How To Remove The Husqvarna Trimmer Head

How to replace the trimmer line?

Replacing the trimmer line with step-by-step instructions will allow even an inexperienced lawn mower owner to perform a rather difficult job.

However, before starting work on changing the line on the trimmer, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the work. In particular, measures should be taken to prevent unintentional or unintentional starting of the mower:

  • exclude spontaneous start,
  • remove battery (if applicable),
  • place the tool on a platform convenient for work.

It is convenient to work on changing the trimmer line when the mower is lying on the table, and the master who replaces the trimmer line has the ability to approach the tool from either side.

Installing a new line on the trimmer reel

Equipping the reel with a new line is carried out in the reverse order. The procedure looks something like the following, regardless of the lawn mower model:

removing the trimmer head cover

At the first stage of disassembly, the trimmer head cover is removed. In the example of Black and Decker trimmer models and others, to remove the cover, it is usually enough to apply some pressure to depress the locking latch that is located on the side of the head body.

On some models of lawn mowers, it is initially planned to dismantle the trimmer head, for which the hex key included in the tool kit is used. The head is usually held in place by two to three screws, which are accessed through the side holes of the rear decorative cover.

The head cover, where the line spool is installed, is usually held by a latch-tongue. It is enough to squeeze the latch tab with some effort and turn the cover slightly, after which the cover can be easily removed

At the moment of squeezing the locking tab, you need to slightly turn and lift the trimmer head cover to remove the winding drum.

Replacing the trimmer line: step-by-step instructions for replacing the trimmer line

Trimmers (they are also lawn mowers) are actively used by modern society for the care of lawns and other similar objects of horticultural farms. The tool is noted for its high efficiency, despite the questionable quality of cutting grass (compared to the usual peasant scythe. earth and sky). The main advantage of trimmers (lawn mowers) is high productivity with low expenditure of physical forces of the operator. However, over time, the trimmer’s cutting element (nylon scaffold) wears out or gets damaged, making the trimmer a useless tool as a result. Hence, the task becomes urgent. how to replace the trimmer head and how to replace the trimmer head line? Let’s consider this process using the example of lawn mowers manufactured by “Black and Decker” and others.

Step two: remove the winding drum (spool) with line

The next step in the process is the removal of the winding drum with line from the inside of the head. You need to turn the head open side to see the line and spool. On the side of the head, find two grooves (eyes) through which the line is brought out.

Release the line from the holes by turning the drum. then carefully remove the coil from the head area. The winding drum on some models is spring-mounted. This point must be taken into account when performing the extraction operation.

The procedure for removing the trimmer spool with line from the inside of the head: 1. head assembled with spool; 2. extraction carefully with a small axial rotation; 3. extracted parts

The old line is completely removed from the reel. To remove the old trimmer line, you need to remove the wood from the locking loops and pull the free end. This method removes all the old winding. The same process is repeated on the second section of the drum. The master is recommended to use gloves when performing work.

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Step three: complete the head assembly

Pull out the ends of the line through a pair of oval spool slots. Replace both washers and the spring (if any) with the new parts supplied. Bend both ends of the line at right angles.

The final technical touch of the line change process on the trimmer is the application of the cap to the head, followed by fixation by pressing force and slight twisting.

Pass each end into the hole in the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head, resting on the spring. Put on the cover, align with the base and lightly press downwards with a small counterclockwise rotation, place the cover on the tabs of the latches. This completes the replacement procedure.

Step one: securing and laying

Fold the end of the line in half. Place a blank over the spool on each side of each half of the winding zone. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Pull the line through the loop.

The procedure for preparing the line engagement in the area of ​​both winding sections of the drum. The loops are placed in specially made cutouts, after which the line is wound in each zone

It is enough to pull the line tightly and put the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

What types of woods are there

A common type of line that fits virtually all reel types, round cords. How to remove the coil on the pgt-800 sbm trimmer. I can not. To ring but not the same as in the trimmer, the starter and the coil grind, on which. This is an ordinary fishing line, suitable for mowing juicy grass, but it will be much more difficult to mow dead wood with it, and even more so it will not cope with shrubs.

How to disassemble a coil

Before planning to repair a fishing reel with your own hands, you should worry about the availability of the necessary materials and tools. For these purposes, the angler will need a curly and flat screwdriver of small and medium size, round-nose pliers, tweezers, an awl, a brush with a soft and hard hair structure, an oil can, a piece of rags, as well as any kind of cleaning, alcohol-containing liquid and special mineral oil intended for lubricating rubbing device parts.

It is convenient to perform repair manipulations on a desk under a bright lamp with a white spectrum of light, on a white paper sheet, where small details and connecting elements of the product will be clearly visible.

Change from trimmer head to grass blade

How to replace, remove the cutter head of the BlackDecker GL716 Electric Trimmer

How to change, remove the mowing head of the BlackDecker GL716 electric trimmer for repair or replacement.

How to load the line into the trimmer?

So, we are faced with a task. correctly load the line into the trimmer. Let’s take a closer look at where to start its implementation and what pitfalls can await us in the process.

Step 1. choosing the line

Dismantling the line roller

After manipulating the parts and the body of the mechanism, we proceed to disassembling the line. It is not possible to build an unambiguous algorithm for dismantling the details of this element, due to significant differences in the design of the device in each version of the device. For the reliability of the work, it is recommended to make a step-by-step photographic recording of each operation being carried out, which today is an event quite accessible to a common man in the street, using a smartphone for these purposes.

Having recorded the disassembly process in photographs, after diagnosing and repairing the spinning reel, the angler can easily cope with its reassembly, without errors, bringing the product back to its original and workable form.

There are fishing lines with improved aerodynamics with corresponding dents, scales and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but it is used only on lawn mowers, since the exit of such a thread from the reel is difficult, it is used in most cases with discs into which segments are inserted. This video is about how to change the air filter on your Husqvarna trimmer (lawn mower). The disadvantage of such a product is its fragility.

remove, husqvarna, trimmer, head

Step 2. remove the coil from the trimmer

To perform this operation, the trimmer must be disconnected from the mains and turned over with the working head upward. The upcoming course of action depends on the trimmer model and the design of the coil itself:

  • for small trimmers with a lower engine position, press the buttons located at the edges of the coil and remove its upper part from the head;
  • on trimmers with a curved bar, we clamp the coil body with one hand, immediately turning counterclockwise the lamb located on the body;
  • for trimmers with a straight bar and a gearbox, insert a screwdriver into the hole located under the coil, and then turn the coil body counterclockwise.
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Spiral line feed

The feeding of the line in a spiral when casting lures is one of the most common problems in the operation of spinning devices, which is solved in a rather simple way, because the problem of incorrect operation lies in the clogging of the line guide roller. The essence of repairing a spinning reel when this problem occurs is to clean the line laying mechanism from dirt.

You will need to disassemble the line guide roller, following the recommendations presented in our article in the previous chapters, and remove visible blockages with a brush, followed by washing the parts. Having lubricated the assembly anew, it is sequentially assembled and the device is comfortably operated.

Assembling the head for a lawn hedge trimmer

Machines for processing lawns and other territories, along with impact heads, are supplied complete with brush cutters, which are actually circular metal saws. Brush cutters with 3, 8 or more cutting teeth are usually used.

To install a brush cutter for work, you will again need to remove the head of the scythe. Then the required tool for 3, 8 or more teeth is selected from the kit. Brush cutter discs are usually protected by a plastic guard in the blade area. The cover must be removed, after which the brush cutter disk is installed in place.

The sequence of the brushcutter installation: 1. installation of the saw on the axle; 2. leveling washer; 3. circular cutter clamping cup; 4. lock nut; 5. clamping hex key

The installation does not require any special work. It is enough to put the selected saw, the alignment washer and the ring cup on the axle, and then screw and tighten the lock nut.

Tightening the nut requires securing the drive shaft (discussed above) and using a hex wrench (included), which is also used to replace the motor plug. Generally, the nut is tightened counterclockwise (on most models).

Lawn trimmer (garden). maintenance

Regardless of the type of drive of the automated scythe, the cutting part of such a device is usually represented by the common design of the trimmer head. In general, the equipment can contain the following units and blocks as part of the structure:

  • main unit (petrol or electric drive),
  • operator handle,
  • trimmer head,
  • head with nylon cutting line (diameter 2.5 mm),
  • stock of nylon line (usually 2.5. 3 meters),
  • steel cutter brush cutter 3 teeth and 8 teeth.

Additionally, a set for a lawn (garden) trimmer, as a rule, includes working accessories. It also includes the necessary tools, as well as other components, the use of which requires operation and maintenance operations:

  • safety belt,
  • gloves,
  • face shield,
  • anti-noise headphones,
  • set of working tools,
  • spare spark plugs,
  • container for mixing oil.

When using a string trimmer for lawn or other, the engine will need to be refueled periodically. In addition, in the course of the production of chores. trimming grass and bushes, it may be necessary to change the working head of the hedge trimmer. Or changing the line on the trimmer in the striking head.

Winding nylon line onto the spool of the head

At the next stage of the operation, grasp the coil of the lawn trimmer head with the palm of your left hand, holding it in the position as shown in the picture below. With your other hand, put a loop of nylon line over the protrusion of the central edge that divides the winding area of ​​the reel into two sectors.

Laying nylon line in the trimmer, more precisely in the sectors of the reel. Loop version of material stop before winding. Some lawn (garden) trimmers have other options for the stop (attachment)

Wind both halves of nylon line evenly and firmly counterclockwise (or in the direction of the arrow marked on the spool body). Stretching. it is necessary to wind the slings without twisting one slings on the other. Winding ends when the remaining ends of the nylon line are approximately 150 mm long.

Then insert the spool back into the spindle and pass the remaining 150 mm ends of the nylon line into the spindle grooves specially provided for this purpose. Next, the spindle part of the assembly is pressed into the palm of the left hand and on the opposite side of the coil, the washer and the spring previously removed are installed in place.

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Assembly process. installation of a wound coil: 1. release of the remaining 150 mm ends of nylon line into special grooves of the spindle; 2. installation on the coil of previously removed elements

This completes the replacement of the line in the trimmer, the assembled module is installed on the drive part, as discussed above in the text. Meanwhile, many models of lawn (garden) trimmers are also supplied with brush cutters, the use of which also requires installation procedures.

How to change nylon line on a trimmer?

To fill the impact head of the lawn trimmer with nylon line for cutting grass, the impact head must first be removed from the drive shaft and disassembled.

The disassembly process is simple. There are visible grooves on the head body that actually indicate the lugs. In these places of the lid body, it is necessary to create a slight pressure, while pulling the lid.

The operation to disassemble the module body, where the nylon line is inserted, which acts as a cutting tool of the trimmer in the mode of cutting grass lawns

To insert new nylon line into the trimmer, you will need approximately 3 meters of material in each groove (6 meters in total) of the dedicated plastic spool. The coil is preliminarily removed from the spindle together with the spring and washer. Remains of previously loaded nylon line from the spool must be removed.

Next, take a previously purchased nylon line (diameter 2.5 mm), unwind 6 meters of product, cut off a measured piece. Fold the resulting trimmer line in half. The end of the nylon line forms a kind of loop at the half fold.

Lawn trimmer (garden): how to remove the head replace the line install the brush cutter

A household tool, which is a lawn (garden) trimmer, is marked in practice by its active use. Technically, this type of machine is considered a very familiar device. Traditionally, brushcutters and string mowers have been based on a standard combustion engine system. True, electric models are increasingly appearing on the market. However, consider the first option in terms of maintenance.

How to install and remove the string trimmer head?

A few simple steps are required to install the nylon line trimmer impact head (for cutting grass).

  • Unscrew the shaft stud locking nut (clockwise),
  • Remove the cup and clamping plate held by the nut.
  • Lock the shaft with the hex key (included).
  • Thread (counterclockwise) the nylon line trimmer head onto the shaft stud.
  • Remove the locking hex wrench.

The removed nut and clamping washer must be kept in a safe place, as these parts are not used if the impact head with line is installed on a lawn (garden) trimmer. However, these parts are needed to fasten cutters intended for cutting bushes.

Installation sequence. removal of the impact head with nylon line for cutting grass in household areas on a string trimmer

Accordingly, the removal of the working impact head of the trimmer with nylon line for lawn grass removal is performed in the reverse order.

The described operation of installing and removing the impact head of the trimmer with nylon line, in fact, requires consideration of another maintenance operation, due to which the line is replaced in the lawn (garden) trimmer.

How to properly fuel the trimmer motor?

The automated garden scythe promises good durability when used correctly, including refueling. A gasoline engine of such a device is not allowed to operate on pure gasoline. Before refueling, you need to prepare a working mixture of fuel. namely, mix unleaded gasoline with engine oil.

The working fuel tank included in the kit, as a rule, has marks on the body for the correct mixture: 1. level of unleaded gasoline; 2. engine oil levels depending on the ratio

Mixing unleaded gasoline with engine oil is required in the correct ratio. Therefore, many manufacturers of string and other gasoline trimmers mark working containers.

The user will only have to fill the mixing container with fresh unleaded gasoline in accordance with the fuel marker line. Then machine oil is added until the fuel mixture reaches the 40: 1 ratio mark (optimal for two-stroke engines).