How to start the trimmer for grass Huter GGT-1900S. Technical features

Running in the engine of the brushcutter. Features of lawn mower running-in

It should be noted that the gasoline grass mower is very simple to operate. It is enough to see how other users use this machine to start using it fully. Performing the basic technical functions is intuitive and does not require any difficulty in practice. Properly run-in gasoline grass trimmer is also not difficult. Not only that, there is almost no difference between household and professional category devices.

The key difference is the type of motor. On equipment for professionals it is more powerful and produces more revolutions. The two-stroke motor is more commonly used in domestic models. Four-stroke units are more reliable and deliver more power, so they are suitable for special conditions, difficult and overgrown areas.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account whether there is a cutting attachment in the delivery set.

How to start the lawnmower: procedure

To start the gasoline grass trimmer, you need to do the following:

Заводим тример HUTER GGT-800S и косим.

  • Close the choke by moving the lever.
  • Switch on the ignition by turning the key or the crank handle.
  • If there is a manual fuel pump on the gasoline trimmer, you need to push it 2-4 times until the combustible mixture appears inside the primer.
  • Put the machine down on the ground. Press the knee on the part where the engine is located and slowly pull the starter handle until there is resistance (the so-called hitch). Make sure that the lawnmower disc does not touch anything at the moment.
  • Then it is necessary to pull the cord towards yourself 3-5 times with a sharp movement.
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When the grass trimmer is started, the flap opens and locks in the middle position. Before use it is worth waiting for about five minutes. let the lawnmower work at idle speed.

If you can’t start it, you need to open the choke one more time. Otherwise the plugs will be flooded with fuel during next movements of the cord. After that you should start the engine 2-3 times with the handbrake open. If it still fails to start, close the choke and try a few more times.

The warmed-up motor starts elementary: put its switch in the operating position. Then yanking the cord to the start.

Common mistakes often made by inexperienced owners include starting with the ignition not turned on or jerking to start more than five times when the choke is closed.

Gasoline grass trimmer Huter GGT-1000S. Three-dimensional equipment

The Huter domestic brush trimmer in this popular configuration differs from most of its market counterparts in its increased durability, as well as its resistance to harsh weather conditions.

The manufacturer has included a durable 1-cylinder gasoline engine as standard on the model, complete with an effective anti-vibration system, an electronic ignition system for smoother starting, and a modified muffler.

To increase maneuverability and make the tool more comfortable to use, the tool included a 2-hand bicycle handle in its factory equipment, the starting position of which can be adjusted along the entire length of the metal rod. The right handle has all the switches necessary for operation and a button that prevents the engine from turning on unintentionally.

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Factory settings for this mower include:

  • Built-in motor power. 1,3 л. With participation. At 9500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank. 0,7 л;
  • Possible coverage when mowing with a fishing line/blade. 43 / 25,5 cm;
  • Maximum sound exposure. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 6,6 kg.

The efficient trimming system of this garden tool allows the operator to mow large, wild weeds without risking damage to important parts of the hedge trimmer.

Huter GGT-1300S gasoline grass trimmer. Model Benefits

This popular residential grass trimmer performs well in regular maintenance of areas from 5 to 15 acres. Model features high-quality 1-cylinder gasoline engine with forged piston and chrome wear-resistant cylinder. The internal combustion engines use proprietary technology to reduce fuel consumption without loss of engine power.

The torque from the combustion engine to the gearbox is transmitted through a rigid drive shaft housed in a removable metal rod. Two-handed bicycle-type handle is mounted on a bar that can be moved up or down. All necessary buttons and switches are installed in the right handle.

How to Start a Huter Grass Trimmer

Off-road electric and gasoline-powered grass trimmers successfully combine high on-site efficiency with minimal fuel consumption. When designing each grass trimmer, the manufacturer uses proprietary, innovative technology designed to increase endurance and comfort when using the equipment. This makes Huter garden tools one of the most technologically advanced on the market and allows them to be used successfully in almost any work environment.

Huter Foundation & Development

German company Huter is one of the most famous brands in the world, which produces high-quality household and garden appliances. The history of the brand began in 1979. That was also when the company’s first factory was opened in Nordhausen, Germany.

Since the start of production, the company actively developed and gradually introduced its own technologies. As a result, by the 1990s the brand has managed to become one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of electrical equipment, as well as quality home appliances and household appliances.

Today the farm is best known for its electric and gas trimmers. The garden tools of this brand are characterized by high productivity, low fuel and energy consumption as well as ergonomics and pleasant modern design. Easy operation and maintenance allows you to start using the farm trimmers for grass, not only for experienced gardeners, but also for beginners.

Gasoline grass trimmer Huter GGT-2500S. Model parameters

This professional Huter shrub shear is one of the German manufacturer’s most powerful garden tools. The model combines high build quality and maximum sturdiness with moderate fuel consumption to allow you to work on larger lawns.

The hedge trimmer is based on a petrol 1-cylinder internal combustion engine with a cylinder displacement of 51.7 cm3. The increased stroke capacity of the standard forged piston greatly increases the torque capacity, making the grass trimmer a reliable helper against many large weeds.

Factory versions of this professional mower include:

  • Built-in engine power. 3,3 л. With a participation of. At 9500 rpm;
  • Fuel tank. 0,7 л;
  • Possible coverage when mowing with cord / knife. 43 / 25,5 cm;
  • Maximum sound exposure. 96 dB;
  • Weight. 7 kg.

The main equipment trimmer for grass includes a cutting bar, which can be folded to facilitate transportation or storage.

Huter GGT-1000S gasoline grass trimmer. Three-dimensional equipment

The Huter household brush in this popular configuration stands out from most of its market counterparts for its increased durability, as well as its resistance to harsh weather conditions.

The manufacturer has included a durable 1-cylinder gasoline engine as standard on the model, complete with an effective anti-vibration system, an electronic ignition system for smoother starting, and a modified muffler.

To improve maneuverability and more convenient use, the tool included a 2-hand bicycle handle in its factory equipment, the initial position of which can be adjusted along the entire length of the metal rod. On the right handle of the handle there are all the necessary switches for the work and a button that does not allow you to turn on the engine arbitrarily.

How to start the grass trimmer gasoline Huter

How to start a grass trimmer. This is an issue that confuses owners when the unit fails. And after a successful grass trimmer repair, the owner tries to avoid a repeat of the same situation.

The cause of grass trimmer failure is possible:

  • Overfilling the tank;
  • Excessive fuel injection in manually supercharged engines;
  • Wear and tear in the engine valves, cylinders, injectors, cam tappets and other moving parts;
  • Gasoline and/or oil runs out in the tanks;
  • Spark plugs are out of order;
  • Fuel or air filters are clogged;
  • Incorrectly prescribed or burned valves in the engine.

The test starts with oil and fuel in both tanks and a small part in the engine system. “Empty” engine will not start despite a full tank, and also overfill.

How to start a three-dimensional motor or hedge trimmer?

The new grass trimmer is easy during startup.

  • Check the engine type of the device. Grass trimmers equipped with a 2 or 4-stroke engine.
  • Buy oil for that type of engine. Gasoline for grass trimmer. AI-92/93/98, available at all gas stations.
  • Mix the oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a 1:34 ratio with gasoline, synthetic. В 1:50. Follow the grass trimmer manufacturer’s recommendations for oil viscosity (see the manufacturer’s recommendations for the oil viscosity). Label on the bulb). Multigrade oil is the most commonly used oil. 5W-30. Do not use unapproved engine oils.
  • Pour a small amount (e.g., 0.5 liter) of fuel into the tank.
  • Close the choke by moving the desired lever (see “Condition Monitor”). Instructions).
  • Turn the ignition key (or knob) to the “on” position. Grass trimmer will not start without it. Beginners often make this mistake.
  • Pump a little fuel into the carburetor. If there is a manual “rocker” with a separate button or lever (see. Instructions). Requires 4-7 clicks.
  • Place the grass trimmer on a level surface.
  • Gently pull the starter cord until you feel it stall. Then pull it out sharply, but not completely. Repeat this motion up to 4 times.
  • If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, otherwise the spark plugs will fill with gasoline on subsequent cord strokes. Make 2-3 attempts to start the engine with the handbrake open.
  • If the engine still won’t start, close the choke and make several more attempts to start it.
  • After starting the engine, press the throttle lever to activate idling.
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Allow the engine to warm up. 5-10 minutes is enough. Do not start mowing immediately after a cold start. The grass trimmer engine should start.

Starting the brush for the first time or after a long period of inactivity

A lawn mower differs from a grass trimmer in that the lawn mower. This is not a trimmer line, but a manual gearbox or gear winch with a blade. The blade drive is much more powerful than the logging mechanism. A heavy-duty brush cutter is also used when cutting bushes. Both Chinese and European lawn mowers are no different when the claimed power is real.

Lithol or solid oil is used to lubricate the gearbox gears. After checking the gearbox, prepare the engine itself. According to the above instructions. If it fails at startup, the problem is already in the engine.

Fill fuel through spark plug holes

If there is no manual pumping on the grass trimmer engine and the unit will not start, pour some fuel into the engine through the spark plugs. Do the following.

  • Make sure the fuel level in the tank is sufficient to drain a small amount. It only takes about 20 ml.
  • Remove the cover from the spark plug and unscrew it with a spark plug wrench.
  • If the spark plug is dirty with used trimmer, rinse and bake it. There should be no deposits on the electrodes. Do not damage the ceramic insulator of the center conductor. In a new trimmer, check the spark plugs for factory defects.
  • Turn spark plug back and check ignition (discharge between electrodes) when starter fires.
  • Remove the spark plug again. Using a 20 or 50 cm3 syringe, pour 20 ml of gasoline into the spark plug hole.
  • Insert and reattach the spark plug, ensuring that the spark plug gap is not less than or equal to one millimeter.
  • Inflate the fuel with the change button (or lever). If this is in your model of grass trimmer. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the engine. Close the air damper immediately after starting.

Check ignition system

If the grass trimmer has already been used, check the condition of the removed (currently) spark plug by replacing it with any other. If, for example, when checking a spark plug, the ceramic dielectric is broken and the electrodes are bent, buy one, referring to the product code stamped on the part itself, and check it with a marker in the instructions on the trimmer. Spark plug without insulator and/or with bent electrodes will not give normal sparks when triggered.

If the spark plugs are okay, but there is no fuel sparking, check the ignition coil with an ohmmeter (multimeter). No reading (infinite resistance) is a sign of winding. If it sintered from overheating due to a short circuit, the voltage for a spark fault would be insufficient.

Because it uses a very thin wire that converts 12.6V from the battery to 30,000, it is very difficult to fix (rewire) even in the garage. The coil must be replaced.

Founding and development of Huter

The German company Huter is one of the world’s most famous brands, engaged in the production of high-quality household and garden equipment. The history of the brand begins in 1979. This is when the company’s first plant was opened in Nordhausen, Germany.

From the start of production the company set a course for the active development and gradual introduction of its own technologies. As a result, by the 1990s the brand had managed to become one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of electrical equipment, as well as quality appliances for household and household use.

start, trimmer, grass, huter

Today Huter is mostly known for its electric and gasoline trimmers. The gardening tools of this brand are characterized by high efficiency, low fuel and energy consumption, as well as by ergonomics and a pleasant modern design. Simplicity in exploitation and maintenance makes it possible to start using Huter trimmers not only for quite experienced, but also for beginners gardeners.

Huter GGT 800T grass trimmer

Huter grass trimmer is designed for small areas, mows small and tough grass, bushes, brushwood. Thanks to the shoulder strap, the load is distributed over the entire human body. It provides the convenience of agricultural work.

  • Engine is gasoline-powered, two-stroke.
  • Power output is 0.8 kW.
  • Fuel tank, the capacity is equal to 0.7 l.
  • The speed is up to 9500 rpm.
  • The cutting width is 25.5 cm.

Absolutely all grass trimmers from the German manufacturer Huter are powerful and very high quality devices, with which you can perform work on cleaning the lawn. These models are ergonomic, reliable and absolutely safe.

How to wind the line for the trimmer on the lawnmower

Putting new line on the spool is a fairly easy process. For work, you need a roll of new fishing line of the right diameter and shape, a knife for trimming and safety gloves. The following is a scheme for replacing the fishing line on a spool with 2 tendrils, as this is the most common version.

  • Cut 2-4 m trimmer line (the length depends on cord thickness and manufacturer’s advice). Do not use a longer cord as it makes it less likely to turn and pull when mowing.
  • Remove the trimmer head from its mounting (each model has a different mounting method. with special locks or with a wing nut) and disassemble it. Carefully lay out all the pieces next to each other without losing anything.
  • Wind the trimmer line onto the reel. There are 2 types of spool with or without a spool separator.

Spool with spacer bead

Триммер HUTER GGT-15004Т. Обзор.

  • Fold the trimmer line in half and hook the fold over the groove on the reel. If you do not have one, simply cut the cord in two pieces along the bend line and fasten the ends in the holders.
  • Thread the tips into the special grooves on each part of the reel.
  • Start winding the remaining length of cord to one side.
  • Leave 20 cm at the ends and place them in opposite directions, pulling through the special holes.
  • Cut the filament to the right length in half.
  • Fasten the ends of the line to the reel at the end of the reel or put them through the holes in the reel.
  • The bobbin indicates the winding direction in which the cord should be wound. Wind the bobbin without letting the segments cross over on the bobbin.
  • The ends are on opposite sides and inserted into the slots. Diameter should match.

Important! Buy the brand name cord that is recommended for your mower model. It’s stronger than cheaper varieties and will last longer. Also pay attention to the diameter of the holes in the spools with the separating bead so you can find the right line for your trimmer. Do not wind the line tightly, but let it run freely while working.

To wind the line for the trimmer on a spool with 1 cutting end, the cord should not be folded, and for mowing heads with 4 tendrils you should prepare 4 pieces of line. The winding scheme is the same as described above.