How to Remove a Bosch Rotac Lawn Mower Shaft

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Not always a powerful gasoline unit is needed to trim a small area in front of a country house on an even basis, moreover, most often the use of a gasoline lawn mower in such conditions is a waste of money. If you have no problems with electricity in your house, and there is no desire to carry a heavy piece of iron, smelling of gasoline, think about alternative options.

How to Remove a Bosch Rotac Lawn Mower Shaft

Offers from Bosch

The Bosch electric lawnmower by default will be a high-quality and reliable unit capable of cutting grass equally effectively for a long time, if only because Bosch is a global manufacturer of all kinds of electrical systems. In the lawn mower market, Bosch offers the following options:

  • Lawnmower with electric motor, powered by a household network;
  • Battery model with replaceable batteries;
  • A lawn mower with a built-in battery and the ability to work from an electrical outlet.

To tidy up the vegetation in a small garden area, Bosch small-sized lawn mowers with a small grip of mowed grass are good, light and quiet. Ideal for these criteria are cordless lawn mowers with high capacity lithium batteries. In this case, one set of batteries can be put on charge, and the next work as a lawn mower.

Such a scheme, proposed by Bosch, has one small drawback. The cost of one additional set of Bosch batteries will cost slightly less than the Rotak 32LI cordless lawn mower itself.

Possibilities of rechargeable “Rotak 32LI”

Using battery powered lawn mowers is still a rather unusual way of mowing grass on the lawn. The lawnmower uses batteries with a charge voltage of 36 V. A full charge is enough to mow a section of 30×10 m 2, after which the batteries will have to be sent for charging and wait another 1-1.5 hours.

Electric Lawn Mower “Rotak 32”

This version of the lawn mower is the most affordable and easiest tool for mowing grass in the yard or on the front lawn. The Bosch Lawnmower Model Rotak 32 will be able to cut or mow grass where it is usually done with a hand tool.

The mower is equipped with an electric motor of 1.2 kW, it is enough to cut even dry, thick rhizomes near the soil. Bosch engineers did not use the direct landing of rotor knives, but used a downshift, which made it possible to use a light high-speed engine and protect the motor shaft from critical loads. In addition to mechanical protection, the Bosch Lawn Mower has built-in protection against overheating and wiring short circuits.

In the design of this model, Bosch specialists use a large amount of high-strength plastic, so the weight of the mower 6.8 kg turned out to be very small, even in comparison with the standards adopted for electric mowers. The green color of the case and plastic as a material were not chosen by chance. According to the company, plastic has absolute resistance to grass, grass juice, scratches and bumps of small stones, and the green color masks juice stains well.

The model is equipped with a small rigid container for collecting the remains of mowed grass. A volume of 31 dm 3 is enough to collect scraps for 15-20 minutes. Despite its miniature size, the mower has adjustments to the cutting height, however, adjustments have to be made in a slightly unusual way: to reduce or increase the cutting height, it is necessary to rearrange each axis to one of the fixed positions.

Bosch specialists installed two handles in the construction of the unit. Using the first one, you can disconnect the container and transfer it to the place of ejection of grass, using the handle on the body of the mower, you can carry even a physically untrained person.

Rotak 32 controls are standard. To bring the mower into action, it is necessary to drown the button on the panel of the left handle of the handle and press and hold the lever. If the mower breaks out of the hands, the lever will fall into place and the machine will be de-energized.

The disadvantages of the product include a short cord, so when buying it will be correct to purchase also a reel network extension cord, the wire cross section is at least 1 mm


Bosch cordless mowers are currently in the lead, not least thanks to special tools for quickly charging the battery.

Device, specifications, principle of operation, photo and

The Bosch Rotak 34 electric lawn mower is a lightweight special device for uniform lawn processing when mowing grass of a given height, powered by an environmentally friendly and virtually silent electric motor connected to the network or (in versions) to a battery power source.

Electric lawn mower Bosch Rotak 34

The manufacturer of this model is the German brand Bosch, a world leader in the production of diverse appliances for domestic and professional use. His lawn mowers do not lag behind the level set by the company. As always, this is high quality, wear resistance, high productivity and ease of use.

Purpose and features

Bosch Rotak 34 is designed for mowing in various conditions with the issuance of consistently high results.

For the battery model are possible:

  • Grass cutting both on regularly cultivated lawns and in wild areas. The powerful device is adapted to work even with tall and wet grass.
  • Processing in one pass of a strip 34 cm wide.
  • Performing different cutting heights, depending on the needs of the user. 10 levels from 2 to 7 cm.
  • Complete cleaning of grass from the site. The spent green mass is collected in a special box-drive with a capacity of 40 liters.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the device are power and high maneuverability, achieved due to the design thought out to the smallest detail. This lawn mower allows you to perform large volumes of work in a short time with easy maintenance. Convenient operation, free movement and completely safe operation:

    The proprietary high-revving engine gives great speed to the movement of the working tool, which allows you to cover complex overgrown areas that are inaccessible to other similar devices.

Important! The disadvantage of this device is its dependence on the power source. The power cable may be inconvenient in many areas, and a discharged battery will require time for a new charge. Compensation for this problem can be the cleanliness and noiselessness of the lawn mower, which you can use at any time without complaints from neighbors and without harm to health, plants, your own hearing.


The main structural elements of the Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower are wheel drive, control handles, powertrain, cutting system and storage box. Joint and coordinated work of each of these nodes gives the device mobility and efficiency of operations.

This is facilitated by the following features of the assembly elements:

  • Bosch’s own engine with an installed power of 1300 W, which transfers the cutting working system to a high torque of 20 Nm in low gear.
  • Installed overheating protection also limits the supply of current during power surges, thereby increasing the service life of the motor.
  • The rotary cutting system is equipped with a central adjustment of the knife position by means of a single lever, and not by adjusting the position of all wheels, as is done with other similar mowers.
  • The ergonomic shockproof housing together with the design features of the cutting apparatus (the use of special guides) allows for the most clean cut near walls and borders.
  • The adjustable handles of the Ergoflex system allow you to adjust their position in the most convenient way for you.

Principle of operation

The drive to this mower is installed only on the action of the working equipment, and the wheeled chassis serves for convenient movement by the operator. The overall action is quite simple, similar to other rotary lawn mowers:

  1. The engine drives a tool with blades.
  2. The high-speed rotation of the knife repeats the work of a manual scythe. A horizontal cut of grass.
  3. Herbal mass is poured into the back of the machine, where it accumulates in a special box.
  4. After work, the filled box is freed from grass in a convenient place for this.


The basic Bosch Rotak 34 lawnmower is electric, with power cable.

It is usually equipped with an extension cord equipped with a break-proof molded socket and plug, through which it is also possible to connect other electrical appliances with power up to 1300 watts.

Technical Specifications of Electric Lawn Mower:


Bosch offers a range of rotary lawn mowers with different grip widths as reflected in their marking index. Of these, the 34-centimeter Bosch Rotak 34 model can be performed in two different versions, the second of which is the rechargeable Bosch Rotak 34 li with the same set of performance indicators.

Bosch Rotak 34 li differs from the base model:

  • Replacing the power cable with a mobile battery version;
  • Due to this increase, the total mass of the unit is up to 12.5 kg;
  • By changing the supply voltage up to 36 V;
  • By installing, instead of protecting the engine from overheating, the sensor the amount of remaining charge with the indicator.

review of the Bosch Rotak 34 lawn mower:

Modifications, specifications, photos ands

The green lawn near the house will not grow on its own. Care is needed. An electric lawn mower from Germany Bosch Rotak 40 will help to make it cute and neat, with evenly trimmed grass. And she works quietly, without interfering with neighbors and household.

Electric lawn mower Bosch Rotak 40

Everyone knows Bosch. Its power tools and appliances are found in almost every home. Products manufactured by Bosch are distinguished by German quality factor, reliability and good service life. The company’s plants are located all over the world: both in Europe and in Asian countries, Russia and China. Regardless of the place of manufacture, all products pass strict quality control. The brand must be kept.

A series of electric lawnmowers “Rotak”, as the name implies, has a rotary type.

The numbers after the series name indicate the maximum cutting width of the grass. In our model, it is 40 centimeters. This is enough for a quick mowing of the lawn. By the way, compared with the trimmer, this time is halved. Lightweight (a little over 13 kilograms) the car moves on four wheels.

Convenient handles prevent the pigtail from getting tired, and the presence of special side guides allows you to remove grass even near the curb, flowerbed or wall of the house. The grass is collected in a voluminous fifty-liter container, which can be removed if necessary. The presence of a container is simply luck for those who are allergic to mowed grass. And the work is simplified. No need to scrape with a rake.

Models are produced both with a power cord (they are able to work only in the immediate vicinity of the house or from a generator), and with a battery. The latter have a higher cost and have the prefix “LI” (Li-Ion).

Bosch Rotak 40 photo mowers

Purpose and features

The machine is designed to cut grass in areas near houses. The optimum processing area is up to 8 square meters. Thanks to the rotor design, even wet or damp grass can be cut. Air jets easily lift it. The mower copes with small woody (or shrubby) shoots. The cutting height can be adjusted in 10 positions. From 2 to 7 centimeters.

The Bosch Rotak 40 rotary lawnmower can also be used for mulching. This is when the grass container is removed, allowing the finely chopped grass mass to pour onto the ground. She falls sideways. Another feature of the lawn mower is the ability to pick up fallen leaves, which is very convenient in the fall. This is made possible by the LeafCollect function.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Light weight, folding, comfortable grip.
  • The presence of LeafCollect, which allows you to pick leaves.
  • Easy running rubberized wheels.
  • A motor with high speeds and high torque (thanks to Bosch Powerdrive Motor technology) makes it possible to cut grass of any height, quickly and accurately.
  • The presence of petals-guides on the sides of the deck allows you to mow close to walls and borders.
  • Large capacity for grass, as well as the ability to work without not (in mulching mode).


  • The steel from which the self-tapping screws are made is too soft, due to which the slots can quickly break. It is better to change these screws.
  • The engine is expensive, and if even a small part (for example, a plastic stand) fails, then it cannot be repaired.
  • The bearings of the engine do not have rubber seals, so they can fail under load. They simply wedge, as a result of which the expensive motor breaks. Craftsmen change bearings immediately to more reliable ones. Another way to save them is to change the rotary knife once a year or grind it regularly.
  • The grass tank clogs up quickly, especially when mowing grass above 10 centimeters. If the shoot is juicy, then the space under the knife often has to be cleaned.
  • The sloping mass (with the grass tank removed) is not thrown directly under the legs, but sideways. Because of this, you need to drive not directly, but in a circle or in zigzags.


On four wheels there is a frame holding an electric motor case, on whose shaft a rotary metal knife is mounted, as well as a removable grass container. A handle is attached to the middle part of the frame, on which there are a start lever and a fuse button. The motor is located in the front of the mower, in its casing there are ventilation slots. A grass catcher with a reflector at the top is located at the rear of the machine.

Lawn mower handleThe cutting height is adjusted using a special lever located on one of the sides of the unit. Also on both of these sides below there are red petal guides. They allow you to mow close to the fences. They are a rake combing through the grass.

Principle of operation

When the electric motor is turned on (with the start lever), the rotary knife begins to spin, and the air flow created by its blades raises the grass, which is crushed. The knife cuts this grass into small pieces, and then throws it into the grass catcher.

If the grass container is removed (for which the reflector is lowered down), then the crushed mass is poured directly onto the lawn.


Specifications for the Bosch Rotak 40 Electric Lawn Mower:


Bosch Rotak 40 has several modifications:

  1. Generation 4 (Gen4). This mower has a power of 1700 watts, which allows you to cope even with a very hard shoot. The weight of the car is lightweight. Only 12.6 kilograms. The cutoff height for this model is slightly less. Only six.
  2. Bosch Rotak 40 NEW. This model features particularly comfortable Ergoflex design handles. It allows you to maximize relieve muscle tension from the back and arms. These handles can be held both vertically and horizontally. In addition, they are coated with a special coating that prevents the palms from sliding. The weight of the unit is even less. Only 12.4 kilograms. Power, as in the previous modification, is 1.7 kilowatts. There are ten steps to adjust the cut.

review of the rotary electric lawn mower Bosch Rotak 40:

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An electric lawnmower is called a practical machine, which is characterized by mobility and high quality work. The presence of such equipment allows in a short period of time to tidy up the territory adjacent to the house. Unlike gasoline counterparts, the electric variation of lawn mowers is as simple as possible to operate and maintain.

Electric lawn mower Bosch Rotak 43

The Bosch Rotak 43 is a mower with an electric motor manufactured by the British division of the world famous company. Bosch Group of Companies is one of the largest manufacturers of household and municipal appliances. The company was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. At the initial stage, the company was engaged in the production of devices for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy. These elements were actively used in internal combustion engines.

Gradually, the range of products tended to expand. Along with this, the geography of the company increased. The company is engaged in the supply of manufactured equipment to various countries. In 1910, the first branch of the company was opened. Bosch plant began to operate in the city of Springfield (Massachusetts). By this time, the company was offering its customers a full range of electrical equipment, which was vital for automobiles of that time.

Today Bosch is a huge concern, which includes more than three hundred subsidiaries. The main office of the company is located in the city of Gerlingen (Germany).

Purpose and features

The practical and most convenient model allows you to put in order the land adjacent to the house as soon as possible. The presence of the drive facilitates work on inclined sections, while minimizing operator effort.

Bosch Rotak 43 is a large-capacity lawn mower that is well suited for small garden areas. Through its use, a lawn of different stiffness without trees and bushes. This technique is used to cut high-density grass. High performance is achieved due to the presence of a powerful power plant. The capacious grass catcher extends the operating time without having to stop for subsequent cleaning of the kit.

Strong and reliable wheels allow you to process areas containing bumps. The latter can be represented in the form of bumps, small tubercles or pits. The presence of innovative systems allows the Bosch Rotak 43 to easily cope with grass located in close proximity to the edge of the plot. This is also possible due to the high maneuverability of the unit. A powerful engine powered by a lithium-ion battery makes it easy to mow tall, wet grass.

Bosch Rotak 43 Photo Mowers

Advantages and disadvantages

The electric variation of the Bosch Rotak 43 lawnmower is well suited for treating large lawn areas. Efficient energy consumption makes such equipment as practical and economical to use. The minimum noise level eliminates the feeling of discomfort during operation, and small weight indicators facilitate the process of transporting the unit.

The presence of a unique Efficient Energy Management system increases the operational life of equipment by 15%. During operation, the mower releases a minimum amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The operator can easily control the mower with ergonomic handles with an adjustment option.

These handles can be folded if necessary, which greatly simplifies the storage of equipment. During operation, the operator can easily control the movement of the mower, so even long-term work will not be associated with great difficulties. With this equipment, you can easily mow grass on the slopes.

Despite all the advantages, it should be noted that the mowing radius of such a mower depends on the length of the wire. This moment somewhat limits the functional potential of the device. In addition, the operator should regularly ensure that during operation not to damage the cable that supplies power to the electric motor. In this scenario, some questions arise regarding the practicality of the model.


The Bosch Rotak 43 electric lawnmower has a four-wheel design. The body of the device is made using high-quality plastic with increased strength. Such material has good soundproofing potential. A cutting knife serving as the main functional element is parallel to the ground. When interacting with the bottom of the hull, it forms powerful air currents, which during operation draw the cut grass mass into the grass catcher. If necessary, you can stop the flow of grass by using a special damper.

The mower knife is attached to the motor shaft. It is also possible mounting through a coupling with which you can disconnect this element from the drive. The need for disconnection may arise when the knife collides with a stone or other solid object. If it is attached to the shaft too rigidly, this can lead to mechanical damage during mowing. In addition, a possible damage to the component of the power plant. A special knife fastening system minimizes the likelihood of failure in a collision with an obstacle.

Circuit lawn mower Rotak 43

Principle of operation

The ability to turn wheels around a vertical axis expands the functionality of the mower. During operation, the operator does not have to lift the unit in order to change the direction of movement. This option is most useful when mowing a complex lawn. The presence of wheels allows you to minimize pressure on the ground. Due to this, vegetation on the lawn is not injured when mowing.

A special role in mowing the lawn is given to the rotor, which simultaneously performs a large number of functions. Being at a constant distance from the soil surface, through its own rotation, he cuts the grass. Additionally, it serves as a kind of fan, which ensures the absorption of the mowed mass and its further transportation inside the grass catcher. The air flow is created due to the presence of blades on the surface of the rotor. If the grass catcher is completely filled, it is possible to remove and clean this element from mowed grass mass as easily as possible.

The knives themselves are made of high quality steel. When working, it is important to ensure that they are not too sharp, since during cutting, such knives will quickly become dull. The width of the mowed grass is determined by the length of this element.

If necessary, the operator can easily adjust the cutting height. This issue is resolved in various ways. One variation of machines in their design have special holes located at different heights. Under the condition of axis permutation, the cutting height changes. The option of using levers on each wheel is also possible.


The Bosch Rotak 43 electric lawnmower is equipped with a powerful 2.54-horsepower engine capable of generating 23 Nm. The height of the lawn mowing may vary depending on the characteristics of the site. The rotor system of the mower is presented in the form of a cutting knife. It is he who provides the mowing of grass.

The Bosch Rotak 43 model can be used to clean a lawn with an area not exceeding 600 m2. A capacious grass catcher (50 l) ensures a long and comfortable operation without the need to stop to clean it.

Special attention deserves the availability of the option of central adjustment of the height of the knife. It can take ten different positions. The special design of the unit facilitates mowing grass in close proximity to the walls.

Bosch Rotak 43 lawn mower specifications:

review of the Bosch Rotak 43 lawn mower:


The Bosch Rotak 43 electric lawnmower has several different modifications. The most popular of them are Li, New and Gen 4. Modification Bosch Rotak 43 Li has a battery version. In this case, we can talk about the return of high power with a minimum weight of the batteries. They differ in the absence of a memory effect and self-discharge during long-term storage. Structurally, such a lawn mower is distinguished by the ability to install two rechargeable batteries.

The Bosch Rotak 43 New model has a very powerful engine with a high speed and low gear.

The special ergonomic design and the special shape of the guides make it easy to mow the lawn near the walls.

Bosch Rotak 43 Gen 4 modification with Power Drive Li electric motor and efficient cooling system is equipped with the innovative LeafCollect system. Thanks to this, the quality of the haircut is significantly improved. Such a lawn mower can additionally collect fallen leaves.

review of the Bosch Rotak 43 li lawn mower:

Benefits of the Bosch Electric Lawn Mower

From time immemorial, people were worried about the question of how to quickly and without much difficulty tidy the lawn near their country house. That just did not use the summer residents, in order to be able to enjoy a beautiful and neat lawn, but, despite the effectiveness of this kind of activity, to achieve perfect beauty could only be achieved through the use of a significant amount of physical force.

But not today! Since the agricultural machinery market offers us a huge assortment of assistants who are able to quickly and efficiently make your hard work easier and more practical. And this technique is called. Lawn mowers. Probably, today there is no such equipment that would be “engaged” in lawn cleaning so efficiently and productively.

Undoubtedly, the number of models is simply amazing, but, unfortunately, not all lawn mowers answer, say, their cost in terms of practicality and functionality. Therefore, at the time of purchase, it is more advisable to start from the manufacturer. Since the name of the company can say a lot. Other helpful tips on which lawn mower to choose can be found in this article.

One of the most famous companies in the market for this technology is Bosch. Actually, we’ll talk about its products in this article. So let’s get started.

Bosch Company Information

As we already said, this manufacturer is one of the most famous companies and this is not surprising, since the quality of its equipment is known throughout the world. Over, almost every month, this company pleases its customers with new products, each of which has its own unique functionality, manufacturing technology, unique classic design, etc.

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Any technique has its flaws, which are better to familiarize yourself with in advance. Here //, we honestly talk about all the shortcomings of the Terrion 5280 tractor.

In fact, you can enumerate the positive aspects of this manufacturer for a long time, but you do not need to say a lot of words, but just work with its products at least once. Electric models are considered below, while here, we will talk about Bosch mechanical lawn mowers, the of which are much lower.

Every little thing, every detail is made unique and from high quality material. Each function was specially developed by the best engineers in the world.

Not surprisingly, Bosch products are so popular among consumers around the world. You say that this is an exaggeration? No way. You yourself will be convinced of the veracity of each word, as soon as you start the tool and see with your own eyes the effectiveness of its work.

Device Features

Bosch has for many years been manufacturing the best technology for working in areas both near the house and in significantly larger areas. Therefore it is not surprising that her products are in such high demand. Indeed, the main activity of the manufacturer is precisely the high quality and excellent performance of his mowers.

As for the device itself, first of all, what I would like to put an emphasis on before starting consideration of this topic is that there are such types of tools that work both on the engine and on electricity, as well as manual and self-propelled. In the first case, you simply need to direct and push the mechanism forward, and the mower will, as they say, do their job.

During direct mowing, the knives with which the device is equipped rotate by “grabbing” the grass and press it against the blade, which is stationary. It is located in the lower part of the device itself and their work is somewhat reminiscent of scissors, which each of us naturally encountered.

But you must remember that, despite the ease of working with it, it, like any mechanism, needs special care. Namely, you must immediately and compulsorily clean the mower after each operation, as well as make sure that the knives are not dull, otherwise just grind them again. But, if you are not a fan of cleaning procedures, we advise you to learn more about lawn mowers with the mulching function, because thanks to them, the process of cutting grass will become a waste-free task.

Important the advantage of such a tool of this particular manufacturer is its low cost, since it does not overestimate the price of its products, but, nevertheless, in quality it is not inferior to its counterparts. The most interesting thing is that this kind of device simply resembles an ordinary trolley that rides on two or four wheels, depending on the model, and has a knife that does not move and is actually located at the bottom of the mower. Click here and you will get the opportunity to get acquainted with other models of electric lawnmowers on wheels, which, perhaps, will suit you more.

It is worth noting that actually above this kind of knife there is a drum equipped with cutting knives, and which look like a kind of spiral. The drum itself is connected with special wheels, which in turn have several gears.

Lawn mower from the manufacturer

It is also important that the level of quality of the so-called “haircut” itself directly depends on exactly how many blades this or that model has. In addition, most of the mowers in this direction have four to five knives. The very essence of the work in the process of mowing the spindle is easily comparable to a conventional haircut with scissors.

This kind of device is simply indispensable in the field of work on lawns, because due to the fact that the mechanism has certain features that become a kind of “guarantor” of a gentle cut of grass, and also make it possible to produce an easy mowing at the highest level.

Naturally, not only the economic side is an advantage of this kind of technology, since the mowers of such models of this manufacturer are capable of causing minimal damage directly to the grass itself. Important is that in the process of proper mowing, such devices mow grass of any permissible height.

Options Bosch mowers on the.

And most importantly, after the cut, the stem itself does not begin to turn yellow, and the treated lawn itself has a magnificent view. The only drawback of this product is the noise level, therefore it is best to use headphones during operation. And now let’s actually get acquainted with the best models of mowers of this manufacturer.

User’s manual

First of all, you must remember that the mower itself is quite “demanding” regarding stones and solid debris, so when you move it in areas where there is no grass, you need to turn it off in order to minimize the possibility of damage, like its devices , and the knives themselves. This also applies to the moment when you move the unit to the place of work.

If you want the mower to be able to serve you for many years, then do not “drive” it, since the most optimal speed of the device is equal to the normal speed of a person walking quietly.

Over, it is important to note the fact that mowing should be done exclusively in the opposite direction of the slope, that is, you cannot mow from top to bottom or vice versa, only across.

In general, in order for the work to be carried out safely and efficiently, it is necessary to perform a mandatory check of the device, as well as its serviceability, before operation, and only then you can safely start mowing!

Advantages of the Rotak 320 gas mower:

  • Low power consumption;
  • High torque, providing reliable mowing of hard stands;
  • Low weight;
  • Thoughtful ergonomics and control system;
  • Convenient height adjustment of rotor knives;
  • The presence of a grass catcher.

The disadvantages of the model:

  • Low maintainability;
  • Limited resource of bearings soldered into a plastic housing;
  • Quick failure in conditions of high humidity and dust;
  • The requirement for regular cleaning of the air intakes and preliminary cleaning of the site from small debris.

Bosch Rotak 320 lawn mowers photo


The Bosch Rotak 320 electric lawnmower design is standard on non-self-propelled rotary lawnmowers. The outer casing is made of plastic and contains four wheels and a handle for moving during operation. During transportation, the retractable parts are folded, significantly reducing the size. Lawn mowers can be transported not only by car, but also by public transport.

Rotary knives are driven by an electric motor connected to a standard network (220 V). Two handles for transportation are integrated into the outside of the case, making it easy to move the mower through uneven areas. The knives are covered with a plastic deck, which reliably protects the worker from accidental contact with moving parts.

Principle of operation

Grass mowing is performed by rotating rotary knives. High torque allows you to not be limited to a standard lawn and successfully cut thin wood shoots and weeds.

The quality of work directly depends on the degree of filling the grass basket. With a large amount of waste, the evenness of the cut is broken, which leads to the need for more frequent emptying of the grass catcher.

The maximum working radius of the mower (from the source of electricity to the place of work) is 100 m. The cross-sectional area of ​​the extension cord for this distance should be at least 2.5 mm2. Wires with a cross section of 1 mm2 allow operation without overheating and a drop in power at a distance of no more than 40 m.


Specifications for the Bosch Rotak 320 Electric Lawn Mower: