How to Remove a Coil From a Patriot 555 Trimmer

How to Remove a Coil From a Patriot 555 Trimmer

Powerful. There were no problems with the engine. Good complete knife. Easy to configure weight distribution “for yourself”, the complete backpack belt contrary to expectations proved to be on the good side, strong.

-Collapsible bar, breaks into the pelvis;

-heavy, but the load is well distributed;

-knife. Just a piece of iron not sharpened.

) This is a modified model, which in itself is not bad.

) hard split shaft. Enters the trunk (ordinary car) across.

) easy start. It’s nice.

) knapsack belt included.

) the coil seems to be modified. It just works and there is no desire to trample it.

) of the entire assembly. To fasten two handles and a casing.

) add. Warranty with regular maintenance.

I expected more from a complete knife. Sharpening is prohibited by instructions, but apparently this is not enough for him.

The fishing line is complete. Sucks. Throw away immediately or attach drying to dry.

The rubber gasket in the bottle for the preparation of the mixture is not gas oil-resistant. Swollen, but does not pass the mixture.

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Instructions on the weather in Africa.

A heavy and powerful toy. But on two shoulders the weight is distributed normally. Shoulders are soft.

The mixture is critical! It’s worth a little oil. Vibration, power reduction and zhor. Pour oil into the syringe. 15 ml of oil per 600 ml of gasoline. Mixture 1:40. Both on the cooking can and on the lid of the tank it says so. At first I tried to prepare a risk mix in a jar. Got hemorrhoids and hands from vibration “needles pricked”. There was a syringe at hand and the next “dose” did for sure. Everything, there is no vibration.

The line immediately change to asterisk 2.4 and everything will be in ruin. Dead wood, thick stems. Tall grass falls and scrolls around the coil.

There the rings (or flanges. It doesn’t matter) under the reel / knife are generally not according to the instructions. But everything is assembled initially and it seems logical. Who is far from technology. Ask sellers how to put the reel and knife.

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The gearbox and shaft were lubricated. Do not heat up.
Squinted in the evening. 1.5 hours, well, the plastic engine cover is a little warm.

And to the heap:- only 0.5 horses weaker than the PT 555, but that one has a non-folding bar.
– 600 rubles was more expensive than the ancestor of PT 4355, but a hard shaft and an easy start are worth it.