How to remove the saw on the duster. If the fuel is not the cause, the ignition system components are suspect?

Renault Duster saw burns out the saw does not turn on the four-wheel drive

This morning on the way to work, I noticed that AUTO and 4WD lock were not working, and the electronic systems malfunction light was on. Drove about a mile, stopped the engine, shut it off, started it up, everything works. It is not clear what kind of glitch, but it may be from the ice, yesterday was wet snow on the road, and at night the frost and froze everything.

Yes, the weather was bad, or rather, it was, but I do not understand why you drive a 2 WD? There’s no economy in it. Did you change modes on the move??

Drove on 2wd only in the summer, always AUTO, and today it went on 2wd by itself, and the switch was on AUTO.

It’s definitely a glitch, don’t worry about it and if it keeps on repeating, go to Autoworld.

It is clear that in case of repetition to the TD. I just think it’s something that’s frozen in, because when I started off it felt like the handbrake was frozen in. Maybe because of that the electronics disconnected the rear, and you noticed the dashboard only when you went to a crossroads and the front end was grinding a little.

No, not a gimmick. Here is a quote from the manual (pg. 2.12) “If the system detects a difference in the size of the front and rear wheels (e.g. insufficient tire pressure, excessive tire wear on one axle, etc.). п.), it automatically switches to 2WD mode”

And who checked it?? Honestly, I find it hard to believe.

I also once lit up. Stopped, shut off, restarted and that’s it. Flight is normal.

it’s funny, it’s actually the manual to the car

a similar case was in a nearby district, a party member was stolen there))) but seriously. I had a similar problem in the summer, the same glitch, then normal, in general in a circle.Here we play. We’re not playing here. here we wrap a herring (c).As a result: one day I could hardly start the car. problems in the battery, did not charge from the generator (((? in 1.5 months discharged to OD replaced the battery under warranty, the reason for the discharge was named: like the manufacturer has put a dead battery. “I don’t believe it!”But for three months now, no problems (spitfire 3r)

Well, it’s like the proverb says on the fence.

But try to see if it works in practice, and if not, then call and present to the manufacturer, you will be told that they apologize, and that this feature is not for your car, etc.e and t.п.

I totally forgot, the [-] transponder was not lit, the display had 2WD and this kind of squiggle [^v^v]

I think the computer has checked this. If the wheel speed is very different, on you 2WD.

On the Ukrainian forum on this subject is a lot of pages.Got some interesting thoughts.Read.

and not just in Ukrainian. IMHO the thing in the contacts (electrical clutch connector), on dusterclubs discussed and confirmed.

This statement? Without any evidence. it is unsubstantiated

Well, it’s like in the proverb, it’s written on the fence.

But try to check whether it works in practice, and if not, then call and present to the manufacturer, you will be told that they apologize, and that this feature is not for your car, etc.e and t.п.

Or maybe they sold you a Zhiguar and wrote Duster?

Address: Re: Gasoline consumption in Duster conducted, so to speak, the analysis of fuel consumption modes 2add and Auto for 12 days.The route is the same.12.5 km. 6 days on Auto, 6 days.2vd.To save you the trouble of numbers and calculations. I will tell you about final results. Mode 2WD: Average speed of 35.5 km / h, the average consumption of 9.97 l/100 km. Mode Auto: average speed of 34.3 km/h. average consumption. 9.93 l/100 km. I’ve drawn a conclusion: consumption in 2WD and AUTO.same. However, considering that in Auto mode, starting up and overclocking is more adequate (more confident), I will only drive in Auto, despite the speculation of Mr. Staskhyfe about the dangers of this mode.steplogan Guest

Address: Re: Gasoline consumption in Duster After reading the message Staskyfe that the expense in AUTO mode is more1.5 liters than in 2WD mode, I decided to recheck my own calculations about which I wrote earlier.So. within 2 weeks I drove the same route (to and from work).12.5 km.Week.2WD mode, week.mode AUTO.Calculated as follows.One way trip, fix the result, reset.There were 14 results in each mode.Then calculate the average result at.I will not give intermediate results. long.The final results are as follows: 2WD mode. average speed 34.6km per hour,average consumption of 9.55 liters per 100 km.Auto mode. cfm.speed 34.8;cf.consumption 9.33.So, CONCLUSION- consumption in AUTO mode is more economical.BUT. it’s not all that simple.During his test drove 4 times in Moscow (no traffic).Respectively, 2 times AUTO mode, 2 times 2VD mode.The result.In 2WD mode.speed 65.5, flow rate-8.15. In AUTO mode.Speed 68, consumption 8.5.My conclusion is that 2WD mode has the right to exist (a little more economical) on a good road, at high STOP speed (without braking and acceleration).In normal driving conditions, when often have to accelerate and brake AUTO mode is more economical, and therefore preferable.

What does the saw light mean?

As a rule, the illuminated lamp signals to the owner that there has been a malfunction with the injection sensors or in the engine ECU.

As a variant. complex sensors mistakenly evaluated the amount of incoming air, sent this information to the ECU, and the latter dosed the incoming fuel so that the mixture was excessively enriched (a lot of gasoline or DT) or, conversely, poor. As a result. Injection error, detonation or thrust of the engine. Therefore, often along with the “saw” on the dashboard appears an error icon in the engine operation, Check Engine.

Variants of lighting up of a “saw” are different: at someone it appears for 20-30 seconds right after start of the engine and disappears at once, at other owners of “Renault” the icon lights up only after acceleration and at a speed. In some cases, the appearance of a “sawtooth” is accompanied by atypical sounds from the engine compartment, smoky exhaust and even the engine goes into the emergency mode.

Accordingly, the owners’ behavior is different: someone has to go to the service station in a tow truck. Others drive with a burning “saw” till the last.

remove, duster, fuel, cause

But the failure in the engine injection system must be identified and cured. and it is better to do it as soon as possible.

What the owner has to do

The only correct tactic the owner of the “Renault”, when he sees on the dashboard lamp malfunction of electronic systems. go to the service station and read the errors with the original scanner Clip. And then carry out a series of checks that the scanner will suggest.

In the forums, the owners of “Renault” discuss methods that helped them to cope with the problem on their own. There are some universal recommendations:

  • Check the serviceability of fuses and continuity of contacts
  • if the “saw” lights up after refueling with dubious fuel. refill it and refuel with good gasoline
  • check the intake manifold, cooler, hoses, etc. for leaks.п.
  • check exhaust system tightness. the EGR siphon is probably leaking (siphoning)
  • Check the condition of the mass airflow sensor. It is the air regulator that determines the degree of air dosage in the fuel mixture
  • Check condition of lambda probe
  • remove the battery and the air filter cover, remove the air meter and see if its grid is clogged (sometimes the foam rubber on the air filter cover rots and crumbles into the grid)
  • remove and clean the turbine, check its geometry, tightness of bolts, wash the intercooler
  • Clean or plug the EGR valve by replacing it with a plug
  • Check ignition coils in injector, replace defective elements
  • check the relay control glow plugs on the diesel, replace if necessary.

Retail Motors Ltd UNP 191477517, registered by Minsk City Executive Committee on March 20, 2012. Registration number in the commercial register 402310, registration date January 11, 2018. Legal and mailing address: 220020 rd. Minsk, ul. Timiryazeva str. 85a, pom. 204

I got the saw light on or the cardiogram light on

It is not constantly on, but somehow chaotic, on and off, without any logic Maybe it was like this for someone else?? No problem with it, goes as the car goes. It started today, first snow and ice, driving in AUTO.

The electronic circuit of the glow plug relay on a diesel engine can also malfunction, and as a result, the combustion chamber will not warm up, and the ignition of the fuel mixture will not be efficient. Where do you want me to look??

Saw error on Renault Duster, floating revolutions at idle. Exhaust fart

I had a similar situation once. In the traffic jam, rpm jumped when the car was stopped. Saw light came on, I hooked up Tork and it found an error related to the transmission speed sensor.

I don’t remember its number, approximate translation from English, but the meaning is clear. After a while, the saw went out and the error wiped the memory and did not reoccur. 13 year old car, clutch was not sewn.

Topic: Crash Mode when hitting the floor on automatic transmission in 3rd gear

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Ignition System Misfire Diagnosis

So the first time happened in the rain, driving on the interstate in a single lane for VAZ 2107 and the smell of it so bad that I decided to overtake (his speed was 70 with 90 allowed), to overtake but this and that something in my head hit, I keep the button to the floor and 130 3rd gear, 6000 rpm lit immediately saw, engine, gearbox blocked and instead of indicating D three parallel strips like E but without the vertical, Stopped, turned off, a minute later started everything is fine, made an appointment to the offices, of course nonsense that the alarm is not there and the wrong system installed and generally likely a fool himself, the car is fine, but the box error was read the second time at a similar speed and speed on a nice clear day, the same thing happened, stopped, turned off, started, everything is fine. I understand the glitch in the firmware, for some reason then from third to fourth gear when pressing down on the floor does not go, with any other acceleration, all goes smoothly. Here’s thinking chiped, will pass? Still a little different firmware, or take no chances?

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Dear Vasily Alibabaevich, you have already annoyed the whole forum (firmware or not).Yes, you need to chip over at last that (in any case, the money returned if not like it) 3 speed at 130. it is too much and the box does not long threaten, (it is certainly your business, as well as the car) By the way for acp is a separate topic http://forum.dusterclub.It helped someone on forum. “it was just a comb that came off”. BA%D0%BF%D0%BF

On a warranty car with an automatic that has glitched a couple of times, to flash? Let the dealer, under warranty, screw up. As an option, yourself to check the connection of the connector in which the caboose with the engine on the marriage, someone on the forum really helped, “just a comb gone.

As an option. Or go to a 98-m: and “goes” and the expense is less.

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remove, duster, fuel, cause

Took a time out last night so I wouldn’t be rude. I did not ask in this message that I get a chip tuning and whether it is worth it, I described the problem, as I understand the firmware, in the third when you press the floor BEFORE the car does not go to 4th and not to damage the engine with the box included protection, I drove 12 000 km and at what enough dynamically and up to 150 accelerated and if not the woodpecker who decided to drive never learned that there is such a glitch, once again, I think that he is not only in my car, he has ALL of the automatic transmission with my firmware from the factory. The second time I already pressed the accelerator for the sake of interest to understand the exact parameters of modes and what happens and at what moment. As for the profile thread about the automatic transmission. I have a check engine lights up, the error is more systemic, I asked the question in the topic “you do not know where to ask, ask here,” there was no response at all, and so was lost in other discussions. And especially for YOU, you’re like my grandfather (may God rest upon him), two words read, the rest you think of, and give advice, once again I repeat for you, it is not about what will give me a chip, the issue whether to cure the problem with switching between 3rd and 4th when stepping on the floor.

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Vasily Alibabaevich, well you really have a brain with the firmware. Try to simulate your bug with the box, then flash it, then check the box in the same mode again. If the problem goes away. firmware helped, not go away. then specifically in the brain actuator fault. And the road for you then to the OA. You won’t get any info here on this forum

Baseman, I will try again to the dealer to present, the first time I had a bunch of errors on the injectors was when the alarm appeared when checking the locks, they referred to the system, now all cleaned up, just today elm327 from allyexpress received, look that prescribed. If only the box, let them figure it out, if not, I will flash as a last resort, now the only thing that stops. an incomprehensible glitch.

Hitting the floor all the time on overtaking no glitches, sometimes the letter D goes out and then lights up again

I have also had no glitches, showed up in the only combination of parameters, full throttle to the stop. From 80 to about 130, 6000 rpm, no transition to 4, if you do not push a little, then all is well in any speed and any gear.

What kind of mat is underneath the tap?? Rubber or textile?

In a place where the accelerator pedal goes in the carpet cutout, the pedal to any side of the mat does not reach (including from below). The mat is rubber.

Vasily Alibabaevich, maybe this information will help you. You certainly have a different case, although it may be worth checking the oil level.

Similar story, at the first service was replaced by the oil spreader, it was winter, under the car did not look, but in the spring saw the oil on the protection, I thought the change was sloppy, by the end of the summer box killed completely 22k mileage, 5 weeks waited for replacement and was clearly not alone.

After the dealer made a reset in August a week later in a similar situation, hit the floor and the same thing came out, blinking like a Christmas tree, but my ELM 327 checked, the first cylinder error, zeroed by my ELM 327, after zeroing to date no more errors popped up, mileage after zeroing 2500, last Saturday I flashed at Paulus ))))

69 6 Ignition systems Pt 1

So continuation, after driving in all modes a couple of months and no problems decided to chip, from November 5, the problems did not come out, went both ways and push the button, today from 70 to 110 accelerated and fuck again 25, yellow saw, check and the indicator gearbox three horizontal bars, stopped turn off, put everything normal, drove home, poke ELM 327. Fuck, Torque and OLIVIA did not show shit, NO errors. I don’t even know where to dig. I read how to install the Clip analogue. I have a fucking win 10 and the tablet, he does not see it, is there anyone who put the PyRen? And the most important question, if TORQUE does not see, PyRen will see an error?

Might see it, its being presented as a replacement clip. You can try to contact HOBDRIVE support, they pulled a lot of information from the diesel from our brains.

The purpose of the Chek indicator

The driver can visually monitor the operation of various assemblies and elements of the car by various indications of control devices located on the dashboard. A few decades ago, a car owner had to look and listen attentively to determine how the engine was running, but today the correct operation of the main unit can be easily traced by a special indicator.

Almost every modern car is equipped with such control signal, as Check engine. Literally translated, the term means “check the engine”. Ideally, the “Check” lamp should light up at the start of the engine and go out after a few seconds.

If the indicator does not go out or, on the contrary, turns on while the car is moving, you should think about diagnostics and maintenance in a specialized car service. The activation of the check-engine light is sometimes very frightening for the beginner motorists. You should not be afraid of this “assistant”, in fact it is he who will timely point to a possible malfunction, and thus will safeguard the traffic.

Why does the indicator light up??

The burning Check engine light can indicate various malfunctions of the car. But as practice shows, the most common are: fuel of bad quality; insufficient oil level; faulty spark plugs; incorrect ignition coil operation; faulty lambda probe; failed exhaust catalyst; bad injectors; broken gasoline pump and/or clogged fuel filter; fuel tank cap is not tight; faulty high voltage wires; failed DMR

How to remove “saw” on Renault Duster 2019 Logan Sandero or check engine icon lights up!

Time code for the impatient: how to remove the saw on the duster 5:50 Lighted saw on the car brand Renault-it’s no trouble at all, watch this video and the problem is solved! #Renault #renodaster #Logan #Sandero #Duster #pilanadaster #catchpilanadaster #catchpilunareno #lifehack #car #kaxeconomy #do not cheat yourself #autohitsticks #autolifehack

Thanks for the video! Very helpful, bro! I myself with this “saw” began to tear the hair on my head)

My respects! Thank you! All the best for the truth!

I was warned by my friends that these dealers are scammers but I did not believe it and found out for myself in the end.In 2021 bought a sanderik at 5K mileage oil to a minimum, refilled and then fell to a minimum again a month went to them baffled in the end went to an ordinary one hundred normal oil filled the problem disappeared oil does not burn, and they replaced the oil 1 that just filled their rubbish even the oil filter is not changed it turns out

Thanks, bro. It came out on the highway, I took it off on the move

What a rare waffler you are.The story would’ve fit in three words.

I have always said that we will eat ourselves from within because of our greediness and avarice

Dusters are all dumb like you ? Stupid as a sock on a car!

Buddy, thank you, I’m driving in traffic with the same problem, I’m fucking laughing)))

And if the saw icon is lit, and the car with the key icon is not what to do?

Well, it can not be that it is not prescribed in the manual. You should read the manual. At least on the Renault Capture in the manual is prescribed how to reset this warning.

Thank you, that’s helpful. Duster 2020. 4х4. Accu. I don’t think there’s such a key in the menu. I’ll read, look for it. It was the same before TO1. Also honestly, but with a wry smile responded that it was a reminder for the TO. It should light up again in the summer apparently. But I have a problem with the gas tank hatch. Does not recline when the lever is raised. Only if you lift, put something under the lever, and go manually open. I have been told by the OD. They replaced the lock in it at my expense, like they said I broke it myself. To all my arguments against it, they said that I can not prove anything. New lock did not help, also does not want to flip.

When the sensor can light up

Many motorists note different conditions under which the sensor begins to light up. For some people it happens after 30 seconds after starting the engine, after which it immediately disappears. Others have the sensor lights up only at speed or with a relatively sharp acceleration of the car to a certain mark.

Also the owners note that the appearance of the sensor can sometimes be together with uncharacteristic for the engine compartment sounds, which should not be. For some, in addition to the sounds from the engine compartment there is quite a smoky exhaust, sometimes there is a transition of the engine into the emergency mode by itself.

All this, in aggregate, forces motorists to take various kinds of measures. Some people rush to make a complete diagnosis at the service station, and some get to the station only by tow truck, as the car can not go even a few dozen km.

Someone simply ignores the sensor until a serious breakdown occurs, as a result of which the machine simply stalls and stops starting.

If the red “saw” indicator lights up, it is necessary to determine the cause as soon as possible and eliminate it before it leads to more serious and costly breakdowns. It is necessary to understand that this sensor can also signal other problems in the electronics. But in any case the problem will be related to the fuel system.

Because of the multifunctionality of the indicator, without special equipment, it is difficult to determine what it means if the saw lights up on the dashboard of the Renault Duster.

The light warns of numerous problems, from sensors and throttle, to numerous relays, electronics components, lack of engine oil or untrustworthy gasoline quality.

The owner’s manual for different Renault models indicates the purpose of the check lamp, which looks like a broken line for a cardiogram trimmer, or saw, in a rectangle.

“Temoin de defaillance electronique”. electronics failure indicator. Accordingly, the lamp “saw” indicates a malfunction in the car’s electrics.

The new Duster range

Base colors of Renault Duster are available in 9 shades.

  • Duster with “White Ice” paintwork. Characterized by the absence of metallic.
  • There is a shade of “Light Basalt”. Approximate to beige.
  • Rich “Red Toreador”. Car painted in the red spectrum.
  • Soothing and cheerful “Blue Electra”. Metallic gray, with a bluish tint.
  • Aggressive “Black Pearl.”. Color spectrum black. No metallic tint. Coloring is close to the pearlescent.
  • Renault tinted in “Mineral Blue”. Gray-blue color scheme.
  • Standard color “Grey platinum”. A performance in the gray spectrum.
  • Unconventional “Brown Walnut”. Light Brown.
  • Iridescent and soothing “Navy Blue”. The color of a dark sea wave.

Compare Renault Sandero Stepway and Renault Duster

Subsequently, the lineup of Duster was replenished by such palettes: military khaki, dark brown and gray graphite.

According to the manufacturer’s terms, the white version of the car for free on the new Duster 2021. But other colors will cost more to the future owner, up to 15 thousand.

It is necessary to remember that the color plays a significant role in the level of safety during driving. The most reliable information about it bear a statistical data on the occurred accidents.

According to the same statistics, cars painted red have the lowest accident rate. This is due to the absolute visibility of this color at different times of day and regardless of the level of traffic. Because of it other traffic participants can make the most correct estimation of speed and remoteness of such car.

According to accident statistics, the most unfavorable color scheme for a car, in terms of safety, is black. It is inherent to any participant to underestimate the speed of a dark car.

Also an important aspect is the fuel consumption of Renault Duster. It is believed that a white car in the summer season burns less gasoline or diesel. The dark spectrum of colors, including the blue one, is more warmed up in the sun. On this basis, there is a great load on the climate control system. Also, the white paint on Renault Duster allows you to wash off dirt better, and the defects of the paint layer and dust on it is not as visible as on the dark.

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