How To Release The Fishing Line From The Trimmer

I want to devote today’s article to the sore topic of summer residents and gardeners of the entire post-Soviet space “How to refill a fishing line into a trimmer.” Not many trimmer manufacturers answer this question in their operating instructions. Therefore, it is difficult for ordinary gardeners to figure out how to do this correctly.

I want to start with a brief description of the technical characteristics of the trimmers.

So, trimmers are electric and gasoline. The cutting element of the trimmers can be a fishing line and a knife. The fishing line is ordinary, four. Pentahedral and intertwined (in the form of a pigtail). Knives come in 2, 3 and four blade blades. Knives are also plastic and metal.

The feed system of the fishing line from the trimmer is manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Development engineers who create new models of trimmers clearly calculate the diameter (thickness) of the fishing line and the number of knife blades according to the power of the trimmers. Otherwise, the engine is overloaded, which as a result leads to its breakdown. And this is an additional and significant cost.

Today on the market are trimmers:

With one nozzle. Only fishing line. With two nozzles. Fishing line and three-four-blade knife. With one nozzle. Only a three-four-blade knife.

Our Kulibins long ago learned to improve any mechanisms. So, for example, some gardeners make successful, in their opinion, replacing the fishing line with a metal cable, or fishing line. But at the same time they do not think about the safety of their and their loved ones, because, as a cable with the power of a working trimmer, it can easily break out and not only injure the mower and others, but leave it crippled for life. Using fishing line can and gives a better effect, I have never personally tried it than fishing line for trimmer, but this work has a number of inconveniences: when it comes into contact with solid objects it dissolves or can simply be pulled out of the reel without limit.

So what is called closer to the topic. I give an example of how to fill a fishing line into a trimmer (BOSCH Art 30 trimmer). Everything is very simple. We started.

After you have chosen the fishing line for refueling, you need to cut off the necessary amount of fishing line, because all the fishing line in the skein is not wound into a reel.

Cut off and start winding.

Remove the coil and the protective cover from the coil.

They took off. We fix one end of the fishing line into the gap and carefully and evenly wind the fishing line.

The amount of fishing line should be such that the protective cover of the reel closes and the line on the reel unwinds itself a little.

The second end of the fishing line is planted in the hole on the protective cover.

Next, take the coil and the protective cover of the coil. We sink the end of the fishing line from the reel into the metal hole on the protective cover of the reel. Tighten the fishing line a little.

We put it all on the trimmer. Turn the coil clockwise until it clicks.

Secured. Now connect the trimmer to the network. We put the trimmer in the starting position for the job. Turn on the trimmer. The excess length of the fishing line will be cut off on the cutting blade.

Trimmer Coil

That’s all starting work.

You can watch the

A little tip. Make sure that the fishing line does not come into contact with solid objects when cutting. With this contact, the fishing line will be cut. And since, in this trimmer, the fishing line is not fed automatically, then you have to stop the work each time, remove the reel and re-release the fishing line.

In my trimmer, in addition to the standard line for mowing the lawn, there is still provided a thick fishing line for mowing coarse weeds. It has the shape of a pigtail, i.E. Three fishing lines are tightly intertwined. Such a fishing line has its own reel.

Thick fishing line

It is stored at the top of the trimmer body.

Spare coil storage space

Installing such a fishing line into the reel is very simple. According to the internal circuit inside the reel. We insert the center of the fishing line with a metal mount at the top of the reel, and draw the ends of the fishing line along the grooves and bring it out.

Reinforced Fishing Line

Such a coil is attached to the trimmer as well as a reel with ordinary fishing line.

05 July 2018

A trimmer is a great solution for those who have a large garden or lawn near the house that needs to be constantly cut. But like any other tool, sometimes it requires intervention. After some time, there will be a need to replace certain elements, and this will have to be learned.

How to do this? To replace the main cutting element, you must first select it correctly. In principle, the instruction manual for lawn mowers should indicate the diameter of the thread that should be used in it.

When you have purchased the required cutting element, try installing it correctly. It should be noted that there is a huge amount of on the Internet that will help you figure out how to properly put fishing line into the trimmer coil.

How to change the line on the trimmer

Below we have provided step-by-step instructions for replacing the trimmer thread.

The first thing to do is disconnect the tool from the mains and turn off the engine. Then you need to remove the trimmer head. This can be done using a simple screwdriver by lowering it into the hole of the gearbox to prevent the shaft from turning. And then just unscrew

  • How To Release The Fishing Line From The Trimmer
  • Usually they are unscrewed clockwise, but different models have different mechanisms, so it may have to be twisted in the opposite direction. But if suddenly, for some reason you can’t figure it out, then we strongly recommend that you refer to the user manual to understand how to disconnect it

    The second one. After removing the mowing head, open it. This can be done by means of latches, which are located opposite each other. By clicking on them, you can remove the head cover, and then pull out the reel from it, on which the fishing line is wound. Pulling it out you can determine what type it belongs to. There are single-section and two-section bobbins

    We disassemble how to fill the fishing line into the trimmer coil in two versions

    So, there is only one option. We charge the fishing line into a single-section coil. The prepared piece of thread is folded in half and pushed into the spool. Then, we begin to wind both ends in the same direction, which will be indicated by the arrow on the spool. At the end of the winding, do not forget to check that the different ends of the thread look in different directions

    Option two. Winding fishing line two-section reel. A pre-prepared thread is divided into two parts, and its ends should be fixed: this should be done by placing them in special fixtures

    Winding is carried out, as in the first case. According to the arrow indicated on the spool. Both segments must be wound so that they do not overlap. Further, the ends of the thread should be fixed in the grooves and divorced on opposite sides

    After that, the spring is inserted into the coil, and all this is placed in the mowing head. When placing the coil in the trimmer, you need to carefully hold the spring while parallelly inserting the line into the slots of the lawn mowing head. And in the end, it just needs to be fixed with the final part, that is, the lid.

    After you tucked the thread into the trimmer, you need to check it. If you did everything correctly, everything will work, if you made a mistake, we recommend that you read the article again, and even better, if you watch a how to install a fishing line on a reel in a trimmer.

    How to pull a fishing line from a trimmer coil

    Over time, the cutting element of the head wears out, and there is a need to pull out the remnants of the old fishing line. Not everyone knows how to do this. Our step-by-step instruction plus a on how to pull a thread from a trimmer reel, which you can find on the network, will help in solving this issue.

    It is necessary to disassemble the mowing head

    Using the clips, remove the cover

    We clean the remains of the cutting material

    Complicated ? Of course not. But if, nevertheless, doubts creep into you that for some reason you will not be able to do this, then of course find and watch a on how to pull out or how to wind a thread on a lawn-mowing reel.

    How to replace a fishing line on an electric trimmer

    In fact, it makes no difference which oblique you use, whether it is electric or gasoline. Threading is the same. The only difference is that if you use a gas spit, you get more freedom, as it is not limited to the cable that is present on the electric spit

    Yes, do not hesitate to use specials for installing or refueling the fishing line in an electric scythe, which can teach you much faster than simple reading.