How to tighten a chainsaw starter spring. Starter breakdowns and troubleshooting

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How to repair the starter chain saw with their own hands

The occurrence of various malfunctions of the starter leads to the inability to start the chainsaw. The most common starter breakdowns include:

To fix each of these problems with their own hands will require certain tools. Be sure to have a set of screwdrivers and a spare rope. Remove and inspect the chainsaw starter in the following order:

  • To find the cause of the breakdown, the chain saw starter will need to be removed. To do this, you need to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver, which holds the protective cover with the starter attached to it;
  • After removing the cover it is necessary to carefully unscrew the screw by which the starter is attached to the protective cover;
  • Then you need to try to smoothly start the starter. to do this, remove the spring and clips from it;
  • Next, the cable reel is removed from the starter for inspection.

You may find a number of typical malfunctions as a result of the inspection. These include:

  • Various damage to the pulley in the form of tears or cracks mainly in the back of the part. they interfere with the normal operation of the entire starter;
  • Damage to the starter spring of easy start. in such cases, not only the spring itself may be defective, but also the place of its fixation. this is the most vulnerable part of the spring;
  • Damaged starter flywheel dog.

In either case, any defective part must be completely replaced with a new part.

Repairs to the fuel system

Fuel may not enter the cylinder for the following reasons:

  • Fuel filter clogged. You should remove the fuel hose and check how the fuel flows. If the jet is weak, you may need to clean the filter. Take it out through the fuel filler plug and clean it; if it is very dirty replace it with a new one. It is recommended that the fuel filter should be changed every three months as a preventive measure.
  • The breather plug (hole in the fuel tank lid) is clogged. Check also by disconnecting the hose, in case of blockage clean it with a needle.
  • No or insufficient quantity of fuel. There can be several reasons for malfunction. The first cause is a clogged air filter. Air is not getting to the carburettor in the right quantity and engine operation is disturbed because of too rich fuel mixture. A dirty filter is carefully removed, cleaned and washed in water, then dried and reinstalled.

Another reason is that the carburetor is not properly adjusted. There are three screws for adjustment.

Timely replacement of the fuel filter ensures proper fuel supply

The fuel hose and the choke actuator have to fit tightly on the pipe joints

The throttle lever cable should be in place

It is important to follow the instruction manual or you could make things worse.

And the last cause is a breach in the integrity of the diaphragm or clogging of the carburetor ducts.

To repair the carburetor yourself, you must become familiar with all of its parts

All parts must be clean, dry and in good condition.

Typical chain saw starter failure and repair

The occurrence of various starter malfunctions leads to the inability to start the chainsaw. Some of the most common starter breakdowns include:

To fix each of these malfunctions with your own hands will require certain tools. Be sure to have a set of screwdrivers and a spare rope. Remove and inspect the chainsaw starter in the following order:

  • To find the cause of the breakdown, the chain saw starter will need to be removed. To do this, you need to unscrew the screws that hold the protective cover with the starter attached to it with a screwdriver;
  • After removing the cover, you must carefully unscrew the screw by which the starter is attached to the protective cover;
  • Then you need to try to smoothly start the starter. to do this, remove the spring and clamps from the starter;
  • Next, the coil with cable is removed from the starter for inspection.

You may find a number of typical malfunctions as a result of the inspection. These include:

  • Various damages to the pulley in the form of tears or cracks mainly in the back of the part. they interfere with the normal operation of the entire starter;
  • Damage to the starter’s easy-start spring. in such cases, not only the spring itself can be defective, but also the place of its fixation. this is the most vulnerable part of the spring;
  • Starter flywheel dog damaged.

In either case, any faulty part must be completely replaced with a new part.

How to repair the starter motor on a chain saw

The cause of malfunction of the chainsaw starting system can be:

  • Drive pulley. This part is exposed to high axial and radial loads, so before starting work it is recommended to inspect the sheave for damage and cracks on the back of the housing. If necessary, repair the part or replace it with a new one.
  • Spring mechanism. If it has lost its properties or if it has cracks or bursts, it is necessary to replace this element. It is also recommended to inspect the fastening points for defects.
  • Rope start system. Inspect the rope for wear and damage. If necessary, replace the part and install it on the pulley.


Diagnose the tool starting system as follows:

  • Unscrew the fastening screws and remove the cover.
  • Unscrew the screw that attaches the mechanism to the protective cover.
  • Smoothly start the starter by removing the spring and clamps.
  • Remove the spool and cable to check for wear and defects.
  • Check the fuel system for the presence of water in it. If there is water inside the system, the fuel fluid must be replaced.
  • Inspect the power unit for overfilling with fuel fluid. In this case, you need to unscrew and dry the spark plug, pull the starter, removing the air damper.
  • Check the spark plug for spark.

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Replacing the cord

The following tools will be required to make the cord replacement:

Replacement of the starter cord is performed as follows:

  • You need to unscrew the fixing screws that hold the side cover, using a screwdriver.
  • Then remove the starter from the tool body.
  • After that, you must turn the cover and make an inspection.
  • Then remove the clamp and spring.
  • The knot on the cord should be untied.
  • You need to pull out the pulley, on which the cord is wound. Remove the cord and replace it with a new one.
  • Then put the pulley in place and tie the rope into a knot. Install the clamp and spring.
  • After that, tighten the cover with the fixing screws.
  • Finally reinstall the starter and tighten the mounting screws.

Repairs of the spring

Procedure for repairing the starter system spring:

  • Remove the starter from the tool body.
  • Remove the cover plate.
  • Wrap the cord around the end of the pulley to avoid cranking the mechanism.
  • Insert the other end of the cord through the hole in the protective cover.
  • Extend the cord by 17-20 cm to check the turning of the pulley of the spring mechanism.
  • Check spring operation after pulling and releasing the mechanism.
  • Unscrew the pulley circle from the side of the alternator by removing the 3 mounting bolts.
  • Remove the pulley and cord.
  • Check the condition of the parts for wear and tear and check for damage or breaks. If the spring break is small, it can be repaired by welding.

How to install the spring

In order to install a new spring, proceed as follows:

  • Carefully remove the pulley cage.
  • Check the inside of the cage that holds the spring mechanism near the C-piece.
  • Secure and tighten the upper part of the spring with your finger and pull the starter grip aside.
  • Remove the worn out mechanism and coil up a new spring. You should avoid kinks and twists in the element.
  • Reassemble the new spring mechanism. It is recommended to do this slowly so that the mechanism does not unwind.
  • Fill the spring and insert it into the starter mechanism.
  • Carefully fix the cage.

In the chainsaw design, the starter is responsible for proper starting of the tool’s engine

Over time, chainsaw owners find it necessary to repair this important assembly. And, the sooner the fault can be eliminated, the less the other important parts and mechanisms of the tool will succumb to wear

chain saw starter mechanism

The starters on most chain saws are of the same design. That’s why some stores offer customers universal starters that will fit on models from STIHL, Husqvarna, Partner. Nevertheless, some differences from most have domestic chainsaw starters Ural or Lesnik.

As standard the chain saw starter consists of a number of parts.

A protective cover is placed on top of all the components of the starter. The original principle of operation of most starting mechanisms is also practically the same. In a special groove in the chainsaw housing is a handle that holds the cable. By sharply lifting the handle the latter is understood. At this point, a ratchet actuates, which transmits the force through the drum to another drum with splines, located on the engine shaft.

When pulling the standard cable the chainsaw motor shaft starts to rotate, which leads to the compression of the existing fuel mixture, located at that time between the cylinder head and the standard piston.

As the volume of the internal combustion engine cylinder grows, the amount of fuel mixture consumed, which is required for its future ignition, simultaneously increases. Accordingly, the operator of a high-powered saw needs to make more jerks than the owner of a low-powered household tool. To increase the rate at which the reel returns to its original position, chain saw makers use recoil springs.

Replacing the STIHL chain saw starter cord

STIHL chain saw. is a tool designed for wood harvesting, plant cultivation, landscaping, and other household needs. If any part is defective or the machine is malfunctioning, you need to have your STIHL chain saw repaired.

Most malfunctions

Always use your chain saw according to the instruction manual so that it will last a long time and not break down. All STIHL chain saw faults can be independently identified and repaired. Let’s look at the main problems that can arise in the components and design of the device, and how to repair the STIHL 180 chain saw with your own hands.

Fills the spark plug

If you notice that the spark plug is leaking on your STIHL chain saw, the fuel system may be faulty. The engine should be run on a mix of gasoline and oil. If the mixture is bad, there is a decrease in power, the cylinder overheats, and the saw systems wear out. Wet spark plug on your STIHL chain saw is caused by an imbalance in the fuel mixture. Lack of air in the mixture prevents proper combustion of the emulsion.

tighten, chainsaw, starter, spring, breakdowns

Use of low-grade gasoline can lead to engine wear.

Spark blurring also causes use of 4-stroke oil and piston wear. If this problem occurs, remove the fuel cap and adjust the fuel supply. Air intake must be in good working order. A clogged filter should be blown out, but it is better to replace it. To learn how to properly clean the filters, see your chain saw’s manual.

tighten, chainsaw, starter, spring, breakdowns

The device and principle of work of a chainsaw starter

Most of the well-known chainsaw manufacturers equip their products with starters that work on basically the same principle. It works like this: in the groove in the chain saw’s body there is a handle with a cord running through it. When the handle is suddenly lifted, the cord is pulled through, which engages the drum in the ratchet mechanism. This actuates a cylinder with studs, which is located on the shaft. During this action the crankshaft makes a couple of revolutions which causes a compression of the fuel mixture that is between the cylinder head and the piston at that moment. When the handle is lowered, on the contrary, the ratchet and the studs lose their contact, which causes the shaft to stop.

Increasing the power of the chainsaw increases the amount of fuel mixture, which should ignite when the chainsaw is started. In such a case, you need to increase the number of jerks of the starter cord to start the engine. To accelerate the return of the drum mechanism, manufacturers use a special steel starter return spring, which has excellent elasticity. Leading brands also use other methods to make starting a chainsaw easier:

  • Pre-enrichment of the fuel mixture by means of a separate flap;
  • Installation of an automatic decompression valve, which allows the pressure inside the chainsaw cylinder to be lowered;
  • Installing a primer designed to prime the fuel before starting the engine.

The use of one of these technologies greatly facilitates starting and extends the life of the starter, which is especially noticeable at low temperatures.

How to Insert the Chainsaw Starter Spring

High-quality chain saw starter repair with your own hands

A chainsaw is a staple tool for making a firewood supply for a fireplace or bath, or for carrying out building work on a property or in your own home.

If all criteria of operation are observed and preventive measures provided by the manufacturer, the chain saw can serve for a long time. Repairing a partner 350 chainsaw how to put the spring in the starter.

But as time passes, there may be small problems with which you can cope without assistance from others. How to wind up the starter spring chain saw starter repair (broken spring) 2 g. Back.

How to repair the chain saw starter 4-5 times pull the starter cord. For example, the chain saw starter repair with their own hands on the forces of following a sequence of operations.

Construction of chain saw starter: 1. starter screw, 2. bushing, 3. spring easy starter, 4. screw, 5, 6. coil starter, 7. deflector, 8. cover starter, 9. handle and cord, 10. screw.

How to Repair the Starter on a chainsaw starter | spring installation | स्टार्टर की मरम्मत कैसे करें

Typical malfunctions

The more common breakdowns of the tool can include the following:

  • Trouble in the ignition system;
  • stopping the chain saw while it is cutting;
  • loss of power during operation;
  • wear and tear of some structural parts of the chain saw (brake band, drive sprocket, antivibration parts);
  • problems in the fuel supply system;
  • Malfunctions in connection with the starter.

In addition, it is necessary to create a visual inspection of the chain saw before the work and preventive measures. Simple chainsaw starter repair how to put the spring in if the starter is broken. This includes lubricating the chain, checking the amount of fuel mixture, and making sure the correct amount of oil is available.

The spark plug is unscrewed to check its condition.

Each of these faults can be corrected in accordance with own technology. So, for example, the repair of the fuel system of a chainsaw should begin with the inspection of the appropriate filter. After that inspect the correctness of regulation of the carburetor, which is carried out with the help of screws.

The clearances must be set in serious agreement with the manufacturer’s annotation, which should be included with the chainsaw. The repair of the ignition system includes inspection of the plugs.

If you notice any heavy fouling, gap changes or other apparent damage this element has to be replaced.

Starter repair

Difficulties with the starter may not allow the tool to start. In other words, after the cord is wound, the chainsaw does not start.

Before you repair the starter, you need to prepare the tools with which to create work:

Gasoline chain saw starter repair. With our own hands.

How to make starter on a chainsaw? How to bend the spring on the starter chain saw? How to coil the spring.

Chainsaw repair: replacing the starter spring

Chainsaw repair with your own hands. replacing the hand starter spring.

  • a set of screwdrivers or a special tool that is supplied by the manufacturer with the tool;
  • The rope, which will be used as a replacement for the broken cord if necessary.

A large amount of black sludge on the spark plug indicates a malfunction of the engine.

Before we proceed directly to the repair of the starter and find out the causes of malfunction, it is necessary to remove it from the body of the tool. Repair chain saw partner 350 video how to insert the spring into the starter chain saw as. To do this, unscrew several screws that hold the side cover, to which the starter is attached. This is done with a screwdriver or a specialized tool.

After the cover is unscrewed, it is turned over and inspected. Quality chainsaw starter repair how to bend the spring set on. Next, unscrew the screw that secures the starter. After that, the clamp and spring are removed to make a smooth start. Now the pulley, on which the cord is wound, is accessible for removal.

Once the knot on the rope is untied, it can be removed from the pulley and replaced with a new one. Repair of chain saw partner 350 brushcutter starter repair, how to insert the spring into the starter. Provided that the loss of starter performance is associated with a breakage, this may be enough to fix the failure.

However, the other parts that make up this element of the chainsaw should be carefully inspected.

Inspection of the starter components may reveal the following faults:

Damage to the soft starter spring is most common at the end where it is visible when the housing is disassembled.

  • The pulley may be damaged. There may be cracks or tears, and there may be damage on the back. How to properly insert the starter spring how to install a chainsaw starter spring. Chainsaw starter cord does not but as soon as hides releasing the spring for. As a result of these problems the tool can not do the work.
  • Damage to the soft starter spring. The spring can be mechanically defective or the mount can be defective. The weakest point of this element is exactly the fixing place and the tip of the spring, which is inserted into it.

If defective or partially damaged parts of the starter are found, they must be replaced with new ones. In this case, the new elements must correspond to the model of the saw being repaired.

After completing the repair it is required to properly reassemble the starter.

The pulley is mounted on top of the spring. How to insert the spring into the chain saw starter. In this case it is necessary to check how well they mesh with each other. In the continuation of the repair it is necessary to perform the winding of the pulley.

To replace the starter is sufficient to install its starter for a chainsaw spring new. Repair of chain saw pairs 350 how to insert the spring into the starter of chain saw. How to install a spring in a chain saw.

How to Properly Put a Starter on a Chainsaw

How to start a chainsaw: a couple of effective ways

Chainsaws vary in design features, but in most cases the principle of assembly follows two standard schemes. Many devices in the manual contain information about the need to turn on the emergency brake before starting the on/off procedure.

First, it is necessary to master the plant and learn basic troubleshooting techniques, then one will have full control of the unit.

A brief overview of the plant’s design

The chainsaw is powered by. This is a simple device whose design has no special bells and whistles. It usually runs fine even in harsh conditions.Read the factory device Functionality is provided by the structural elements:

  • The carburetor engine (cf. Adjusting the carburetor).
  • Centrifugal clutch type.
  • Ignition system, virtually contactless in all units.
  • A carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
  • Fuel system. Its standard device consists of a hose, filter and gas cylinder, but sometimes it also has additional parts.
  • Starter.
  • Dash.
  • Chain (ref. Chain oil).
  • Tensioning mechanism and chain brake (cf., How to sharpen the chain).

Step by step instructions

When the brake is activated, the assembly process is much slower, so it is also safer and more convenient to engage the gear without using brake equipment.

If a person is not confident in his knowledge and accuracy, then the brake should be activated in reverse. If the procedure is correct, the device does not start, the mechanism does not make it dangerous for human action.

1 schematic diagram of a standard mechanism

  • Before you start the gasoline, you need to move the flap, which acts as a control lever, to the bottom, compared to the optimal position. First press the gas button. Only if this condition is met, it is possible to move the damper normally to the bottom stop.

The starter knob is jerked again then until the system starts. When the device starts to work actively, the high speed is immediately noticeable, because the throttle is at a high level. Remember that sometimes chainsaws are delivered without a starter motor, then all operations with this element.

In our rating, chainsaws by quality, you will find all chainsaws with an optimal price to quality ratio.

Also our article will help you make a choice in favor of one or another chainsaw brand.

This chainsaw is made in Russia. Low price and high quality.

2 diagrams of a standard mechanism

  • ignition on. To do this, turn the rocker switch to the right position or flip the switch.
  • You usually need to push the ground to pump more than twice. It is poured with gasoline, after which you need to press the device more than three times.

You need to take the crank of the starter and tighten with sharp movements until the ignition process is heard. It is marked by establishment and almost instantaneous engine shutdown. Then, the flap should be pulled back to its original position, checking its reach to the stop.

Again, the starter handle is jerked to the location of the device. Before carrying out this action, you need to make sure that this is the way to get a chainsaw. Some devices have a new ignition system.

Chainsaw starter repair. With their own hands.

How to make the starter itself on a chainsaw? How to bend the spring on a chainsaw starter? How to bend the spring

Chainsaw starter repair with your own hands

The starter for a Chinese chainsaw 5 piece Link-

When the device stops all the time, you need to systematically restart it (see., What to do when the chainsaw stops when you press the gas). After a while, the motor will gain momentum and be able to maintain active operation without interruption.

For more information, see.

if it does not work

When all the actions are performed in accordance with the established order, and the chainsaw does not start working, then there are failures in its mechanism.

Usually common and easy to fix problems, such as no spark. The clogging of the air filter is a common cause of this phenomenon. To start the chainsaw, you will need to find the cause and take the necessary steps to fix it.

tighten, chainsaw, starter, spring, breakdowns

Only the correct procedures should be followed. If one does not know what to do, one does not need to commit rash. Disassembly of the unit is prohibited, especially care should be taken with the carburetor.

Do not unscrew the screws on it, as if his device caused a breakdown, then without professional equipment it is impossible to repair the chainsaw.

Lists the activities that must be performed in a strict order. Only when moving from one activity to the next can you determine the exact cause of the problem and fix it quickly without damaging other parts. Algorithm of actions performed in case of failures in the creation of the chainsaw:

  • First of all, this is enough for the device to remain. This is especially true for saws that have been in use recently. It is enough to wait no more than 10 minutes, because during this time the mechanism will cool down, and in the absence of other breaks it will easily start. Sometimes it happens that during the establishment, a candle pours on the appliance. If this unpleasant property has occurred, it is enough to wait for a very short pause and repeat all the steps for winding the motor.
  • The housing cover is unscrewed from the air filter remover. The process of planting the device is performed in its absence. Sometimes the reason for the lack of ignition is the contamination of the filter. If ignition has occurred without it, this is the cause. To fix these problems, just wash the filter under running, warm water with soap and water, and then dry it. You can also replace the old element with a new one.
  • The spark plug is removed. There is a spark test. If it does not appear, you need to replace the old candle with a new one. This usually helps, and a spark appears, but in some cases, and when the mixture is replaced, there is no spark.