How To Start A Trimmer Oleo-Mack Sparta 25

The Oleo-Mac trimmer is produced by the Italian company of the same name, which produces high-quality equipment for processing garden plots. The company’s products are exported to many countries around the world.

How To Start A Trimmer Oleo-Mack Sparta 25

Electric Oleo-Mac TR111E and less popular models

The Oleo-Mac TR92E trimmer is a lightweight electric mower that is easy to use and store. The device can mow lawns, clean grass along fences, near trees and shrubs. The 1100-W engine is located on top, which eliminates the ingress of water onto the engine during lawn processing.

The motor cooling hole does not clog. The motor is protected from overheating by means of a thermal relay. The bar is made of aluminum, which ensures low weight of the device. The mower is not subject to corrosion.

The design is balanced, has a suspension belt, which reduces the load on the hands of the operator. The trimmer can be used not only by men, but also by women and even pensioners. A semi-automatic spool releases the end of the line while the mower is moving.

  1. Trimmer weight. 4.5 kg.
  2. The shaft is flexible.
  3. The diameter of the fishing line is 2 mm.
  4. The width of the rod is 22 mm.
  5. Motor power. 1.1 kW.
  6. Voltage. 230 V.

Cutting equipment. Trimmer nozzles. The handle is made in the form of a loop. The shaft is non-separable, curved. The engine is electric.

Gasoline Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 and other models of the manufacturer

Oleo-Mac gasoline scythes are used for long-term work on mowing grass over a large area. Mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 is a lightweight and productive model, can mow soft young grass and bushes.

This model belongs to the luxury class. The device is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine. A special system for pumping gasoline into the carburetor is installed here, this facilitates the launch of the trimmer. Petrol trimmers are designed for gardening, are durable and reliable equipment.

The lawn mow is equipped with a vibration damping system, which ensures comfortable operation for the driver. The robust internal combustion engine, even at low revs, has high torque. The aluminum rod is equipped with bronze plain bearings, as a result of which the gearbox shaft will not vibrate.

The shaft is made of steel, which ensures structural strength. When installing the knife, the mower can cut hard grass and bushes. The cylinder has a nicosyl coating. If you regularly inspect and follow the instructions, then the mowers can withstand 2 piston changes.

The kit includes a fishing line and a three-blade knife for cutting reeds and hard plant stems. A centrifugal clutch protects the motor when the rotation of the knife is momentarily stopped. The fuel priming system “Primer” guarantees a quick start of the trimmer after refueling a new fuel or after a long period of inactivity.

Easy access to air filter for easy maintenance. The improved handle allows you to set the engine speed, eliminates the accidental pressing of the start button, in emergency situations makes it possible to quickly turn off the motor.

  1. Weight. 6.2 kg.
  2. The width of the disc is 230 mm.
  3. The diameter of the fishing line is 2.4 mm.
  4. The diameter of the rod is 26 mm.

Rod material. Aluminum. Engine power. 1 hp The fuel tank has a volume of 0.75 l. The volume of the cylinder is 25.4 cm³. Two-stroke gasoline engine.

Oleo-Mac TR92E trimmer uses cutting equipment. A trimmer nozzle. The shaft is flexible, curved, not collapsible. Rod material: aluminum. The handle is made in the form of a loop.

The kit includes:

  • Trimmer;
  • Trimmer nozzle;
  • Suspension;
  • Instructions for use.
  1. Power. 0.9 kW.
  2. Voltage. 230 V.
  3. The thickness of the fishing line is 1.6 mm.
  4. The diameter of the rod is 22 mm.
  5. Electric motor with a power of 0.9 kW.
  6. Dimensions. 157x28x13 cm.
  7. Weight. 3.5 kg.

Reviews and prices

The price of the Oleo-Max Sparta 25 trimmer ranges from 12,700 to 19,000 rubles. Reviews about Sparta allow the consumer to make the right choice when buying this trimmer.

Elena, 35 years old, summer resident, Khimki

We bought an Oleo-Max Sparta 25 mower for mowing the lawn. The device works perfectly, gently mowing grass on the front lawn. It features good maneuverability.

Nikolay, 46 years old, summer resident, Argayash

To process the garden plot, we use the Oleo-Max Sparta 25 scythe. We are satisfied with its work, it works without noise, mows grass without waste, and can work even when removing shrubs.

Overview of trimmers and lawn mowing from Oleo-Mac

The Oleo-Mak brand is a manufacturer that has its own history and is associated with customers as a reliable brand. The Italian company is part of the partnership of one of the largest manufacturers of Emak. In the Russian market, the Oleo-Mac brand is represented by a large assortment of garden equipment, including trimmers and lawn mowers.

The company produces both domestic and more powerful (professional and semi-professional) samples. A large lineup allows each customer to choose the best mower option.

Lineup Oleo-Mack

Oleo-Mac trimmers are represented by several lines. The most popular lineup is Sparta.

Lawn mowing Oleo-MacSparta 25

This trimmer has become one of the most popular among the entire line of lawn mowers and lawn mowers Oleo-Mack. After the release of the classic version, the developers presented two more variations: Oleo-MacSparta 25TR, Oleo-MacSparta 25 EcoAluminium with increased performance and improved design.

The device is designed for long-term use in medium and large areas. As a cutting element, both a fishing line and a blade knife can be used. Thanks to this feature, the trimmer is great for cutting grass, weeds and small bushes.

Lawn mowing Oleo-MacSparta 37

Productive gas trimmer designed for use in difficult areas. The most significant differences are: an increased flywheel, a transmission made of aluminum. Thanks to these features, overheating of the trimmer motor is much less common.

Compared to the previous device, the Oleo-MacSparta 37 has an increased engine power of 1.8 hp.

Lawn mowing Oleo-MacSparta 38

Comfortable, ergonomic, tough and economical lawn mowing. The main difference is the increased diameter of the rod, which increases the strength of the device. The fuel tank has a volume of 0.87 l. This amount is enough for 25-30 minutes of work.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac Sparta 44

Powerful lawn mowing semi-professional class. The Oleo-MacSparta 44 trimmer is designed to replace 42 models. The model was developed taking into account the wishes and comments of users. Among the major changes: improved specifications, design and mowing head.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.87 liters, which ensures long-term operation in large areas. Among the entire range of mowers, Oleo-Mack Sparta 44 is the best-selling.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 22 T

Compared with the previous ones, a young model designed for long-term use on a suburban area. The manufacturer positions the mower as a tool for home use. One of the differences between the mower is the combined cutting system: knife and fishing line. Equipped with vibration protection and air cooling. Fuel tank capacity: 0.4 L, power. 1.1 HP

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 24 T

A more powerful lawn mow designed for gardening of any complexity. This is a semi-professional tool. Power output: 1.22 hp Ergonomic design and good balance allow you to distribute the load on the operator and facilitate the work. The manufacturer left the fuel tank capacity the same as in the previous version.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 300 T

The Oleo-Mac BC 300 T trimmer is designed for long-term work in suburban areas and for gardening in large areas. Engine power increased to 1.5 liters. The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.58 liters. To ensure long-term operation and quick start of the engine, the Oleo-Mac BC 300 T is equipped with the Alwayson easy-start system.

This is Oleo-Mac’s patented development. Long-term operation of the filters is provided by an additional diode, which prevents the ingress of oil and fuel fluid into the filter. New Generation Fishing Line Head LoadGo The swath width is 25 cm.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 350 T

Improved lawn mowing variation of the previous sample. Among the changes:

  • Enlarged fuel tank (600 ml);
  • Engine power (1.9 hp);
  • Working width (42 / 25.5 cm);
  • Ergonomic handle.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 360 4T

Professional lawn mowing, which is slightly inferior in power to the previous model. The trimmer is equipped with an autonomous lubrication system and can withstand long-term work. The design of the model was improved in comparison with the previous one. One of the variations of the model is Oleo-Mac BC 260 4S, which is equipped with a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 1 hp. Fuel tank reduced to 550 ml.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac BC 430 T

The Oleo-Mac BC 430 T trimmer is a professional-class device with 2.5 hp engine power. The swath width can reach 42 cm. Initially, the model was intended to perform work in difficult conditions. The ability to change the number of revolutions and handles with vibration dampers make this trimmer optimal for working in any conditions.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac 740T

The household class trimmer is perfect for cutting grass, weeds and small shrubs. Engine power is 1.8 hp The volume of the fuel tank (0.9 l.) Is provided for continuous operation. Coverage is 42 cm. This model belongs to the flagship, but it is difficult to find it on the Russian market, since it is no longer produced by the company.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac 741

Semi-professional Oleo-Mac trimmer with 2.5 hp engine power and a fuel tank capacity of 750 ml.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac 753T

Professional lawn mowing machine designed for continuous operation. Engine power: 2.8 hp, fuel tank capacity. 1.5 liters. Choosing this trimmer is also worth paying attention to the Oleo-Mac 755 Master. This is an improved model in terms of functionality and design characteristics.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac 446 BP

This trimmer comes in two variations of the Oleo-Mac 446 BP and Oleo-Mac 446BP Ergo. Semi-professional trimmer designed for long-term work in harsh conditions. Coverage. 40 cm. Fuel tank capacity. 1.5 l. The main difference between the model is a curved, soft type of rod.

Top Model Lawnmowers Oleo-Mack

  1. Lawnmow Oleo-MacSparta 25.
  2. Lawnmow Oleo-MacSparta 44.
  3. Lawnmow Oleo-Mac BC 300 T.
  4. Lawnmow Oleo-Mac 740 T.
  5. Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac 446 BP.

These lawn mowers are popular in other countries of the world. The main advantages of these trimmers are quality and the ability to use in various conditions.

Despite the fact that Italy is the main supplier of Oleo-Mack products, French or Spanish products can be found on the Russian market. Before purchasing the product, it is recommended that you contact the seller about the place of production.

Instructions for use lawnmower Oleo-Mac

After acquiring garden equipment, manufacturers recommend that you read the instructions for use. This document indicates the main provisions of the features of the use of a device. An instruction manual is included with each Oleo-Mac trimmer model.

The instruction includes the following provisions:

  • Precautionary measures.

This paragraph includes the basic rules for operating the device. When performing work, the manufacturer recommends wearing protective clothing, glasses and headphones. Before starting operation, it is worth making sure that all structural elements are well fixed and intact. It is forbidden to allow children and people intoxicated or sick to use.

  • The main criteria for the quality of protective clothing.

The best option is dense clothing, which is moderately adjacent to the body of the operator and will provide maximum protection. For greater protection against vibration, the manufacturer recommends wearing gloves.

  • Rules for the assembly and replacement of failed parts.
  • List of recommended parts.
  • First engine start.

The manufacturer recommends using a fuel mixture in a ratio of 25: 1. As an oil, it is recommended to choose a fluid for two-stroke or four-stroke engines (depending on the model). Engine break-in takes 6-8 hours. In this case, it is recommended to start the engine at idle. After running in, you can safely get to work.

  • Rules for preparation for use. They consist in inspecting the device, refueling it and replacing worn parts.
  • Maintenance Rules
  • Storage conditions.

Instructions for use are included with each trimmer Oleo-Mac. You can see an example of this document on the official website of the manufacturer or here.

Main malfunctions and repair Oleo-Mack




The manufacturer does not recommend self-conducting complex repair work. The best option is to contact a service center. The list of Oleo-Mac service centers is indicated on the official website of the company.

review of the lawn mower Oleo-Mack

Anatoly, Ust-Kamenogorsk:

I purchased the Oleo-MacSparta 25 EcoAluminium trimmer for use on a suburban area. The model is easy to transport, and with prolonged use, shoulders and arms do not get tired. It has been working without breakdowns for six months now. Recommend.

Advantages: light weight and compact.

Trademark Oleo-Mac is an Italian company, a manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality landscape gardening equipment. He is a member of the powerful international company Emak. For more than 40 years of being on the market, the company has gained recognition thanks to its high-quality and reliable products.

Lawn mowers from this manufacturer are also known worldwide. The range of gasoline trimmers of this brand is represented by the Oleo-Mac Sparta line. Below are the detailed specifications of the most popular modifications.

Trimmer Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Oleo-Mac Sparta lawn mower 25 Eco Aluminum is designed for long-term work on the destruction of weeds and grass mowing over large areas. Lightweight but also productive. It is capable of mowing both young low grass and more rigid thickets of small shrubs. One cannot but pay attention to the high-quality and ergonomic design of the entire lawn mowing structure. Belongs to the Luxe class.

Equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine. Also, the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Lawnmow has a unique fuel pumping system in the carburetor, which greatly facilitates the launch of the equipment.

The air filter is made of foam rubber, which allows you to work in conditions of increased dust and dirt. A spacious gas tank allows you to mow without interruptions for more than half an hour.

To avoid repairs and not to waste money on new spare parts for the trimmer, follow the instructions in the operating instructions, let the equipment rest, watch for gearbox lubrication.


  • Power. 1 hp;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.75 l;
  • Mowing system. Fishing line / knife;
  • Bar diameter. 2.6 cm;
  • Handle. Bicycle;
  • Weight. 6.2 kg.

Trimmer Oleo-Mac Sparta 37

Lawn mowing designed for long-term work in complex areas. The enlarged flywheel contributes to quick cooling. The transmission is made of aluminum, withstands heavy loads, dampens vibration, and betrays engine power without loss.


  • Power. 1.8 hp;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.87 l;
  • Mowing system. Fishing line / knife;
  • Bar diameter. 2.6 cm;
  • Handle. Bicycle;
  • Trimmer weight. 7.1 kg.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac Sparta 38

The model is very similar to the previous one. An enlarged flywheel, an aluminum transmission, a foam rubber filter. It features an increased rod diameter, which increases the strength of the product. The rest is just comfortable, economical, reliable and hardy lawn mowers.

  • Engine power. 1.8 hp;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.87 l;
  • Mowing system. Fishing line / knife;
  • The diameter of the trimmer bar. 2.8 cm;
  • Handle. Bicycle;
  • Weight. 7.3 kg.

Lawn mowing Oleo-Mac Sparta 44

Equipped with a more powerful engine than previous models. Thanks to a reinforced motor and an extended rod, it will become a reliable assistant both for users with a small personal plot and for professionals (public utilities and forestry workers).


  • Engine power. 2.1 hp;
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0.87 l;
  • Mowing system. Fishing line / knife;
  • Rod diameter. 2.8 cm;
  • Trimmer handle. Bicycle;
  • Weight. 7.4 kg.