How to thin the gasoline for your STIHL chain saw

Instructions for filling the chainsaw with fuel

Knowing the correct mixing ratios for the petrol-oil mix you can fill the tank with. Instructions for filling are as follows:

  • First of all it is a good idea to mix the fuel with the fuel. After combining the two main components, you should stir them thoroughly
  • Place the tool on a clean and level surface. Clean or blow out sawdust, dust, and contaminants before unscrewing the gas tank cap
  • The tank nozzle must face upwards
  • Put a small watering can in the filler neck and then add fuel
  • Control the filling process, because the tank volume is small, so it fills up quickly
  • Do not fill to the max. fill up, otherwise fuel will jump out when the fuel filler cap is closed
  • After you fill up the fuel tank, add the chain lubricant right away
  • Consumption and chain lubrication are about the same, so fill up both tanks at the same time
  • Once you have filled up, you can start the engine

It is better to move from the place you just refueled to 2-3 m away. The tool is ready to go, and you can start it up. How to start a chainsaw engine, you can read in this material (link).

You need 92 ml petrol and special oil for air-cooled two-stroke engines. Preparing a mixture in the proportion of oil and gasoline. 1:40. In other words, the ratio per liter of gasoline is. 25 grams of oil.

oil proportion

RatioMix ratioGasoline, [liters]Oil, [milliliters]
1:50 10 л. 200 ml.
1:50 25 л. 500 ml.
1:50 50 л. 1000 ml.

Gasoline Characteristics

There are three basic elements in every chainsaw that make it work. These include a 2-cycle carburetor engine and two tanks. One is filled with the fuel mixture, the other with the oil needed to lubricate the chain. Fuel tank capacity of 0.25 l allows 45 to 55 minutes of non-stop operation. Oil tank is half the size of the other half. This ratio allows both tanks to run out of fuel almost simultaneously.

2-stroke engines do not use an oil pump system, so STIHL chain saws need to add oil to the gasoline to lubricate the shaft, piston and other working parts. Attempts to work on one gasoline, or failure to comply with the specified proportions in the manual on the composition of the fuel-lubricant mixture of the two components, lead to a breakdown of the tool.

Storage times for the resulting fuel mixture

Motorists know that it’s not a good idea to stockpile gasoline for too long, and ready-to-use fuel mixes deteriorate even faster. Always mix the correct proportions of oil and gasoline for your STIHL chain saw before starting work. Manufacturers allow up to one month of finished fuel storage, but experts recommend reducing this period to 10 days. Immediately after mixing, the solution begins to lose its original properties and over time it becomes not at all the same quality as it was prepared. Learn how to make enough fuel for your chain saw to use in one go. That comes with experience. You should store the mixture in a gasoline-resistant, nontransparent, tightly closed container. Any plastic metal canisters for flammable materials will do. You can also use an oil container or a dark glass container.

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Ratio of oil to gasoline for a chainsaw

Each chainsaw company adjusts engines and base carburetors to work with different amounts of lubricant. Therefore, the proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw can be slightly different.

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Most often when mixing fuel and oil the manufacturers advise to use proportions of 1:50, or 1:40. This means that 1 part of engine grease must be mixed in 50 or 40 parts of fuel, respectively.

thin, gasoline, your, stihl, chain

How to mix your own fuel for STIHL chainsaws & equipment

It is easy to put the ratio into a more accessible formulation. For example 1000 ml in 1 liter of fuel. If 1000 ml divided by 40, you get 25 ml. It means that for 1 liter of gasoline you need to dilute 25 ml of lubricant. The same formula is to be used when manufacturer recommends preparing fuel mixture exclusively in proportion of 1:50. To divide 1000 ml by 50, you get 20 ml. This means that 20 ml of engine lubricant should be diluted in one liter of fuel.

Things are a little different with Chinese chainsaws. Their manufacturers advise to dilute gasoline for chainsaws in the ratio of 1:25. This means that the owners of Chinese tools need to stir exactly 40 ml of lubricant in 1 liter of pure gasoline. This ratio is due to the fact that the quality of assembly and the selection of components, these chainsaws are slightly inferior to their Western counterparts. American, European and Japanese engines have a much smaller cylinder-to-piston spacing than Chinese chainsaws. In this regard, the amount of lubricant required to operate the first. much less.

Important Hints

To keep your STIHL chain saw productive for many years, you should observe the following recommendations:

  • Gasoline must be fresh, not from a canister that is a month old.
  • Do not use oil for 4-stroke engines. It will not burn completely, causing deposits of soot and damage to the cylinder piston group (CPG).
  • 2-stroke engines need to burn oil with no residue, so use synthetic oil that produces less smoke and combustion residue.
  • When diluting the mixture, it is better to add more than the recommended amount of oil, but within reasonable limits. 5 grams of extra per 1 liter of gasoline will not lead to corking. The higher amount may cause carbon buildup and damage to the cylinder/cylinder rod. If you add 5 grams less than recommended, you risk overheating the piston and cylinder.
  • Do not use a mixture that has been mixed for a month.
  • Do not use moped oils. they are not designed for chainsaws, because they have a lower rpm rating.
  • After the season, the mixture must be completely used up or drained to avoid loss of gasoline properties, as well as wear and tear on the seals.

STIHL chain saw 180 running in

If you have chosen a model of the brand presented, then immediately after purchase the question arises. how to run-in a new STIHL chainsaw 180? First of all, this process involves checking and preparing the tool for daily use.

  • The engine and pivot points should be coated with special lubricant.
  • After the oil is added to the gasoline, the entire piston group on the STIHL 180 chain saw is also thoroughly treated.
  • Pay attention that it is necessary to give to lubricate each element at first in idle and then in working mode.
  • It is essential for your STIHL chain saw 180 to use original oil, you should not try to save oil as this can lead to quick wear and therefore to a build-up of waste.
  • It is worth noting that the octane rating mark must be at least ninety points.
  • Try to take breaks so you don’t overheat the machine. The gasoline is acceptable and is characteristic for both idling and operating modes.
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Your STIHL MS 180 chain saw, whose operating instructions are straightforward, can be fully serviced by the operator, but if you are not experienced or if you are not sure about your abilities, ask an expert. Skilled craftsmen will not only run the unit, but also change the filter for chain saw STIHL 180, spark plugs and other components.

STIHL chain saw oil

It is also worth mentioning that all STIHL chain saws are built quite small, but in spite of their size, they have quite impressive power. This is why STIHL chain saws are in high demand.

Despite the high quality, the durability of a chainsaw depends on using the right lubricant and fuel. The first problematic question faced by owners of this equipment is: What oil and fuel to choose for your chainsaw?? In this article you will learn what kind of oil to use with your chainsaw, and what kind of fuel to put in your “babe”.

Choosing a STIHL chain saw oil

The first thing you should know is that almost all STIHL chain saws have a carbureted, two-stroke engine. They also have two separate tanks: one for oil and one for gasoline.

First, and most importantly, remember that in the models of domestic production chainsaws are filled with simple oil, which is usually poured into the tanks of motorcycles, and their proportion should not be more than 1 to 25. As for chainsaws made abroad, it is necessary to buy brand-name oils, for which the proportion is 1 to 40. Of course, you can try to fill your imported saw with domestic saw oil, in which case, the power of your tool may drop noticeably. The best advice you can give when buying oil for such equipment is to refer to the manual for your tool.

If you own a STIHL-brand chain saw or just want to buy one of the presented models, we offer a review of the brand-name STIHL MC 180 chain saw.

API-TB and API-TC synthetic air-cooled two-stroke engine oils are a good choice. When you come to the store, ask the salesperson about the availability of brands such as STIHL, Husqvarna, HAHOTEK, Champion, ALCO, etc. Never be greedy with ingredients, it’s better to splurge on a quality product than to spend a lot of money on repairs later.

Gasoline for STIHL chain saws

When choosing gasoline for your chainsaw you should pay attention, of course, to the quality of gasoline itself and its octane number. It is best to use gasoline with the octane number of AI92. You can try AI95, but there are too many questions about its quality. If you doubt the quality of AI95, AI92 is the best choice for you.

We do not advise you to use gasoline which has stood in any container for a long time, whether it is a canister, tank or anything else. Only fresh gasoline should be used for the fuel mixture, otherwise it can lose all its useful qualities: octane number, etc. If you do use gasoline that is not fresh, your chain saw will not run at full capacity. In the case of a chain saw breakdown, due to the use of such fuel, you will have to spend a lot of money to repair it, as such a case does not belong to the warranty, and you will be better off buying a new tool.

Making a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil

Before you begin to mix your STIHL chain saw with fuel, first read the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Why you need to do it? The thing is that in case of insufficient oil content in gasoline, the cylinder and piston will get very hot, which will lead to burrs, and as a result. to an expensive repair.

In order to make a quality fuel mixture, you need to mix oil and gasoline in a precise proportion. If you use more oil than you need, it can lead to fouling of the pistons and spark plugs. If you go a little overboard with the gasoline, then expect a rapid demise of your engine. For example, on average, one liter of gasoline should be mixed with 20-50 ml. oils. For the Stihl, it is recommended to pour 4 liters. Gasoline. 100 ml. oils. This is the ratio for chainsaw mixes up to 1.5 kW. If more than 1.5 kW, you should fill up with 100 ml. oils per 5 L. of gasoline. Always use the ratios in your saw’s manual if you don’t know how much and what you need. But do not particularly believe the numbers listed on the oil label.

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It is also necessary to know how to handle the already prepared mixture. Here are some useful tips:

  • Do not leave the ready mixture in reserve;
  • Use it for a month;
  • Do not leave the mixture in the sunlight and in an open container;
  • Do not allow water and dust to get in there. otherwise it will lead to carburetor failure.

In what to dilute the fuel mixture?

Let’s imagine you have already decided on the exact proportions, the next question that will interest you is: “What to mix gasoline and oil in?”What can I say, you can use an ordinary canister, a syringe and more. But these days there are much more practical options: bottles and canisters with a dispenser with special containers for gasoline and oil. Using these means, will save you a lot of time and simplify the preparation for the start of the chainsaw.

How to prepare the fuel mix?

In order for the equipment to serve for a long time and properly coped with its functions, you need to know exactly how much oil to add to the gasoline for gasoline chainsaw “STIHL“. As we’ve found out before it’s best to use STIHL lubricant and unleaded AI92 or AI95 gasoline. Using leaded gas has a negative effect on the machine and can kill it. With these components for the mixture add 20 ml of oil to a liter of gasoline. Any loss of proportion can lead to soot deposits on the spark plugs and pistons and scuffing. The oils used can be green, blue, or red.

Their presence is easy to tell by the color of the mixture. A special canister is often provided with the machine for diluting the fuel. These containers are marked with graduated cylinders and have two holes. The user only has to fill the canister with the ingredients of the mixture up to the markings required, close the lids and mix. Some people use plastic bottles and syringes for this purpose. Be careful not to let any foreign matter or water get into the container, as this can impair the function of the engine.

Often the best known manufacturers (STIHL, Husquarna, etc.) determine the quantity of. д.) indicate the necessary amount of components in the instruction manual or in the chainsaw passport. The most popular ratio is 1:40 or 1:50, which means that you need 40 (50) parts of gasoline for 1 part of oil.

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The quality of fuel and oil is also important. To fuel the STIHL MS 180 chain saw the manufacturer advises to use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90. STIHL 2-stroke engine oil is the right lubricant.