How to start the STIHL ms 180 correctly

Tool service

After learning how to use the chainsaw. Attention should be given to proper maintenance. Check for damage after use. Lubricate chain if necessary.

Particular attention should be paid to the serviceability of the fuse, the control levers and the catcher. The mechanism should be undamaged. Tighten the fasteners firmly.

Clean tool thoroughly after use. To do this, open the cover and remove dirt from the brake band. The bar should also be cleaned. The air filter should be rinsed to remove small particles of wood. Clean the cooling fins and air vents. It is also necessary to inspect the flywheel blades.

STIHL chain saw. Specifications

All STIHL chain saws are equipped with a two-stroke engine that starts up cold and follows a similar pattern. But there are models that have additional equipment that allows you to start the saw without excessive effort. For this reason, the algorithm of their start, may be slightly different.

Let’s look at how to start an ordinary saw and how the process differs from starting a modified model.

STIHL chain saw range

The range is very large. Consumers can buy original household saws. There are semi-professional and professional machines.

  • There are a few things to consider when selecting saws.
  • Country of manufacture. Original products are only produced in German factories. There are knockoffs from China that are not of the same quality.
  • Case. It must be in perfect condition, no imperfections, scratches or uneven paintwork.
  • It is mandatory to check the drive sprocket. If it is placed in the wrong position, there can be problems with the saw’s operation.
  • Fasteners. All of them must be flat and properly screwed in.
  • Quality. Device should run smoothly, consistently, without clattering.

Almost all saws are equipped with nozzles, which allows to expand the scope of their application. They also come with a manual and carrying case.

STIHL MS 362 chainsaw

Professional model used for forestry work. It cuts big logs, can thinnings shrubs and branches.The STIHL 362 chain saw has the following features:

  • Cylinder capacity of 59 cu. see
  • The power of the motor is at the level of 4.6 liters;
  • gasoline tank has a volume of 0.6 l;
  • oil tank has a volume of 0.32 l;
  • weight 7 kg.

STIHL MS 170 chain saw

Lightweight quality model is equipped with the latest technology for quality and efficient operation. It makes light work of cutting branches and trunks and is used in forestry, the construction industry and in the garden. Inertia brake for stopping the tool quickly.The STIHL 170 chain saw has the following features:

  • Cylinder capacity of 30 cc. cm;
  • its motor power is 1.8 liters. с;
  • gasoline tank. 0,25 l;
  • size of lubrication tank. 0,15 l
  • weight of the tool. 4 kg.

Stiga SP 405 Q chainsaw

Semi-professional saw works in the garden, logging. Withstands moderate loads with little rest.Main features:

  • The cylinder volume is 40 cc. see;
  • Engine output. 2 liters. с;
  • Fuel tank size. 0.41 l;
  • volume of the oil reservoir. 0.2 l;
  • weight 6 kg.
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STIHL MS 440 chainsaw

Professional product is used mainly for work in the woods. It has also proven effective in construction. The model can cut wood in large volumes.The STIHL 440 chainsaw has the following features:

  • 61 cc/min cylinder capacity. see;
  • engine capacity of 5 liters. с;
  • The size of the gasoline tank is 0.6 liters;
  • lubrication tank. 0.32 l;
  • weight. 7,5 kg.

STIHL MS 181 chainsaw

Light, straightforward, and high-quality saw cuts clear logs, trunks, branches, and polishes boards effectively. It can be used to cut stones and bricks, clean wood. Saw has automatic chain lubrication, quick start system and inertia brake.Main features:

  • Cylinder volume is 32 cubic meters; cylinder volume is 72 cubic meters; cylinder volume is 72 cubic meters. see;
  • motor capacity of 2 liters. с;
  • fuel tank size. 0,28 l;
  • Fuel tank size. 0.18 l;
  • weight. 5,5 kg.

STIHL MS 441 chainsaw

The tool is needed for felling wood, sawing large trunks, processing logs for construction. The model withstands any load, works in low and high temperatures. Inertia brake, easy start and vibration damping technology.Main characteristics:

  • cylinder volume is 72 cc. see
  • 5.5 liter motor power;
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.72 liters;
  • oil tank has a capacity of 0.36 l;
  • weight. 7,5 kg.

STIHL MS 231 chainsaw

Professional model popular with experienced gardeners. It cuts shrubs and trees easily and handles even the toughest jobs. Inertia brake and automatic sharpening. Works even in the toughest conditions.Main characteristics:

STIHL MS 880 chainsaw

Versatile implement. one of the most powerful in its class. Handles felling, sawing of boards and trees for construction. High-performance and quality tool.Main features:

  • cylinder capacity of 90 cc. cm;
  • Engine power. 7 l. с;
  • the size of the gasoline tank is 0.82 l;
  • Oil reservoir. 0,5 l;
  • 8.5 kg weight.

STIHL MS 270 chainsaw

Productive and affordable saw copes with almost any task. It can cut firewood, work in the woods or garden. Inertia brake.Main features:

  • cylinder capacity. 51 cc. see
  • motor power. 4 liters. с;
  • lubrication tank. 0,27 l;
  • Fuel tank. 0,5 l;
  • tool weight 7 kg.

STIHL MS 280 chain saw

High-performance all-rounder with great power for heavy-duty tasks. It cuts down trees in the forest, works on garden plots, is used for private purposes. Inertia brake and quick-start technology.Main characteristics:

  • cylinder capacity. 53 cc. See also: STIHL chainsaw MS 280;
  • Engine output. 4.1 liters. с;
  • petrol tank size. 0,5 l;
  • The oil reservoir volume is 0.25 l;
  • 7.5 kg tool weight.

STIHL makes quality and productive machines. The saw is suitable even for heavy-duty tasks.

STIHL 250 chain saw overview

You can buy models 250 for a price that is 29,542 This equipment is a semi-professional model with a 40-cm tire. Power is equal to 3.1 liters. с. or 2.3 kW. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.47 l.

One of the questions consumers often ask before buying a STIHL chain saw is how to start it. This was discussed above. However, this is not the only information that you should familiarize yourself with before starting to use the model. Other features include:

If you buy this model, you will be able to refuel it quickly. This feature is realized by the cover, which has a patented design. The operator, working with the equipment, will have reliable hand protection. Consumers also give special mention to the gearstick and the chain, which guarantees a good and fast cut of the wood.

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A quick look at the starter mechanism

The chainsaw is powered by an internal combustion engine. It is a straightforward starter, the design of which does not have any special bells. Usually works well even in difficult conditions.

Operation is provided by structural elements:

  • The carburetor engine (see. Adjusting the carburetor).
  • centrifugal clutches.
  • The ignition system in almost all units is non-contact.
  • Carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
  • Fuel system. Its standard consists of a hose, filter, and gas tank, but sometimes it has additional parts.
  • starter.
  • tire.
  • The chain (see “Chain” on page 25) is designed to provide the necessary safety and reliability for the operation of this unit. chain oil).
  • Chain tensioner and brake (cf. How to sharpen a chain).

To avoid purchasing replacement parts for the Steel 180 chainsaw, you must use the tool with the utmost care, following the manufacturer’s instructions. The aforementioned version of the equipment has a 14-inch bus and lower cost. The manufacturer recommends using this equipment for construction with lumber and for collecting firewood.

How to use and maintain the STIHL MS 180 chain saw

STIHL MS 180. One of the most popular and budget-friendly chainsaws from the German-made STIHL brand. Like all gasoline-powered equipment, this saw requires periodic maintenance. You should have it serviced by an authorized STIHL servicing dealer. If you are using a chainsaw for the first time, it is useful to know how to prepare the fuel mixture and how to start the engine. Of course, it is important to know how to distinguish genuine STIHL MS 180 from fakes.

How to start the STIHL MS 180

  • Hold down the throttle trigger and move the choke control lever to the lowest position
  • Pull the starter grip several times until the first spark (which starts and then shuts off immediately) and move the choke control one position up.
  • Pull the starter grip again until the chain saw starts.
  • Push and release the throttle button once.

How to prepare the fuel mix for the STIHL MS 180

The quality of the fuel mixture, which consists of engine oil and gasoline, determines the service life and engine performance of any power tool, including chain saws. After buying the MS 180, many people wonder what kind of gasoline is right for this model. The manufacturer recommends the use of gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90. Therefore, the tool can be filled with gasoline AI-92. At the same experienced users do not recommend the use of AI-95, as domestic gas stations often contain fuel of this brand harmful to the motors of garden machinery additives. Recommended oil to gasoline ratio 1:50, t.е. per 1 liter. Gasoline 20ml. small. Oil is recommended only for 2-stroke engines.

Как правильно заводить Штиль 180 видео, How to start Calm 180 video

Which chain to fit on the STIHL MS 180?

To keep your chainsaw cutting wood efficiently and without overloading the engine, you need the right type of chain. For example, the MS 180 is compatible with ⅜ inch pitch chains and a drive link thickness of 1.3 mm or 1.1 mm if you use a bar with the corresponding grooves. You should also pay attention to the length of the tire. If it is 35 cm, the chain with 50 links is suitable, if 40 cm. with 55 links.

Then choose which brand of saw headset you would like to buy. Because the MS 180. The chainsaw is one of the most popular models, there are many offers on the market, but not all of them are of high quality. That is why it is better to buy original STIHL chains, for example:

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American manufacturer Oregon also produces high-quality chainsaw sets which are compatible with the MS 180. You can buy the Oregon 91vxl050ER for extended use, for example.

How to spot a fake STIHL MS 180

Due to its characteristics, this chainsaw is loved by many Russian users, which is used by some unscrupulous sellers. To be sure of the authenticity of a chainsaw you should buy it only at a store that sells it. If it is not possible or if you want to save money, many people go to the market or buy “off hand”. But it can quickly become a disappointment because of its unreliability. To distinguish a fake MS 180, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Muffler serial number. Fake models have no serial number engraved on the muffler.
  • Tank lid. The fake unit has a fuel filler cap that is not secured in any way.
  • Spark plug and spark plug cap. Original models use NGK (Japan) and Bosch (Germany) spark plugs, covered with frosted caps. Fakes, on the other hand, are equipped with spark plugs from other manufacturers and glossy caps.

Inspection of controls

Muffler fixation check.

Checking spark plugs.

Inspection of controls.

Checking cutting attachments and sharpening the chain.

Start-up of the saw and RPM control.


The “Imperial Instruments” trademark was patented in 2003. The same year the first retail store opened.

How to assemble a STIHL ms 180 chain saw

STIHL mc 180. , 40

start, stihl

STIHL mc 180 3, 9. 35 30 2. 0,25. 45-55

,. ,

180 35. 14, 14 40. 180 16. STIHL mc 180. 40. ,. ,

, 180 ,

, ,

start, stihl

180 :

,. ,. :

,. , ,

, 180.

, 180

How to hold the chain saw

To conduct a proper chain saw start, an important consideration is how the saw is positioned at this point, or rather how the operator is holding it. There are two ways of holding the saw at the start.

First option: the saw is mounted on a level surface, the operator’s left arm is straight and holds the saw by the top handle, the right leg is mounted on the right hand guard and presses the saw to the ground.

This position makes it very easy to start the machine, because the STIHL mc 180. 40 is designed to go where you want it to go. к. Your right hand is free and the saw is held securely in place.

Always engage saw chain brake before starting, regardless of position.

Option two: The operator is standing with his left hand on the top handle of the saw and the rear handle between his legs.

This position allows you to start the chain saw without any problems and at the same time secures the chain saw safely and protects you from accidents.

Before you start the chain saw, make sure there are no people or animals in the immediate vicinity.

To view a video on how to start the STIHL chain saw and for a quick guide on how to start the STIHL chain saw, please click here. In this video STIHL explains how to operate and start your STIHL chain saw with the STIHL MS 211. The chain saw is very informative and comes with reliable information from the manufacturer.