How to remake a potato harvester for a power tiller. Clutch with a minitractor

Self-Made Potato Digger for Moto-Block. Make by the drawings

Many people who work in the field, not by hearsay, know about the difficult and titanic work of growing and harvesting their own potatoes. For these purposes, our ancestors used a shovel. Of course, these days almost no one performs this work by hand. To facilitate the harvesting of potatoes mankind has created a special invention. a potato digger for power tillers.

Many people buy for this purpose various kinds of mechanical inventions, and some craftsmen, so-called daredevils, only in pleasure to make their own potato digger, to save themselves and their loved ones from hard work. The potato digger, which functions on the basis of any variation of a power tiller, whether it is the model “Neva”, which everyone liked, or a mechanical device from another manufacturer, has gained particular popularity among the rural workers. In this case, the main thing is to have a clear understanding of the design features of the homemade potato digger and the ability to create drawings.

potato, harvester, power, tiller, minitractor

A necessary clarification: this mechanical device is attached to the power tiller to do the work. Such a machine, made with their own hands, is able to work the land both near the house and in the field. The primary purpose of the potato digger is to separate potato tubers from the soil and lay them on the ground. This machine is easy to control, and also has a fairly simple design. Therefore, to create it with their own hands, as a rule, is not too difficult. The main thing is that this attachment mechanical device will fit any model of power tiller.

Many people would argue that why waste time and effort, if such a miracle of technology can be bought without any problems at any point of sale of agricultural machinery and equipment. This point of view has a right to exist, and many do.

However, any experienced vegetable grower knows the main advantages of a home-made potato digger:

  • Such a mechanism is much more practical, because it is designed under a certain characteristic of the soil of a particular area, as well as based on the strength of a particular person. the future happy owner.
  • The cost of a home-made device is much lower than that of a ready-made product sold in specialized stores.

Before you start the creative design processes of constructing a potato harvester, remember: it is adapted to work on soils with medium and low density. To make a machine designed to work in heavy soils, do not do without a deep knowledge of mechanics and, of course, physics.

There are the following varieties of diggers for potatoes:

  • Mechanism of the screen or vibrating type. its design includes mainly a ploughshare and a vibrating sieve. Functions this type of potato digger on the basis of the power tiller quite primitive. The soil, along with the tuber, is undermined by the ploughshare. Then connected to the work of fixed conveyor grate, leaving the tubers on its surface, and as if through a sieve sifting the soil. This model is rightly considered one of the most effective in the work, but rather complicated in terms of manufacturing.
  • Transporter type. it is able to work with ease, for example, on the basis of such a motor block as the “Neva. The structure of the transporter digger includes a ploughshare and a moving transporter, which has a special hitch to support the tubers on the platform and clear the soil. The transporter type unit for digging potatoes is more practical compared to the vibrating type of potato digger. But this type of device is not practical on soils with a light density criterion.
  • Razor unit. by design it is the simplest mechanism, which can easily be attached to any model of mini-tractor, say, to the same “Neva”. It does not contain moving parts, the soil with the tubers is cut with a knife. Then the cuttings fall on special rods, where the earth is poured back, and the clean fruits are placed on the surface of the soil. This kind of digger is more effective on low-density soils, where other sorts of tools are ineffective.

Before designing the machine, it is important to know the exact density of the soil to be used. Keep in mind that where a conveyor mechanism can function perfectly, it will be difficult to work with a lancet type design. In a small farm, it will be most convenient to harvest potato crops with a device of relatively small size. Such a potato digger should be comfortable during use and be easily mounted on a single-axle tractor.

Basic information

In most cases, motor blocks and motor cultivators are not used on large areas, they will not be able to cope with a large amount of work on heavy soils. This vehicle is designed for small and medium-sized farms for working on light and medium soils.

The single-axle tractor “Neva” is considered the most popular unit among farmland owners, it is characterized by high technical indicators, long service life.

Neva power tillers are not very efficient on their own, but with the use of additional equipment they can perform any agricultural work:

  • power tillers are suitable for dacha owners and farmers to till the soil;
  • planters in aggregation with a power tiller. for planting of vegetable plants on the plots of land;
  • mowers. for mowing grass;
  • potato hoeing is performed by hoes;
  • For mechanized harvesting of root crops a potato digger is used.

Recently, farmers have been using modern agricultural machinery to grow vegetable crops.

Planting potatoes with a power tiller “Neva” greatly saves time, allows you to cultivate large areas, contributes to a better harvest by loosening the soil. The process is carried out in 2 ways:

Potato planter for the “Neva” power tiller is used by owners of large plots of land. It is more efficient: it makes furrows in the soil in 1 pass, pours tubers from a special hopper and covers them with soil.

Harvesting process is carried out by “Neva” power tiller with potato harvester. The teeth of the mechanism are buried in the ground, pushing out the root crops and laying them on the surface for further collection by hand.

There are several models of diggers, aggregated with the power tiller “Neva”:

  • Fan.
  • Vibrating. Includes such well-known models among farmers as:
  • KKM-1;
  • Vibrating potato harvester” model;
  • KVM-3;
  • “Poltavchanka”.
  • Transporter or belt.

These models are considered the most popular and widespread.

Drawings, diagrams, dimensions of potato harvesters for power tillers Neva, Mole, Kaskad, MTZ-09H, Salut, Agat

The most popular among farmers and landowners is considered a single-axle tractor “Neva”. It has a user-friendly design and powerful technical characteristics. The most suitable homemade potato digger for the motor-block “Neva” is a device of the screen type.

Due to the specifics of its work, the screen potato harvester for the “Neva” power tiller was given a second name. vibration potato harvester

Universal option for all types of power tillers. “Poltavchanka” model potato harvester. Parameters of such a device is 950×790×800 mm, the depth of processing. 25 cm. These characteristics allow to use the unit in any conditions, regardless of soil and type of crops. “Poltavchanka” is appreciated for its high performance in a relatively small size.

“Poltavchanka” is popular among owners of power tillers “Mole” and “Agat”

The “Salut” and “MTZ-09H” power tillers are similar in their construction, that’s why in the process of making potato harvesters for this technique the identical drawings are often used. Diggers for these devices have the same mounting system, which allows using the same unit for both models.

“Salyut” and “MTZ-09H” have an original design, so the drawing of a potato digger for these devices differs in features

A vibratory potato digger is also recommended for the motoblock “Cascade”, but because of the more massive wheels, the harvesting device may have different parameters from similar equipment.

Often, when making a vibratory digger for the “Cascade” motoblock, changes are made in the location of the plowshares and the size of the wheels

How to make a screen potato digger with an autonomous engine with your own hands

Rumble potato digger can also be made on a mini-tractor T-25. This makes it possible to fully mechanize harvesting: the driving force is the tractor’s internal combustion engine (ICE). To create the construction, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • steel sheet of thickness of 5 mm
  • a wire with a diameter of 8 mm
  • metal angle;
  • wrenches;
  • bolts;
  • wheels;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • grinder;
  • sledgehammer.

Instructions on how to develop a screen potato harvester for a mini-tractor are as follows:

  • Draw a plan and transfer it to sheet metal and metal profile.
  • Cut out the frame (frame base) and weld it.
  • At the bottom make stand welded (wheels will be mounted on it).
  • From below, weld the holders for suspension of the screen with hinges.
  • Attach brackets to the frame to mount the gearbox and vibration generating mechanisms.
  • Weld the screen from the rods. Hang it on the frame also with hinges.
  • Fix the vibration generating equipment to the gearbox, connected to the screen.
  • Cut and bend with a sledgehammer to create the steel blade.
  • Fasten the ploughshare to the lower part of the frame and the sifter with the joints.
  • The last step is to attach the wheels and test the device.

Attention! Before starting work, check the structure once again and tighten the bolts with standard wrenches. The rubbing surfaces are treated with grease (periodically, this same procedure should be repeated 1-2 times per season).

What is a potato digger and what is it for

During the harvesting of large agricultural enterprises use serious agrotechnics. On small farms, a single-axle tractor is most commonly used, which is connected to the tractor with trailed or hitched equipment.

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The potato digger has a simple design, but it can make harvesting a lot faster and easier.

device description

Potato harvester for power tillers is an attachment designed for harvesting. The device is attached directly to the machine or with a coupling.

The teeth of the potato digger deepen into the ground, extracting the potatoes, which are then harvested by hand.

What it is used for

If you compare the use of a digger with a completely manual harvest, the device speeds up and simplifies the process several times. The equipment allows you to process a relatively large area of land in a short time.

What are the existing potato harvesters for power tillers

Depending on the design, diggers are subdivided into such types:

Vibrating potato diggers

The fan is so called because it has rods in the form of a fan. The main part of the mechanism resembles a plough, from which these rods depart. The principle of the fan digger is simple: the plow goes into the ground, while the power harvester is moving, the potatoes rise along the rods from the soil. The main advantages of this design are low cost and ease of fabrication. Among the disadvantages are the inability to use on hard soils.

The screen potato digger has a more complicated design. It has additional wheels and support points. It also has a grid which is at an angle to the surface of the earth. The grate is designed to remove excess soil. Main disadvantage. relatively low productivity.

Drum potato digger. a relatively complex mechanism that greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of collecting tubers. The plow deepens into the soil, the potato falls on the grid, after which it is sent to the rotating drum. There, the tubers are further cleaned from the soil and then put into the box.

The main feature of the conveyor potato digger is the presence of 2 main assemblies. It consists of a transporter, which moves the potatoes, and a ploughshare, which lifts the layer of soil.

Conveyor digger consists of a bucket, in the center of which there is a conveyor belt. Bucket lifts the potatoes together with the soil, after which they fall onto the strip. There, the tubers are cleaned of residual soil and placed on the ground surface. The main advantage of the conveyor-type device is the ability to process several rows at the same time.

What are the types of conveyor shovels

The equipment for a power tiller differs in design, size, width of the working strip and other criteria. But often potato diggers are subdivided based on their principle of operation.

Transporter potato harvesters for power tillers are only active, because they have moving parts. The devices are connected by a shaft, gearbox, or belt.

Drum potato diggers

This is a fairly rare variant of equipment for mini machines, so it is mostly homemade. Clearing potatoes from the ground in such devices is quite qualitative, as well as laying it on the ground, but the design itself is quite controversial, and the tubers are more damaged than when digging the above potato diggers, and therefore worse preserved.

What’s easier about them is that they have a direct PTO drive. Everything else: making the drum, thrust rollers and bearings. is obviously more complicated. The design of the blade has no special features, except that it is better to have a more rounded shape in the back, so the potatoes are not additionally damaged when entering the drum.

Fan for the motorblade

The fan potato digger has several names. Also called lancet or paw shovel. Agricultural machinery manufacturers call this model “Dolphin” because of the characteristic shape of a plough (ploughshare). The machine is simple and easy to pull tubers out of the ground.

  • The digger is attached to the power tiller.
  • The blade loosens the ground with its sharp end.
  • Potatoes are extracted from the ground, fall onto the sloping surface of the ploughshare and are pushed onto the metal bars.
  • The earth is separated from the tubers and plowed through the bars.
  • The potatoes, moving up through the raised bars, fall to the ground, where they can be collected.

Fan digging allows for sparse and low weeds in the field. Mow the potato haulm before harvesting.

Planting Potatoes with Tiller / Walk behind Tractor

Making a fan version with our own hands

You’ll need an angle grinder, a welder, a drill and metal drills, screws. Materials will also be needed:

  • Sheet steel with a thickness of 3-4 mm for the manufacture of the blade (plowshares);
  • bolts with a diameter of 10-12 mm or more;
  • Rectangular steel profile or thick steel plate for making the rack-holder and bracket.
  • Round steel bars or rebar (not corrugated) with diameter of 8-10 mm.

You will also need a tape measure, and a pencil for metal drawing. Order of work for making a fan potato digger

  • Drill two holes in the middle part of the ploughshare for attachment to the stand.
  • To the extended part of the blade (left and right of the convex part) pieces of steel bars are welded (so that they diverge up and to the sides “fan”). The rod length is 47-50 cm. Sometimes bars are bent into a marching step.
  • A support stand is attached to the ploughshare by bolts. The height of the stand depends on the design of the power tiller. You can weld the stand bracket directly to the plow without using bolts.
  • A bracket with pre-drilled holes is welded to the top of the stand (to connect the potato harvester to the tiller).
  • To make the structure stronger, the lower part of the blade that is directed to the ground, is reinforced by a welded metal strip.

The advantage of fan spudder compared to other devices is its reliability. This machine can be used for more than one year. It has no rotating parts, which break down under heavy loads. Digging up potatoes quickly and efficiently.

The disadvantages of this unit are the small width of dug up strip (20-25 cm), because of which the loss of crops reaches 20%. Fan potato harvester blades damage some of the tubers, making them unsuitable for long-term storage and sale.

How to make a potato harvester for the motor-blade Neva with your own hands

It is possible to make a potato harvester for a power tiller with your own hands. For more complex models, you need the appropriate experience, but the fan potato harvester with their own hands can be constructed without any special skills.

The homemade machine is ideal for countryside work and for potato harvesting in the fields. Besides, making a construction by yourself, you can adjust the parts to the soil and the physical characteristics of the owner. the strength, height, etc. In addition, the financial cost of materials is less than what you would pay for a ready-made model from the store.

Top. the best potato diggers for your power tiller


Wirax is an Italian-made conveyor-type digger. The technique is equipped with two conveyor belts. Suitable for small tractors with engine power from 20-35 liters.с. The Wirax can work on ground with a slope of up to 6 degrees.

potato, harvester, power, tiller, minitractor

The model consists of one eccentric, ploughshare and screening grid. This is a vibratory model suitable for minitractors and power tillers with 16 liters or more.с. The impressive weight of the 4UD-1 potato plough allows you to dig deep into the soil up to 25 cm. It weighs about 40 kg. The productivity of the digger varies from 0,2 to 0,35 ha/h.

  • high cost;
  • small ground grip. 20 cm. in width;
  • low performance;
  • Not suitable for large areas.

This small-sized equipment is designed for small-scale farming. Combined with the Agro power tiller via gear box, sold with the shovel. The digger is based on turning pulleys, pipes, plowshares and shrouds. KK-1 is able to dig 100 meters in 2 minutes.

Production brand “Neva” KKM-1. vibrating digger, compatible with power tillers “Salyut”, “Favorit”, etc.д. Designed for light to medium weight soils. Working speed of up to 2 km./ hour. Coverage of the working area. up to 37 cm., depth. 27 cm. Installation to the power tiller is done with the help of a pulley. Process takes 5-7 minutes. Fastened with three bolts. You may need to change the belt from time to time, but it is inexpensive. Before start-up it is important to grease bushings on the device. Weight is about 40 kg. The structure is based on ploughshare and screen. Plunging depth only 20 cm. the width of coverage. 38 cm. the speed is also 2 km./hour, with 0.2 ha/hour of cultivation. One noteworthy feature is the high sensitivity to the composition of the soil. It must have a hardness of less than 20kg./and be without stones.

Important! But there is an advantage: this model has the ability to adjust the depth of immersion into the soil, as well as the intensity of vibration and the number of engine revolutions.

  • the need to prepare the work site: removing the haulm and weeds;
  • The need to adjust the screen;
  • it is not adapted to work on a site with a slope;
  • high cost.

Designed for connection to medium-sized power tillers that have a keyed PTO. Conveyor-type device weighs about 50 kg with a working width of 45 cm. The depth can be adjusted manually (maximum 30 cm).

Advantages Disadvantages
Made of high-strength metal Rather high price. about 28,000
Has a long service life Not suitable for hard and wet soils
Roots are not damaged during harvesting
There is a possibility of manual operation by means of

NPD type 2

The model is designed for use in temperate climates. Brief description:

  • width. 320 mm;
  • length. 420 mm;
  • One hole in the rack;
  • Digging width. 32 cm;
  • The depth of the dig. 20 cm;
  • weighs 5.15 kg.

Patriot 490001130, without coupling

Motorized version designed for digging root crops. Used on light and medium soils. No hitch in the kit. Parameters: 550 x 445 mm. Can be purchased at any point of sale.

Patriot 490001130 potato digger, without couplingDisadvantages:

Patriot KB 550.445.5

Russian manufacturer offers a good quality product, which will be indispensable, transforming potatoes digging from manual to mechanized way. Used with Patriot power tillers. Sifts the soil and throws the tubers to the surface of the ground. Efficient device to preserve the appearance of marketable root crops. Used on light and medium soils.

Patriot KB 550 potato digger.445.5Advantages:

  • Low weight (5 kg);
  • is easy to operate;
  • effective;
  • sold in any specialized store;
  • long service life.

Potato diggers b/c of TYPE. 1 (Cascade, Neva, Kadvi, Celina)

This product is made by a Russian company. Weight. 5,25 kg, dimensions. 550 x 445 mm. Purpose: sifts the soil and throws the potatoes to the surface. Used in light and medium soils.

Potato diggers b/c of TYPE. 1 (Cascade, Neva, Kadvi, Tselina)Advantages:

MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Kaskad, b / c, KMBK 12.500

Potato equipment belongs to the category of duggers. Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 400 mm, weighs only 5.05 kg, legs 12 mm thick. Produced in Russia. Processing is carried out to a depth of 25. 30 cm. The main purpose. digging up root crops. There is no question where to buy it. Machines are waiting for their potential owners in all specialized stores.

potato harvester MB Oka, Forza, Neva, Kaskad, b / c, KMBK 12.500Advantages:

The unit is of vibrating type, able to combine perfectly with Chinese power tillers, as well as with Russian and Ukrainian ones. It can also work with power tillers of left-hand and right-hand pins. There is only one requirement for power tillers. the engine power of at least 6 liters.с. KVM-3 is designed for medium and light soil. But if there is a need to work with heavy soil, it is impossible to excel, because it is connected to a powerful additional knife. KVM-3 weighs about 39 kg., Speed of soil digging at moderate pace up to 1,5 km./hour. Grip width. up to 40 cm. The main advantage of the KVM-3 is the affordable price for this type of digging machines. Medium