How to remake a single axle tractor motor sich on a mini tractor

Drawings and assembly

To make a mini-tractor from a power tiller with engine with your own hands, you need to prepare in advance the drawings and assembly diagram. You can work on it yourself, but you must meet the main condition. there must be a balance to avoid unpleasant “surprises” in the work of the machine.

Creating a frame

To create a frame, you do not need a lot of material. In this case, if something is missing, you can use analogues. But the dimensions and properties should be similar. We are talking about:

  • Metal. it is necessary to prepare angles, channels and tuba square shape. For cladding you will need steel with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm;
  • swivel device;
  • wheels and axles;
  • bearings;
  • tape measure, weld, drill, angle grinder.

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Assembly is carried out only according to the scheme. no deviations from it are allowed.

Once all the elements have been connected, it is necessary to check whether the assembly has been carried out correctly. To do this, it is necessary to install the frame on a single-axle tractor. If everything is as it should be, you can continue to create the mini-tractor. If something has gone wrong, you need to fix it.

The kit for rebuilding

The above-mentioned differences somewhat complicate the conversion of power tillers into mini-tractors. A special conversion module comes to the rescue. Using it, you don’t have to look for single parts, you don’t have to think about how to make individual elements of the tractor.

Using the kit “KIT”, you can get three advantages, such as:

The peculiarity of “KIT” is the connection of the rudder through a worm-type reducer. And also for steering are used steering rods with standard tips.

The kit includes a drum-format braking system, driven by hydraulic fluid. The gas pedal is controlled manually and the brake/clutch complex is coordinated by the pedals. The designers of the conversion module made sure that the gearbox is oriented towards the chauffeur and is placed on the frame.

Attachments and trailing apparatus are attached by means of a separate fixture. The “KIT” set includes an attachment that allows you to install a lawnmower and a shovel (snow blade). It also includes the front wheels of the Zhigul.

It is also necessary to mention such details as:

  • frame;
  • seat base;
  • seat itself;
  • driver’s protection;
  • backrest;
  • fenders of the mini-tractor;
  • Levers locking and unlocking one of the half axles;
  • brake cylinder;
  • hydraulic tank;
  • drum and support disk.

The rear axle and auxiliary attachments, as well as the front wheels are not included in the “KIT”. The tools are individually matched to the vehicle.

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But in any case, the following are needed:

  • hammers;
  • power drills;
  • wrenches;
  • welding machine and electrodes for it;
  • angle grinder;
  • fasteners;
  • clamps;
  • angle piece;
  • drills for steel processing;
  • metal discs.

the choice of wheels is at your discretion. It is possible to use both automobile wheels and wheels mounted on a similar-format power tiller.

Of course, additionally purchased hardware can significantly increase this amount. Varying the set of auxiliary components, it is possible to change the total cost.

Agat mini tractor from Agat

Agat motor blocks are equipped with engines from different manufacturers with a capacity of 6.5 liters.с. (there are models with less power, the maximum power is 8 liters).с.). The main advantage of these models is the gearbox, which is the most reliable type of transmission. Units with a gear reducer run smoothly and are built for long-lasting use.

The relatively small power of Agat motorblock models suggests that the mini-tractor on its basis will be used for simple works. For example, for plowing the land, the power may not be enough. To use attachments or trailers, it is important to think through the design. If the additional devices will be heavy enough and attached to the back of the minitractor, the overall performance may fall, and the balance is disturbed. These tractors are best used with front-mounted attachments (snow clearing).

Creating a mini-tractor from a motor-block Agat is not difficult, it is enough to have the necessary materials and watch a few videos on the assembly of such structures, which are available for free.

Mounting the braking system and electrical equipment

Once the motor is installed, you have to deal with the braking system. You can use new brakes or use this component from a car.

Initially, according to the scheme, you need to determine the place where the brake pedal will appear in the homemade mini tractor. On it, you should install a mount for it and the main brake cylinder. After that, connect it to the brake drums, located on the front wheels, with hoses

But in order to make a home-made mini-tractor was full-fledged, it is necessary to connect electrical equipment, and display sensors on the dashboard. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the operator when driving the machine.

A mini-tractor from a power tiller: 4 variants of making it with your own hands

Many owners of power tillers do not once think about the modernization of their agricultural equipment. In fact, it is not very difficult to improve the available machine and turn it into a full-fledged mini-tractor. However, you will need to study the recommendations and follow the order of action. this will give you the opportunity to get an effective homemade mini-tractor, which will be able to solve absolutely all the tasks assigned to it.

A mini tractor from a power tiller: 4 variants of making it with your own hands

Many owners of power tillers have often thought of modernizing their farming equipment. In fact, to make a better available unit, and make a real minitractor out of it will not be a huge difficulty. But you will need to study the tips and follow the procedure. it will give you the opportunity to get an effective homemade mini-tractor, which will be able to fully solve all the tasks assigned to it.

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Operation and maintenance

Motor Sich power tillers are easy to assemble and use. Installation and maintenance must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. To do this, the unit comes with a manual, which describes in detail when to change parts, oil, how to fix the plow and fill fuel. Before the first start of the engine it is necessary to assemble the construction (there is a special scheme for this purpose), fix the differential, the bevel gear and fill to a specified level the oil with gasoline or diesel fuel (depending on the model of the engine).

Generally use SG, 30 API SF or SAE 10 W oil for the engine and TAD oil for the gearbox.Your first oil change should be done at least the first 25 hours of use.

All types of oil should be changed depending on the amount of work the machine does, usually every 50 to 100 hours of operation.

In addition, it is important to service and diagnose the engine once a season. Check that the gear lever is in neutral before starting the powerpack. Do not push or force the machine during operation. only drive and direct it. It is best to move off in first or second gear.

Allow unit to idle for at least 5 minutes before stopping. Then the fuel tap is closed. It is necessary to do it when the power tiller is operated at least for the first 25 hours. Then the gearbox and engine are adapted to the load. At the end of the season, the unit should be sent for winter storage: it is cleaned of dirt, drained of oil, gasoline and placed on a stand in a dry place.

If all the above recommendations are followed, the singleaxle tractor will serve reliably for a long time and will become an indispensable assistant in the household.

In addition, the correct choice of model will help increase service life. Simpler models can not withstand a heavy load.

Owners reviews

Reviews and feedback from owners of Motor Sich brand power tillers, which are left on specialized forums and the official website of the manufacturing plant, give an idea of the advantages and disadvantages of popular models.

For example, the MB-9DE diesel unit is praised for its power, efficiency, high productivity, and convenient and understandable operation. Due to its high weight (235 kg) the singleaxle tractor can easily cope with hard virgin soil without additional weights. With its help, the owners transport goods in a trailed cart over rough terrain weighing up to 1,000 kg.

Among the good reviews there are also negative ones, in which buyers note that this model of the MotorSich brand has disadvantages. The most significant disadvantage is considered the price of the Ukrainian agricultural machine (to buy the MB-9DE in dealerships on the territory offering for 110-120 thousand. rubles). In addition to the cost, the following problems arise during operation:

  • Cutters, included in the set, have an unfortunate design;
  • assembly errors, leading to serious failures (for example, strongly protruding fixing bolts of some parts);
  • Due to the large weight of the unit is inconvenient to transport;
  • In Russia there are difficulties with spare parts. they are expensive, and they are often not available at official dealers.
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Which is better: Motor Sich or MTZ Belarus

The most popular analogue of Motor Sich power tillers is MTZ self-propelled agricultural machinery. Some users prefer Ukrainian-made machines for working on farmland, while others buy crawler tractors from Belarus. To understand which firm unit is better to choose, let’s consider the similarities and differences of two heavy models. Motor Sich MB-13E and Belarus 09H-02.

  • Weight of the walking tractor. The Belarus unit 09H-02 weighs 176 kg, whereas the mass of MB-13E is 217 kg.
  • The engine on the two units is 13-horsepower, WEIMA brand.
  • The wheels of the models under consideration are the same characteristics. 6×12 with an aggressive tread pattern.
  • The number of gears on the Moto Sich as well as on MTZ. six (4. forward, 2. reverse). Gearshift levers are located between the handles. According to the users’ opinion, the Ukrainian unit has a better and smoother gear shifting. But, in terms of reliability and maintainability, the gearbox of the Belarus machine wins.
  • Control elements of the power tillers are very similar, with one exception. on the MTZ clutch lever there is an additional fuse lever, which serves as a circuit breaker for greater safety in case of overload.
  • ). In addition, in the case of the Ukrainian unit, there are problems with the supply of attachments (eg, for an active milling Motor Sich need to buy a chain reducer, because without it the single axle tractor is strongly rammed up and glows. is an additional cost to the farmer, plus the already expensive attachments).


You can easily create a mini tractor from a power tiller from different manufacturers (for example from a power tiller Proab). So, if you have Agro equipment, you should manufacture the tractor according to the following instructions. To make it you will need:

  • Single axle tractor Agro
  • Steel plates and profiles
  • Car seat
  • A steering wheel from any model car
  • One or two pairs of wheels can be swapped all or leave one “native”.

Минитрактор из мотоблока МТЗ (мотор-сич)ч-1ая.

In general, this “formula” is suitable for power tillers of any manufacturer, because there is little difference in parts for making.