How to Start a Gasoline Mower

Do not know how to start a gas mower? We will tell you. In any village, in a summer cottage, in a country house, to level the lawn grass or weed, to clean the territory in the garden or garden, there must be a mower and it is best if it is gasoline.

Crackling and noise from the use of a gas mower can be heard from the first day of summer until late autumn, until the moment when grass growth is significantly reduced. Gas mowers have gained immense popularity due to ease of use. This device is easy to use and care for the lawn, in case of failure is not difficult to repair. Below we will consider in detail how the process of starting a gas mower is carried out.

Refuel the fuel tank

  • How to Start a Gasoline Mower

    Be sure to make sure that the mower tank has gas and that the oil level is in place before starting to start the device. It is possible that you forgot to pour it. It happens to everyone? If there is no gas in the mower and there is not a sufficient oil level, then you can start the device at least all day.

  • Unscrew the cap of the gas tank and see if there is gas. If you need to add gasoline to the required level, do it. On the tank, as a rule, there should be a marking so that you know at what level gasoline needs to be refueled. If there is no mark, then gasoline is poured to the level of the neck. At the same time, be aware that the tank is not worth overflowing.
  • It will not be superfluous to check the oil level in the mower. If it is not, then you can quickly disable the engine. Oil, as a rule, is poured through the top cover of the device (housing) of the mower, usually the hole is marked with the word “oil” or the icon of the oiler is shown. It is possible that, like the car in your trimmer, there will be a special dipstick, using which you can measure the level of oil in the engine.
  • It is worth paying attention to the fact that some models of mowers (especially with a two-stroke engine) use mixed fuel gasoline with oil for operation. If this is the case with your mower, be sure to read the instructions for mixing two fluids. Then you can refuel the mower.

Your first launch

When gas is filled and the rest of the fuel mixture is available, the most crucial moment of the first start of the gas spit comes. In order for the first start of the mower to go without excesses, you must correctly follow the start instructions.

  1. We place the lawn mow that we are about to start on a flat surface.
  2. The choke control lever must be switched to closed position (position).
  3. We make several strokes of the primer so that the gasoline fuel enters the carburetor.
  4. Turn on the ignition button.
  5. Try to gently pull out the starter cord until you feel a little resistance.
  6. Then you can make a few sharp jerks of 3.4 and your lawn mower should start.
  7. After that, you can fully open the air damper.

First mowing process

When your device was started by you, do not rush to immediately work with it. Give him time to work a little, break in. 5 minutes is required when starting the engine for the first time to idle. While the engine warms up well, you can adjust the air damper so that the cutting element does not rotate with the bobbin. As soon as the mower warms up properly, you can safely open the air supply completely and start mowing.

  • Press the throttle handle with a little force, work in the pressed position for up to 30 seconds. Then you can let the gas go and let your mower run again for more time, up to about 50 seconds. In this mode, you can work up to 15 minutes without rest for the device. Then we muffle our mower and give it about 20 minutes to rest.
  • Having cooled our equipment, we can continue to run the engine, according to the same scheme as described above. We start the trimmer on a hot and always with an open air damper. Try not to hold for a long time during operation, because the parts moving inside the motor will certainly begin to rub against each other. At idle, also the engine should not work, because it may overheat.

The next step is a competent running gear of our trimmer. To do this, you need to decide on the area of ​​grass, it must be not high and young. We cut the grass to about 10 minutes, with phased rest of the device as described above. The cycle is repeated at least 4.5 times.

Important! In general, the break-in of a gas mower according to the above-described algorithm should be carried out by you on a full gas tank, but the last generation of a drop of the fuel mixture. After such a break-in, the tool will be ready for you in further, continuous work. In the process of grass mowing, be sure to ensure that the temperature of the motor and gearbox is not exceeded. Both of these units should not overheat.


After squinting no longer needed it is advisable to clean it. Since all dried grass can stick to it and tear it off it will be very difficult. In addition to all this, the grass will begin to rot and smell bad on the mower body. Therefore, our advice to you, after each mowing, it is advisable to clean the mower clean of dirt and remaining grass.

  • It is also impossible in the winter to leave gas in the tank. Gasoline can thicken a lot during storage and damage your carburetor.
  • You cannot start a gas mower without proper lubrication after storage, if you do not want to constantly buy a new machine.