How to start the engine of a motor block Lifan. Checking oil level

The most common motives for a motorblock breakdown

A single axle tractor is equipped with an internal combustion engine (ICE) and like all other tractors over time breaks down, its repair and maintenance is conducted in the same way as for single-cylinder carbureted ICE in any other machine. In the article in more detail let’s consider the reasons why a single-axle tractor does not start, as well as the methods of their elimination.

  • Shift lever in neutral. Checked by the gauge, or simply by rolling the tractor: in neutral, it rolls easily, without engine rotation.
  • The air damper is put in the closed position (indicated on the housing by the damper lever).
  • Fuel tap opens.
  • Press or lock the start button on the handle (depending on model).
  • The handle of the manual starter is pulled until the ratchet engages. Engine is started with soft jerk (or several jerks).
  • After start, air inlet flap opens.

Nuances. if a particular combustion engine is unstable at idle rpm, the engine is started with the throttle knob depressed (throttle opening, “gas” to a third or half).

For details on how to start a single-axle tractor, see

When starting a hot engine, do not close the air filter flap of the power tiller at all. No “choke” button, no manual pumping of fuel on carburetor in four-stroke engines. Fuel-air mixture starts to flow (is sucked in) into the combustion chamber during rotation from the starter without pre-pumping which is applied practically on all two-stroke single piston internal combustion engines.

Регулировка оборотов двигателя HONDA/Lifan и аналогов. Как настроить тягу центробежного регулятора.

Also recommend reading an interesting article on how to start a single axle tractor. It’s packed with lots of useful tips and tricks that even experienced owners don’t know about.

Repair sequence

Check the continuity of the wire from the (On / OFF) button on the control levers of the tractor to the spark plug. Checking wire continuity

Remove the spark plug and clean the contact with sandpaper. Checking the gap between the pins. Unscrew the spark plug

When I was assembling the single axle tractor and cutters, I left the keys in a drawer and forgot, so a long time I searched for the ring spanner that is included.

unscrewing the plug I found carbon deposits. probably the quality of gasoline is not good.

Screw the spark plug back in. Single axle tractor does not start. bleed fuel system

I think I should have rinsed the fuel filter too.After this operation the single axle tractor started.

I think I should have also flushed the fuel filter, t.к. there might be a clog in it that is blocking access to enough fuel in the combustion chamber. Anyway at this point the single axle tractor is started and working, and I hope you can also start the single axle tractor if it won’t start for you.In my case, the single axle tractor would not start and after cleaning the spark plug.So I opened the flap of the fuel line and blew into it.

The easiest ways to revive a single axle tractor:

This can happen with both old and new machines. In this case, it will be necessary to troubleshoot the engine of the motoblock.

One of the possible causes is a lack of spark between the electrodes or its breakdown (breakdown). In this case you need to replace the spark plug with a new one.

If the spark is on but the engine won’t start, check the spark plug insulation. If the spark plug is wet, the spark plug lug (or rather its insulator) may be defective. Remove the screen and put in a new tip.

Uncommon breakdown motoblock. claps and flame out of the muffler (and the engine will not start). the flywheel key may be deformed. Replace it by disassembling the starter ratchet. Open the coupling housing, remove the flywheel, remove the old key, install a new one and tighten the housing.

If the starter cord pulls out without applying force when starting, the cylinder seal may be worn or the gasket between the filter and carburetor may be incorrect. Replace gaskets and check that they are properly seated.

Двигатель Lifan KP230 первый запуск / проверка клапанов.

A single axle tractor also shuts down after winter or when not in use for a long time. In this case, gasoline is not flowing into the carburetor. Stopped shutoff needle is the cause of the malfunction. Sediments and tarry formations accumulate around it and prevent it from opening when the engine is started.

Poor-quality or inadequate gasoline can cause engine malfunction. In this case the spark gets wet and needs to be replaced. Replace the fuel if you detect an abnormal smell. If the single axle tractor does not start and shuts down?

After starting, the single axle tractor occasionally shuts down with a popping noise. Make sure that the spark plug is dry. If a conductive substance appears on it, it may cause a lack of spark between the electrodes. The spark plug can be replaced with a new one or the old one can be cleaned. To do this, it is washed, blown and flamed out.

The engine starts for a few seconds and then stalls again. Check if the sump is clear. If the cock is clogged, it needs to be blown and cleaned (with gasoline). Water might also get into the fuel. In this case it needs to be drained and refilled with new.

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Start it right

The rules for starting petrol and diesel models are different. When starting the first one, you must immediately turn the choke knob. It needs to be put in the “Start” position. Only then you may open the petrol valve and yank the starter a couple of times. If everything is done correctly the single axle tractor should start. If it is equipped with an electric starter, it is enough to turn it on and start the engine.

Diesel-type machines require a different approach. The first step is to bleed air from the fuel hoses. To accomplish this task, open the faucet, then unscrew the DT connection all the way to the nozzle. It is necessary to wait until fuel starts to flow. Next, the gas valve is opened and the throttle lever is moved to the middle position. It is necessary to squeeze the lever 3-4 times and shake the decompressor (hold it with a finger). Then return it to the starting position. After these manipulations, press once and yank the starter. After performing all of the above steps the single axle tractor should start.


Plough is the main working organ that is used for ploughing. In addition to the standard plow that usually comes with it, there are several other types that can be useful for certain types of work:

The cold weather requires that you must be serious about preparing the fuel reservoir. Opinions of experts in this case differ. A full drain of fuel implies the formation of corrosion. However, with a full tank of the motoblock in storage, the risk of fire increases dramatically, which can lead to irreparable consequences.

Starting the engine without starter

Quite often it is starters that fail first. This can happen at the most inopportune moment. To avoid wasting time and money on a complete part replacement, you can start the engine without it.

To start the power tiller without a starter, just perform the following steps:

  • Remove the broken part;
  • Find a sturdy rope about a meter long (can be removed from a broken starter);
  • In the place where the starter was, you will find a round metal piece. There is a special hole on one of its walls. Thread the rope through it and secure it with a knot;
  • Wrap the rope around the part several times, so that the rest of it is about 40 cm.

This is how to replace the starter. In order to start the engine, you need to pull sharply on the rope, pulling it completely. The rope must not remain in the part, so this procedure will have to be repeated each time you start. Never wrap the rope around your hand or other objects. This could cause serious injury.

Switching on popular brands of power tillers

Depending on the model of motor equipment, starting up is different. If the algorithm is performed in the wrong sequence, then a serious breakdown of the device is possible. For example, the Agro, Neva or Salyut power tillers have a four-stroke engine, so oil and gasoline are filled separately. This also applies to power tillers Kaskad, Luch and Hopper.

When starting a well-known model of the Neva, the ignition lever is moved to the “on” position. As a result, the gasoline cock opens and the air supply closes. The throttle grip is in the ¾ position of the maximum setting. Pull the starter and open the choke. If you start it in winter, do it gradually.

The Ural single-axle tractor is activated as follows: put the gear lever in neutral position. In doing so, the gas tank remains open. Close the air damper and start the engine.

Check the spark plug before starting the engine. Very often in the model Ural leaks engine oil in the engine cylinder.

Only fill up the Patriot motorcycle equipment with 92-rd gasoline, as the 95-th in many gas stations is of lower quality than the 92-th. The model has a special container for oil, which is designed for the air filter. There is a mark on the reservoir, above which it is not recommended to fill up the oil. Otherwise it will leak into the carburettor.

Start the Patriot in the following order: set the throttle lever in the maximum position. Turning on fuel supply and ignition. Pull the starter rope slowly until there is resistance, then pull it sharply and the engine will start. Gas lever set to middle position and cold start to the right.

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The different models are easy to start, if you know and adhere to some features of their design. If you keep to the rules and recommendations prescribed in the manual, you can avoid damage to your machine, and prolong its life. It is important to periodically carry out inspections as a preventive measure. This helps to detect a minor defect and correct it in time.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Parameter value
Gearbox type Chain
Overall dimensions, mm., no more than 1500x600x1050
Weight of operating, kg., not more 90
Ground clearance, mm. 140
Transport track, adjustable, mm. 310, 590
Traction power, kg., at least 100
Speed of movement 1 gear. 3,6 km/h2 Gear. 9 km/h

Trailer for power tillers is a necessary and sometimes even indispensable thing in a private household. In this material we will consider how to make a trailer for a motor block with their own hands, focusing on the drawings and descriptions to them.

In the diagram below, a homemade trailer for power tiller, capable of carrying a load weighing more than 400kg, but first things first. The trailer is equipped with a driver’s seat, it is undemanding in operation and quite simple to make.

How to start the power tiller without the starter?

The engine in power tillers is started with a special device. a starter. As a rule, this is the mechanism that fails first. Breakdown can occur anywhere, and it is important to be able to start the machine without it.

If the starter is broken, to start the power tiller without it, it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • Remove the starter.
  • Disconnect the cord from the starter or take a strong rope (rope) about 1 m long).
  • Under the starter is a round head with a hole. Pull the cord through it and fasten.
  • Wrap a cable around the element, making 4-5 complete turns around the part (free to leave a section of about 40 cm).
  • Pull the remaining end of the rope toward you until you feel resistance.
  • Disconnect the decompressor (the lever must be fixed in zero position).
  • Pull the cord sharply towards you.

The cable must be completely free, because if it remains in the part, it can be dragged inside the engine compartment. Therefore, with each subsequent attempt to start the motor, the cord will have to be rewound.

Do not wrap the rope around your hand, even if you work with gloves on. This can cause fractures, bruises, and dislocations.

Faults in the ignition system

The engine will not start if there are faults in the ignition system. Why it happens? Alternator, high voltage cable, cap and spark plug may be sources of interruption. Visually inspect the ignition system components for cleanliness. Dirt and moisture are a prerequisite for high force on the body. Lack of spark occurs when the cap makes improper contact with the main electrode of the spark plug.

Weak spark indicates poor spark plug performance. Check clearance and type of electrodes. The gap is usually checked with a feeler gauge. Typically, the index is 0.8 millimeters. If necessary, remove soot from metal parts and insulator. Replacement of the spark plug is recommended.

The condition of the piston elements affects the readiness of the engine as a whole. They operate under severe conditions. Under loading, rubbing surfaces are heated. Cylinder, valve, and rings are responsible for. compression. Low compression in the cylinder is an indication that the elements are to be replaced.

It is also necessary to check the intake and exhaust valves. They must rest flush against the seats. Muffler. The last point in the path of the gases. Over time, combustion products are deposited in the muffler walls and the engine stalls. For standard exhaust gas passage, it is necessary to clean the walls from time to time from fouling.

Buy gasoline for trimmers from gas stations. The properties of the fuel have a direct impact on the runtime of the machines. No need to power a single-axle tractor on bad fuel.