How to Saw Jigsaw Angle 45

How to Saw Jigsaw Angle 45

How to evenly saw with a jigsaw? This tool is a saw equipped with an electric drive. It can saw various materials:

Working with a jigsaw is simple, if you follow the rules: the table must be stable, the material is firmly fixed, the correct saw is selected.

The tool can cut parts, cut blanks in a flat or circular line. How to saw with a jigsaw?

Principle of operation

Materials and tools:

  • Wood;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Protective glasses;
  • Protective gloves;
  • Machine oil.

First of all, it is necessary to firmly fix the sawn material.

If the jigsaw is crooked, you need to check the stability of the desktop and the strength of the workpiece. Using a jigsaw, it is undesirable to saw a tree along the fibers, since it will be difficult to make an even cut.

If nevertheless it is necessary to carry out just such a job, then a parallel emphasis should be applied. It is attached to the jigsaw with one side, and the second side should abut against the edge of the wood. This will ensure a smooth cut.

Right process

If during work there is a need to cut a circle inside the wood, then you need to drill a small hole in the center of the future circle. Then they put a jigsaw in it and move in the direction of the circle indicated on the material.

In the event that it is necessary to cut a hole in the shape of a rectangle, you need to move the saw along the side of the rectangle, then gently round the corner, cut the next side. When the required hole is ready, you need to draw the corners.

When performing work, you do not need to put much pressure on the tool, as this can cause the device to overheat and fail. It is not necessary to use the file for too long, as it becomes dull and begins to cling to the edges of the wood.

When sawing strong materials, lubricate the file with machine oil. Thanks to this, the cut will be easier to perform.

If the work is carried out at low speed, then you need to take breaks, as this causes the device to overheat.

When working, you must follow safety precautions, perform a cut in goggles and gloves.

After finishing work, the jigsaw must be cleaned and greased with machine oil.

How to Saw Jigsaw Angle 45

The device can have a normal and pendulum stroke. In the first case, the jigsaw moves vertically. At the same time, he cuts the wood when moving up. A device that uses a pendulum stroke, additionally feeds the jigsaw forward. With this method, the speed increases, and the tool blade wears out less.

Sawing technique

In the process of construction work, sometimes there is a need to saw off the material evenly, with extreme accuracy.

Materials and tools:

  • Wood;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Guides;
  • Clamps;
  • Pencil;
  • Roulette.

Types of saws for jigsaws.

For a smooth cut, with great accuracy, you need to use a tool with a high frequency of blade movement.

The file should be wide, designed to work with wood.

Work will be performed using the guide. To do this, you can use a flat board or rail.

It is necessary to prepare 2 clamps. They should fit the workpiece and the guide.

The workpiece must be put on a raised platform so that the jigsaw does not rest when cutting.

Then you need to measure the necessary width of the section to be sawn off on both sides with a tape measure. Make notes. Then connect them along the line, getting a cut line.

Then the guide is laid at the required distance from the cut line and fixed with clamps. After that, a jigsaw is placed with a saw to the cut line. Then they press the guide to it and fix it with a clamp. It is necessary to fix so that it does not move, but not too much.

Then the same actions are performed on the other hand. Here it is necessary to clamp tightly, but so that impressions are not obtained on the wood.

After that, they pass to the first clamp. Check its installation and clamp.

Necessary measures have been taken for a smooth cut.

Now include jigsaw. Set the maximum speed. The regulator of the pendulum stroke is set to the number 1. Set the tool with a saw to the cut line. Press the side of its platform to the guide and start cutting.

When working, do not press too hard on the device. Slightly push the tool forward while controlling its platform. It should be pressed against the guide so that it does not move. When there are a few centimeters left until the end of the cut, you need to hold the sawn part so that it does not break off.

This is where the work ends. The fishing line turned out perfectly smooth.

Additional devices

To make the cut more accurate, for example, when cutting small parts, use a special table for sawing. It is fixed to the desktop using a clamp. Cutting on such a table is the opposite. At the same time, it is not the saw that moves, but the part itself. Thus, more accurate lines are obtained.

To the saw moved well on the workpiece, use an additional device. A removable plate. It can be made of various materials. It is attached to the support sole of the instrument. Thanks to the guide rail and adapter, more precise cut lines are made.

When sawing certain materials, they must be cooled. For this, a container with a cold liquid is designed, which is installed on a support sole.

Plastic and wood are sawed from the back, using a thin file. Due to this, no deformation will form on the cut line. When cutting metal, the cutting blade is lubricated with machine oil, and the cutting line is cooled. Curved cut is made with narrower files. In order to cut a circle, use a special circular cutter. It must be installed in the center of the future circle.

Jigsaw is an indispensable tool in any home carpentry workshop. With it, you can cut any materials, make a smooth and precise cut, cut parts of any shape and size.