How to remove the reel from a lawnmower. How to remove the spool and replace the line for the trimmer

Grass trimmer reel repair with their own hands: how to remove, disassemble, change the line for the trimmer, assemble and install back

In this article, we will describe in detail the procedure of how to remove the grass trimmer spool. The step-by-step instructions with the attached video will help the beginner and experienced user to remove the element of the system and clean it or replace it with a new one on their own. Before you remove the grass trimmer spool, it must necessarily be plugged. for gasoline models or turn off the power. for electric trimmers. We will demonstrate one traditional disassembly scheme, but different models of trimmers may have different ways of attaching the spool to the tool. With your own hands you can not only remove the old coil sample, but also replace it with a new one, if such a need arises. So, a step-by-step scenario:

  • Unplug the tool or turn off the engine (for chain saws).
  • Carefully remove the cap of the coil, which holds in place the coil spring.
  • We press the latches, symmetrically located on both sides, with one hand and carefully remove the lid with the other.
  • Look for the hole in the gearbox shell on the side or top and align it with the hole in the hub of the shaft.
  • Using a hexagon socket wrench or a metal rod. slip it through the gearbox hole, avoiding possible rotation of the shaft.
  • Remove the mowing bobbin, on which the line for the trimmer is wound.
  • In the back you will see a slightly sunk screw. It can be unscrewed with a Phillips-head or slotted screwdriver.
  • Hold the mowing head body with one hand and unscrew the screw counterclockwise with the other.
  • Slightly swinging. remove the mowing head. Even if it is a bit stuck, gently work a bit harder and, using the same rocking motion, remove it. Often the movement is in the clockwise direction, but there are also spools that unscrew in the other direction.
  • Reassembly is performed in the opposite order.

To carry out the removal of the bobbin is necessary in cases of its damage, the winding of the line (which is undesirable and indicates illiterate selection of tackle), as well as when you need to wind a new cord on a new spool or replace cutting tackle. The “KosiKosa” store will always offer you an inexpensive reel for grass trimmers.

Types of trimmer heads

Trimmer is a tool that is used to control vegetation on a garden plot or homestead territory. Mowing grass and making hay for cattle involves the use of gasoline or power tillers. Grass trimmers are equipped with various types of heads, which are used to cut the grass and other vegetation.

The heads are classified into three main types, which differ not only in design, but also in price, method of operation and service life. Consider all types of heads for trimmers, as well as their technical features.

Preparing to change

To make it clear, the mowing head (the bobbin) was removed from the brushcutter. To change the line there is no need to remove it, everything is done on the spot. It does not take much time.

Dismantle the grass trimmer bobbin. it is held in place by latches. Remove the cover by pushing on the latches. If the hands do not do it enough effort, then use a screwdriver.

The spool consists of the following:

Here’s how it works. When you press the button, the spool is pushed against the spring and comes out of the retaining grooves in the bobbin lid. Holding the reel in this state, you can twist it, thereby adjusting the length of the line. When the button is released, the body spring returns the reel to its original locked position.

How to tuck the fishing line into the grass trimmer spool

It takes about 10-15 min to wind up the line for the trimmer. What is a grass trimmer reel? Plastic body with a cassette inside, which has a special hook for convenient winding of fishing line. How to change the cord on how to disassemble the spool at the gasoline prinis znayomii string trimmer. Almost all trimmer reels have a similar attachment principle, it is a central screw-button, when you press it, there is an opportunity to pull out the line for the trimmer of the required length. How to remove the spool from a Huter grass trimmer on a grass trimmer video how to wind the fishing line for a trimmer on. How to remove the spool from the trimmer for grass, to disassemble the spool on the trimmer. The photo below shows several examples of different trimmer reels.

How to remove the DR Trimmer Cutting Head Assembly

Bobbins trimmers, the motor which is located near the ground, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool, located on the sides, which must be squeezed, otherwise the replacement thread is no different from other cassettes.

The principle of proper line winding is similar in all of the above cases, so let’s take the standard version with two tendrils as an example.

To remove the spool with the fishing line it is necessary to unscrew the screw, located in the center, but note, the thread is left, so you have to twist clockwise, it is done on purpose, so that during operation it was not opened under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and take out the spool, which is directly wound into a line for the trimmer. Measuring the required length and folded in half, you need to tuck the line for the trimmer into the spool, bringing, as a result, its ends opposite each other (for this there are special slots for fixing).

After that, you need to assemble the head in reverse order, passing the ends of the cord through the two corresponding holes.

If in doubt or not quite clear how to charge the line on the trimmer for grass we recommend to see how to correctly wind the line for the trimmer in the lawnmower. In this video clip in detail on the steps the instructor will open trimmer head, measure the required amount of fishing line, as a rule, it is from two to four meters, and will demonstrate the assembly and installation on the trimmer for grass.

Grass trimmer, whether it is gasoline or electric, is the only true solution for mowing grass in hard-to-reach places, with which the wheel mower can not cope. As a cutting tool in trimmers are used metal knives or a special line for trimmer, which is tucked into the grass trimmer spool. But, unfortunately, trimmer heads are often in a state of disrepair as they are used. Some faults can be repaired with your own hands, some require complete replacement of the mowing head.

Defects and troubleshooting

It goes without saying that trimmer owners encounter the following mowing head problems. In this case, they are most often caused by certain difficulties in pulling (lengthening) the cutting filament out of the reel. The most common causes of no line feed are line “jamming” between coils or line sticking.

No line feed

In these cases, the cause of the fault is that the cutting filament is not wound correctly. trimmer lines can be wound with insufficient tension, which causes the lines to cross over and entangle with each other. As the spool rotates, the cutting filament is drawn in by the centrifugal force produced, which in turn causes the free end of the line to be caught between the coils. To remedy this fault, you must remove the spool, disassemble it and rewind the line in such a way that the lines are evenly spaced and pressed together firmly.

If the line is sticking

The coils of line sticking together directly in the mowing head can be caused:

Tip! To prevent the line from sticking inside the mowing head, experts recommend applying a thin film of silicone grease to the line after inserting the line in the spool. In addition, it is better not to use fishing line for trimmers from unknown manufacturers.

If the user did not manage to avoid the adhesion of the line, then to repair the grass trimmer reel should be removed and replace the existing cord with a better quality.

If the string flow is too high

When using semi-automatic mowing heads, the user may find accelerated consumption of the cutting cord due to its spontaneous lengthening. As a rule, this happens because of the weakening of the spring set inside the bobbin. The problem can be solved by putting some washers under the spring.

If the bobbin does not spin

Failure of the semi-automatic grass trimmer reel can also be caused by frequent collision of its head with hard objects (dry branches, soil, stones, etc.).). In this situation the line is slightly stretched and then quickly retracted inside the reel. The excessive friction causes the filament to heat up, which can lead to coils sticking to one another. The string will need to be rewound to correct the defect.

If the line feeds in by itself

Self-lengthening of the line with subsequent cutting off of the line ends may be caused by incorrect assembly of the cutting head after changing the cutting filament. Often inexperienced users forget to insert the spring inside the head, which causes premature triggering of the line feed mechanism.

Dismantling the mowing head

Proceeding to the repair head trimmer for grass, the owner must protect themselves from injury when accidentally starting the engine, for which it is imperative to completely disconnect the electric garden tool or shut down the engine brushcutter. often than not the owner of a grass trimmer is faced with the need to replace the cutting filament. Start this process after removing the head from the shaft. Be careful when doing this to avoid damaging it.

Important! Gearbox shaft of the grass trimmer has a left-hand thread at the end, so the mowing head is unscrewed clockwise when removing.

Dismantle the spool in the following order:

  • after aligning the holes on the shaft and the washer, fix the mower shaft firmly using a screwdriver or a metal bar;
  • unscrew the main gear by turning the housing clockwise.

After removing the mowing head, proceed to its disassembly, for which you need to carefully open the cover, which is often fastened by specially provided plastic locks. To do this, squeeze the edges of the cover and at the same time sink into the body of the latch.

Attention! If the grass trimmer is equipped with a trimmer head semi-automatic type with a button at the bottom, then open it with extreme caution. when you remove the cover may fly out and lose the clamping spring.

loading the string in the bobbin

To charge the line for the trimmer correctly, you must act according to the instruction manual supplied with the trimmer. As a rule, carry out this operation as follows:

  • Cut the desired amount of cord and fold it in half;
  • The resulting loop is inserted into one of the specially provided grooves (holes) of the bobbin;
  • tensioning the line for the trimmer, several times turn the bobbin counterclockwise, with the coils of cord must be stacked tightly (one to another), not allowing overlapping;
  • having finished winding, leave the ends of the line free (about 20 cm), which are fixed in the grooves available on the sides of the bobbin;
  • Reassemble the machine and assemble it in the reverse order and put all the components (springs, washers, etc.) back in their original position.), and install the spool with the string in the body of the head;
  • let the free ends of the filament go through the lugs (holes), and then close the housing with the cover, which is fixed with snap fasteners.

This is the end of the mowing head filament charging. The reel is screwed on the shaft of the grass trimmer, preliminarily fixing it rigidly. How to do it, described above. Check the head’s function by mowing a small patch of grass.

Tip! In cases where the owner of the grass trimmer prefers to replace the failed head with a new one, experts recommend avoiding the purchase of cheap non-original coils brought from China.

Repair ‘Gardena electric grass trimmer (changing the spool)

The guaranteed output of the factory grass trimmer will inevitably require a change in the mowing line. With a very rough idea of how to insert the trimmer line into the grass trimmer spool on their own, beginners are reluctant to go into the business. But with some ability, mastering this simple science is not difficult, and instructions like the one below will make such a process much easier.

First of all, to wind the fishing line for the trimmer, you need to remove the spool (bobbin, spool) from the grass trimmer; certain actions will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

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Small electronic grass trimmers with a working motor position and spool at the bottom, you have side buttons on both sides of the bobbin. When pressed at the same time, the top of the bobbin, along with the inner m to wind the line, disengages, although the bottom.

The video is dedicated to the problem of changing the mowing line in grass trimmers, it will be interesting for all those who deal with such devices. A man in work clothes appears in front of the audience, who promises to immediately and at the same time detail the way of manipulation, necessary if you set out to change or wind the line for the trimmer.

Hero is attracted to how important it is to get a quality trimmer line first, then it will be reliable and last for a long time. Then the person points out how to easily remove the old trimmer fishing line, then he shows the very one he already has. Going to.

How to change, remove the BlackDecker GL716 electronic grass trimmer head when repairing, that is, changing.

How To Tips for Easy Restring of Weed Eater with 2 strings

BlackDecker GL716 electric grass trimmer was brought in for repair. On his example, we will show how to remove the head, trimmer head for grass, Kosilna head, in different sources called differently. If you set out to remove the grass trimmer head, it needs to be disassembled. To do this, you need to release the side latches, which are symmetrically located on both sides. We press two fingers there, with the other hand, gently shaking off the top cover. Take out the bobbin to wind the mowing line. We can see the screw is slightly deepened. Sprocket or flat socket. Holding the body of the Bobbin with one hand, unscrew the screw counterclockwise. Swinging from side to side, pulling the drum body of the Mowerhead only toward you. Now you understand how to change, remove.

Scaffold Winding Algorithm

Depending on the model of grass trimmer used, choose the type, thickness and length of the mowing line. The cord diameter can be from 1.2 to 4mm. It is not hard to guess that the thicker you tuck the cord, the stiffer and thicker you can cut it.

There are 3 ways to find out what diameter of fishing line you can use on your mower.

  • Refer to your device’s instruction manual for information about cord thickness.
  • Look at the coil itself. It can be marked with information about the possible diameters of the mowing line.
  • Insert the trimmer line into the socket. If it fits easily into it, you can use a cord of that diameter.
remove, reel, lawnmower, spool

The line for the trimmer is wound onto the spool located in the mowing head. So you have to open it first (this was discussed above). There are two ways to wind the cord.

First method

To correctly determine how many meters of fishing line you need for a particular spool, you need to wind it on the spool so that the spool does not exceed the diameter of the boards. If the trimmer line extends beyond the edges of the reel, you cannot insert it into the cover. Once you have decided on the length of the material, you need to load it into the spool, so do the following.

  • Fold the trimmer line in half, so that one end is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
  • Note that the spool is divided into 2 parts by the center side, which is where the charging begins. Find a recess on it and insert the cord, bent in half, with a little effort.
  • This is very important to determine which direction the trimmer line is wound to the spool. If you look carefully, you may find an arrow on the reel or a sign with an arrow indicating which direction to wind. There are cases where there is no arrow on the spool. In this situation, you can look at the drawn arrow on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction.
  • The winding should be done carefully, wrapped around the spool, with as much thread tension as possible.
  • After the cord is finished, you must first secure the short end of the mowing line by inserting it into the groove of the appropriate diameter on the side of the spool.
  • The other end, the genuine end, is mounted in the groove on the opposite side of the spool.
  • Once you have secured the line, cut the ends off, leaving an allowance of around 10 cm.
  • Next, the aged spool must be installed in the mowing head. To do this, insert and pull the thread into the output holes of the head, insert the spool into the housing, and then, applying the necessary force, pull the line for the trimmer from the fastening grooves and tighten it.
  • Now you can put on the cover and fasten it with the latches.

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The second way

Some spools provide a second way of securing the cord: instead of one folded in half, 2 pieces of thread can be loaded, the line for the trimmer is replaced according to the following algorithm.

  • Before replacing or loading new thread into the spool, determine how many meters are needed, as described above.
  • Bend one end of the cord into a hook.
  • Find a hole in the bottom of the spool to secure the line to the trimmer, and insert the end of the cord, bent into a loop.
  • You need to wind the cord according to the direction of the arrow until the desired level, not exceeding the diameter of the spool.
  • Do the same for the second jack of the spool.
  • Assembly of the head is no different from the method provided for threading the spool, considered with a double piece of fishing line.

For STIHL-brand motor braid There is a very easy and quick way to change a trimmer line without disassembling the mower, which you can see by watching this video.

The ends of the cord protruding from the holes in the body can be cut to the desired length when the part is installed in the trimmer. There are two ways to do this:

remove, reel, lawnmower, spool
  • Turning on the grass trimmer (while spinning, the ends of the fishing line will be cut around the blade attached to the protective cover for this purpose);
  • By trimming the excess ends with scissors so they don’t touch the body.

The second method is used if you need to put on a large diameter cord and the cutter can’t shorten it.

If the line is tucked into the mowing head, but the length of the protruding ends of the cord is not long enough, they must be lengthened before starting the machine. This applies to a head with a manual adjustment. However, there are cases where you use a semi-automatic mower, when due to the insufficient length of the protruding ends of the cord, they do not automatically lengthen. In this case, it is necessary to turn off the unit (it is absolutely necessary to pull the plug out of the socket on the electric device), manually press the button located at the bottom of the part, and pull out a little fishing line for the trimmer. After this procedure, the cord will be able to extend again due to the centrifugal force, if you set the maximum speed of the spindle.

Automatic line winding on a spool

there is a type of reel with an automatic mechanism that winds the line by itself, all you need to do is to insert the line correctly for your trimmer. the line for the trimmer is fed through the hole on the inner part of the body, its tendrils are pushed through the hole on the outer body without winding, the bobbin is assembled, and when the winding button is turned, the line for the trimmer is wound inside by itself. With such a bobbin it is impossible to make a winding incorrectly: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, because it can only spin in one direction.

Procedure for removing the grass trimmer’s mowing head.

The design and fastening of the working part of electrokos differ considerably from one manufacturer to another. But taking into account that in our markets there are a lot of copies of the recognizable brands, the described procedure may be suitable for owners of other portable garden equipment for lawn and grass care.

Tool for replacing the trimmer head.

To change, remove the mowing head from the tool, we will need a star-shaped nozzle, usually supplied, or a flat wide screwdriver. It is not possible to use a hexagon socket instead of a sprocket, because the tool slips on the sprocket edges on the screw.

Installing the mowing head on the grass trimmer Black & Decker.

Installing the mowing head on the grass trimmer is done in reverse order. when installing the screw, tighten it with a moderate amount of force.

I wish you a nice dacha season and that the garden equipment does not fail. I hope my advice on how to remove the mowing head on a trimmer BlackDecker GL716 saved you time and nerves.

Trimmer head with 2 spikes

After removing the bobbin from the body of the reel, determine the number of lines for reeling in (1 or 2). There is no fundamental difference between single groove and double groove spools, but negligent spooling into a twin groove can cause operational problems. Due to the possibility of intertwining of adjoining lines of the tool can be a situation where after the wear of the working tendrils is unreal to extract new ones.

Regardless of the number of spools, trimmer lines are available in lengths starting from 1.5 to 3 meters. Winding has to be done in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head, because winding with the motion of the head will not allow the line to be taken out of the bobbin. After the line for the trimmer is tucked into the grass trimmer reel the loose ends (15-30 cm) are threaded into the special holes. Then assemble the head in the reverse order of disassembly and check the function. Do not worry if the ends of the 2 tendrils are very different in size, because when starting the grass trimmer, the blade installed on the protection will cut the excessive.

remove, reel, lawnmower, spool

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