How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Small dogs, probably, have already formed a special gene responsible for sitting on the hands of the hostess. Owners can spend hours carrying such pets on their hands, although it is not at all convenient to carry around one and a half kilograms of accessories hanging on their hands.

Bag for small dogs can solve several problems at once. Note that in this article we will discuss not only a bag for decorative dogs, but also medium-sized dogs. Also, this article is purely informative and does not contain advertising.

In the article you will find information about carrying bags for dogs, including those made with their own hands (with patterns and photos).

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Many people think that a bag for a dog is simply a waste of money. Indeed, such an accessory may not be needed for every dog. If your dog is a Cocker Spaniel breed or a pug, then carrying is vital only if you travel by public transport.

Bag-carrying is intended primarily for decorative breeds of dogs and other pets who prefer to travel on their hands, which are unstable to stress, are afraid of transport, people, other animals. Nowadays, bags for dogs are an attribute of fashion, many use them as a regular accessory, however, a well-made carrier can have several functions.

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How to make a bag carrying a dog of a small breed, and not only, will be described below with your own hands.

The basic functions that carry bag for dogs

If the owner is used everywhere to take the dog with him, then sitting in the bag, it will not cause inconvenience to others.

The bag is suitable for dogs that get tired quickly, for pets going for a walk on their own, and from a walk riding only on their hands.

Bag needed when traveling to a veterinary clinic. Here is an important reason to have a bag for a dog at home, without even using an accessory all the time.

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The need is physiological: some dogs are partially or completely immobilized and need extra care. Carrying in this case will be a more humane solution for your pet than constantly carrying it on your hands.

When traveling, a dog may ride in a cabin or luggage compartment only in a muzzle. And to send a small dog in the luggage compartment – mockery of the animals, then, as the bag will help the owner to leave it with him and not interfere with other passengers.

At the exhibition, a combed and laid pet will have more chances to stay in a chic look if it was brought there in a soft carrying.

The bag can be used as a bed or a private dog in your home. It is convenient for the owner, and the dog itself will be much more comfortable to constantly have its own personal territory.

With a weak nervous system (if the dog trembles at the sight of an unfamiliar dog or person, climbs on the hands or tries to run away from fear, it is better to put it in your bag and release the dog according to its natural needs).

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Even dogs have phobias. And claustrophobia in dogs, as in humans, is far from uncommon. Before you buy a bag, try to seat the dog in a box or a simple bag with a hole for the head. And, if your pet shows anxiety, howls and whines – this is a sign that you should give up the bag or prepare for a long addiction.

Kinds of bags for dogs, their features and differences

All bags vary in size (wider range for small dogs). For those who follow fashion trends, there are models in the form of stylish handbags with logos of famous brands, straps, rhinestones and other trifles that do not carry the functional load. For medium-sized dogs, carry-bags with a carcass are produced.

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Below we give the main types of bags for transporting pets.

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

A shoulder bag is an ordinary women’s handbag, but with a hole for the head of the dog. Bag with a zipper, equipped with straps, for carrying a pet under the arm. Such a model is not very convenient for the dog, in this carrying dog can not change its position freely and it is uncomfortable for her to breathe in a lying position. Bag, in the manner of the beach, would be the most successful option.

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Bag-box can be with or without frame. The walls of this bag are made of transparent fabrics so that the dog breathes easily and it is not dark. Bag-box in the form of a soft house, travel bag or cage can be used as a sleeping place for a dog.

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

If you like the “bag-sling” type for small dogs, then you can do it yourself (example in the photo above).

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

The backpack bag for dogs is very similar to a sling for dogs. It differs only in the method of landing the animal. If it is looking sideways in a sling, then forward in a backpack. Backpacks are closed and open. Open bags suggest openings for the head and paws. Closed bag is designed for sitting posture. A sling is more convenient for dogs – they can lie in it, but a backpack is more convenient for the owner, the straps of which evenly distribute the weight. By the way, you can make a carrying bag for a small dog with your own hands.

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Remember, it’s wrong to borrow a bag for your dog to try someone else. Even a washed bag will smell like a strange animal. Inherited or purchased B. At. The handbag should be washed several times, dried in the sun, treated with an antiparasitic drug. Also before use it is recommended to put your dog’s toys in the bag or rub the product with its wool. Just do not try to use perfumed means – it will scare your pet.

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Basic principles when choosing bags for dogs

It is very important to know exactly which bag to choose so that your little treasure is pretty. A good accessory should not be bought for big money at all, it’s really possible to sew a carrying bag for a dog with your own hands.

How To Sew A Bag-Carrier For Dogs With Their Own Hands

Criterias of choice:

  • Size. A dog should be free to stand, lie, and turn, while being in the carrier.
  • The material must be durable, easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

This data must be indicated on the label or in the quality certificate.

  • The package should include pockets, visors, pillows.
  • The bag should be easy to understand so that cleaning and washing are easy.
  • Your carry should have small wire hatches for good air circulation.
  • Another recommendation – do not buy dark-colored handbags, they heat up in hot weather, and for a dog that is not moving, a great risk is created to get a heat stroke.

Even if you do not sew professionally, making a bag for walking with your own hands will not be a problem.

How to sew a bag carrying a dog for yourself?

The easiest option is to remake an already-made handbag. Make a cutout for the head, embroider the hem, shorten the zipper – and the carrying is ready! An important condition: choose a bag from a material that allows it to be cleaned and washed frequently. If you have a sewing machine and at least some sewing skills, choose a pattern to your liking, stock up with the necessary materials and start sewing a handbag for your pet. Everything is much simpler than it seems on the diagram. Treat yourself to a beautiful thing, and your dog with a comfortable accessory.

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