How To Set Up A Carburetor On A Partner

Carrying out repairs and summer house construction can not do without the use of a chainsaw, this statement is also true when caring for the garden. If the tool turns out to be faulty, then all the work will arise because of this, so it is so important to have the skills of self-identification and troubleshooting. If you have some experience, then you will be able to adjust the carburetor, although this procedure is complicated, it is quite doable.

The need for adjustment

How To Set Up A Carburetor On A Partner

Adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw is required in rare cases, most often there are problems expressed in the wrong fuel intake or engine wear. But there are signs that it is necessary to adjust the mechanism, here are some of them. After it was possible to start the engine, it immediately stalls. In some cases, users can’t start it at all, and the reason lies in the lack of fuel or an excess of oxygen. A problem may arise in the case of increased fuel consumption, the result is an increase in the volume of exhaust gases. This may occur due to oversaturation of the mixture with fuel.

Mechanical causes of failure

Adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw may be necessary in case of mechanical failures. For example, a protective cap may be damaged due to strong vibrations. Ultimately, the bolts in the carburetor lose their fixation. The piston part of the motor may also wear out. The carburetor setting helps in this case for a certain time, to eliminate the problem you need to replace the worn part. The cause may be a blockage that occurs due to the use of low quality fuel. Damage to the filter and build-up of scale can lead to such consequences. At the same time, the carburetor will need to be disassembled, rinsed well and adjusted.


If you are going to adjust the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw, then you should familiarize yourself with the assembly of the unit in more detail, in many models the design features almost do not differ from each other, so the recommendations given will turn out to be relevant.

Elements must be removed with maximum accuracy, stacking them in order, during the assembly process this will help you. Three bolts hold the top cover, they must be removed, then you will see a layer of foam, which acts as part of the air filter. The master will have to get rid of the fuel hose, this will remove the drive traction.

Partner-350 chainsaw carburetor adjustment is not possible, if you do not remove the cable end, this should be done in the next step. The gas hose, which is located to the left of the fitting, will need to be thrown off. All of the above work will allow you to disconnect the carburetor, which can be adjusted. This mechanism is complex, so if you need further disassembly, you need to remove the elements carefully, because their size is very small, because of which they can easily be lost.

How To Set Up A Carburetor On A Partner


If you have a “Partner-350” saw, carburetor adjustment can be done independently, without the involvement of specialists. Having assessed your capabilities and experience, proceed with the disassembly, the recommendations for which were presented above. Then you can carry out the adjustment and subsequent adjustment. It is necessary to distinguish three screws, exactly in such quantity they are available for the “Partner” saw, however, in some models the screw is installed in a single copy. The manufacturer has designated each with its own letter, which will allow you to understand what the element is for. Thus, the screw under the letter L must be used when setting low revs. The upper revolutions can be corrected with a screw under the letter H. Idling can be adjusted with a screw under the designation T, for other models only it can be present.

Additional recommendations

If you purchased the Partner-350 saw, carburetor adjustment can be carried out during operation. Before carrying out these works, you must remember that the factory settings are optimal. Using the screws described above, you can adjust the operation of the motor in special situations, among them different climatic conditions can be distinguished. When adjusting, it is necessary to use screws under the letters L and N. To increase the speed, they should be turned clockwise.

To lower the revolutions, the screws rotate in the opposite direction. It is important to take into account the sequence of use of the elements, which is as follows: L. H. T. If you encounter difficulties during the adjustment, it is best to consult a specialist, because an incorrect setting can damage the motor.

Need adjustment

In order to understand how to adjust the Partner-350 chainsaw, it is best to first familiarize yourself with the device of this unit in more detail at the first stage. If you understand the principle of operation and components, you will be able to independently determine the cause of the breakdown. The carburetor acts as one of the main parts of the engine, which is necessary for the preparation and subsequent supply of fuel, the latter consists of fuel and oxygen. If the ratio of these ingredients is violated, the motor may begin to work incorrectly, and subsequently fail.

Carburetor device

If you decide that you need to adjust the Partner-350 saw, then you first need to study the design of the elements. The system consists of a diffuser, which acts as a constriction to increase the oxygen flow rate. The diffuser is in close proximity to the inlet through which fuel is supplied. There is also a tube with a transverse flap in the carburetor, it is necessary to regulate the flow of oxygen. Fuel comes from a spray, it is presented by a needle. To adjust the fuel at the entrance to the channel, a float chamber is needed, it is also available in the carburetor device.

Principle of operation

If you purchased a Partner-350 chainsaw, carburetor adjustment may be necessary during operation. In order to carry out these actions correctly, you must also familiarize yourself with the principle of operation of this item of equipment. The fuel is sprayed in the diffuser with a stream of air, which allows you to create a mixture pumped into the cylinder. The larger the fuel flow, the higher the engine speed. In the described model, as in any other, the carburetor works according to the same scheme described above.

Ignition adjustment

For those people who have a Partner-350 saw, the ignition is adjusted quite often. At the first start-up, idling needs to be checked; in order to perform it, it is necessary to turn the screw that is responsible for adjusting idling clockwise. Once it rests, it should be turned counterclockwise by 4.5 turns. If, after carrying out these manipulations, the motor runs without chain rotation, then everything is in order. Otherwise, you need to contact a service center, as working with such a saw can be dangerous.