How to start the Chinese single axle tractor. Description

How to start a single axle tractor correctly?

Operation of any engine begins with his starting. But the trouble is that, having made the purchase, the new owners have no idea how to start the single-axle tractor. It is a paradox: the manufacturers enclose a step-by-step instruction to each copy of their products, which describes in detail the sequence of operations and maintenance of their product, and the buyer ignores these recommendations with a persistence worthy of a better help, believing that he knows everything anyway.

If a new singleaxle tractor fails to start, it is likely that the oil level in the engine is insufficient. That goes for Caiman and VasterYard brands, the engines of which have a special sensor that blocks the engine start if the oil level or quality is low. Therefore, if the machines of these brands do not start, you need to top up, or better yet, change the oil in the engine.

On other brands of power tillers that do not have this kind of gauge, you should also check the oil level before you start the engine. If you don’t do this, sooner or later the oil level will be critically low and you will ruin your singleaxle tractor for good.

Be sure to read the instruction manual before starting the machine for the first time. Do not be lazy to do this, because some models are produced with 2-stroke engines, for the normal operation of which gasoline must be diluted with special oil. The technique and proportions of such dilution are exactly described in detail in the manual.

Before you start the engine, do not forget to fill the tank with gasoline or diesel. The vast majority of gasoline motor blocks work on gasoline A-92, but A-95 motor does not hurt, especially given the current quality of gasoline. Also with diesel fuel not everything is simple: in the winter, the diesel engine can not run on summer diesel fuel, because in the cold it will harden and clog the fuel lines. The instructions for use clearly spelled out at what temperature to switch to winter diesel and at what temperature to switch to summer diesel. Strictly follow these recommendations, and your vehicle will be fine.

Basic recommendations for common models

The motor blocks on the market are presented by different manufacturers. But, as practice shows, there are a few models, which domestic consumers trust the most and buy them more often:

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Accordingly, the rules of starting are different. To start the power tiller “Neva” you should perform the following steps: set the ignition switch to ON, close the choke (completely) and open the fuel tap; set the throttle lever to ¾ of the maximum position, pull the starter rope and move the choke.

For power tillers of Minsk plant (MTZ) requires a slightly different approach. Gasoline models with a manual starter start according to the following scheme: open the fuel cock, set the choke lever to start, turn off the ignition and pump the starter 3-5 times. Then turn the key in the lock and yank the starter again.

To start “Ural” you need to do the following: to set the gear lever to neutral position and open the gas tank. Then you need to close the throttle valve completely and partially close the choke. Then start the engine with the cord.

Starting the Patriot involves a different sequence of actions: bringing the throttle lever to its highest position, yanking the purge cable. first by pulling hard and long, then by short jerks to start the engine, and then by adjusting the throttle knob.

Why the machine does not start?

The main reason for the machine not starting is the presence of old oil in the crankcase. This is indicated by white smoke coming from the exhaust system. To solve this problem, you will need to completely drain the old oil and clean the carburetor. After that it is necessary to fill the new lubricant.

Often the cultivator does not start because of the lack of oil in the crankcase. Before starting the farmer must check the amount of composition inside the tank with a dipstick. Sometimes cultivators are equipped with a special protection, which automatically works when there is a lack of oil. In these cases, a special sensor gives the command to block the start, so the engine immediately stops.

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When using the technique it is necessary to remember that each model of cultivator works on gasoline of one specific brand. To fill a 2-stroke engine it is necessary to prepare the fuel mix beforehand. Follow the proportions given in the instruction manual.

To prolong the term of using a cultivator, it is necessary to use only pure fuel for its refueling. The working life of the engine piston group and carburetor depends on the presence of harmful impurities in it.

Getting your power tiller ready to start

Problems with starting the engine can arise not only with the used motoblock and cultivator, but also with the new, just bought in a store. So before you start your tractor for the first time, whether it is Kaskad, Neva, Mole, Zubr, Kentavr, Hopper, Tarpan, Oka, Salyut it is necessary to read the instruction manual, then carefully examine all connections and, of course, check the oil level in the engine.

It is necessary to study the manufacturer’s instructions in order to find out which duty cycle the engine has: four-stroke (like Forte, Centaur, Lifan, Zubr) or two-stroke. This is important to know, since models with a two-stroke motor (like the Mole cultivator) need a special fuel mixture consisting of a certain proportion of gasoline and oil. Because of the mismatch of fuel technique will shut down, and it can also damage the spark plugs and fuel line, which is fraught with failure of the gasoline pump. and it is already a direct path to an expensive repair in the service station. Determine if the fuel is suitable for the motor equipment can be determined by the smoke. If the quality of the gasoline is poor, it will have a white color, as is the case when the car is heavily inclined. If you have a bad gasoline in your tank, change it so you don’t break down.

The quality of fuel is also important for a diesel tractor as well. It does not start in winter, or starts, but soon stops, if its engine is filled with summer fuel, because at low temperatures it starts to thicken and clog the fuel line. In such cases the risk of breakage increases. Select correct fuel in cold weather.

Starting motorcycle equipment, both in summer and winter, should be done in a certain sequence. For example, to start a Mole motocultivator, the following procedure is carried out:

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  • Open petrol valve;
  • Put the choke lever in the position “Choke” (Start);
  • Turn off the ignition and crank the engine several times with the manual starter;
  • Re-start the engine and move the lever to the “Run” position.

It is not uncommon for a power unit to start easily, but stop after a few seconds. In that case it is necessary to check the sump passability, maybe the reason is that the tap is clogged. then it is cleaned with gasoline.

To start the engine with the diesel engine (such as Zubr, Kaskad, Centaur, Neva) will be a bit more difficult than to start the engine with the Mole. To start up the diesel engine one needs to bleed the fuel line, that means to free it from air accumulation. For this:

  • Open the fuel tap;
  • Unscrew the fuel outlet connections until fuel appears;
  • Tighten the connections and blow out the nozzles.

If after the operations performed the engine does not work properly, and the machine emits a lot of white smoke, the cause is in the old grease and it must be completely replaced. The diesel also fails to start due to insufficient oil volume, so do not forget to control this parameter.

The start of the cultivator after the winter or a long idle time also has its own nuances. In order to make the machine work, do the following manipulations:

And of course, before starting the engine, whether it is Centaur, Cascade, Neva, Patriot or Zubr, check all connections, including transmission nodes, clutch, starting mechanisms, and if necessary carry out their adjustment.

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How to start a single axle tractor without a starter?

In some cases the operation of a power tiller becomes impossible due to a breakdown of the starting mechanism. It can fail anywhere, including in the field, away from home. To solve the problem and start the single-axle tractor does not always need to return it to the garage.

Sometimes the design of agricultural units allows you to start their power units without using a starter.

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To do this you will need to:

  • Loosen the screws and remove the trigger;
  • Clean the area under the conventional starter by removing dirt and moisture from it;
  • Under the starter is the crown, which is needed to permanently connect the engine crankshaft to the starter drum. To rim this crown you will need to wind any cable, making 4-5 full turns around the element;
  • Lightly pull the loose end of the cord toward you until resistance means the piston is up;
  • Turn off the decompressor by moving its lever to the zero position;
  • Pull the cord out sharply.

When starting the power tiller without a working starter, it is strictly forbidden to wrap the free end of the used cord around your finger or wrist. This can lead to serious consequences, up to and including a fractured phalanx of the finger. Also, when the engine is running, the used cord should not get inside the crown, as it could be pulled by the crankshaft into the engine compartment.

Other problems

If the engine is running at low rpm it may also stall. Heating the motor leads not only to stalling, but also to the occurrence of more complex breakdowns. When trying to start a single-axle tractor, watch for the hot unit shooting into the muffler, no kickback in the exhaust.

The next step is filling the fuel. Its quality largely depends on the performance of the power tiller. Before you buy gasoline, see the instruction manual for what kind of gasoline to use. Technics equipped with two-stroke engines run on a gasoline-oil mixture, so you must first combine the fuel with the lubricant in a certain ratio.

How to start a single axle tractor

The algorithm, how to start the singleaxle tractor Neva, is as follows. Before each use of the machine it is necessary to check the oil level in the engine, with insufficient oil can quickly render the most expensive part of the cultivator unusable. If the oil was filled a very long time ago, it may deteriorate and also lead to engine failure. Some engine manufacturers including Lon Chin, Subaru, installed a sensor for quality and quantity of oil, so you do not need such a check here. the electronics will do everything for you.

The next step is to fill the fuel, the type of which should be specified in the instruction manual of a particular cultivator model.

For two-stroke engines oil and fuel are poured into 1 tank, but in a certain proportion, which is indicated on the oil bottle.

Next you need to inspect the machine from all sides and check the fixing of the main mechanisms. These listed actions can be considered as a preparatory stage when starting any cultivator without exception. Now you can go to the direct start of the engine.

And here begins the differences in action, and everything will depend on what fuel the engine is running on:

  • On gasoline. Set the choke lever to “Start/start” position, open the choke and turn off the ignition. Several times you need to work with the hand starter, then turn on the ignition and pull the starter. Start the engine and move the lever to the “Run” position. Some models of cultivators are equipped with an electric starter. to start the engine you only need to turn on the ignition and start the device.
  • On diesel. Because of the property of this fuel to freeze in cold weather, the first thing the unit should be warmed. When using a power tiller for the first time after purchase you should jerk the starter a few times or unscrew the fuel tap and each fuel supply mechanism. When you open the tap, wait for the fuel to drain, screw it back on, and proceed to the next connection until you reach the nozzle. You can open all the taps and put the lever in the middle position. Next, you should take hold of the decompressor, press it and pump it several times. After that, you must release and pull again until it returns to its original state. It remains to press the decompressor and the starter. After these simple steps the engine will start.

When buying a power tiller the dealer should explain to you in detail how to start the machine. Before using the machine on your site carefully read the instructions for use. If you follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations, the machine will serve for a long time.

Some craftsmen are able to start a single-axle tractor without a starter (used when it is out of order). To do this, it is removed, then in the hole of the corolla, located behind it, you should put a tight rope with a knot at the end and wrap it 4 times around this part of the power tiller. Next, the resulting piston should be pulled upward and the decompressor should be turned off.

Subtleties of using the power tiller after the winter break:

  • The first thing to check is the gas tank. With proper winter storage, the tank should be completely filled with gasoline, which is drained in the spring, and then fresh fuel is poured.
  • If the tank remained empty all winter then there is a high probability that dirt and rust will form in it, to remove which the content of the tank is drained, the tank is removed, washed and returned to its original place.
  • Air filter. It must be removed and cleaned according to the instruction manual.
  • Carburetor. Unscrew the drain plugs on it, from which the fuel residue should flow. After completing the drain, screw in the plugs.
  • Perform the same procedure with the fuel tap. If you can see that gasoline is going into these mechanisms, you should fix the leak.
  • The oil dipstick in the engine. It should be pulled out and wiped with a cloth, then the dipstick should be put back in and unscrewed again. By this you should determine the presence of oil, which should not be less than the upper mark on the dipstick. If the oil level is low, the required amount should be topped up. In addition to the oil level in the engine, you need to assess its quality. If it looks like a black sludge and has a rather unpleasant smell of burning, it should be drained out completely and filled with new.
  • Next. how to tension the belt on the power tiller. Go to the drive belt, namely, its tensioning pulley. Check the tension of the belt by first releasing the lever (the roller must also be released, without squeezing the belt) and then pulling the lever (the roller tightens the belt). If the roller is improperly tensioned, you should re-tighten the link of the adjusting chain.
  • Next in line is the main gearbox, in which you should check the oil level, running a normal wire into it. The amount of oil should be as specified in the manual for the power tiller.
  • Wheels and cutters. Examine their stoppers. if poor quality, replace them.

Now the engine starts, and it should be warmed up for 3-5 minutes with a good start. But here some problems may arise.

The ignition system malfunctions

The engine will not start with a breakdown in the ignition system. Why it happens? Alternator, high-voltage cable, cap and spark plug can be sources of interruption. It is necessary to check the cleanliness of the ignition system elements by external inspection. Dirt and moisture are prerequisites for high force breakdown on the housing. Lack of spark is caused by improper contact between the cap and the main electrode.

Weak spark indicates poor spark plug performance. Check electrode gaps and appearance. The gap is usually checked with a dipstick. As a rule, the value is 0.8 millimeters. If necessary, remove the cinders from the metal elements and the insulator. A spark plug change is recommended.

The condition of the elements of the piston category affects the readiness of the engine as a whole. They operate under adverse conditions. When the engine is running, the surfaces that are subject to wear become hot. Cylinder, valve and rings are responsible for a significant indicator. compression. Low compression in the cylinder is an indication of the need for replacement.

The inlet and outlet valves should also be checked. They must be contiguous with the seats. The muffler is the last point in the path of the gases. Over time, combustion products are deposited in the muffler walls and the engine shuts down. For the normal flow of exhaust gases it is necessary to clean the walls from time to time.

To reduce the risk of injury, do not operate your power tool if it is damaged. The fuel quality has a direct effect on the runtime of the machine. No need to start single axle tractor on bad fuel.