How To Sharpen A Winning Chain For A Stihl Chainsaw

What determines the degree of productivity of sawing work? Many are guided by the time spent on servicing a saw replaceable headset. Maintenance can consist in re-sharpening an unevenly worn chain, as well as in the replacement of some cutting elements to prevent loss of standard settings and parameters. Such problems can be forgotten using the winning chain. Stihl winning chains, like many produced by other companies, are quite popular due to a number of characteristics, however, they are not used on an ongoing basis, but in a pinch.

How To Sharpen A Winning Chain For A Stihl Chainsaw

What are winning chains?

First of all, it is worth noting that the Stihl chain with victorious soldering or a removable headset of this type of another brand is not very popular among owners of an amateur class of power units. There are reasons for this. Among them, the main one. The vast majority of the advantages of such a chain with a high resource cannot compensate for a number of disadvantages that arise when combining this headset with unprofessional tools.

What can be considered a winning chain? These are only those chains that are made of durable alloy. The strength of such a material far exceeds that of glass. Such a material is usually the main one for manufacturers of glass cutters of a household type. The cutting elements of the devices allow precise glass processing.

Despite the high level of hardness of the material, it is still fragile. In addition, each cutting tooth of a carved element, if we talk about chainsaws, their removable headsets, is treated with an expensive composite (applied in a thin layer).

Such chains are expensive not only in the end, when they enter the market, they are expensive to manufacture, because they are created using complex and expensive equipment. Winning chains can only be found in the line of manufacturers of high-class sawn sawn machinery, for obvious reasons.

If you do not have a winning chain and while using the usual one, pay attention to our article. Sharpening a chain of a chainsaw with a file.

Advantages and disadvantages of carbide chains

A chain for a chainsaw with victorious brazing can boast a number of advantages, among which we highlight.

  1. A good resource of the circuit, due to which it can be used much longer than analog versions of interchangeable equipment.
  2. Thanks to the modification features of the headset, the operator can work with frozen wood, with different grades of material, even with the most dense and hard. Sawing will take place quickly and seamlessly.
  3. Devices with this type of headset are also used to work with metal fittings, as well as with concrete, so the winning circuit is the number one choice for emergency responders.
  4. If you choose the right chain, you can install it not only on a professional power unit, but also on a semi-professional one. The main thing is that the tool engine has a good power reserve and an excellent reserve of torque.
  5. Working in extreme conditions, using a gasoline chain saw to carry out time-consuming and time-consuming work, including those projects that relate to the processing of problematic material, including flooded or burnt, with abrasive inclusion, preparing ice blocks, with a victorious headset, is easy and simple, if you compare the result and performance levels with the results when operating a high-grade chain of conventional alloy.
  6. Each cutting link of a victorious interchangeable headset wears out extremely slowly, even when the operator is working with contaminated logs. The material that underlies such an accessory for the power unit is minimally sensitive to the abrasive properties of sand, which can fall into the cut.

How To Sharpen A Winning Chain For A Stihl Chainsaw

For projects that can be described as plans of increased complexity, the use of a chain with victorious soldering is advisable.

This ends the list of benefits. In order to have a good idea of ​​all the features of such interchangeable equipment, it is important to separately consider its nuances.

  1. Only the driving links are made of carbide material, while the connecting links are made of ordinary steel, which can wear out very quickly. The winning chain can be drawn in long before the operator develops the assigned resource.
  2. High price is the nuance that we mentioned. It is important to understand that such an option for a removable headset differs significantly from its analogues. The price is higher than that which is installed on the analogs several times, on average, once every 5. And taking this into account, we can conclude that the total service life of standard saw chains is much higher than the service life of a high-strength chain made of expensive carbide material with strong, sharp edges.
  3. If you unfasten the extended chain and remove a few teeth, the operator will not be able to enjoy the positive effect for optimizing productivity.
  4. When such a circuit is installed on semi-professional power units, the risk of rapid wear of the main sprocket on the drive increases, due to which smoothness drops sharply, which accelerates the moment of chain breaking (and chain breaking is always associated with traumatic situations).
  5. An unpleasant nuance can also be considered the fact that a saw chain made of such a material does not need to be sharpened at home when it is worn (it does not come soon, but sooner or later the grinding time comes). If using special tools with a conventional removable headset, you can cope on your own. It is impossible to sharpen a carbide chain without the help of a master, which means that the carved element will have to be taken to a service center, where the equipment is located that allows you to return the chain to its original parameters. Please note that the price of the services of masters will be high. In some cases, it can be compared with the price of a new standard chain of ordinary metal.
  6. Carbide has certain limitations. First of all, it is very sensitive to shock load. Despite all the advantages of carbide brazing, they can accumulate fatigue stress when they are regularly or abruptly contacted with an abrasive or unstable surface.
  7. No one argues that the thermal conductivity of the hard alloy of which such a chain is made is high. Nevertheless, long-term work with a chainsaw, on which a similar headset is installed, leads to heating of the teeth, which means that the hardness index is steadily decreasing.

Considering all the nuances and features of a winning replaceable carved element, we can say that it is advisable to buy such a headset if the chain is used for cutting narrow profiles. In extreme cases, this headset is used for work in the farmer segment and in the economic sector, where the need rarely arises to use all the advantages of a carbide unique in its properties.