account our instructions. Soon all your manipulations will be worked out before automatism.

Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if there were difficulties in replacing the cord or did you deal the first time.

To study in more detail the process of how to quickly and simply refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for grass, the following will help