How to remove the lock on a Bosch induction hob

To unlock, press and hold the corresponding button on the touch panel or put the switch back. The cleaning pause function is started with a separate button. After activation, the touch control panel locks for 30 seconds.

Press and hold the WATCH sensor for 5 seconds to activate the lock. Loc illuminates on the display for 5 seconds. Indicating that the function parameters cannot be changed. To deactivate the lock, press and hold the LOCK button again for a few seconds.

After connecting the hob to the power supply, the control panel is in locked state (“Lo” appears on the display). To unlock the control panel, touch the “Dual/Triple Zone” and “Boiling” buttons simultaneously.

To connect such an electric stove to a single-phase 220V home mains you need:

  • put a jumper between terminals L1 and L2, L2 and L3,
  • connect the phase wire to L2. brown;
  • Leave a jumper between terminals N1 and N2;
  • connect the neutral conductor to N2. blue;

Bosche induction cooktop child safety lock stuck on

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Method 1 of 3: This is usually located on top of the oven. Press the “Panel Lock“, “Lock” or “Lock Control” button. Hold it down for three seconds. Wait for the buzzer to sound indicating that the oven is unlocked.

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Press the “Select” button until “SAFE” appears on the display. This indicates that the oven inhibit has been set After automatic shutdown, turn the oven off completely. Then it can be switched on again.

To unlock the hob, press the “key” button and hold it so until the text indicating the safety function and the symbol on the indicator light go out completely. You can try this: unplug the power cord and then plug it back in.

The LOC value on the oven display indicates that the oven is locked. If you have this icon illuminated. That means that you pressed it on the sensor by mistake. Release the power lock by pressing that symbol again. Cooking cabinet plug can be unplugged.

Press the “lock” and “0” buttons on both right burners at the same time. The startup lock and the electronic lock are also deactivated by turning off the power. Touch buttons are activated by lightly touching them, pressing for 6-10 seconds.

To unlock the hob:. Simultaneously press the “-” and “” sensors for the right front heating zone (left front heating zone for PVD 633) and then press again the “-” sensor for that heating zone. Cooktop unlocked.

Simultaneously pressing the “lock” and “0” buttons on both right burners; Simultaneously pressing the “automatic shutdown” and “StopGo function” buttons; Simultaneously pressing the “lock” and “0” buttons on both right burners. The start-up lock and electronic lock are also turned off when the power is turned off.

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To unlock the hob:. Press the “On” sensor./Off.”. L” appears on the display for all heating zones Simultaneously press the sensors “-” and “-” of the right front cooking zone (left front cooking zone for PVD 633), and then press again the sensor “-” for that cooking zone.

  • Using the hob (continued) Switching on the hob Press and hold your finger on the “Lock” touch button for approx
  • On / Off ” on the control panel.
  • On / Off “. The icon appears on the digital display.
  • On / Off ” must select the heating mode within 10 seconds.

Once the hob is connected to the power supply, the control panel is in locked state (Lo appears on the display). To unlock the control panel, touch the “Double/Triple Zone” and “Boil” buttons simultaneously.

  • Switch on the hob with the main switch “0”.
  • Press “hh” and “hh/” at the same time and keep them pressed for at least 2 seconds until you hear the beep.
  • Then touch the “h/” button again.
  • Make sure the induction surface is switched on.
  • Press and hold the lock button for a moment.
  • You can now use your induction hob Or log in via social networks Add file
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Groups of hob malfunctions

Regardless of the type of heater, the basic breakdowns for hobs are similar. Your cooktop needs repair when you find typical malfunctions.

Heater element failure

Mechanically damaged parts are repairable. Heater needs to be replaced for halogen models, but induction winding is almost immune to failure.

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Failure of switching elements or wiring

Troubleshoot contacts, thyristor keys, relays, can be fixed in 1 day. If you know the construction of the plate and have the appropriate skills, it is not difficult to repair it.

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Electronic circuits

If the user does not know how power supplies, controllers, generators and transformers work, it is better to entrust the repair to a master. The burned out element must be dismantled and replaced with a new one.

Important! Before you start, it is worth checking the power supply from the socket, moisture on the panel or dirt on the sensor unit. They can interfere with the sensitivity of the buttons.