How to remove the lock from a Bosch stove

The subtleties of unlocking cooktops from different manufacturers

Despite the wide range of household appliances, the option in question functions almost identically on different models. Therefore, regardless of whether you have purchased a hob Bosch, Candy, Siemens or other manufacturer, locking and unlocking is done in the same way.

Activating the child safety lock Press and hold the “Key” button until the display shows “CHILD PROTECTION ACTIVE” and the [Key] symbol. It takes about 4 seconds. The oven will no longer turn on. The settings cannot be changed.

Warning! If the function knob is in the “0” position for more than 2 seconds, the current setting is cancelled. Child safety lock remains active.

Oven cart lock You can change the default setting so that the oven cart is also locked. How to do this is explained in the “Basic Installation” chapter. If the child safety lock is activated during operation, the oven rack is blocked at temperatures above 50°C. The [Latchkey] symbol additionally appears on the display.

Unlock the lock Press and hold down the “key” button until the text and the symbol go out. The oven settings can then be changed again and the cart can be pulled out.

How to : Activate and Deactivate child lock on Bosch oven

Fault groups for hobs

Regardless of the type of heater, the basic breakdowns of the panels are similar. Your cooker hob needs repair if typical malfunctions are found.

Heating elements breakage

Mechanically damaged parts can be repaired. For halogen models, the heater needs to be replaced, while the induction winding is almost immune to failure.

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Failure of switching elements or conductors

Troubleshoot contacts, thyristor keys, relays, can be done in 1 day. Repair work is simple if you are familiar with the stove design and have the necessary skills.

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Electronic Schematics

If the user does not know how power supplies, controllers, generators and transformers work, it is better to entrust the repair to a master. A burned element should be removed and replaced with a new one.

Important! Before you begin, check for power, moisture on the panel, or dirt on the sensor unit. They can interfere with the sensitivity of the buttons.

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Unlocking after self-cleaning

Ovens with a self-cleaning function also have a locking system. This is done to increase safety, as cleaning is usually done under high temperatures. So it is necessary to protect owners from accidents, especially when there is a child in the house.

  • To start with, you have to wait until the oven has finished cleaning. In addition, the cabinet will lock until it has cooled to room temperature. Most ovens have a system that will not allow the door to be unlocked until the unit has cooled to a safe temperature. This ingenious system avoids improper operation.
  • To understand whether the oven has cooled down or not, you need to pay attention to the control panel screen. The illuminated icons for locking and cooling mean that the oven is still cooling. You have to wait for the heater to complete all necessary processes.
  • In the event of an urgent need to stop the self-cleaning, you can press the cancel button. However, the oven still needs to cool down.
  • Press and hold the “key” button for 3 to 6 seconds.
  • In most cases, if the temperature reaches 50°C, the hob automatically locks and the “Lock” sign also appears on its display.
  • Before unlocking the hob, you can simultaneously press the plus and minus buttons on the screen.

To activate it, you need to press a certain button on the appliance. for example, on the Neff T11B41X2 electric hob is a button with a key symbol, which must be held for 4 seconds. Unlocking is done in the same way.

  • Switch off the oven’s electrical supply.
  • Wait 10 minutes, then turn it back on. You can reset all the current settings in this way, but you have to set them all up again, including the clock
  • If the oven is not unlocked, call the service technician
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To cancel the childproof lock, press the “key” button. Hold it down until the key with the text on the display goes out. Then it is possible to change the settings as required and also to manipulate the cart.

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Try looking for the “key” button on the hob. This button must be responsible for locking the hob. Try to manipulate it (press and hold for a while) to unlock it. Or try pressing the plus and minus buttons at the same time and wait a few seconds.

Make sure that the electric cooktop is switched on. Press the childproof lock control button for 3 seconds, until a single acoustic signal is emitted and the “Lo” symbol disappears from the timer display, then the childproof lock will be deactivated.

To unlock the hob, you must press the “key” button and hold it so until the text indicating the safety function and the symbol on the indicator light are completely extinguished. You can try it this way: pull the plug out of the socket and then plug it back in.

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Press and hold the “Key” button until “CHILD PROTECTION ACTIVE” and the [Key] symbol appears on the display. This takes about 4 seconds. The oven will no longer turn on.

After connecting the hob to the power supply, the control panel is in locked state (the indicator light above the button is on). To unlock the control panel, press the button for 3 seconds. The indicator light goes out, enabling normal use of the hob.

To cancel the lock, press the “Key” button. Hold it down until the key and text on the display goes out. Then it is allowed to change the settings as required and to make any manipulations with the cart.

It is usually located on top of the oven. Press the “Panel lock“, “Lock” or “Lock control” button. Hold it down for three seconds. Wait for the acoustic signal, which indicates that the hob is unlocked.

How to unlock the Burning stove

Press and hold the clock sensor for 5 seconds to activate it. The display will show “Loc” for 5 seconds. Two options are possible: If the safety interlock is activated and no function other than the current time is set, the oven will not operate.