How To Start A Gasoline Lawn Mower Stihl

Stihl petrol lawn mower. features and uses

Today, one of the most popular and best companies that produce agricultural machinery is Stihl. A huge number of products are annually released from the machine of this manufacturer, a feature that is a high level of quality and excellent performance.

Today in this article you can learn about the aspects and advantages of the products of this company, and we will also pay attention to the lawn mowers of this unsurpassed company. So, let’s actually get down to familiarizing ourselves with this topic.

The best models of lawn mowers of the company

And now, in fact, let’s get acquainted with the best representatives of the technique for caring for a personal plot. And if at the moment you are not the owner of a Stihl mower, then it is quite possible that you will find your tool in the range of models presented below. So let’s get started.

A little information about the manufacturer Stihl

In the early twenties, the stihl company was born, the head of which was the unsurpassed engineer A. Stihl. In the first years of its activity, the company was exclusively engaged in the production of steam boilers and washing machines. But apparently this was not enough for the manufacturer, and equipment designed for agricultural work began to appear from his machines.

The manufacturer began to manufacture his equipment, taking into account the fact that these products will perfectly serve for consumers, both for construction work and for gardening and household needs. And the most important thing that I would like to emphasize is that the instruments of this brand are the best and most popular all over the world.

Lawn mower STIHL FSA 260

This model is a motocross that offers increased ergonomics and high performance. over, it is quite powerful, which is equal to 2.0 kW. It has a fairly economical engine. It was released in order to greatly facilitate your life and become an indispensable assistant in gardening and farm work.

The engine is equipped with a cylinder that has four-channel technology and a purge. over, the company, creating this masterpiece, took care of the atmosphere, as it equipped the mechanism with a special program thanks to which harmful exhaust gases are produced by as much as seventy percent. This characteristic is similar to the AL-KO petrol lawn mower, which also does its job while being environmentally friendly.

over, the lawn mower is equipped with a transparent fuel tank with a volume of 0.75 liters, which ensures maximum and long-term operation with the device, which does not require additional refueling. In addition, you can easily determine when to refuel the motocross, since it is externally visible how much fuel is left in the tank. over, thanks to this kind of feature, you can easily perform this manipulation through an easily accessible and wide opening.

Using the fuel hand pump, you can manually pump up gasoline yourself with a single click. Thanks to this, the number of jerks of the launchers is minimized after the device has not been started for a long time.

It is for this reason that the handles themselves have a very low vibration level. Thanks to this, working with the lawn mower will be much more convenient and pleasant. You can find other models of Stihl manual petrol mowers for grass here.

In addition, due to the fact that the ignition system is completely sealed, uninterrupted operation of the engine itself is carried out and the start becomes more reliable.

In addition, due to the ignition voltage, which is quite high, a long period of spark burning and reliable sparking are fully produced.

This improves fuel combustion and reduces harmful emissions.


  • Working volume. 41.6 cubic meters. Cm;
  • Power. 2.0 kW;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.75 liters;
  • Overall length. 1.69 meters;
  • Mowing set. thicket knife, 300 mm, 3 blades;
  • Dimension. 7.5 kg;
  • Cost. 19 199 UAH.

Features of the products of this manufacturer

First of all, what I would like to emphasize is that all the equipment of this manufacturer is distinguished by its simplicity in operation. In addition, it is designed for work on the sites. However, despite all the elementary nature of use, this unit will not surpass an even simpler and more autonomous device such as a robotic lawn mower Stiga, we will tell you more about it here.

The weight category of Stihl tools is quite diverse. over, each technique has the functionality to work in absolutely any conditions. All devices have a hacksaw, which in turn has a sturdy motor crankcase made of shock-resistant plastic.

over, all professional models of this manufacturer have two filler tanks. The first of which is filling oil into a specialized tank.

The most important advantage in this matter can be considered the fact that all Stihl products run on any kind of oil. Whether it is motor oil, artificial oil, mineral oil or semi-synthetic oil, it does not matter, as the manufacturer has made their products in such a way that their technology allows this kind of experimentation.

Check out this overview. To better understand what this is about:

over, almost every lawn mower produced by the company has a push-pull engine, which also has different power depending on the type of tool and, naturally, its direct purpose. But, nevertheless, regardless of its power characteristics, it contributes to unchanged power properties during an impact with a tire.

Also important is the fact that Stihl equipment is equipped with a slight forced cooling, which is simply necessary after prolonged operation of the device. Stihl equipment can be operated for a long time without prolonged stops.

Mower STIHL FSA 55

It is a new model with a significant width, the so-called haircut. Perfectly suited for mowing large lawns, areas with peculiar slopes and irregularities, and you can also work with overgrown grass quickly and easily. But if your site is in a rather neglected form, then we advise you to buy a special lawn mower for tall grass and weeds.

It has a welded deck which is durable and of high quality. over, the handles are made using the twin control system. In addition, the lever that turns on the device is mirrored.

In addition, the lawn mower of this model has an engine made by the manufacturer Stihl and it has an upper camshaft.

How To Start A Gasoline Lawn Mower Stihl

And also has the function of the main task, which is to simplify the very start of the mechanism, which in turn boasts a significant level of properties of an operational nature, as well as high reliability.

Thanks to these features, working with this device will bring you not only productivity, but also pleasure.

The first, of which is mowing with the release of the grass that you cut, the second is actually collecting in a special grass catcher, and the third is mulching.

In addition, it is important that the knife, which is equipped with the device, has an innovative design, and which provides a high level of cleanliness of the cut, as well as high quality mulching. Petrol lawn mower Stihl price, which is 19 625 UAH. Will be an indispensable assistant for you.


  • Cylindrical working volume. 160 cubic meters Cm;
  • Grass-box weight. 680 liters;
  • Dimensions. 8.5 kg;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.75 liters;
  • Mowing set. thicket knife, 300 mm, 3 blades;
  • Power. 3.0 kW.

Undoubtedly, each of us would like to have such a tool in our working arsenal, so if you made your choice regarding one of these models, then without a fraction of a doubt we can say that you will not regret your choice for a moment.


  • Always clean your lawn mower after work. Dried grass can stick firmly to it. It also smells bad when it starts to rot. Therefore, as soon as you are done mowing, clear the mower of grass.
  • Never leave the mower over the winter with gasoline in the tank. During storage, it can thicken and clog the carburetor.
  • Never start your mower without proper lubrication, unless you love buying a new mower every time.

How to start a gasoline lawn mower: disassemble in detail

How do I start the lawn mower? Pull the cord! Okay, we agree. Sometimes this is not enough. Given that some lawn mowers start differently depending on the model, in this article we will give you some general tips. Keep reading!

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Refuel the mower with petrol and check the oil level. You may have forgotten to do this. It happens to everyone. But if there is no oil and gasoline in it, then you can pull on the cord at least all day, and you will achieve nothing but muscle pain and the chance that your children will learn from you not very good words.

  • Open the fuel tank cap and look into it. Refuel the mower to the recommended level if necessary. There should be a label in the tank to tell you to what level you need to fill the tank, but if not, fill it up to the neck. Do not overfill the tank.
  • Be sure to check the oil level. If there is not enough oil, you can easily ruin the engine. The oil is usually poured through a cap on the top of the mower body, which says “oil” or shows an oil can. Just like a car, your mower may have a special dipstick with which you can check the oil level in the engine.
  • Please note that some mowers (mainly with two-stroke engine) use a fuel / oil mixture. If so, read the user manual carefully before refueling the mower.

Bleed the fuel pump! Find a soft cap, usually red or black, near the spark plug. Click on it 3-4 times to fill the carburetor with gasoline. Just don’t overdo it and don’t flood the engine.

  • But not all mowers have such a pump. In this case, you will need to fully open the throttle.

Check the candle. The spark plug should be near the engine and have a rubber cap. It generates a spark to start the engine, so make sure the cap fits snugly.

Open the throttle. Shift the throttle lever to the middle or to the full last position. Otherwise, the engine will not receive enough fuel to operate.

Be careful when starting the engine. Most new mowers now come with a safety switch that must be held down when starting. If your mower does not have such a switch, make sure it is stable on the ground.

Pull the cord firmly! Place one hand on the mower body, and with the other grasp the cord and pull it sharply upward. You may need to do this several times before the engine starts.

  • If the engine sneezes but does not start, then check if there is enough gas in the tank.
  • If the engine won’t sneeze or start, then check the spark plug.

Read the mower’s operating instructions. If the windrower still won’t start, read the instructions in the troubleshooting section. It is quite possible that there will be an answer to your question.

Some reasons

It often happens that users of this kind of machines try to “save” by filling the tank with not fuel with the usual octane number, but something incomprehensible that has been in a plastic canister for almost a dozen years.

The main thing is the fuel mixture!

In this case, the remnants of plastic dissolved in a brutal environment create such terrible things in the combustion chamber that you will definitely not be able to do without completely overhauling the mechanism. Petrol self-propelled lawn mowers choice. But you will certainly remember forever how to store fuel correctly.

What to do, when the fuel was just normal, there is a spark, but the petrol trimmer won’t start? It may be that you just filled the candle with gasoline. In this case, you need to unscrew it, wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it. reliable electronic scythe trimmers. By the way, it will be completely useful to check the candle itself for performance.

Reasons why the lawnmower may not start

The petrol lawn mower may not start for the following reasons:

  • First, before starting the engine, you need to check the fuel in the tank. A small amount of it will create an airy system, but it is also impossible to fill the tank full to the brim. When refueling, you must adhere to the mark for the highest fuel level. If the mower is leaving for winter storage, the fuel must be drained because gasoline tends to evaporate. Refueling is done using a funnel. Until the case of spilled gasoline dries out on the parts of the mower, the engine cannot be started, in order to avoid ignition of combustible water.
  • Often, the engine of a lawn mower does not start due to the fact that the user does not know how to start it correctly. Before starting, the lever is set to maximum speed, and then gasoline is pumped into the carburetor with a primer. The starter cord is gently pulled slightly towards itself, and then pulled sharply.
  • After failed attempts to start the engine, you can try changing the spark plug. Often the reason lies precisely in it. If there is no spare candle at hand, and the old one is covered with heavy carbon deposits, it must be cleaned with fine-grained sandpaper.
  • A clogged air filter leads to the preparation of a poor-quality fuel mixture, and the engine starts to stall or does not start at all. Correct the problem by easily washing the removed filter in clean gasoline and then air-drying it. The air filters must be flushed every 25 hours of operation, even if the mower does not stall.
  • Immediately after starting, the engine can stall due to a seized piston or crankshaft. After unscrewing the spark plug with the starter cord, it is necessary to bleed the engine several times. Perhaps moving parts will develop and the malfunction will be repaired.
  • Low oil level in the crankcase can prevent the engine from starting.

Electric lawn mowers also have their own easily solved problems:

  • A commonplace reason that the electric motor of a lawn mower does not work may be a lack of electricity or low voltage. You can find out if there is current in the network using a screwdriver indicator, but to measure the voltage you need a multimeter.
  • The electric mower is equipped with a thermal motor protection. Grass-clogged ventilation holes will cause the protection to operate continuously, preventing the motor from running. Solve the problem easily by cleaning the ventilation holes.
  • A broken switch can be the reason for the mower motor to not work. Here you will have to contact the service center or replace the broken part yourself.

If none of the above tips helped to start the unit, you don’t need to touch anything else, but it is better to contact a specialist.

They talk about preparing the lawn mower for launch:

The petrol powered lawnmower must be visually inspected before use to ensure that no visible damage occurs. The device start-up procedure is divided into 7 step-by-step steps.

Prepare refueling. fuel mixture

When starting up the device after the winter season, or being in a cold room, check the tank for leftovers. When finding residues, it is imperative to drain the mixture.

Features of the refueling procedure:

  • The dressing can be either ready-made or a mixture for self-preparation.
  • When refueling four-stroke engines, there is no need to prepare the fuel mixture.
  • Devices work better with oils with an SAE-30 index.
  • It is not recommended to change synthetic oil with mineral oil and vice versa.
  • The Chinese, Japanese, American gasoline lawn mower works better on A-92 fuel. European models take large octane numbers well.
  • Be sure to monitor the level of the mixture, the best option is 2-3 centimeters lower than the edge of the fuel tanks.

If the mower won’t start:

  • Leave the damper open.
  • Switch off ignition.
  • Press the fuel pump button about 4-5 times.
  • Start the engine again.

Starting the engine for the first time may require approximately 15 jerks.

Safety is most important

In order for the user to have an extremely positive impression of using the device, several important safety rules must be observed:

  • Before carrying out the work, it is recommended to clarify, check the possibility of the appearance of any foreign object on the site: a stone, a branch.
  • Warn unauthorized people, especially children, in advance, so that they do not come closer than 5 meters to the operating device.
  • To avoid vision problems, work exclusively with glasses with special frames.
  • Visually inspect the unit for damage to the case or loose part. Eliminate the fault as soon as possible.
  • Observe the rules for mowing grass. Do not cut grass higher than 20 centimeters. Do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass in one pass.
  • If you are working on a slope, it is recommended to walk along the hill. Do not use the up / down technique.
  • Stop the engine when the bevel height changes.
  • If any foreign object falls into the mower that interferes with the operation of the device, then immediately stop the device and clean the blades.
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Note! In the first place, non-compliance with the rules can lead to health problems and technicians.

Thus, it is safe to say that the gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of buyers, both in terms of power and the quality of the work performed. It is important to follow all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the durability of the device, performance.

Any complex technical device takes some time to get used to. If you have not had the experience of working with mowers of any design, the first step is to study the instructions in order to clearly understand which levers and knobs are used to control the mower motor, and which ones are used to adjust the mowing parameters. In addition, you will need to learn how to set the adjustments to the position of the cutting edge of the lawn mower so as to mow the grass in an even and neat layer, leaving the laid 3-4 cm of vegetation throughout the entire area.

Lawn Mower Blade Adjustments

Before mowing, adjust the height of the blades above the ground. Most often, the lift of the mower body above the grass is set with one handle, less often with two. for each pair of wheels, this helps to mow lawns with very dense and heavy grass.

The heavier the mower body, the lower the cutting edges can be. Most often, this is a value of 20-25 mm. It is good to mow soft grass with a low position of the cutting plane, for hard and high one it is necessary to adjust not only the clearance, but also the angle of inclination of the lawn mower body.

The forward tilt helps to compensate for the mower’s backward tilt when pushing the handle too hard. Especially if the grass is wet. it is difficult to mow, the rear drive wheels may slip. For a front-drive lawnmower, this tilt will only impair the performance of the mower, skips will appear and the surface will remain uneven.

If the engine starts successfully:

  • Squeeze the throttle.
  • Set the lever to the low speed position.
  • Warm up the device in this position for 5 minutes.

Working with an engine that is not warmed up leads to a decrease in the performance and durability of the device.

How to mow without blunders

First of all, you need to mow without putting excessive unnecessary force on the control handle. The lawn mower was designed without taking into account this overload on the rear axle. For the front-drive version of the mower, this will impair the mowing quality. When working on the rear-wheel drive version, this “help” wears out the transmission and leads to the appearance of potholes in the lawn, it becomes more difficult to mow. In addition, it can easily damage the knife, motor or cut grass on the ground.

The art of lawn mowing comes with practice. Most often, the direction of movement is corrected by moving the handle to the left or right. In particularly difficult cases, you can mow even on difficult paths by slightly tilting the mower body to the left or right, increasing the traction of the wheels on one side and relaxing on the other. The controls are simple but require practice and skill.

It is considered most difficult to mow near a curb or fence. Such work requires precision and a good eye. Most often, damage to knives occurs when trying to mow in areas interspersed with gravel or under the edge of a stone blind area.

Models with a piano suspension of the front pair of wheels are best mowed in such difficult conditions. For complex edge configurations, mowing with such a lawn mower is much easier.

The long tradition of mowing the grass early in the morning is not only associated with more comfortable working conditions. Vegetation moistened with morning dew is much easier and faster to cut even with a low-power motor. Less dust and pollen rise, which is especially important during the flowering period of ragweed or similar plants that emit allergenic particles. But in such conditions, you can only mow with gasoline models, electric lawn mowers should only be operated in a dry environment.

The sharp blade of a lawn mower is not only dangerous for the grass. Knowing all the risk factors will help you to understand that getting ready for work, grooming and aftercare is of the utmost importance. The safety of the user and the service life of the tool depend on this. Protect yourself and your expensive equipment!

Agree, you will not put a person without a license behind the wheel of your car, let alone a child. A professional will not allow an inexperienced user to start acquaintance with a chainsaw from felling trees. Everyone understands that it is dangerous.

The lawn mower seems harmless, so much so that users do not attach importance to the rules of safe operation.

Do you find this topic boring? Check out the statistics. According to the American School of Public Health, about 80,000 people each year go to the doctor after working with a lawn mower, 32% of all cases are due to amputation of toes.

How to start a gasoline lawn mower?

About the manufacturer Stihl

The history of this German brand dates back to 1926. At the initial stages of its development, the company was engaged in the production and sale of various components for washing and steam machines. It all started, like many companies, with a small production and narrow focus, which made it possible to focus on the quality of products.

To date, the company has expanded its activities in more than 160 countries around the world, opening new centers and production offices in Switzerland, China and many other countries. This is quite understandable, because the range of the company is impressive: motor-drills, gasoline sprayers, mowers, gasoline trimmers, chainsaws and much more. I would like to note that Shtil chainsaws are very popular due to their functionality and reasonable price.

Features and best models

The Stihl mower, which is distinguished by its versatility, reliability and ease of use, deserves special mention. The company’s specialists have developed many types of braids, with different characteristics and applications.

For example, the lawnmower range is designed for mowing large areas. For this, a self-propelled wheel system was developed, with the help of which it became possible to care for a large territory without spending a lot of time and effort. A lawn mower is perfect for decorating shrubs, giving them a certain artistic image and texture. And if you need a lawn mower for tall grass and uneven areas, then follow this link and get full information on the selection of this type of equipment.

If you need a more subtle approach to trimming grass, for example near flower beds or between trees, then a gasoline trimmer designed for accuracy and precision will do just fine. The company’s specialists have foreseen all the nuances and possible difficulties when working with braids, so they equipped them with nylon strings that prevent mechanical damage to trees.

A special AutoCut trimmer head is also used to ensure the normal functionality of the petrol trimmer string knives. This article will tell you about the of petrol hand-held lawn mowers and trimmers, it will also help you make the right purchase, which you will not regret.

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The professional trimmers include Stihl FS 130 and FS 250. Let’s consider the characteristics and properties using the example of several mowers, in particular FS 38, FS 70 and FS 130.

See device features on.

FS 130

The model belongs to professional models, so the goals set for it will be slightly higher. It is designed for cutting rough grass, tough shrubs and young trees.

It features the latest high-power engine that does not emit a large amount of harmful emissions.

  • Engine power. 1.9 HP;
  • Engine volume. 36.3 cm3;
  • Tank volume. 0.53 l;
  • The bar is straight;
  • Handle. T-shaped;
  • Complete set. shoulder strap, two-bladed knife;
  • Line diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • Weight. 5.9 kg.

The range of for these models does not mean any difference in quality, first of all, each Stihl mower is designed for a certain type of work.

It is quite clear that there is no point in purchasing a more expensive and powerful model if you have a small plot or lawn in front of the house. Simpler models will do just fine with this task, but the word “simplicity” is not used here in a derogatory manner. powerful mowers are designed to handle large areas with overgrown and dense surfaces, hence the price difference. If you are confused in such a variety of tools, then do not be upset, but feel free to click here and we will tell you how to choose a lawn mower for a summer residence.

Model characteristics on.

However, whichever model you choose, you need to follow certain operating rules recommended by the manufacturer in order to avoid possible damage.

Stihl FS 70 mower price

It is a more advanced model with more power and more multitasking. An anti-vibration system is provided to significantly reduce the impact of a running engine on the handle.

FS 70 features:

  • Engine power. 1.2 HP;
  • Engine displacement. 27.2 cm3;
  • Tank volume. 0.34 l;
  • Engine type. two-stroke;
  • The bar is straight;
  • Handle. T-shaped;
  • Complete set. belt, reel with fishing line;
  • Line diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • Weight. 5.4 kg.

Petrol lawn mower FS 38

The model is distinguished, first of all, by its simplicity and compactness, which is quite enough for proper maintenance of the local area. The main control keys are located on the handle of the device, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the work.

  • Engine power. 0.9 HP;
  • Engine displacement. 27.2 cm3;
  • Tank volume. 0.33 l;
  • Engine type. two-stroke;
  • The bar is straight;
  • Handle. D-shaped;
  • Complete set. 2-toothed grass trimmer blade, protective goggles, belt;
  • Weight. 4.1 kg.

This model is one of the most popular on the market! You will find out about all the units that are included in the rating of the best lawn mowers here.

Recommendations for use

It is necessary to take temporary breaks from work. This is necessary so that the engine of the device does not overheat and fail prematurely. For amateur models, there is a break every 20 minutes for the same time. For professional mowers, work should be interrupted every 50 minutes, in which case the downtime should be at least 10 minutes.

DIY Stihl trimmer repair and operating instructions FS-38 and 55 (Stihl FS), carburetor adjustment

It is inherent in man to ennoble the place in which he spends the lion’s share of his time. Residents of cities resort to the services of designers, or they themselves try to change something in their home, buy new furniture, wallpaper, so that when they come home after a hard day, they can mentally rest and relax in a favorable environment. Residents of their own homes outside the city have completely different concerns and requirements. It is necessary to mow shrubs, grass, various dead wood in a timely manner, carefully monitor the condition of the personal plot and garden. It is clear that this requires a slightly different means of achieving comfort. And here a new brainchild of engineering comes to the fore. mowers from Stihl.

Problems and solutions. DIY repair

But what to do if suddenly it was not possible to avoid a breakdown of the mechanism? We will not understand the reasons for this, but it will not be superfluous to consider possible problems that may arise with the mower, as well as methods of eliminating them on our own.

The engine will not start. If you are faced with this problem, then initially you need to estimate the amount of fuel in the fuel tank, maybe there is no problem as such, but you just need to add fuel and continue working. By the way, special attention should be paid to the fuel used, because the service life and quality of the lawn mowers depend on its quality. Experts recommend AI-92 gasoline, not lower.

Another possible cause of unstable engine performance is a dirty fuel filter. You should carefully examine it, clean it, if necessary. If the filter cannot be repaired by yourself, then you should replace it with a new one.

Then the filter must be thoroughly rinsed and dried, carefully monitoring the integrity of the structure. Before installing the part in the mower, it must be lubricated with a little oil. However, if you do not want to bother with cleaning the unit, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a lawn mower with mulching function, because it will not only cut the lawn, but also prepare further fertilization.

The spark plug can also affect engine performance. It is necessary to unscrew it and check the condition, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

If after all the manipulations done, the engine still does not start, then you can resort to the advice of experienced craftsmen who have used them in practice.

It is necessary to adjust the speed with the carburetor screw. Place the mower in such a way that the fuel hits the bottom of the carburetor. To do this, place the tool so that there is an air filter on top.

Next, you need to remove it and pour some fuel into the carburetor, then installing all the parts in place. The engine should start.

These tips are not a panacea, but they are quite effective and useful.

The mower stalls immediately after starting. The main cause of this problem is incorrect carburetor adjustment. It is quite simple to determine this problem. strong vibration will be felt when the mower is operating. You can fix the problem yourself by looking at the instructions, which describe the problem in detail and how to fix it.

Particular attention should be paid to the fuel line, which is often the reason that the tool stalls. Check it regularly and clean it from dirt.

Many may be scared off by the relatively high for Stihl products, but if you think about it, which is more important. reliability and good results or savings that are detrimental to quality? But, if you set out to save money, then we offer you the option of a lawn mower with your own hands, having assembled the device with your own efforts, you will know all the nuances and structure of the tool.

Of course, you can choose cheaper Chinese counterparts, but then no one will be able to vouch for the result of the final work and for the service life, which is very short for such models. So it is more profitable to purchase a mower once from a reputable company, which Stihl certainly is, and enjoy stable operation for many years of operation.