How to Test a Spark On a Chainsaw

How to Test a Spark On a Chainsaw

Visual assessment

  • Correct setting of idle;
  • Degree of chain tension;
  • General adjustment.

After all, most of the models did not go through the pre-sale preparation procedure. That is why, if the buyer does not know the intricacies of operating a chainsaw, it is worth contacting an expert. It will help to check not only its adjustment, but also the general working condition. It is very important to make a visual assessment of the device. It is necessary to adjust the number of idle. The chain tension should also be evaluated. It is equally important to determine if the chain is not dull. The height of the revolutions deserves special attention.

External condition is an important criterion

Particular attention should be paid to the nozzles. If these parts are deformed, they should be replaced immediately. In the case when the device has been stored for a long time, it is necessary to completely drain all available fuel. Oil and gasoline mixed with each other form a precipitate over a long period. It can ruin the condition of the carburetor.

How to check the circuit?

When it is necessary to check the chainsaw, it is worth separately evaluating the chain lubrication and its general condition. It should be well taut. The tire is a separate criterion. This part must be undeformed and perfectly straight. If necessary, tighten the chain. The tire sprocket is oil treated. Provide that the chain does not sag. If this problem cannot be fixed, then it is advisable to replace the part. If the chain is not tensioned to the required level, it is very likely that personal injury will occur.

It is necessary to check the degree of sharpening the chainsaw. The use of a device in which the circuit turned out to be blunt increases the load many times. That is why the clutch and piston elements can fail very quickly.

Ignition Check. Need # 1

Many users are interested in another question: how to check the ignition on a chainsaw. In the, the subtleties of this process are clearly shown. The ignition coil is checked first of all:

  • Visual assessment of contamination of nodes;
  • Isolation of wires and their serviceability;
  • The reliability of the contacts and the degree of strength of their fixation;
  • The presence of rust.

Then the spark plug and circuit breaker are checked. If everything is in excellent condition here, then most likely the ignition coil works fine. However, it would not be superfluous to evaluate its resistance. It is extremely difficult to measure this indicator. It is necessary to know not only the resistance criteria of the windings of a part, but also many other nuances. That is why, deciding to check the magneto chainsaw, as the ignition coil is called, you can use the negative and high-voltage wires. However, the results will not always be reliable. Sometimes the chain manages to ring. As practice shows, most often this indicates a complete malfunction.

Spark testing is performed by a special technical device. How to check the ignition coil on a chainsaw in this situation? The device locks into an open circuit. The section between the high-voltage wire and the candles is selected. This device is rarely found among ordinary users. Due to its high cost, it is advisable to check sparks with its use in service centers.

Fake? It is worth finding out in advance!

How to determine before buying that this is the original Stihl chainsaw? The easiest way to do this is by serial number. You can find it directly under the muffler. This is the case of the device. Sometimes the manufacturer indicates this information over the gear. It is located somewhat away from the muffler. On the same part of the original product there will be not only numerical information, but also the company logo.

Another criterion that indicates that this is a real Stihl chainsaw is the presence of a branded sticker. It must be present on the case itself or under the serial designation. The sticker has a barcode.