How to secure a single axle tractor to the trailer. Assembling a self-made trailer for a power tiller

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Tips on making a hitch for a power tiller with your own hands

The question of modernization and improvement of implements has always been a headache for managers of agricultural enterprises. And these days this problem is quite acute. The increasing number of small farms and part-time farms unambiguously leads to a decrease in their size.

And this, in turn, forms specific requirements for agricultural machinery. The places where powerful tractors and combine harvesters can’t reach, the miniature power tillers with a wide range of trailed and attached implements can reach.

In our review, let’s take a detailed look at whether it is possible to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands, what it takes and how technically labor-intensive this process is.

What you need to know about rules of transporting a power tiller

First of all, you should take care that you have all the necessary documents. The fact that large-sized objects react to the police. The owner of this vehicle must have a receipt, other documents confirming its purchase.

All about trailers for power tillers

Using a power tiller in a household is almost impossible without a trailer. Such a cart allows you to significantly expand the range of applications of the device. Mainly it allows you to transport a large variety of cargo.

General information about the tractor

A single-axle tractor can be operated separately, as well as to attach it to a variety of additional equipment, such as:

Such devices greatly increase the possible range of work, which can cope with a single-axle tractor. In addition, it is possible to apply the mini-tractor as a means of transportation, if you prepare in advance a special block-adapter to it.

This device makes it possible to sit quite comfortably on the seat, which it is equipped with, and then perform exactly the same work, but with incomparably more comfort. For example, in specialized stores you can buy an additional unit with steering to the motor-block Neva, or make it with your own hands. Blago, there are enough drawing materials on the Internet, which greatly facilitates the assembly process.

Trailer braking system

Before finding out how to make brakes on a singleaxle tractor, it is advisable to become more familiar with such elements. They appear to be necessary for any motoblock with a trailer, because they allow you to quickly stop the moving unit, even in the presence of an impressive load.

This allows you to make its transportation safer, which is especially important when traveling over uneven terrain with an abundance of slopes. For the manufacture of such elements it is strongly recommended to use ready-made parts from various cars and motor vehicles, which will greatly simplify the task. Braking systems are of different types, and not all of them are suitable for use in the construction of a power tiller.

Photos and descriptions of interesting options

Makers have already come up with a considerable number of original variants of trailers. You might be able to choose one of the following as a model.

A small tipper trailer has small wheels, a simple frame design and no brakes. It is not difficult at all to make a tilting trailer, one only needs to provide swivel hinges and fixation of the body while driving.

Two-axle version is also possible. Such dolly is suitable for carrying heavy and bulky cargo paired with a powerful power tiller, it needs a steering mechanism of the front axle and the braking system is obviously not superfluous.

It is very reasonable to use a part of the construction from a heavy motorcycle. In this case, a soft suspension on springs and shock absorbers is provided. The wheels of the motorcycle have a low weight and are well matched to the load. Chic car seat increases the comfort of movement.

When you see a wide bench, it’s hard to refrain from saying: “Give us a ride, Petrusha, on the tractor“. If you will use the bike for two persons, of course, you should have a good seat for it.

If you transport hay, you should have high sideboards. This requires sockets around the perimeter of the sides.

Lawn Trailer Dolly. Building a Dual Wheel Dolly for a Garden Trailer !

It looks like a dump truck, not a cart for a power tiller. However, the powerful, water-cooled engine allows one to carry a lot of ground.

This plain-looking option seemed to be the most practical. The loading platform is placed low, what makes easier the loading and increases stability of the trailer while driving. Suspension on springs and shock-absorbers plus a car seat promises comfort to a motor vehicle driver. In general if it is not a Mercedes, it will be quite a cool bike for sure.

Probably, such car is not even “Zaporozhets”?! The tractor has a trunk in the front, but here you have no place to put the cargo? The owner will have to sit on a pile of sand.

Homemade trailers for power tillers: making different carts with your own hands, sizes, drawings

Such equipment as a single-axle tractor is a great helper when working in the field, garden, cottage or farm.

To expand the capabilities of technology, you can attach a trailer device to it and transport soil, debris, crops, tools and other heavy or bulky cargo.

The trailer for your power tiller can be made with your own hands in just a few days. The result is an indispensable helper, which facilitates further work.

Preparatory works

First of all you need to think about what size trailer should be, so that it fits to a specific power tiller and it is convenient to use. After that you will need to sketch a drawing or a sketch of the cart, which will display the design from different angles, set all the dimensions and draw assemblies.

Trailer mechanisms

Think through all the details, so that during the assembly of equipment did not have any difficulties. To do this, you need to figure it out:

  • Screwing, riveting or welding will connect the non-disassembled units and parts;
  • how to connect axles, bearings, bushings, hinges;
  • which seat is better to install (simple or rotating);
  • what to make the parking leg support from;
  • whether you need a tipping body, to which you will have to add a mechanical tipper or a self-dumping unit with a special handle;
  • how to attach the trailer to the tiller (with bearings, sleeves or a swivel joint).

Having sorted out all these questions, you can begin to prepare a list of necessary materials and calculate the approximate cost of the future trailer.

A simple trailer for a “Neva” power tiller

To begin making a cart with your own hands, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • duralumin sheet of thickness from 2 mm;
  • sheets of steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm;
  • springs and wheels;
  • Steel pipes 25×25 and 60×30 mm;
  • channel;
  • fasteners;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • welding machine;
  • jigsaw;
  • angle grinder.

The frame of the trailer will be a one-piece structure, mounted on a frame grid. To make it you need to make two cross bars 25×25 mm and connect them to 60×30 mm pipes so that the result is a grid.

Two longitudinal pipes are welded to the ready grating, and a 25×25 mm strapping is attached to it by welding. As the material for the sides will be sheets of steel, which are cut to the required size and welded.

Now it is the turn of the beam, which requires two channels. The elements are inserted into each other, and then the wheel axles are put on one end of the resulting part.

The longitudinal member is connected by means of springs, the end of which should be put on the axle of the beam and the axle of the earring. Then the central part of the springs should be welded to the same beam with stirrups.

In the last turn with your own hands you need to make a drawbar from pipes 60×30 mm. They should be docked and using welding, one part should be attached to the trailer, and the other to the longitudinal members.

Simple trailer for power tiller ready. I would like to note that to connect its parts, experts recommend using a welding machine. Such fastening will allow you to operate the structure for a long time.

Multifunctional trailer for power tiller with his own hands: stages of work, video instructions

Determining the dimensions and sketching a drawing, you should calculate how many meters of rolled metal and how many channels will be needed to make a homemade trailer. This is necessary in order to protect yourself from unnecessary costs for the purchase of unnecessary parts and fasteners.

  • welding machine;
  • Steel angles 40×40 mm and 50×25 mm;
  • A bar with the size of 50×50 mm;
  • Boards with a thickness of 20 mm;
  • Cuttings of pipes of round and rectangular cross-section;
  • wheels and hub assembly.
single, axle, tractor, trailer, assembling

The future trailer will consist of four basic components connected by welding.

  • From scrap pipes and angles 40×40 mm and 50×25 mm frame is assembled and welded together.
  • The body is made of 20mm boards, whose joints are then covered with steel angles.
  • Using the three support beams, which are made of wood, the body is placed on the trailer frame.
  • Wheels are attached to the structure. Before doing this, the ends of the axle rod must be sharpened so that its diameter coincides with the dimensions of the hub bearings. The length of the rod must be traced. When assembled, the wheels should not protrude over the body rims.
  • The rod is welded to the body of the longitudinal joint and the longitudinal spars through the corner supports and shims.
  • The trailer to the power tiller will be connected with a console, which should be made with your own hands. The lower part of this element is the axle around which the swivel unit rotates. The upper part should be made so that it repeats the contours of the tool carrier. Fix the console to the bracket of the attached equipment.
  • To make the trailer wheels work independently from the wheels of the power tiller, and the machine was easy to control, it is recommended to insert the drawbar into the longitudinal joint body and fix it with thrust rings.

Dump trailer for power tiller ready. Now you can mount the footrest and the driver’s seat, from which you will control the machine.

Homemade trailer for the tiller out of auto parts

If you make a drawing beforehand and prepare the necessary materials and tools, you can assemble such a trailer with your own hands in 1-2 days.

  • Front half-axles from Zhiguli or Moskvich;
  • 65 mm channel along the length of the body;
  • Angles 60×60 mm;
  • Two 2m long pipes;
  • One pipe 60×40 mm, length 3-5 m;
  • welding machine.

The axle, made of a channel, will be a supporting part of the construction. Its length depends on the length of the future trailer. On both sides of the channel, the vehicle half axles are welded together. On top are installed profile pipes:

How to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands?

By getting one more wheel axle, body and seat, the single-axle tractor becomes a universal helper, which can be successfully used all year round.

A single-axle tractor with a trailer can successfully replace not only a mini-tractor, but also a truck. If the trailer has a dumping device, you won’t need to shovel sand or gravel, black earth or manure onto it.

Factory trailer for power tillers can have load capacity from 300 kg to one ton and different sizes of body. Here everything depends on the technical characteristics of the motorblock, so trailer manufacturers adapt their products for light, medium and heavy hand tractors (motor blocks).

Today the choice of power tillers is very wide, so there are many varieties of cargo adapters for them. The size range of the body is represented by the following variants.

For light power tillers trailers are usually used with 1 meter wide and 0,85-1,15 meter long body. Carrying capacity of such adapters does not exceed 300 kg.

Carts designed to work with medium power tillers (4,8-8 hp), which have a horsepower of 4,8-8 kW.с.), the size of the body is 1,0 x 1,5 m or 1,1 x 1,4 m with a capacity of 300 to 500 kg. The cost of cargo adapters of this class depends on the equipment and the manufacturing company and can range from 19 to 40 thousand.

For heavy machines over 10 liters.с. use single or two-axle trailer carts with a body width of 1.2 m and a length of 2 to 3 m. They are capable of carrying loads weighing from 500 kg to 1 tonne. Price of such adapters is in the range from 42 to 60 thousand.

The side height of standard power tillage trailers is from 30 to 35 centimeters. For heavy-duty trailers frame side guards with 50-60 cm height are used.

Trailers with a payload over 350 kilograms have a mechanical brake. This is required by safety regulations. If you drive down a steep hill you won’t be able to extinguish the inertia of a loaded trailer with just one brake. Therefore, when choosing a trailer for a heavy hand tractor, be sure to pay attention to the presence of this option.

Standard tipping trailer for light and medium-sized motorcycles does not have a hydraulic lift cylinder. The body is mounted in such a way that the load gravity center is on the pivot axle. This kind of central balancing noticeably eases the process of manual tipping.

To increase the convenience of loading and unloading, some models of trailers, in addition to the rear, also have two side opening removable sides.

Cargo body trailers are most commonly made of painted galvanized sheet metal, painted black steel sheet, or impact resistant plastic. The first option is the most qualitative and durable, but also the most expensive.

Making a trailer for a power tiller by yourself

The design of a weight adapter for a power tiller can’t be called archaic. If you have an electric welder, an angle grinder and a drill, almost every hand tractor owner can make a trailer for a power tiller with his hands.

The main elements of the construction, the manufacture of which requires a drawing or a detailed diagram are the frame, the driver and the body.

mounting bracket for power tiller; 2. swing console; 3. steering; 4. footrest; 5. seat (board 20mm); 6. trailer frame; 7. body board made of board 25mm; 8. frame support beam (bar 50×50mm); 9. fixing bolt M8; 10. rear hinge; 11. wheel

Looking at the picture of a trailer for a power tiller you will notice that the driver through the swivel unit and the console is connected to the trailed module of the power tiller. The other end of the steering arm pins into the center tube of the frame.

The tube-in-tube design makes a peculiarly long swivel joint. It allows the trailer wheels to change their position independently from the wheels of the walking tractor while overcoming pits and bumps. This solution prevents the trailer from being deformed.

turn knot; 2. drawbar (round tube 60 mm); 3. step frame (angle tube 25 mm); 4. stiffeners

To attach the power tiller to the trailer you need a steel axle. a headstock. It stands in the pivot block of the driver on bearings. A flange is welded to the upper part of the boom for attaching it to the power harvester hitch.

Power tiller over heat problem

To strengthen the joint between the drawbar and the body of the steering unit, 4 ribs from 4 mm thick steel strip should be used.

single, axle, tractor, trailer, assembling

Making a homemade trailer to the tiller, its frame is welded, using several types of rolled metal products: angle, rectangular and round pipes. The supporting frame must be strong and rigid, so that when driving with a full load its elements are not deformed.

Homemade hitch for the motoblock with his own hands: drawings, dimensions

In practice, the owner of a motoblock faces the limited opportunities that the regular delivery set has. Properly made with their own hands, the coupling will not only save money on the purchase of the factory sample, but also get more opportunities for the effective use of existing attachments.

How to make a hitch for a power tiller by yourself

When working, the attachment will be subjected to a heavy load, so you should adhere to the recommended dimensional and strength characteristics of all elements of the assembly. In this case the following hitch qualities will be guaranteed:

  • Securing a reliable attachment to the power tiller.
  • Attaching to the attached implements.
  • Ensuring the stated performance qualities of the equipment.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Reliability, long life.

When choosing a model, you should check the dimensions of the towbar of the power tiller and attachments (plow, trailer, harrow, etc.).

The task of the master is to ensure full compatibility of the elements, simplicity in operation and the possibility of easy adjustment of the equipment to the specific task. U-shaped bracket is the main detail of coupling.

Through the holes on one side, it is attached to the motoblock with the help of pins, on the other side on the body of the device is fixed the rack of the necessary attachments.

Tools and materials required

A person engaged in economic activities on the ground, usually has a sufficient set of equipment for making a hitch. You will need the following tools for your work:

  • angle grinder.
  • Drill, drilling machine.
  • Measuring tools: ruler, tape measure, square.
  • Welding machine.
  • Wrench set.

Read about other self-made attachments for your power tiller.

About the hitch for the Neva power tiller you can find in the article.

It is important to match drill bits precisely to the diameter of studs and bolts. No backlash extends the life of the attachment. The body can be cut from a metal sheet or use a suitable size channel.

The preference is to have a coupling with an adjusting mechanism. In this case, you can use attachments of different classes, from different manufacturers, achieving maximum efficiency in work.

In the photo below is a universal hitch with a threaded adjustment mechanism. A simple but effective device that is not difficult to make with your own hands:

Your metal drill can be easier and more productive if you make a smaller-diameter drill hole beforehand. For example, first we use a drill 5 mm, and then 12-16 mm for the size of the bolt.

Making a universal joint

Work should be performed on a flat surface. A table of suitable size or a workbench is suitable. The procedure is as follows:

  • Marking. According to the drawing the contours and dimensions of the elements are marked.
  • Drilling. Work with a drill or on a machine. The accuracy of the holes is checked with a caliper, as well as a stud or bolt, inserting them into the landing place. Both backlash and jamming of parts is eliminated. To facilitate work and to avoid injury, the holes are countersinked.
  • Welding. Electric welding is preferable. The metal is heated only in the joint, and critically does not lose its properties. If a suitable channel is not available, it is made of sheet steel of the required quality.
  • Assembling. Bracket is fastened to the channel with bolts. If an adjustment mechanism is provided, it is also fixed to the structure.

Drawings of couplings of different kinds

Attachment of the attachment comes down to a simple operation of aligning the holes and securing the elements of the structure with pins and bolts. In the process of work the position of the coupling can be adjusted with bolts in radius holes. First of all, tighten the threaded connections of the coupling device with the towbar of the power tiller. Then the hitch is set up.

Make final adjustments before starting work. After loosening the adjustment bolts, the optimum position of the hitch is found and the nuts are tightened with wrenches.

In working the land, it is sometimes necessary to make two or more passes over an area with different hitch settings. The self-made hitch helps to optimize the work in all respects.

This saves time, reduces effort and increases productivity.

A hitch coated with metal paint or an anti-corrosion coating will last significantly longer.