How to Replace a Bearing in an Angle Grinder

Bearing replacement, repair

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How to Replace a Bearing in an Angle Grinder

Bearing replacement in Sparky angle grinder yourself

Many users gave preference to grinding machines of a company such as Sparky them because it is quite simple to repair it in case of breakage. In addition, it has high operational capabilities.

How to independently, at home, make a replacement for a defective bearing in a Sparky typewriter?

What are the design features of the Sparky grinder?

These angle grinders are distinguished by an excellent ratio of and quality, have a device that regulates the torsion frequency, an anti-vibration handle is available.

Sparky’s trading manufacturer produces an angle grinder in three classes:

Some of the features that Sparke angle grinder has:

We prepare the necessary set of tools for repairing an angle grinder

For high-quality repair and replacement of bearings in a grinding machine, you need to stock up with the necessary tools. They should be just high-quality, there are no special requirements.

Since there are several bearings in the angle grinder that you probably have to replace, and before that, remove, you need to have a special puller for such parts. You can do without it, but do not count on high-quality repairs.

In the repair of grinders there is an electrical and mechanical component.

To repair an electrician, you need a special tester.

Take care of the presence of screwdrivers with different sizes. All sorts of wrenches will also be needed.

Auxiliary materials are grease intended for gears and bearings, rags, any kind of wipe, detergents.

Faults that have a mechanical component. Change gear bearings

Faults in mechanics are as follows:

What is a gear in a Sparky angle grinder? This is a pair of gears, which is located in a sturdy case. In the driven gear there is a spindle on which the necessary tools are mounted. With it, you can process metal, stone and wood.

The gearbox breaks down most often when some kind of gear breaks. Her tooth is broken, there is a worn needle-bearing support. The support sleeve is also subject to wear.

Gearboxes in different models of Sparky have some differences. They depend on the power of the tool.

There are two ways to attach the driven gear to the gearbox.

In the first method, pressing is applied, or connected with the help of dowels. These compounds are more often applicable to low power tools. The dowels are balls with a small diameter.

There is a certain difficulty in pulling out the outer cage in order to free it from the gear housing.

The easiest way to get the necessary part is to use a machine tap of a certain diameter. Also use a screwdriver to remove the clip from the housing. Clamp the tap with a screwdriver chuck and screw it onto the bearing race. At the bottom of the nest, lifting the clip will begin.

Remove bearings from the spindle shaft using a puller, or use folk remedies.

Angular grinders with low power have a needle bearing with type NK_ 709.

Than a thousand kilowatts of spindle shaft in grinding machines rotates on a bearing such as 6300_2RS.

Problems electricians grinder. Change the rotor bearings

When you correctly and accurately operate the Sparky angle grinder, the duration of the failure-free operation will be thousands of hours.

The basic rules for the proper use of this electric tool are:

Control chains in grinding machines with different capacities have their own exceptional features.

In small angle grinders with a capacity of up to a thousand kilowatts, the switches of Defond, 2114 are most often found.

An angle grinder with a capacity of more than a thousand kilowatts is equipped with KD ten switches, there is also a capacitor, carbon brushes and a contactor. All of them are in the brush holder.

Problems in the manifold, or bearings are broken.

To finally make sure that the bearing is broken, look how hard it is to roll it, perhaps it is jammed altogether, or changed the color to too dark. It happens that the cage in the bearing is completely destroyed.

You can easily remove the bearing by using a puller. This does not present any particular difficulties. Anyone can make such a replacement.

Choosing the right lubricant

The manufacturers of this brand Sparky use greases for their tools. But it is also permissible to use other specially developed lubricants for reducers of grinding machines.

Good lubrication can even be made at home.

Most importantly, the base should be oil that adheres well to a metal surface, and at a high speed it comes off quite hard. A good base would be a grease designed for joints in joints on automobiles.

Use a syringe and add oil to it. Stir until you get a consistency that resembles thick sour cream.

It is necessary to put as much lubricant in the gear housing as it fits in half the volume of the gear.

Only apply grease after carefully removing old grease.

Useful advice: to completely and completely remove the previous grease, use a hairdryer. With it, the old grease warms up well and is easy to remove from all hard-to-reach spots.

Tips that will surely come in handy

  1. After operating the angle grinder for approximately seven hundred hours, check the condition of the carbon brushes.
  2. If the body of the machine begins to heat up, take care to check your tool.
  3. Is it true that it is better to replace the brush from time to time than an angle grinder?
  4. When changing the color of the grease, change it.
  5. Listen to how the gearbox works
  6. Pay attention to the clearance in the gears. If it has increased, apply special gaskets.

If you have a Sparky brand angle grinder, then you have a quality tool. And now, you know how to repair and replace worn bearings.