How to Remove a Knife From a Bosch Electric Lawn Mower

How to Remove a Knife From a Bosch Electric Lawn Mower

The green lawn near the house will not grow on its own. Care is needed. An electric lawn mower from Germany Bosch Rotak 40 will help to make it cute and neat, with evenly trimmed grass. And she works quietly, without interfering with neighbors and household.

Electric lawn mower Bosch Rotak 40

Everyone knows Bosch. Its power tools and appliances are found in almost every home. Products manufactured by Bosch are distinguished by German quality factor, reliability and good service life. The company’s plants are located all over the world: both in Europe and in Asian countries, Russia and China. Regardless of the place of manufacture, all products pass strict quality control. The brand must be kept.

A series of electric lawnmowers “Rotak”, as the name implies, has a rotary type.

Convenient handles prevent the pigtail from getting tired, and the presence of special side guides allows you to remove grass even near the curb, flowerbed or wall of the house. The grass is collected in a voluminous fifty-liter container, which can be removed if necessary. The presence of a container is simply luck for those who are allergic to mowed grass. And the work is simplified. No need to scrape with a rake.

Models are produced both with a power cord (they are able to work only in the immediate vicinity of the house or from a generator), and with a battery. The latter have a higher cost and have the prefix “LI” (Li-Ion).Bosch Rotak 40 photo mowers

Purpose and features

The machine is designed to cut grass in areas near houses. The optimum processing area is up to 8 square meters. Thanks to the rotor design, even wet or damp grass can be cut. Air jets easily lift it. The mower copes with small woody (or shrubby) shoots. The cutting height can be adjusted in 10 positions. From 2 to 7 centimeters.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Light weight, folding, comfortable grip.
  • The presence of LeafCollect, which allows you to pick leaves.
  • Easy running rubberized wheels.
  • A motor with high speeds and high torque (thanks to Bosch Powerdrive Motor technology) makes it possible to cut grass of any height, quickly and accurately.
  • The presence of petals-guides on the sides of the deck allows you to mow close to walls and borders.
  • Large capacity for grass, as well as the ability to work without not (in mulching mode).


  • The steel from which the self-tapping screws are made is too soft, due to which the slots can quickly break. It is better to change these screws.
  • The engine is expensive, and if even a small part (for example, a plastic stand) fails, then it cannot be repaired.
  • The bearings of the engine do not have rubber seals, so they can fail under load. They simply wedge, as a result of which the expensive motor breaks. Craftsmen change bearings immediately to more reliable ones. Another way to save them is to change the rotary knife once a year or grind it regularly.
  • The grass tank clogs up quickly, especially when mowing grass above 10 centimeters. If the shoot is juicy, then the space under the knife often has to be cleaned.
  • The sloping mass (with the grass tank removed) is not thrown directly under the legs, but sideways. Because of this, you need to drive not directly, but in a circle or in zigzags.


On four wheels there is a frame holding an electric motor case, on whose shaft a rotary metal knife is mounted, as well as a removable grass container. A handle is attached to the middle part of the frame, on which there are a start lever and a fuse button. The motor is located in the front of the mower, in its casing there are ventilation slots. A grass catcher with a reflector at the top is located at the rear of the machine.Lawn mower handle The cutting height is adjusted using a special lever located on one of the sides of the unit. Also on both of these sides below there are red petal guides. They allow you to mow close to the fences. They are a rake combing through the grass.

Principle of operation

When the electric motor is turned on (with the start lever), the rotary knife begins to spin, and the air flow created by its blades raises the grass, which is crushed. The knife cuts this grass into small pieces, and then throws it into the grass catcher.