How to replace a chainsaw starter cord. Trying to repair a chainsaw starter with your own hands

How to replace a chainsaw starter cord

If there is no oil to lubricate the chain, it is necessary to diagnose everything that allows accounting (software) and find the reason why the oil is not supplied. There are a few major events that you will enjoy:

  • A clogged oil filter, in other words, a greasy metering system;
  • Lack of thread on the worm gear of the oil pump;
  • Blockage or malfunction of the pump itself;
  • Leaking oil metering system (there will be oil leaks on the day of the chainsaw).

To check the thread on the worm oil pump, you will need to remove the chain saw sprocket and unscrew the clutch. To do this for you to unscrew the spark plug, in its place installed a piston plug, provides a reliable fixation of the crankshaft of the tool from turning.

Then the cover of the STIHL 180 chain saw is removed, and the fastening ring that holds the drive sprocket is removed with a screwdriver, then the sprocket itself is removed.

In this way, you can also replace the sprocket of a STIHL 180 chain saw, if you wish.

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The clutch is unscrewed with a nineteen head and a knob. Unscrew the clutch clockwise, because the thread is left. There is a reflective plate over the clutch, and it must be removed. Another part. That’s the oil pump worm gear. If you find the plastic cord missing, you can buy a new one and replace it with a new one, because it can’t be repaired. To assemble a STIHL 100 80 chain saw, reverse the order of assembly.

Replacing the STIHL 180 chain saw starter cord.

To check the backlash, turn the flywheel and check that the coil pins are not touching it.

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Typical chain saw starter breakdowns and repairs

The emergence of various malfunctions of the starter leads to the inability to start the chainsaw. The most common starter breakdowns include:

To fix each of these faults with your own hands will require certain tools. Be sure to have a set of screwdrivers and a spare rope. Remove and inspect the chainsaw starter in the following order:

  • To find the cause of the problem you will need to remove the chain saw starter. To do this, you need to unscrew the screwdriver screws that hold the protective cover with the starter attached to it;
  • After removing the cover it is necessary to carefully unscrew the screw, by means of which the starter is fastened to the protective cover;
  • Then you need to try to smoothly start the starter. to do this, remove the spring and clamps from it;
  • Next, from the starter for the inspection of the coil and rope removed.

You can find a number of typical faults as a result of the inspection. These include:

  • Various damages to the pulley in the form of tears or cracks predominantly in the back of the part. they interfere with the normal operation of the entire starter;
  • Damage to the starter spring of easy start. in such cases, not only the spring itself may be defective, but also the place of its fixation. this is the most vulnerable part of the spring;
  • Damaged the flywheel dog of the starter.

In any case, any defective part must be completely replaced with a new part.

Husqvarna 365 Special Chainsaw: Pull Starter Repair

Chainsaw starter repair: instructions for each part (photos and video)

It is much easier and more effective to diagnose or repair a tool when you understand how it works. To facilitate and accelerate the process of restoring the starter, it is recommended to know what it consists of and how it works. The big picture, in a very clear and concise summary is presented below. Let’s start with the main components of the mechanism:

  • Starter cover. the basis for securing parts and protecting them. Necessary for internal circulation of air blown by the flywheel rotation to cool the engine.
  • Handle is the outer element with the fastened end of the rope that is wound around the drum and unwinds it when pulled from the housing.
  • Ribbon spring. returns the reel to its original position by winding the rope back.
  • Spring housing. provides insulation to the strap spring and secures its end to prevent twisting under tension.
  • Starter drum. the central element of the mechanism that interacts with all components. Has hole for fixation and slot for rope winding.
  • Ratchet spring. serves as an auxiliary, adding a few revolutions after the cable is fully pulled. Not found on all chainsaw models and can be ribbon or screw shaped.
  • The ratchet is the outer part of the drum, with catching tabs that rest against the handwheel dogs when the lever is pulled.
  • The pawls are spring-loaded thrust elements that transmit the rotation from the drum to the flywheel and crankshaft. Precise hook shape and location, allowing for sure engagement of the ratchet teeth when pulling out the wire, and free rotation in the opposite direction when reeling in.
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Having considered the basic components and their functional purpose, we can shed light on a more pressing topic and understand the principle of chain saw starter mechanism by a chain of parts interaction. Start-up process begins by pulling the crank, which pulls the cable and unwinds the ratchet drum. ratchet teeth rest on pawls affixed to flywheel and transmit rotation to crankshaft.

In one second jerk of the handle, the handwheel and the shaft make about 4 revolutions, driving the entire saw system. In that instant, the fuel-air mixture is fed into the combustion chamber, and the spark formed in the coil ignites it, pushing the piston, which begins to rotate the crankshaft already from the inside of the engine. In most cases, a serviceable, cold saw starts with 3-4 jerks, and with a light start even faster.

Factors that affect the price of the service. starter cord replacement

It is well known that the cost of carrying out the repair of the car depends on several aspects. Among them are the following:

  • cost of spare parts (original, China, alternative manufacturers);
  • staff qualification;
  • level of equipment at the service station (availability of paint booths, elevators, special equipment, etc.);. car inspection and repair centers. tools and equipment, etc.д.).

For example, the price of the service. replacement of the starter cord will also depend on factors such as the age, make and model of the car. We are sure that car services will fight for your order and offer the best conditions. The centers have a system of discounts for regular customers.

Honest STIHL MS 250 chain saw overview. from its technical features to its popular faults and their repair

STIHL chain saws are built to last in all industries. Domestic, professional and farming models. One of the saws for agriculture is discussed in this review. The STIHL MS 250.

The STIHL 250 chain saw is well balanced, combining high power with low weight and good operator comfort. Power makes it possible to fit a larger guide bar and that means you can cut thicker trees, which increases productivity. Weight makes the machine very comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. Compact dimensions allow you to work in confined spaces or in dense woods. Use this saw for clearing fallen trees or small brushwood.

The STIHL MS 250 can handle more demanding tasks if required, but should not be used for extended periods of time with its maximum power. Not as durable as a professional chainsaw.

The STIHL STIHL 250 chain saw has been designed according to the latest developments by German engineers and we will tell you about them in a minute.

Of course, the STIHL MS 250 chain saw’s engine is not as powerful as the engine of the professional model, but it has plenty to offer. The difference with a domestic chain saw is evident when you first start making a cut. Customers can buy a richer STIHL 250 model if they wish, equipped with additional features to make the saw more comfortable to use.

Starter on a chainsaw. design and principle of operation

Although the chainsaws have different names, they are structurally similar. Similar are the starting mechanisms of gasoline-powered machines, with the help of which the engine is started. Parts for starting the engine are suitable for various brands of STIHL chain saws, Husqvarna, Dolmar, Makita and others. The chain saw starter consists of the following components:

  • The drum on which the rope is wound
  • The cable, by means of which the crankshaft of the tool is set in motion
  • Handle for ease of use of the mechanism
  • A wireframe with a spring which winds the cable around the reel (returns to its original position) when the user starts the engine

The principle of this device is simple. When the handle of the mechanism is suddenly raised, the rope is pulled. The cable engages the ratchet and transmits the movement to the slotted drum. It moves the crankshaft in this way and completes several revolutions. At this moment the mixture is compressed in the cylinder. As soon as the handle returns to its original position, the ratchet-spline connection is disengaged and the shaft stops rotating.

With each subsequent pull of the cable, the amount of fuel-air mixture in the cylinder increases. To return the cable to its original position, return springs are used in the construction of the trigger. They are made of resilient steel. It is this spring that is often the cause of the machine’s starter cord failure, which can be repaired.

Chainsaw starter cord replacement

STIHL 180 chain saw Starter Cord Replacement

with their own hands In vain they say that all is not eternal. Brokencord chainsaw starter. workshop is far away,

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Replacing the STIHL 180 chain saw starter cord photo

replace, chainsaw, starter, cord

What to do if the chain saw starter cord breaks?

The cord can break at the point of attachment to the starter spool or handle. Breakage in the middle is extremely unlikely, since manufacturers use very strong and wear-resistant kapron ropes for their products. Such material can be sold in whole coils, but given the small length, it is reasonable to buy a cord for the starter in a sports or hardware store.

For replacement it is enough to buy 1-2 linear meters of thin kapron wire and make the simplest repairs with your own hands in a little time. This will not only save you money, but also a lot of time compared to going to a repair shop. If you have all the necessary spare parts at hand, in 20 minutes you will have a working chainsaw.

How to repair the chain saw starter

Chainsaw starting system malfunctions can be caused by:

  • Drive pulley. This part is subject to high axial and radial loads, so it is advisable to inspect the pulley for damage and cracks on the back of the housing before starting work. If necessary, repair the part or replace it with a new one.
  • Spring mechanism. If it has lost its properties or has cracks or breaks in it, you need to replace this element. It is also recommended that you inspect the attachment points for defects.
  • Rope starting system. The rope should be inspected for wear and tear and damage. If necessary, replace the part and install it on the pulley.


Diagnose the tool’s starting system as follows:

  • Unscrew the fastening screws and remove the cover.
  • Unscrew the screw that attaches the mechanism to the protective cover.
  • Gently start the starter by removing the spring and clamps.
  • To inspect for wear and defects, dismantle the spool with the cord.
  • Check the fuel system for water. If there is water inside the system, the fuel fluid must be replaced.
  • Check the powertrain for overfilling with fuel oil. In this case, you need to unscrew and dry the spark plug, pull the starter, removing the air damper.
  • Check the spark plug for spark.

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Replace the starter cord

In order to make a cord replacement, the following tools will be required:

To replace the starter rope proceed as follows

  • You need to unscrew the fastening screws that hold the side cover, using a screwdriver.
  • Then dismount the starter from the tool body.
  • Then rotate the cover and inspect.
  • Then dismantle the clamp and spring.
  • Untie the knot in the cord.
  • Pull out the pulley, on which the cord is wound. Remove the cord and replace it with a new one.
  • Then put the pulley back in place and tie the rope in a knot. Install the clamp and spring.
  • Then screw the cover back on using the fixing screws.
  • Finally install the starter in place and tighten the fixing screws.

Poulan chainsaw starter rope repacement

Repair the spring

Procedure for repairing the starter system spring:

  • Dismantle the starter from the tool body.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Wrap the cord around the end of the pulley to avoid cranking the mechanism.
  • Insert the other end of the cord through the opening of the protective cover.
  • Pull the cord out by 17-20 cm to check the turning of the pulley of the spring mechanism.
  • Check the spring operation after pulling and releasing the mechanism.
  • Unscrew the pulley circle from the side of the alternator by removing the 3 mounting bolts.
  • Dismantle the pulley and cord.
  • Check the condition of parts for wear and damage and breaks. If the spring break is small, you can repair the defect with welding.

How to install the spring

In order to install a new spring, the following steps must be taken: