How to Remove an Electric Motor from a Makita Lawn Mower

Overview of Makita brand lawn mowers

We begin our review of Makita brand lawn mowers with information about the manufacturer, the Japanese company Makita, founded in 1915 by Masaburo Makita. The main activity of the company at that time was repair work on the restoration of electric motors and transformers. Since 1935, “Makita” has conquered the European market, and has also adjusted the supply of its products to the USSR.

How to Remove an Electric Motor from a Makita Lawn Mower

In 1958, Makita changed its profile and began producing hand-held power tools. 1962 was a significant year for Makita Electric Works. The new Makita brand was introduced to the world community. In 1970, Makita representative offices and factories were founded in various countries of the world, and in 1991 the company acquired a new status and became a corporation.

Today the brand boasts the presence of more than 350 different types of power tools, as well as more than 4,500 items of accessories necessary for them.

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Among the entire list of equipment manufactured by the company, I would like to pay tribute to the Makita lawn mowers, which are distinguished by reliability, durability, excellent performance and high build quality.

The lineup

The manufacturer of equipment loves innovation, innovative approach and new solutions, therefore, the engineers of the company approached the creation of lawn mowers with all responsibility.

They created units that are convenient in various operating conditions:

  1. Mechanical. Do not need fuel, the drive from the wheels drives a cylindrical knife. The lawnmower operator has to work hard, however, these mowers are completely silent, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. In addition, this technique is notable for its low cost.
  2. Gasoline independent of power supply. Very productive and hardy units that can easily cover medium and large areas.
  3. Electric network, dependent on the location of the network. Compact and lightweight, environmentally friendly, designed for processing small areas. When working, it is important to ensure that the network cable does not fall under the knife.
  4. Electric cordless lawnmowers that can do work without being connected to a power source for about an hour. They are distinguished by their compactness, lightness, mobility.
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In addition, Makita lawn mowers have the following features:

  • This is a time-tested technique, long life without breakdowns is a reality.
  • Easy control technology, ergonomics during operation.
  • Available instruction manual.
  • Aesthetic appearance and compact dimensions.
  • These are multifunctional units operating at high power.
  • Lawn mowers are characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion, because all the components of the device are treated with special protective substances.
  • Large assortment of lawn mowers.

Let’s take a look at the home-made range of lawnmowers that the famous Makita brand offers us.

Electric models

The Makita range of electric lawnmowers is represented by the following modifications:

  • Makita ELM 3310
  • Makita ELM 3311
  • Makita ELM 3700
  • Makita ELM 3710
  • Makita ELM 3711
  • Makita ELM 3800
  • Makita ELM 4110
  • Makita ELM 4612
  • Makita ELM 4613

Makita ELM 3310

The weight of the lawn mower is 11.5 kg. Designed for lawn processing up to 400 m2. The body and grass catcher are made of durable plastics.

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Electric motor power 1.1 kW. The capacity of the grass catcher is designed for 27 l, the height of the bevel is adjustable in three positions from 2 to 5.5 cm. The handle is adjustable, disassembled.