How to Remove the Screwdriver Battery Memory Effect

Almost every battery in a power tool is its most expensive part. A screwdriver is no exception, because a replaceable battery can make up 30% of the total tool cost. After discharging the device, you need to purchase a new screwdriver, but to save money, there is another option. Restoration, which will extend its service life.

The battery quickly sits on the screwdriver

The problem with fast self-discharge of the battery is quite common. It consists in fast charging, which takes about 20 minutes and the same short work.

This situation may result from improper operation of the temperature sensor located in the removable battery. This temperature sensor may not be installed as it was originally. You must return it to the place of purchase.

If the battery began to discharge quickly after prolonged uninterrupted use, which could happen after a fall, you need to take on its repair.

The battery does not charge

A screwdriver, after prolonged use, sometimes fails. Its working element may stop charging, which will lead to the inability to fulfill the functional abilities of the tool, the tool, roughly speaking, will “die”.

In order to extend the life of the instrument, so that you do not have to remove it from sight, you can try three methods in turn. Each subsequent one is considered more complex and costly. They are:

  • Restoration and increase of capacity after its reversible loss (memory effect);
  • Adding distilled water to the electrolyte;
  • Replacing some or all of the battery packs.

Battery life for a screwdriver

The battery can last about three to four years with proper use and storage. In practice, this period is sometimes reduced to two years. Changing a tool constantly is very expensive, so it’s better to immediately choose the best option for one or another purpose.

There are 3 different types of batteries:

  1. Nickel cadmium. The most affordable, but short-lived, especially with frequent work in cold weather conditions.
  2. Nickel Metal Hydride A small device that does not have a long service life.
  3. Li-ion. The most sought after, long able to not discharge, but have a higher cost than the above options.

Regardless of the type of battery, their service life depends on the number of charges used and storage methods. That is, the more the tool works, the faster it discharges. At the same time, “simple” operation negatively affects the period of use, especially if the instrument is stored in a state when it is sitting down.

How to restore a screwdriver battery at home

Is it possible to reanimate all kinds of batteries? Nickel-cadmium blocks, which are found in almost all modern screwdrivers, are better repaired.

For the recovery process, you need to understand the basics of electricity. That is, to have school knowledge about battery life.

To work, you will need tools and materials:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Tester;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Tin (with low-corrosion flux).

A donor will be required to reanimate the battery. In the configuration of a screwdriver, it may be available, or you need to find it yourself, for example, removing it from another old device.

To begin the operation, it is necessary to fully charge (about 6 hours) both batteries, swing it. After that, remove the plastic cover from the restored part with a screwdriver. This procedure must be done carefully so as not to damage the clips. Otherwise, for subsequent assembly you will need glue, like “Moment”.

Recovery nickel-cadmium batteries for screwdrivers

How to Remove the Screwdriver Battery Memory Effect

The ni cd battery device is manufactured using the same technology, so any battery can be made a donor of this type.

Such devices are separate components — blocks with a nominal voltage of 1.2 V and an energy consumption of 1200–1500 MA / h. They are found in Interskol screwdrivers. Each block affects the power, that is, with its value of 12 V, the number of blocks is 10 pieces, 14.4 V. 12, etc. After changing the battery, the power may drop for the first time, but then everything will be restored.

18 volt screwdriver battery recovery

18 V is a frequently encountered power, which corresponds to the presence of 15 blocks. As a donor, you need to choose an electric device with a voltage of 14.5 V, that is, a 12 V car battery will not work.

How to restore and run a lithium-ion battery

For these types of batteries, you will need to remember where the plus, minus and charge contacts are located. The voltage control board located on the batteries most often fails, or rather, their stabilizers and protective diodes.

The voltage at the output of the battery is checked, if the value is much less than normal, resuscitation is performed.

The second battery life in Bosch, Hitachi, Makita screwdrivers

The presented brands come with a lithium-ion battery. To revive them, you need a soldering iron and sleight of hand, because if you do everything slowly, the service life may decrease, or the battery will explode.

All broken or jammed wiring inside the battery must be insulated, for example, using electrical tape or replaced in advance with new ones.

To restore torn metal elements are soldered. Tapes that can be taken in old blocks.

For assembly, it is necessary to return the cardboard gasket between the blocks and the board in place. This will be required to prevent a short circuit. Then the contacts are isolated.